Your Next ‘Must-Have’ Home Defense Gun — MPA935SST Defender

MasterPiece Arms MPA 935 SST

Looking for a new home defense gun? MasterPiece Arms, manufacturers of the MPA MAC Line of pistols, carbines, suppressors and MPAR Rifles, has your solution—the new for 2014 MPA935SST Defender. The MPA935SST is based on the standard MAC design and is available as an 8-inch barreled pistol. The Defender will be chambered for the 9mm and feature a standard 30-round magazine. The barrel is also threaded and ready to accept any 1/2 x 28 tpi suppressor, but let’s not get to crazy—it is a semi-auto not full auto.

MasterPiece Arms MPA 935 SST
Nothing says, “You just made your last mistake by invading my home!” like a MAC Series pistol from MasterPiece Arms.

The MPA935SST Defender features adjustable front and rear sights, side-cocker, scope mount, short handguard and angled foregrip and features all the accuracy; low recoil and performance expected from a member of the Masterpiece Arms Defender series. Additional attributes worthy of noting include a quick-release magazine catch, pistol grip cover, barrel extension, plastic case and hammer with disconnect. The street price should be around $675.

Are you going to be the first to own an MPA935SST Defender? Share your first-look impressions in the comment section.

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  1. Everybody is a tactical prodigy out there, and they all poo-poo these firearms, along with other large platform pistols. I carried a 10.5″ Bushmaster M4 variant in Iraq, and after working with that short barrel, I never looked back at conventional long guns. The MPA guns and AR/AK pistols are readily turned into SBRs. I don’t like shotguns, but I have a dozen registered SBRs and I will unequivocally state they are superior any day. And while a Sig Brace is not a high speed, low drag fancy stock, it will do the job just fine.

  2. The Masterpiece Arms pistol shown is no different than me placing my 32 round mag inside my Beretta 92FS. But my 92FS is 4th in line as my goto self defense gun inside my home. 1. My Ruger Super Redhawk 44 magnum with Hornady Critical Defense loads. 2. My Remington 870 with Herters Self Defense shells. 3. My Glock 29 10MM with 14 hollowpoints. All 4 of these are by my bedside. The 92FS is always tucked on the right side of my car seat, with my 15+1 mag and completely ready to fire double action.

  3. “Must-Have Home Defense Gun”??? Exaggerating much, are we??? This is (and all the AR, AK, HK, FN rifles-turned-into-pistols) is nothing more than marketing to a bunch of idiots who never served in the military and if they did, they drove a desk. These kids grew up watching TV and playing violent video games and think that guns are toys.

    I certainly wouldn’t pay this money to look like a schmuck at the range, and certainly not for home defense where that long-a$$ magazine is sure to get in the way of your clothes, bedding, bathrobe, etc.

    Further, the anti-gun crowd will go nuts with this gun, what with it’s relative conceal-ability and high (standard???) capacity magazine.

  4. Yes NamVet! I have a full-pipe Winchester pump with muzzle-length magazine tube.

    I’ve fired one lever-action rifle while in a high-stress, defense situation and never felt the kick, nor heard the blasts. A friend said he would have bet his house that it was a semi-auto. So now I have this 12ga Win with the kick of a mule when loaded with 00-lead buck. I NEED a recoil reduction method for practice, but doubt it will matter if I “need” that gun.

    Thank you for the Hint.

  5. Rob (1)- I thought the same thing when I read that and the caption under the photo. I definitely WOULD consider a sound suppressor on the beast… especially for use indoors, the intended application. Glad to see MPA is thinking ahead to stay in the market… but I wouldn’t want one.

  6. In home defense, your handgun is what you use to get to your main weapon.
    This means you need a handgun you will carry, all the time.
    My home defense weapon is based on the Mossberg 500, 12 gauge, you can do the same with a Remington 870: First, Replace the stock with a Kicklight recoil reduction stock (and forend if you want to maintain appearances). This stock is also adjustable. Second, either purchase the weapon with a 20″ barrel or replace the original and also get a full length magazine (or mag. extender with the Remington). Third, get a side mounted picatinny rail where the rail section itself sits over the gun and the sights, if any are visible under the rail. Fourth, get a holographic or open red dot sight. The one I got was a BSA and it has a laser & flashlight in parallel.
    I would do the same in 20 gauge if Kicklight would make a stock to fit. HINT, HINT Kicklight! Don’t say that a 20 gauge doesn’t need recoil reduction, there are a lot of smaller people and older people who would appreciate this.

  7. I couldn’t get enthused over something like this, especially at that price. A Glock 19 loaded w/ a 32 rd magazine would serve the same function and cost a heck of a lot less…. about $200+ less!

    These days with 32rd 9mm, 22rd .40 cal and higher capacity drum magazines available for many brands of semi-auto pistols like what is available for the Glocks @ a cost of $40-$120…. I don’t see a real market anymore for the kind of semi-auto pistol shown.. unless someone just has $650+ burning a hole in their pocket. I’d much rather spend the $650+ on a good suppressor for my Glock or AR.

    When I saw the picture, one of my first thoughts was, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig”! The pictured gun has a couple of unusual looking cosmetic [lipstick] applications, but it isn’t worth the money in my humble opinion.

    1. Yes. They do offer it in 45ACP. Seen them offered all over.
      Heritage Guild, Pennsylvania. Go to their online store

  8. OK…good review…but PLEASE, when these “dramatic-looking” guns are involved in publicity and promotion, elements of description like “street price” can be candy to the anti-liberty nut-jobs.

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