Don’t Run Afoul of Oklahoma’s Open Carry Law Going Into Effect November 1

Gun Owners who Open Carry Must Have a Handgun License

Governor Mary Fallin today reminded citizens who plan to take advantage of Oklahoma’s “Open Carry” law to study the law and remain in compliance. Under the new law, which goes into effect November 1, 2012 citizens with a handgun license issued by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) will now be able to carry both concealed handguns and openly displayed handguns. Previously, license holders were only able to carry concealed weapons. “Oklahoma will soon become one of 44 states that allow some kind of ‘open carry,’” Fallin said. “I believe the law is consistent with the spirit of the Second Amendment and that similar laws in other states have shown that open carry can be implemented safely and responsibly. However, it is important that citizens—especially those that plan to openly carry firearms—understand and follow the law.

“I am reminding all Oklahomans that the law allows for open carry of firearms only for those with handgun licenses,” said Fallin. “Gun owners with concealed carry permits will now be allowed to carry their guns openly.  Anyone without such a permit who wishes to take advantage of the open carry law must apply for and receive a license through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.” Those carrying firearms, either openly or concealed, must have both their handgun license and a valid government ID on their person at all times.

“It’s also important to remember that any privately owned business may prohibit open carry or concealed carry on its property. These prohibitions must be respected, in addition to the prohibitions on open carry at schools, universities and career technology centers, prisons, in bars, at sporting events or on government property. Finally, I’m asking all Oklahomans to remember that, in the event they are stopped by a law enforcement officer, a person carrying a weapon must immediately notify the officer that they are armed.” Click here to see a Frequently Asked Questions document with a full list of locations where open carry is prohibited.

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  1. I’m glad to see this. This is the way it should be everywhere now. There should be no reason to have to conceal, at least not in general. I can see concealment if need be, but for the most part, it encumbers people to have to make so many allowances; having to choose a weapon based on being so small, narrowing practical choices of a weapon that the person may already have, and shoot and understand well, basing their decision primarily on one that doesn’t show under clothing. Then, having to make more allowances for clothing and support gear that will not let the imprint through the clothing give anyone a clue that a person is armed. WHY? If a person can legally own and carry a weapon, concealment should be an option. I must have missed something, is it “out of sight, out of mind?” Is it stick your head in the sand, and there won’t be any problems? I’m sorry, I just don’t understand the mindset. Just dosen’t seem very forward thinking. Perhaps some day Texas will follow suite, and the good people here in Boomhower can carry what they have, what they’ve been accustomed to shooting openly, rather than having to narrow their mindset, narrow their choices in weapons, while having to constantly be concerned about fashion, and having an imprint show. What do you guys think?

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