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No matter where you fall in the spectrum of bomb-defusing baddies to Tim “the Toolman” Taylor, the Leatherman MUT is the multi-tool that will suit all of your needs. This handy tool is the ultimate stocking stuffer—if you can wait that long.

Why the Leatherman MUT?

Ask any industry enthusiast and they’ll tell you what they think of their MUT:

  • “Leatherman has come up with a tactical and practical multi-tool that should be with every patrol, rifle-carrying cop in the country.”
  • “Soldier ingenuity meets “Batman” cool…”
  • “I’d recommend it for the AR-15 or M16 owner, or any standard rifle user for that matter.”
  • “The company knew what it was doing when it designed this multi-tool.”

The Leatherman MUT is the first multi-tool that functions not only as a tactical and practical tool for the military, but also for Law Enforcement officers and civilian shooters. The MUT’s features make it perfect for anyone carrying a firearm. All the screwdriver bits are sized appropriately for standard military and civilian sighting adjustment work, and there are multiple areas on the tool that are threaded for cleaning rods and brushes. Also, the design of the tool gives the flexibility to replace most commonly used parts on the spot using a simple Torx #8, keeping downtime to a minimum. The tool also includes noteworthy features such as a MOLLE sheathe and a scope adjustment wrench. With so many useful tools specialized for the gun owner, Leatherman’s MUT may very well be the most efficient and useful piece in your kit.

“Specialized” Doesn’t Begin to Describe the MUT

The MUT was engineered and built with the military in mind, containing specialized components for handling maintenance on the M16/AR-15 family of rifles, but still incorporating the common tools everyone can use—screwdrivers, hammer, saw, knife, wire cutters, pliers, and of course, a bottle opener. For the guy or girl who thinks they have everything and like to be prepared for anything, Leatherman also offers the EOD model. The EOD incorporates bomb-defusing tools like fuse-wire cutters and a cap-crimper, which also makes it useful in home or auto electrical repairs on the fly. I know…it isn’t likely I’m going to be diffusing a bomb any time soon, but I love opening my range box and having passing shooter walk by, stop and gawk at it.


  • Needle nose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • 154CM Replaceable Wire Cutters
  • 154CM Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
  • Stranded-wire Cutters
  • Electrical Crimper
  • 420HC Combo Knife
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Replaceable Cutting Hook
  • Bolt Override Tool
  • Replaceable Firearm Disassembly Punch
  • Replaceable Bronze Carbon Scraper
  • Cleaning Rod/Brush Adapter
  • Carabineer/Bottle Opener
  • Large Bit Driver
  • Front Sight Adjustment Tool
  • 3/8″ Wrench


  • Removable Titanium Pocket Clip
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • All Locking Blades and Tools
  • MOLLE Sheath
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Black Oxide Version Available
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • BIT KIT: Phillips #1-2 and 3/16 Screwdriver, Phillips #2 and 1/4″ Screwdriver, Torx #15 and Hex 7/64″


  • 5 in | 12.7 cm (Closed)
  • 11.2 oz | 317.5 g (Weight)
  • 3 in | 7.62 cm (Blade Length)
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Comments (4)

  1. After locking myself in the trunk of my mom’s ’83 Grand Marquis with only my revolver, a small LED flashlight, and a very cheap Leatherman knock off, I was able to take the trunk lock apart with the small awkward cheap knock-off I had been wearing on my belt. After thirty five minutes of freeing myself, I’ve determined that I now need to find the nicest, most elaborate one I can to wear from now on,as there are no useless accessories on one if you get caught in a bind (or in a trunk). That type tool made a believer out of me, and now I want to find the best one I can to wear, just because.

  2. i noticed they didnt tell the price of this tool . probably dont want to scare you . i have no dought its not cheap .

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