New Gun Bill Calls to Outlaw Glocks and Some AR-15s as Undetectable

Brittany Caton with a Glock 9mm handgun in a Tiffany blue Kydex holster

The political party at the top may have changed, but the anti-gun faction is anything but silent. By rehashing old arguments—long since proven to be false—new attacks aimed at the Second Amendment, are still viable threats. By Dean Weingarten Senator Nelson from Florida has filed a restrictive bill that would stifle innovation and experimentation, without impacting terrorists or criminals. Interestingly, a complete exemption would be included for the U.S. government and agencies. The bill is titled the “Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act of 2017.”

Brittany Caton with a Glock 9mm handgun in a Tiffany blue Kydex holster
Instructor Brittany Caton trusts here Glock 19 9mm. With careful load selection, the 9mm is a great defensive caliber.

Nelson mis-characterizes the state of the art with this falsehood:

“Thanks to advances in technology, anyone with a 3-D printer can simply print a fully-functioning firearm that can be snuck through a metal detector without being noticed,” Nelson said. “These guns pose a real threat to our safety and we need to be doing everything we can to keep them off the streets and out of the hands of those who wish to do harm.”

I would like to see Senator Nelson back up his claim with a demonstration. Even the plastic replica found at the Reno airport, was detected because of the metal in the *ammunition*. Even Defense Distributed used a metal firing pin in the design of its “Liberator” pistol. Senator Nelson cited the non-firing replica from Reno in his announcement.

Both lawmakers cite an August incident where TSA Agents at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport found and confiscated a plastic gun from a passenger’s carry-on bag during screening. The gun, assembled using a 3-D printer, was found loaded with five live .22 caliber bullets.

The plastic copy was known to be a non-firing replica by August 9th. From One of 68 firearms discovered in carry-on bags nationally the week ending August 4, 2016, the TSA says it was a realistic replica, loaded with live ammunition.

The TSA says the passenger was offered the option of checking the item in carry-on baggage, but chose to leave it behind. The passenger was not arrested or cited, and continued to his flight with no impact to airport operations.

Nelson and Schumer’s statement was made in March of 2017.

Currently, the first part of the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 is this: (1) It shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer, or receive any firearm—(A) that, after removal of grips, stocks, and magazines, is not as detectable as the Security Exemplar, by walk-through metal detectors calibrated and operated to detect the Security Exemplar; The Nelson bill would change that paragraph to this, bold added for emphasis: (1) It shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer, or receive any firearm—(A) that, after removal of all parts other than a major component, is not as detectable as the Security Exemplar, by walk-through metal detectors calibrated and operated to detect the Security Exemplar; If you remove *all parts* other than a major component, only a major component is left to detect. Words mean things in the law, and the phrase in bold is not equivalent to “all parts other than all major components,” even though the difference is only two letters.

Such a requirement would outlaw all composite frames on the market today. Glock frames and most Glock type frames would be outlawed. Virtually all composite AR-type lower receivers would be outlawed. The law could either be a sneak attack or simply a result of ignorance on the part of Senator Nelson and the other famously anti-Second Amendment co-sponsors.

It will be interesting to see if Senator Nelson uses images of the non-firing replica from Reno to bolster his bill.

It seems unlikely that Nelson’s bill will find much support in a Trump administration with a Republican Congress.

©2017 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included. Gun Watch

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  1. They better stay away from my Kel-Tec PMR 30. Not much metal in there, But I enjoy shooting it! I will not hand it over peacefully.

  2. As a thinking individual It seems to me that if you must knowingly skew and distort facts… or OMIT them as the anti-Constitutional Left so often does in support of their deeply flawed and simplistic opinion… It might just be time for them to change opinions. Their current rants sure seem to require a lot of maintenance.

  3. Bill Nelson. Well there you go again. I am a resident of the free state of Florida. Senator Nelson and his pal Washerwoman-Schultz are both embarrassments to us Floridians. Congress tried this years ago with Glocks. Their claims were proven to be just a whole lot of flatulence. Undetectable plastic guns me arse!

    1. @ YankeeBill.

      A “DSC” (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) device “Doesn’t” even require a Metal Source ti be able to determine whether something is a Firearm. It a Spectral Scan an Object “Akin to a Dog’s Ability to Smell Odors”. Like Polymers, Plastics, Glass, Rubber, Ozone Content, Nitrogen Oxide Content, etc. Even if the Glock Polymer “Isn’t” registered in the US, it’s “Still” registered in Austria…

  4. Really! This guy is in charge of being a senator! Lets put him in charge of the traffic lights first! Because if he operated them with the kind of knowledge he has- there would be wrecks every where & nobody going anywhere- I BET HE WOULDNT KEEP HIS JOB VERY LONG THEN!

  5. Nelson: You IDIOT! A sharpened Pencil or Pen is a lethal weapon in a trained person’s hands, and is undetectable by a metal detector. Gun grabbing moron is unfit to judge a worm crap tossing contest!

  6. This kind of BS gets me down. Think I’ll go 3D print me an AR lower and a couple hi-cap mags on my home-built printer to make me feel better! 😉

  7. “The law could either be a sneak attack or simply a result of ignorance on the part of Senator Nelson and the other famously anti-Second Amendment co-sponsors.” Bill Nelson is not ignorant, he is extremely smart, knows exactly what he is doing, and will use the media lapdogs to further his agenda. Having lived in Florida for the better part of 30 years I have first hand experience with his saying one thing and then doing the exact opposite. He is one of the most anti-gun people I know. Fortunately I was able to relocate out of the state in 2014 to a much more gun friendly climate.

  8. Good old Bill has been a Lib Hack for too long. Doesn’t he know he’s from a state that allows the Second Amendment to Flourish? Retire already! And take WasherWoman Sgt. Schultz with you please!

  9. Every time a gun grabber vomits up a new restriction or ban, a proper 2nd Amendment proponent should amend or counter with every pro-gun un-enacted law or agenda he or she can think of. Let debate then ensue. This is straight out of the first “plastic gun” and cop-killer bullet controversies but Who Else? Nelse probably thinks he invented this. On second thought, it was in the instructions packet from Mayor Bloomberg and George Soros so he’s twice unoriginal.

  10. Even a Glock has a metal slide. And there is enough metal parts in the gun (springs, firing pin etc) that it would never get through a metal detector. What Mr. Nelson says makes no sense.

  11. It’s there an excepted definition of a “major component”? Seems to me that unless those is already well defined, one should consider any component to the actual firing off the weapon a major component.

    Of course as is consistent with most gun control regs, it’s trying to make something arbatrarily illegal to detur someone from doing something that already is legitimately illegal. Stopping the wolves by restricting the sheep?

  12. I’m getting to a point where these clearly uneducated “facts” are influencing the uneducated masses. If we(gun owners)are a group, and there are lies being told to litigate against us, than it’s no different than racism, or bias against lbg community, or women’s rights. What about gun owners rights, based on real facts, not political agendas.

  13. Good, let them keep coming up with this crap. It should get shot down quickly with the current congress. All this does is show their true agenda and it awakens yet more citizens who can see through their anti-freedom charade.

  14. Senator Nelson should never have been re-elected! He has consistently voted in lock-step with Obama and Polosi and the far left. This is the opposite of what the majority of the people in Fl. want him to do. Unfortunately he has been there so long that his ‘war-chest’ is huge and nobody can compete against his money.

    1. smarter,, doubtful … but if they get any more left-er, they might end up on the right by way of the back side of the planet LOL !

  15. X Generation Glocks would have passed undetected by X-Ray. Saw a rare example once, all composite stock, slide, ect., with beryl-copper metal parts, barrel was ceramic. For whatever reason. beryl-copper cannot be detected by X-Ray. Saw some experimental ammo, too, all polyester case and projectile. Only metal part was the primer, you could even see the powder through it’s semi-transparent case. Don’t know how either performed. Too, perhaps if 1st Gen. Glocks didn’t need metal weights to help them cycle and were equipped as the X Gen., they would be X-Ray invisible. Still, this ‘looney-tune’ of a Senator, needs to be educated, if he is capable of learning, or relieved of the strain of coming up with such asinine proposals, say next election time.

    1. Ceramic barrel??? No, ceramic will not work in a gun barrel as it would shatter! Now carbon fiber would work.

    2. @ Jim.

      Neither would Carbon Fiber “Only”! You can Carbon Fiber “Wrapping” or “Banding” a Thin Wall Stock of Rifled 416R Steel Tubing or even Brass/Bronze Tubing with Carbon Fiber. But a Carbon Fiber ONLY Gun Barrel won’t work…

    3. ‘CERAMIC!’ Read the specs on the original Glock. People also make knife blades out of ceramic, and the are extremely good and extremely sharp. The knife blades, like Glock’s ‘ceramic’ is not ‘clay pottery’ but something else, super fired clay compound, that is a hard as high tensile steel. And, for your edification, other firearm manufacturers have used it for gun barrels, too.

    4. @ Dark Angel.

      To Ceramic Line the Gun Barrel to “Absorb Heat”, not as an Barrel Itself. Ceramics are Tough in Absorbing Vasts amounts of Heat, but Extremely Brittle when a Propellant Charge is Applied or Even just Dropped onto a Hard Surface. Wishful Thinking. Maybe a “Cermet (Ceramic/Metal Compound). But I haven’t heard of ANYONE actually Successfully Producing a Cermet Gun/Artillery Barrel…

    5. A lot of people would be more impressed if you had even a SMALL inkling of what you are talking about:

      A] It is BERYLLIUM-Copper. NOT “Beryl-Copper”. If you do not know the difference why are you busily demonstrating your ignorance?

      Beryl – Wikipedia:

      Beryl is a mineral composed of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate with the chemical formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6. Well-known varieties of beryl include emerald and aquamarine.

      Beryllium – Wikipedia: Metallic Element No. 29.

      Because of its low density and atomic mass, beryllium is relatively transparent to X-rays and other forms of ionizing radiation; therefore, it is the most common window material for X-ray equipment and components of particle detectors.[5]

      B] Copper. Because of its relatively high density (8.96 g/cm3) and atomic number (29), Copper is easily detectable via X-Rays. It is more dense (and therefor more detectable) than Cobalt, Nickel, Iron (Including Steel), Chromium, Zinc, Titanium and Aluminum (among others).

      It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it. —Maurice Switzer

    6. No, there has never been a “ceramic” Glock. That is an urban legend, propagated by the Die Hard movie, which referenced a ceramic Glock that never existed.

      There HAVE been experiments with ceramic guns, but none mainstream and certainly none made by Glock.

      If you insist on propagating this myth, then please provide sources to backup your claims.

  16. Ah, yes…..How well we remember the great outcry when the Glocks first made their appearance in the USA. Great cries about such plastic guns being undetectable by metal detectors, ignoring the fact that the guns still had steel barrels and slides, didn’t deter the anti-gunners zeal. Plainly, any and all developments in firearms technology will continue to be met by hostility from those who just cannot rationalize that the Second Amendment affirms an individual right of Americans to keep and bear arms.

    1. The ‘original’ Glock had a poly-carbonate frame and slide, with beryl copper springs and metal parts, with a ‘ceramic’ YES, ‘ceramic’ barrel. They were X-Ray invisible. Handled one, shot one, took one apart. Didn’t shoot worth a ‘crap’, having recoil problems because the slide wasn’t heavy enough to cycle the gun, properly. Metal weights were added inside the slide to remedy this. It also made the gun X-Ray visible. Didn’t help the handling though. The weights tended to slam the slide backward, causing the gun to ‘jerk & buck’ in the hand, also making it difficult to control. This was remedied with the all metal slide of the 2nd Gen. weapons.

  17. So, if the polymer Glock frame is undetectable, and is a “major component”, what about the barrel? Let’s see him fire a live 10mm round in a Glock with a 3-D-printed BARREL !!!

  18. Nelson is one of my senators, he is completely owned by the cruise ship industry and routinely blocks bills written to protect the slaves who work on these ships. I am registered Democrat but the obsession with disarming America is what will keep them from ever getting my vote again. The Republican obsession with gays and abortion will keep me from voting for them either. I vote third party.

    1. Voting third party is like like having an opinion that doesn’t count for anything.
      And if you’re so worried about abortion on demand and special protection for gays, then perhaps you should closer examine the relationship between the Democrat leadership willing to sell out the country, and the Islamic invaders that hate the United States.

    2. Ah, the elusive, mostly invisible, and usually misunderstood and mistrusted moderate gun owner. These independent thinkers and firearm enthusiasts, which I count myself among, find the partisan rigidity and inability to at least understand the legitimate concerns of both sides leaves them a ‘traitor’ to both sides for allowing a middle ground on some of these issues. Whether because of more extreme division in media or just cultural separation of urban and rural lifestyles the middle ground and ‘common sense’ measures (another term that has been politicized by the left lately..) are scoffed at while the extreme elements make arguments that everyone’s life is in danger either from armed Muslim terrorists, black inner city gangs, or for the other side, mentally disturbed mass killers and vigilante racists killing unarmed black people. Many of these people just don’t know what they’re talking about at all. I still like to think there is some middle ground where both sides could agree but maybe that’s just not how things work anymore. Anyway, keep your powder dry, stay safe, and while asking anyone to try to understand the other side is a tall order, trying to understand fellow gun owners who may be more moderate would be a great start. We all love the shooting sports here.

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