Group Used Actors for NYC Gun Store Facade


In an exclusive, the Shooter’s Log has learned that actors were used to portray customers in a fake gun shop “public service announcement” produced by States United Against Gun Violence earlier this year.

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Media has confirmed these facts in its response to a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request submitted in March.

“States United To Prevent Gun Violence opens a ‘gun store’ in NYC as a hidden camera social experiment to debunk safety myths,” the CeaseFire USA project claimed in its description of the video. The “social experiment,” like the “gun shop” itself, was pre-arranged, permits approved by the city indicate.

“Actors are interviewed on camera in a fake gun store,” the permits’ scene descriptions reveal.

The gun control crowd has sunk to a new low by faking a store, salesmen and customers in an effort to push their message.

It had previously been known that the “gun store proprietor” behind the counter was an actor—and one who has previously made a living glorifying fake “gun violence”—but up until now, speculation about if the “customers” we’re also plants has been just that.

By presenting its “PSA” video as an “experiment,” viewers were encouraged to conclude that minds were changed about buying a gun when the CeaseFire actor made supposedly compelling arguments against owning them.

“To make first-time gun buyers think twice, we did the unthinkable,” the video intro explains. “Hidden cameras captured the gun buyers’ reactions.” “They [actors, presented as customers] entered the gun store looking for their first gun,” the video concludes. “This is how they left.” They left anti-gun, of course. But then again, per the permits provided by the city, that was scripted, and the whole “hidden cameras” fiction was for the benefit of those not in on the performance.

Based on a close reading of the documents compelled by the Freedom of Information (FOI) filing, it also appears the city didn’t require any records or permits for the fake gun store’s inventory.

Documentation from the FOI file (see “Project Information” from list at end of this article) shows the production crew brought in 45 people and five trucks, but at this point, how many gun replicas were brought in, approved for use, and returned is unknown—at least to anyone not involved with the production.

“With regard to your request for ‘any special permits required for signage, proof of insurance and prop/replica firearms used in accordance with State of New York and New York City gun laws for which compliance is required for transport, delivery, receipt, possession and use at the location where the video was recorded,’ we do not have records responsive to your request,” Press Secretary and Communications Manager Marybeth Ihle responded. “The firearms in question were inspected by the NYPD on site and verified to be props, not real guns, so therefore no permit was required.” The concern here is to ensure that a group working for more gun laws observed all existing ones. That’s not unfounded after an earlier FOIL request documented how another anti-gun “PSA” produced at a school in Oakland failed to obtain required permissions for bringing a prop gun into a public school.

“Potentially dangerous activities … which are determined … to cause a potential danger … will be referred … for approval by the NYPD or other governmental agency having jurisdiction over such activity,” rules issued by the Mayor’s Office declare. “Such activities shall include, but not be limited to, the use of stunts, helicopters, firearms or simulated firearms.” Noting the complexity of special theatrical permit requirements for applicants and dealers, and restrictive New York laws on imitation firearms, it’s surprising to find a fake gun shop can be set up containing hundreds of replica weapons with no paperwork, apparently on just the say-so of on-site NYPD officers.

Per the press secretary’s response, it seems the NYPD allowed for scores of replica firearms to be transported, handled and used in the production by untold numbers of personnel, and returned to the supplier(s) with no signed-off paperwork accountability.

Without a separate FOIL request, it will remain unknown if such documentation exists with NYPD, or if it just wasn’t required—and if such a friendly policy would be in force for all productions.

The following documents pertain to the FOIL request and response:

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  1. It is a shame, but it’s the nature of the beast. While conservatives prioritize playing by the rules above all else, leftists prioritize winning at all costs. That’s why they win and we lose.

  2. So, let’s break this down.
    A fake gun dealer opened up a fake gun store and sold fake guns to fake customers who faked changing their minds about guns. There’s one problem…..

    They all broke very real anti-gun laws to do it.

  3. Where are the guns with a history that saved lives? Oh yeah, not confiscated by police, and rented out as props…and still in the hands of the educated.

  4. Let me just ask, when did it become acceptable to disallow federally protected rights in the United States of America? Isn’t this, in fact, an act of crime, oppression, and possibly war?
    If a state within the U.S. decides to disobey the Constitution, doesn’t this make it an enemy of the nation? What if, for instance, a state decided to abolish or simply disregard the 13th Amendment? Wouldn’t this make that state an enemy of the nation? How about a state (and/or community) that works feverishly to diminish or destroy the 13th amendment? Wouldn’t this state or group be handled with extreme prejudice? Wouldn’t there be a public outpouring to stop such actions? Wouldn’t our leaders invoke words such as oppression, discrimination, hatred, fear of things that are different, etc.?
    These questions are of rethoric nature, of corse. However, shouldn’t every piece our founding document be met with such scrutiny, especially when confronting those who seek to not only disallow such rights for those who are already in agreement, but also for those who are not?
    If a state can decide to disallow federally protected rights, that state shouldn’t be allowed to collect a single dime or reep any advantage, of and from, being a member of our federation. Such a state (or organization) should be publicly declared an enemy to us all.

    1. We’re becoming a nation of men, not the nation of laws the Framers left to us. When the federal and state governments can trample actual individual rights (RKBA, privacy, property, etc.) with impunity, while extolling imaginary rights (abortion, sodomy, same-sex marriage, etc.), it’s obvious America has embarked on the bizarro, opposite-day, upside-down, decadent downhill slide to oblivion. We might not be at the point of no return yet, but it can surely be seen from here.

  5. I live in the NYC metro area and work in film and television,I also know how difficult it is to own a gun in he city. There are only a handful of gun shops in the city,you are not even allowed to touch a weapon without a permit in hand,much less handle them as the video imply’s. We rent weapons for TV and movies all the time,with paperwork to go with it in locked cases. All this video shows is propaganda,and deceitful use of a media outlet.

    1. Ian, if you have experience renting non-functioning imitation/replica prop guns, my email address is included– I’m curious to see the type of hoops you need to jump through, as I find it difficult to believe a verbal OK from NYPD is all that’s needed, which is what the Mayor’s Office told me in their FOIL response.

    2. And how has all these gun control laws helped? Have they lowered crime and murder with guns? I don’t think so.

  6. This crap is S T O P of the criminal traitors in Congress as well as the Kenyon traitor in our White House. It’s pretty sad when you think of what these worms could have done for whole world if only they all would refuse to be puppets condemning themselves and their future generations to Hell .
    BUT THEN WHO CARES ? The goal of these scum bags is to destroy this country an dour Constitution and they’ll be successful since we -WE have lain on our fat behinds and allowed our education system to fail our children and in doing so we too have failed them.

  7. Okay so now we’ve shown muslims how to smuggle hundreds of real weapons into a major city. If we get any dumber we will revert back to walking on all fours.


  8. Sadly, everything is already in placed and practiced…Should the government decide there is a need, they have everything in place already to disarm the public in any metropolitan area or small town of their choosing.

    In New Orleans during Katrina, they established that yes indeed it is quite easy to disarm and entire city by simply issuing a decree and going house to house with the National Guard and police. If there was any armed resistance to the disarming of civilians in N.O., the stories have been well suppressed because I haven’t heard of a single example of gun owners resisting.

    Katrina involved a city that was already largely evacuated, so admittedly an abnormal situation. But the government has since proven that it could easily do the same to a fully populated city.

    During the Boston Marathon the government displayed its ability to lock down an entire major city…and go door to door with NG troops treating the civilian population as potential threats.

    Now I ask you, what really stands in the way of the government disarming you? The answer is only a pretext. All they need is a pretext.

  9. If that video actually convinced anyone to not buy or to actually sell their own guns and join the left in their ridiculous stance on the second amendment, then they are too stupid to own a gun anyway.

  10. Can we sue them for fraud? For setting up a fake store in order to push a political agenda? Where did they get the permit? And only stupid people don’t own guns. What’s their argument? “If a guy comes in my house to rape my wife and steal everything I’ve ever owned I can just reason with him why he shouldn’t be doing this.” I don’t understand the logic! Let’s be real….They’re just scared their going to be the one to shoot the wrong person..And if so”To thine own self be true”. Don’t buy a gun but don’t be a pud to those that can sack up.

  11. Typical ObamaNazi morons. They can’t win by using facts, so they have play a great big game of make believe

  12. Well written, Terry. Some folks are educated well beyond their intelligence.

    The incumbency attitude shifts on x2 year and x4 (presidential) elections. Now, this naming and blaming is in media as well as elected politics.

    “If we had a man like Herbert Hoover again….those were the days” (

  13. I don’t think folks like these who are far left on the gun control issue have a real chance of success playing fair so they don’t. However, I know for a fact there are plenty of folks in the middle as far as Dem or Rep. I think it is funny how whoever is presently in power gets blamed for the countries and worlds woes. I could write forever here but it would not change a soul’s mind but it does feel good to express an opinion.

    1. People on the “far left” are pro-gun. How are you going to fight a revolution without a gun? Its only fascist liberals who hate guns. Liberals are not far-left. The far-left is primarily ANTI-fascist.

    2. You are correct. The leftist’s like guns, just not in the hands of the people. Even Dianne Feinstein had a concealed permit. She felt like gun permits should only be for important people like herself.

    3. Sorry Will – you have the indoctrination version of political systems from the prog controlled education system. The Dem Party is owned and operated by progressives (every major Dem you can name is a prog). In the USA (only) “liberal” now means “progressive”, as the prog administration of FDR stole the label “liberal” from the right (conservatives, libertarians) in 1935 to disguise the fat that they were ideological cousins of the major progressive leaders in Europe. These three and FDR were routinely called “The Mighty Four” of the prog movement by the already mostly far left media (international and USA). In order of their stature among the progs: Stalin, Hitler (National Socialist), Mussolini (Fascist) and FDR (National Socialist, like Woodrow Wilson).

      So the progs here who (when forced to admit a label, something they hate) self identify, most say “liberal”, but this means “modern liberal”, aka post-1935 label swap.

      Progs represent the 80-100% left of center position on the political scale. The far right is “Anarchist”, those who refuse any sort of government at all (although progs run in anarchist mode to tear down the existing ore in order to force their totalitarian system on a country).

      Only the Italians (Mussolini) were Fascist. When he was executed, so was Fascism. The far left (progs, aka “liberals” here) deliberately mix the labels of “National Socialist” and “Fascist” since to them (and to Stalin, who created this notion) anyone even slightly right of communism (Stalin) was “far right”, even when the subject was their fellow progs who were slightly different (Nat Soc, Fascist).

      Most senior Dems, the DNC, and most leftist special interest groups (like the many anti-gun ones) are national socialist, the form of prog defined by Woodrow Wilson (in my opinion). He set the stage in 1913-1920 for fellow progs like Mussolini to use as a template. You should read “Liberal Fascism” for the highly detailed (and referenced) history of the “pragmatic Marxist” (what progs called themselves early on) movement since the late 1800s.

    4. Will, I agree with you that the far-left are pro-gun – but for their use only, not any else – however, research what “fascism” really is…it’s rooted in Marxism. Fascists were not anti-gun either, as they needed weapons to control Italy (during Mussolini’s rule), control their centrally-planned economy, police-state, and the masses living within.

      A good book on this subject is “Marxism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism” by A. James Gregor. It elaborates on what fascism really is (there is no clear definition of what “fascism” is today) and how it came about. Like National Socialists (NAZI), Fascists are inbred with Socialists and Communists and other Marxists; they are not polar opposites.

      Today’s “left-right” political spectrum is just wrong. A better, more correct spectrum would be to measure how much government exists and attempts to control society and the individual via laws, regulations, bureaucracy, police and military.

      Anyhoo…if you read that book, you should enjoy it. I learned a lot from it myself.

    5. Will, Fascist Liberals and the Far Left are one and the same. You are ignorant, mistaken, confused or lying if you say or think the far left is pro-gun. They simply are not. As Erik noted, they only believe in guns for themselves. You cannot even name or refer to a “Far Left” group that promotes civilian gun ownership because there isn’t a single one in existence. The “Far Left” believe that government regulation is the answer to all of societies problems. While it’s true the Far Left advocate overthrow of government they do not propose to do it with arms, but rather by subterfuge.

  14. Why doesn’t this story about a fake gun shop show up on NBC, ABC or CBS news so the general public can see the truth?

    1. Ditto what Gringo Cracker said.

      Can you imagine what would happen to stories like these if government regulated (or outright controlled) the internet??

      It’ll go the same route as the mainstream media: manipulated, directed, controlled and censored in many cases. Yikes!

    2. Great point, perhaps because CNN,
      Clinton National News will never show it, nor will Bloomberg for obvious reasons.

  15. The military will not take your weapons the police will, and they will swear the military as deputy police to do so.

  16. “You don’t get to pick and choose the parts of government you want to oppress you.”

    I would say the same thing about Conservatives. After all, its not going to be community organizers and abortion doctors who come to actually confiscate our guns, it will be the police and military most Conservatives hold in almost God-like reverence.

    1. Your comment is asinine and invalid will. Liberals are all about telling “the people” what they can and can’t do using government as the enforcers. Conservatives are all about telling the government what it can’t do to “the people”.

      Liberals and progressives have been behind every single dictator, fascist and despot on Earth. A conservative movement is by very definition anathema to government oppression.

      Learn a little about your position before publicly making a fool of yourself.

  17. I wonder how long this farce was open and no one came in before they came to the realization that no one was falling for their prank and then they decided to hire actors to get the footage that they were hoping they were going to get?

  18. Those who claim to be ‘liberal’ but pro gun are lying to themselves. Either you are for big government control of the people or you are for liberty. You don’t get to pick and choose the parts of government you want to oppress you.

    1. Steve…
      Can I repost that on Twitter ?
      These “progressive lib’s” think they can do just that. They all seem to drink from the same cool aid cup.

  19. These clowns need to be exposed for what they are and what they’re doing because they think the end justifies the means and they’re not above playing dirty. They’ve taken over the democratic party and you’ve got them in New York and we’ve got a bunch of them in California. It’s a disease spreading among the mindless.

  20. I have some friends who are “Liberal” or I should say the claim to be
    in many instances they are definitely of that mindset. But I have found
    that in other instances they are not so much. They believe in gun
    ownership, shooting, hunting and fishing to provide food for their
    families. One had to used his weapon to stop a home invasion
    here in Houston, TX. Fortunately the Criminal decided that he
    did not want to test my friends resolve. He remained on the
    floor till the police arrive to take him away. When I questioned
    my friend as to whether he would have used deadly force,
    his answer was if the criminal ran away he would not but if
    he had proceeded to come in he would not have hesitated
    to protect his family by any means necessary.

  21. I am a liberal in many of my political views. But I am not anti gun. There is a segment of the liberals that are very extreme in their positions they will stop at nothing to get their agenda.

  22. While the hard to the left liberals are without a doubt “hard nuts to crack”. I have found many liberals at least willing to debate the issue of guns, their control, the right of ownership and everything in between. In many ways it’s just a matter of how the subject is approached. I would (at great risk) venture to say that we, the pro gun community can be our own worst enemies. As an example, I give you the proposed ban on M855 ammunition. When the BATF made their statement regarding consideration of a ban, the parent website to this forum sent out a petition requesting all 2nd amendment right advocates to jump on the band wagon and prevent this serious threat to our rights. I wrote back saying I was ready to sign the second they ceased marketing the M855 as a “penetrator” round. It’s not, it’s no more a penetrator than any FMJ round of similar specifications. But, that word “penetrator” sells ammo so they use it. On the opposite side of the equation people are asking themselves, why do these “gun nuts” need armor piercing rounds? We don’t, we are just as susceptible to marketing as any young girl that buys a certain brand of jeans so she can look…. Prettier, taller, thinner… take your pick. Well we all want what we can’t have. We want the toughest, strongest, baddest bullet in town. A penetrator? Oh Yeah! Sign me up.
    If we as responsible gun owners want to be taken seriously. If we want people to actually listen to what our true message is. Than we better start acting like responsible, respectful, rational people that may not like what the liberals are saying but are willing to defend their right to say it to the death.

    1. I disagree with your comment that the M885 round is being marketed as a penetration round. This round is popular because in a platform that is not know for accuracy, it is more accurate than most ammo. Most rifle ammo can exceed the penetration factor of the M885. What the law originally intended to accomplish was to prevent penetration rounds from being available for use in a concealable handgun. Using a long stretch of the imagination, an attempt was made to outlaw this round because of ‘AR’ pistols. Still an ‘AR’ pistol is 24″ long even with a 8.3″ barrel, not very concealable. Also the military has replaced this round with the M995 because the former round would not penetrate cinder blocks at 200 yards!

    2. Why do we have to “be taken seriously” as gun owners?

      That right was not up for debate and is still not up for debate. It is one of the founding principals of this country. Once it becomes “open for debate” it is no longer a “founding” principal and right, but a political football.

      No, I won’t debate gun ownership. It’s my right. If you don’t like it find a country with founding principals that more closely match your values and ideals.

    3. Look at what you said about the BATF proposing to ban the round. It was the idea that the BATF would needlessly want to ban a round. I see this as taking our freedom one piece at a time. At the time I did not have an AR15, but because the Communist leaders want to ban items, I want to have them. Perhaps I am being like a juvenile, however I don’t care! Freedom to me means that I get to make choices, not have the BATF or some other government entity make the choices for me.

  23. Please let’s call them what they are. They aren’t liberals nor progressives they are totalitarians plain and simple. I address them as such every time I encounter them and I DO NOT BACK DOWN when they start to argue with me. They are the 21st century Nazis and we must remind them of that at every encounter.

  24. Either these “customers” are extremely stupid or they’re actors. Who in their right mind would believe a gun store would not only possess and be selling weapons used in the high profile crimes mentioned, but have the details printed right on the tags! lol THAT isn’t a giant red flag or anything. Not to mention this is in NYC.

    It’s also a deplorable way to promote firearm “awareness”….

  25. I am a “native born” New Yorker. Specifically, I was born and RAISED on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Except for a four year stint in the U.S. Air Force, I have called Manhattan my home for the last 64 years. With these creds, let me state the following.
    * I do not know how I somehow escaped the “liberal” mindset of NYC, and particularly that of Manhattan. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a bad remake of The Body Snatchers, surrounded by aliens living in complete denial.
    * These “aliens” are so disconnected from reality, that they will actually put their hands over their ears if one speaks the truth. It is a phenomenon which is impossible to explain as it is a form of insanity that will fight to the death any attempt to pierce it’s madness.
    * During more than one “off duty” arrest, I took down some low-life criminals who were either assaulting, robbing, or attempting to rape some of these liberals….only to have the “911” call made ON ME! Yup! I kid you not. Here it is that I, a White off duty LEO am rescuing the sons and daughters of these “liberals”, and the description of the perp given to 911 was MY description. The responding officers see this all the time, and were joking about it on more than one occasion. Even a Black cop once said to me, “Be careful man. You know how these people, (the liberals), are”.
    * Yes indeed….I DO know how these people are. And anyone who can get a handle on the madness of what drives these twisted liberals should get a prize of some kind.

    1. The best explanation I’ve heard is Liberal Opposite World results from some kind of self-imposed Stockholm Syndrome induced by intractable White Guilt. Works for me.

    2. NYC & L.A. = Bizarro World

      I believe it was your service, both military and LE, that inoculated you against the rampant liberalism. It made you immune to self-loathing and racial guilt.

  26. Soo…
    The whole concept AND production was a sham(?)
    The TRUTH does not’ matter, just the point one is trying to make.

    Next thing they will blame conservatives for this fiasco……..

  27. Not unusual for anti-gun groups.
    Wasn’t it last year that “Every Town for Gun Safety” was busted for inflating gun crime stats?
    The way they did it was goofy as hell: they would take a report of a shooting from the local media, then find the same report picked up by out-of-town media (you know: “elsewhere around the state”), and instead of several reports on the same shooting, they treated each reiteration as a separate incident, and voila’!
    Rampant gun violence.
    Even though the Obama administration’s own stats show a dramatic drop in gun crime.

  28. Do you people live in a cave or something? This isn’t news, it’s history. Happened months ago. Why do you even bother?

    1. I knew nothing of this until I read this article. I had heard of that anti-gun campaign and saw the commercial, but after the typical initial novelty-shock-reaction these types of PSAs have I thought it just faded away per usual. Hopefully just as many know about this as who saw the video.

    2. I hadn’t heard about it. I do live in a cave though.
      Thanks Cheaper Than Dirt, interesting read.

    3. Yup, I remember when it first came out.
      But, the media has largely ignored it, so it keeps popping up online.
      Best way I know of to get maximum coverage of the story.

    4. Really? Give a link to someone who provided documented proof the customers were actors.

    5. The phony gun-store story is old news – the details about phony customers having phony anti-2A come-to-Bloomberg epiphanies is new news. As is the selective official indifference regarding NYC’s draconian gun laws.

  29. After Prof. Anita Hill’s outrageous allegations against Clarence Thomas were exposed as complete and utter fabrications, leftists claimed, “It’s not the nature of the evidence, but the seriousness of the charge that matters.” Stay tuned for a reprise.

  30. I’m not sure who is more appalling, the fake owner or the fake customers. The funny part is, most of those weapons, from the incidents he describes, are not out in the marketplace. However, if they were, they’d be worth a fortune as collectors items… like a mace that belonged to Genghis Khan or the musket that fired the first shot at Concord. I could go on about how much this video disgusts me, but no one who supported the making of it would have the moral strength to really listen objectively.

  31. This article is incredibly difficult to read… Just say what it is… They staged a commercial that is anti-gun in effort to perpetrate a lie. This is exactly what the government is doing, lying about gun rights and gun safety.

  32. So they spent the money, time, and effort to trick and scare people. What a perfect example of a failure in life. Someone who has every ability to help his fellow man and instead chooses to intimidate and miss inform people based on his own personal point of veiw . Severely lacking the knowledge or intelligence to make such decisions or converse about anything on the subject.

  33. Liberals have no compunction about lying, cheating, paying for anything, just to get their point across. Hillary Clinton is a perfect example, Al Sharpton is another example. Jesse Jackson, another. And of course not to be left behind, the Big Zero, our president.

  34. My son was suspended from school for posessing something that resembled an active round of amunition. The dean’s response was that it appeared to be a dangerous material. And because it could frighten students and families, it was a clear violation of policy.

    So I ask – if the public is led to believe the store is real and the weapons are real, shouldn’t they have to obtain real permits? Otherwise, the “fear” of real firearms without proper paperwork creates a dangerous situation where the anti-gun population may react with real violence.

  35. If you believe what this article is saying (which I do), why not entertain the possibility that both Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon used crisis actors to justify ramping up the Police State?

    Wolfgang Halbig reveals holes in the Sandy Hook story that you can fly a 747 through.

    The implosion of building 7 on 9/11 also reveals the operation to be a false flag attack.

    Just like everything else that’s big enough to push for taking away our liberties for security, our own gov’t has always been a part of it by providing their patsies and leaving the back door open along with their scripted solutions giving them more power and making us into slaves.

  36. “So, these guns are used? What kind of discount do I get!!??” Would have been my response.

  37. It doesn’t matter if they obeyed the law. The law doesn’t apply to the folks that want to ban guns and increase gun violence. David Gregory broadcast his law violation on national television. Marc Kelly posted his attempted straw purchase on facebook. The authorities somehow didn’t have enough evidence to indict either of them.

  38. This is such a pathetically ignorant video. These “customers” were all actors. You can see it in their wimpy-_ss reactions.

    There’s no way I would have made the final cut in that video. I would have said “Oh, really, Adam Lanza?….Hey show me your AK’s!”

    Look if New Yorker’s want to live in a world of rats and muggers and not have guns, hey I hope that works for ya!

    I’ll be taking my Desert Eagle 50 cal into the Arizona desert tomorrow, and carrying my Glock 10mm by my side in my SUV. Thank you God for creating Arizona!!!!

    1. I’ll be taking my .44 Desert Eagle (brushed aluminum) into the Arizona desert as well. I’ll keep my Armalite-15, my 92a1 and H&K vp70 with me as well. Maybe I’ll see you out there!

    2. Thanks Brett. Let me know if you know of any cool places to shoot, like where other people show up occasionally. I know about Table Mesa already.

      I had to look up the vp70 to see what it is. That’s interesting that the “military” version has 3 round bursts. I’d like to own one of those!!….seriously!!

  39. The most ridiculous , stupid, non sense video I have ever seen…the nerve of these people making sh@# like this and there are people out there who will understand this and even thank these people for making this video…WHY? because the people who are NOT enraged by this video are the one who know NOTHING about guns and the reasons why people own them and the people who have the right to own them….they ask then why? do es anyone need a gun?? they haven’t got a clue and this video just separates the two sides even more than ever…It is a real shame this is taking place and whats even worse is people like that ass Bloomberg pushing this sh@#$ to uninformed Americans…We are headed for a total breakdown of society and Government by people like Bloomberg…God help us all..

  40. New York City – the place where its citizens gather to encourage suicidal jumpers to finish so they can capture the excitement on their smartphones; Well of course they instead had to hire actors to get the desired result in this bogus video. Real New Yorkers would buy out that store in hours just to have the guns on their coffee tables as a conversation piece at parties.

  41. There is more gun shops in my little town in Montana than NYC… I had to look it up because I figured this shop would stick out like a sore thumb…

    Gun store in Communist NYC??? Really???

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