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Few critters have a sniffer that can match a whitetail and I have failed the test more than once. As far as I am concerned though, it’s a death sentence for a nanny to blow at me when I have a doe permit in my pocket. A doe that smart just needs to be removed from the gene pool. However, while I always welcome a doe down to provide good eats for the freezer, shooting does doesn’t help me hang any bone on the wall, which is a primary reason why I hunt.

Scent Strategies

There are two schools of thought when planning a scent strategy. Both have you eliminating as much human scent as possible. The first school looks to cover your scent. Wet dirt can be found around the world and makes fresh earth a leader in this category.

The second school of thought practices a no scent approach. It is hard to tell what will or will not spook a whitetail, so there is merit to this approach. In your effort to suppress your scent, your clothes are going to take a turn in the dryer—if you are on the road, a commercial dryer at that.

There are several brands of dryer sheets infused with cover scents—Wildlife Research Center’s Scent Killer Autumn Formula is a favorite of mine. For a non-scented sheet you’ll need to look to the innovative minds at Dead Down Wind.

Dead Down Wind Scent Elimination Products are bio-engineered to eliminate scent by incorporating a powerful nanozyme technology, which uses an enzyme to target bacteria—the source of human odor. Rather than masking scent, it actually prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming, allowing you to hunt in a zero-scent environment.

I appreciate the fact that DDW dryer sheets won’t leave a flowery smell of course, and the wife appreciates the fact that I don’t leave the dryer smelling like a mud puddle.

I normally run a load or two of towels through the washer with DDW laundry detergent and then the dryer with DDW’s dryer sheets. First, I’ll need the towels after a shower or a wet day in the field, but as a secondary benefit, it prepares the machines for my hunting clothes as well. This is particularly true when I am forced to use a commercial laundry machine.

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  1. I have a friend that has been using a sent blocker for years. Each year on opening day he goes to the same place. He builds a fire and cooks eggs, bacon, coffee and plays a radio. Each year he gets a deer on the first or second day. He swears by it other guys going by him swear at him. He says that deer are very curious and come to see if he made some for them.
    I have an uncle that swears that deer come in on his cigar smell while he’s smoking.
    I don’t know what the truth to all of it is but I do know I shoot deer every year and have never used the sent block tactic. I’m not saying it’s good to stink. I’m saying some of these things are pure market items. If someone will put it on the market someone will buy it. Have you considered the animals sight? They see camo better than hunters do. LOL

  2. i am left eye dominant . but when i shoot a pistol i use my right hand and i close my right eye . if i aim center mass my shots are always low left . i have tryed to compensate for this by shooting high right . then i dont hit the target at all .

  3. I have been using the DDW stuff this fall and like ’em. Another trick I have picked up is to spray down the inside of the washer and dryer with scent killing spray before doing the first load of hunting clothes. It doesn’t totally eliminate the smell of the regular fabric softener, but it does tone it down quite a bit.

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