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Calling Coyotes

Nothing will get your juices flowing like going head-to-head with another predator. And whether you are on a budget, looking to make life a little safer for the local deer population or you just enjoy sticking it to song dogs, Wildlife Research Center’s Coyote Juice is your ticket to increased success.

Calling Coyotes
The author shot this cautious coyote after it circled downwind before committing to the attack.

Coyotes are an ultimate scavenger and predator. They will savagely pursue small game, but are wily enough to live another day. This combination, coupled with the coyote’s surging numbers and susceptibility to calls makes the song dog a top target among varmints.

When a coyote comes to a call like its tail was on fire, its nose will be working overtime as well. ‘Ol Wily’s tactic is to circle downwind to see if the nose is telling the same story the ears heard. This is where Wildlife Research Center’s deadly predator attractor scent—Coyote Juicewill tip the odds in your favor.

Wildlife Research Center's Coyote Juice Coyote Juice is a long-range coyote calling scent that appeals to a coyote’s territorial, curiosity and most importantly hunting instinct.

To use Coyote Juice, simply apply it liberally to wicks and then place them nearby prior to calling. For remote set-ups, place Coyote Juice near the call or decoy. When the coyote responds to your calling and starts to circle downwind to scent check, he’ll catch the strong long-range scent of Coyote Juice. When the smell reinforces the call, he should be ready to come in for the kill! When you are ready to head to your next set up, just place the wicks in a plastic bag or scent container and off you go to find another dog.

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