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Glock 42 Owners See the Light With LaserMax Centerfire Weaponlight!

Glock model 42 with lasermax centerfire weaponlight

Recently, LaserMax debuted a new line of weapon-mounted tactical lights. Leading the charge of the high output LED lights is a model designed specifically for the GLOCK 42. After all, compromising on size should not mean compromising on ability.

The LaserMax CenterFire LED WeaponLight streams 100 lumens of bright white light at your target from the pint-sized module. Unlike carrying a separate flashlight, this offers a tactical advantage and keeps your support hand free. Lighting your target offers you the advantage of disorienting your opponent while clearly identifying your target and aim point.

Glock model 42 with crimson trace centerfire weaponlight
Studies and statistics have shown he majority of defensive firearm use takes place at night. This makes the LaserMax CenterFire WeaponLight a vital addition to the Glock 42 pistol.

The GLOCK 42 is designed for a close encounter, fast action, self-defense scenario. To that end, a light is unnecessary. However, situations exist where an additional light is necessary to positively identify the threat. If for nothing else, during the investigation after the shooting, it would show you had the ability at a minimum. Better yet, it shows you had a step in the force continuum to disorient with light—an ability not to be underestimated.

Studies and statistics have shown the majority of defensive firearm use takes place at night. This makes the LaserMax CenterFire WeaponLight a vital addition to the .380 GLOCK pistol. “We’ve made it our business to find innovative ways to perfect the modern pocket pistol,” stated LaserMax Director of Marketing, Celia Grimes. The new WeaponLight does just that.

Many manufacturers make holsters tailored for specific model handguns. However, adding an accessory such as the LaserMax CenterFire LED WeaponLight creates an issue and limits choices. To resolve the issue, LaserMax includes an ambidextrous pocket holster in every package.

Popular for both concealed carry and as a police back up gun, the GLOCK .380 42 is heralded for its simplicity, natural grip-angle, low bore-axis, intuitively placed controls, and outstanding reliability. In accordance with these attributes, LaserMax worked diligently to balance compact size, light weight and optimal performance in a package that was rugged enough for GLOCK’s toughest customers. The resulting CenterFire WeaponLight is constructed with a robust, Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (FRN) housing that withstands the shock of repeated recoil. Mimicking the styling of the GLOCK so well that it is hard to tell where the pistol ends and light begins. The CenterFire WeaponLight weighs less than one ounce and boasts a solid hour of continuous run time. Other features include an ambidextrous tap on/tap off activation switch, 10-minute auto timeout feature and disorienting strobe mode option.

Do you have a Glock 42? Share your thoughts and interest in the LaserMax CenterFire LED WeaponLight in the comment section.


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Comments (8)

  1. I for one absolutely love this concept, I was hoping they would come out with something like this for the Sig P238. Yes I understand many feel that these small pocket pistols are for conceal or self defense range, but I travel a lot and leave my wife alone a lot. She feels comfortable with smaller guns, and I for one am getting two Glocks and two of these rail lights, again to each their own.

  2. I agree adding the light only makes the tiny concealable gun difficult to conceal. But considering the fact that you need to have the best sight to hit the target when the sun goes down; carrying extra weight is better than risking your life.

  3. Saw another new light and laser combo for the Glock 42. Think it is from streamlight, TLR-6. Didn’t see any pictures of it

  4. I just can’t understand buying a small, easily concealable gun, like a Glock 42, and then putting something like this on it, making it harder to conceal and draw.

  5. To each his own of course but as far as i’m concerned hanging a light or a laser just makes it easer for the bad guy to find a target. Whether a bad guy or a good guy there is no way I would put a light on a gun. Try doing a dark house simulation and see who gets the first shot off the guy with the light or the guy without.

    1. The way I use lights like this is to keep them off until I’m fairly certain of a target. At that point if you turn it on while being prepared to pull the trigger the advantage is definitely yours.

    2. Yeah TIM a lot of people like them. I just know that I changed my mind after doing a training exercise with some cops. Like I say if they work for others great. I could of course hang the thing on my gun just in case I find a use for it but I think it also make concealment a little more complicated as indiana steve mentioned.

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