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Glock Perfection? 13 Democrat State Attorneys General Disagree

Police Officer aiming a Glock pistol with a red barn in the background

It all started with Chicago suing Glock. In the lawsuit, Chicago is claiming that ‘Glock Perfection’ is less than perfect. According to Chicago, the design is flawed, because it makes it too easy to convert a Glock from semi-automatic to full auto.

Piling on, Attorneys General from Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Washington D.C. sent a letter Glock voicing their concerns over what is commonly called a ‘Glock switch.’ A Glock switch is an auto sear. The difference in the sear’s design, allowing fully automatic fire, transforms the pistol from semi-automatic fire to full auto.

Glock switch to convert a semi-automatic handgun to full auto
A Glock switch converts a semi-automatic handgun to full auto.

The Glock switches are often found on websites selling items manufactured in China. Buying the device from one of these sites, however, is not without its perils. Like ‘oil filters’ that are easily adapted to makeshift suppressors, the purchase of a Glock switch could lead to a nasty knock on your door from the ATF — something no gun owner wants, especially someone possessing illegal parts.

Does the lawsuit have a chance?

There may be some history on the side of the Attorneys General and Chicago. Introduced in 1984, the Intratec TEC-9 was constructed using inexpensive molded polymers and a mixture of stamped and milled steel parts. The simple design of the gun made it easy to repair — or modify. The TEC-9 was a commercial success, with over 250,000 sold.

Eventually, the gun was banned, and Intratec was forced to redesign open-bolt design to a closed-bolt system. The gun was later rereleased as the Intratec KG-99. The new design made it impossible for the KG-99 to be converted the way the TEC-9s were.

However, there are a lot more Glock pistols on the streets than 250,000…

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) made the following statements.

“The City of Chicago is encountering a deadly new frontier of gun violence plaguing our communities because of the increase of fully automatic Glocks on our streets. Selling firearms that can so easily be converted into automatic weapons makes heinous acts even more deadly. We are doing everything we can — in collaboration with others committed to ending gun violence — to hold Glock accountable for putting profits over public safety.”

In the lawsuit, Chicago calls out China as a primary perpetrator responsible for the flood “auto sears” being found on the streets of America. This begs the question, with tensions high between the U.S. and China, is China simply being greedy, or is there something more nefarious in its intentions? After all, many politicians and political pundits have called China out for producing and selling the chemicals drug cartels are using to produce the fentanyl responsible for an ever-increasing number of American deaths.

In the letter, the 13 Democrat Attorneys General are demanding that Glock preserve all documents related to:

  • The conversion of Glock semi-automatic handguns into automatic weapons.
  • The design and development of Glock pistols with respect to their semi-automatic function.
  • Glock’s knowledge regarding all state and federal laws relating to Glock switches and converted Glock machine guns.
  • Financial information relating to Glock pistols, including profit.
  • Any public-facing marketing or advertising related to Glock pistols.

Will the Chicago lawsuit cause Glock pistols to suffer the same fate as the Intratec TEC-9? What about all the Glock clones? How would the ATF handle that and the millions of guns already on the market? Share your answers in the Comment section.

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Comments (28)

  1. For a real insite as to how this will play out, read the book, Glock, the rise of Americas gun

  2. I don’t think it is all D’s, as we do not see the R’s doing anything other than supporting the D’s. So we have been referring to it as the swap to drain. In reality a swamp is a healthy ecosystem. It should be referred to as the sewer, as it is full of rats, and “stuff”.

    Instead of banning sales of Glocks to police departments, why not just ban the sale to body guards of the sewer?

    It stops, when Glock sues the respective AG’s at a personal level, for insane amounts, not to be paid by tax payers, but rather each respective AG from their own pockets. I have a feeling, “the Boss”, is about to show us all just how to do that. 🙂

    I read a post somewhere, where the Mayor of ORD was calling for a cease-fire “over there”, and a reply to the post said for him to go home and give it a try there. Seemed like good advice.

  3. So let’s get this straight, a company is responsible for another company violating federal law? When do the Attorney Generals sue beer and liquor companies for making it possible to operate a vehicle while intoxicated? When will they sue food manufacturers for deadly chemical additives being added to otherwise healthy foods? When will they sue Big Gulp cup makers? The wokeness of these democrat run states is nauseating and their Gestapo tactics must be stopped. The left is pushing hard on the flush handle of democracy in this country

  4. Why don’t all gun and ammo manufacturers stop selling to all police dept’s and gov’t agencies like ATF and FBI in protest of all gun laws and see if politicians change their mind when they themselves will no longer have police protection? Manufacturers may have to take a hit on profits to make a point because ultimately if politician’s get their way, they will be out of business anyway in the future.

  5. So… company A makes product, people buy product. Company B makes product that can modify Company A’s product illegally. Person buys Company A’s product and Company B’s product. Having both products is already a violation of Federal law. Person takes it a step further and modifies Company A’s product with Company B’s product. Making Company A’s product somehow even MORE illegal. Person commits crime with illegally modified product. Big Gov and State’s lawyers decides that Company A is at fault and sues Company A who’s done nothing wrong. Instead of going after Company B and the person who purchased Company B’s product. Makes perfect Big Gov sense. Far left anti-gun logic at its finest.

  6. They should be glad. Has anyone shot one of these pistols? They recoil like crazy. You may get 2 rounds on target before you are shooting at the sky.

  7. Once again, we see the usual Democrat response to any issue involving gun violence. It’s always somebody else’s fault, other than the person holding the gun.

  8. Once again, we see the usual Democrat response to any issue involving gun violence. It’s always somebody else’s fault, other than the person holding the gun.

  9. This isn’t the first time direct from China importers have been responsible for a problem, and the companies selling them in the US got all the blame. Remember the hoverboard fiasco about 8 years ago? Most of the ones that were catching on fire were cheap direct from the factory imports, ignoring any safety regulations other products are required to follow to be sold. There are hundreds of untested questionable and outright dangerous or even legal to just sell to the public products you can buy online and have shipped directly to you. Getting mad at Glock because kids and gangs are importing autosteers direct from out of the country wont solve the problem. IF Glock redesigns their entire catalog, likely making a large list of aftermarket parts not fit, so that its more difficult or impossible to use an autosteer, or modify it to full auto, those buying them will find a different pistol to convert. Or they will just have to murder people one bullet at a time. Never addressing the murder problem, just potentially making it sower.

  10. To sell, own a silencer, one must get a license or permit from the Feds. IF having one without the permit, you are in violation of Federal law. Converting a legal semi-auto firearm to fire fully automatic is a violation of the law. Therefore, it is the PERSON, NOT the company making the firearm that is responsible.
    Commit murder with a knife and the PERSON is responsible, kill a person with a vehicle and the PERSON is responsible – yet the liberal Marxists want to ban firearms because they place the blame on the instrument used, not the PERSON using it.
    The logic to ban the instrument is most illogical. .

  11. Typical democrat money grab. Amazingly, they make NO effort to go after the supplier of these illegal devices or enforce the NFA laws as this would require actual work and not give them the cheap social media news that they crave.

  12. Question, do their cops carry glocks like the majority of US departments?
    If so and they are suing to “hold Glock accountable for putting profits over public safety.” doesn’t that make them an accessory to the “Crime” by funding the company they are suing???
    Yeah, roll that around in your head a while…..

  13. Glock is in sort of a Pickle, here. So is everyone who likes Polymer Framed Semi-Autos.
    Point 1:
    Califonia is a Big Market, and they have a Roster.
    I don’t live there, but i have been told that Gen3 Glocks are “On the Roster”, in Cali. Later Glock Generations are/were not.
    That means that for Glock to sell Firearms in Cali, they have to Continue to Manufacture Gen3 Glocks. If they sold the “Newer Guns, they can (and do) “update” the Geometry, so that Current “Switches” would not work, and would have to be “Redesigned”, or Updated with Newer Geometry. Also, that would mean that to use a “Glock Switch”, you would have to have at least enough brainpower to match the Generation of Glock with the Switch you are buying. That would kill the “Switch Market”, nearly overnight. Smart People could still do it, but Smart People are not the Folks posing with Glock Switches in their YouTube Videos.
    Point 2:
    The Patent Protections for Gen 3s have Expired, so everyone makes Glock Clones now. Glock would probably be happy to Stop Selling Gen3 guns, but they want to sell guns in Cali, and Gen 3s are already “approved”.
    This Lawsuit (Lawfare) is not designed to “Stop Glock” from Selling Guns. The Lawsuit is “Just One Step” in getting Gen3 Guns Declared as “Machineguns”, because of Ease of Conversion. This will mean that a large portion of the “Personally Built Firearms” Market is Killed. No More Polymer 80s and Similar Products.
    Because of the above, this Lawsuit is BAD FOR ALL PEOPLE who own or ever want to own Poly-Framed Semi-Autos. Especially if you like building them yourself, or Customizing them.
    This Lawfare is designed to kill the Glock Afterarket. And i’m not talking about Glock Switches or Auto Sears. This really does not have much to do with FA Conversions, as much as it has to do with Elimitaing an Entire Class of Popular Firearms.
    This is the “Slippery Slope” in action.

  14. Suing someone because someone designed something that is “too simple”. Dang… i thought “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

  15. Glocks have been around since 1982. It took 42 years to figure out there was alleged negligent engineering? I wonder how many of these Attorneys General are from states which issue Glocks as duty weapons? Sounds like they want a payday and don’t want to sell their old weapons as surplus. Lawyers are liars…

  16. Doesn’t take two brain cells to figure out that our very own govmint is promoting sites to sell NFA items online to willing participants. If you should fall pray, make sure you cancel the purchase immediately then retain cancelled reciepts.

  17. Doesn’t take two brain cells to figure out that our very own govmint is promoting sites to sell NFA items online to willing participants. If you should fall pray, make sure you cancel the purchase immediately then retain cancelled reciepts.

  18. These white-isis fake chrisitan pretend patriot republicans want criminals to have full auto glocks so they can use their jackboot tactics on all the free people of the united states. go back to russia you traitorous pedophiles.

  19. How bout we arrest those scumbags who are actually breaking the law?? And keeping them in jail instead of this crazy catch and release program ALL demo cities are using.

  20. Democrats speak with forked tongue. Glock is just a target for the rats to make a money grab. Glock makes fantastic handguns for a reasonable price. My favorite brand by a long shot. I will continue to support Glock and add to my collection. God save the United States of America. Vote strait Republican folks. Like trump or not Biden is destroying our country.

  21. How about prosecuting, blocking and shutting sites that sell these sears. Track down buyers and confiscate their weapons, throw them in jail Let those of us who follow the law enjoy our guns.

  22. This BS will never stop until the people filing these worthless lawsuits and passing these un constitutional laws are held personally responsible. If the filers lose all of them should be personally responsible for all legal fees and court costs. Also I think they should be fined. All of this money comes out of thier pockets not out of any tax money.

  23. The TEC-9 analogy does not hold up to close scrutiny. I was present when a customer brought one into a gun shop I frequented in San Antonio in the 1980s. I mentioned to him and the shop owner that I had recently read an article about how the open bolt pistols could go full auto on their own. This raised some eyebrows, so the gunsmith took it in back and placed it in his bullet trap. We heard a bang . . . bang . . . brraappp!!! Yes, the original TEC-9 was readily convertible to full auto fire and you didn’t even need a file. Converting a Glock to full auto requires at least one part to be replaced. An AR15 also can be converted to full auto by installing a Lightning Link, so expect ARs to be next on the AG target list. Please keep in mind that the purpose of these lawsuits is to destroy the firearms industry through lawfare, starting with Glock. Winning or losing the cases is irrelevant to these AGs. However, if Glock and other companies counter-sue and win big awards for malicious prosecution, the AGs may think twice about continuing with their scheme. Otherwise, the frivolous lawsuits will continue. By the way, has any AG bothered to research the statistics showing the effectiveness of full auto vs. semi auto shootings? If they did they would find out your chance of surviving against a gang-banger is much higher if he is wasting ammo firing bursts at you with a FA Glock. Birds flying above might feel differently about it.

  24. Kinda silly to sue Glock for how someone might illegally convert their semi to automatic. The state does not come after car manufacturers when someone illegally modifies the emissions control system. The state comes after the car owner. Same principle here” sue the owner of the illegal pistol.

    Makes me wonder if other brands of pistols or rifles could be easily modified, too. Glock gets all the initial attention because there are so many Glocks out there. But whose designs are similar?

  25. Does anyone wonder about these switches made in china seeing how the Biden administration is in bed with china, it seems to me that it could be another way our socialist government in DC is pushing gun control, maybe it’s just me but I don’t trust Washington DC.

  26. A couple of years ago there was a video of 13 and 14 year olds in Chicago showing off their switches on their Glocks with high cap mags. All of which is illegal and violations of current law there. Basically what you have there is a population that promotes criminal gangs and child soldiers. this week they are armed with Glocks next week it will be something else. Start charging parents and local officials and you might solve the problem

  27. Since Glock does not make or sell the switches, law suit is a Democratic MONEY GRAB!
    Try suing the companies the make and sell them, OH that’s right they are in China! You cannot sue them!

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