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Girls Just Wanna Have Guns: The Movie banner featuring founder Regis Giles

As many as 200,000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual attacks.

Huntress, Second Amendment Advocate, NRA columnist and owner, Regis Giles wants Americans to know the facts about gun ownership and in particular, how guns save women’s lives.

As the only woman to hold a black belt in Valente Brothers Jiu-Jitsu, Regis learned how to defend herself from a very young age. At eight, she began training in the self-defense martial art and at nine, her father, Doug Giles radio host, and owner of taught her how to shoot with a .22 Long Rifle Remington rifle. banner featuring founder Regis Giles
In 2010, at 18 years old, Regis founded the website,, to inspire women to stop being the victim and encourage them to learn how to defend themselves from predators.

In 2010, 18-year-old Regis founded the website,, to inspire women to stop being the victim; and instead, she encourages them to learn how to defend themselves from predators. Be it with self-defense techniques, a specialized martial art or a taser, Regis says, “I wanted to see the statistics change from every one-in-four women having some form of sexual assault committed against them, to every one-in-four attacker being put in a choke hold or staring down the barrel of a gun.” With the support of tens of thousands of subscribers to her website, Regis is now setting her sights on a major motion picture. One she hopes will reach all audiences nationwide, not just the gun loving gals that follow and purchase from her website.

Regis, along with director Judd Saul and producers Beverly Zaslow and Craig Bergman started a crowd-funding money-raising campaign on in order to finish the film, “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns: The Real War on Women.” Saul is the director of the award-winning 2008 documentary FRAG about professional video gamers.

Standing in support of the 2.5-million gun owners in America, the 90-minute documentary takes a firm stand against gun control. When I asked Regis what she wants to accomplish with the film, she said, “I want the nation to realize that the ‘real war on women’ is coming from the politicians who are preaching women’s rights, but with one stroke of the pen they would gladly disarm them; the single mother protecting her child and the college student defending herself. Viewers should receive a clear message that the ability for self preservation is very important and NO politician should stand in the way of that.” Regis and the filmmakers need $500,000 for the year-long project. The budget includes research, filming, editing and distribution. So far, they have raised almost $17,000.

On the Girls Just Wanna Have Guns Indiegogo page, you may contribute as little as one dollar to as much as you can spare. For donating as low as $5, you will receive updates on the film’s progress and the movie’s release date. With each donation amount increase, donors receive a thank you gift built on the $10 donation sticker and postcard. For example, for a $25 dollar donation, you will get a copy of the DVD; for $50, you will receive an entry into an AR-15 giveaway; $250 gets your name in the movie credits and $2,500 gives you a private Jiu-Jitsu and shooting lesson from Regis! The campaign runs until January 31, 2015, so please join Regis in her efforts to stop anti-gun politicians and bureaucrats from taking our guns away. Go to Indiegogo’s Girls Just Wanna Have Guns: The Real War on Women crowd-funding page to learn more and donate today.

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Comments (3)

  1. Love your website! I am a mid-aged female,this is my first time on your website. I am a previous gun owner from years ago, wow, things have changed! I am unsure of the type of gun I’m going to purchase.
    I had no idea that there are gun ranges out there that rent!!! I will try that before I buy. Thank you so much for that info..

  2. I am a wife, ganny, and greatganny. But first of all I am a woman. This May (2015) I will turn 77, and I haven’t felt more empowered, or safe, since firing the first shot from my Taurus Judge Public Defender Revolver (45/410) about three years ago. I own 2 safes. One large upright for ammo, the other the size of a refrigerator for my firearms. Both are full. Instead of buying shoes I now buy ammo in bulk.

    I used to believe my husband, or whoever I was with, would have to protect me from ‘the bad guys’. Those thoughts are no longer in my head or part of my vocabulary.

    I holster carry from the time I get out of bed till going to sleep each night. During the night, when most home invasions occur, my 45 is on the top of my nightstand. My husband’s 45 is on his nightstand also.

    It is so true, “All it takes to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good woman with a gun.” Power to you women. Stand up for your rights. The right to defend yourself.

    Ladies, do all you can to practice, practice, practice as much as possible. I suggest at least once a week if at all possible, more if you can manage it. Handle your guns so much they become an extension of you, a part of you.

    My only regret is I didn’t have the push for this until I was in my 60″s.
    The blessing is now my children carry and my grandchildren own their own long guns and go to the range often. As a family we enjoy shooting together outdoors.

    The bottom line ladies is, research before you purchase, purchase what you believe you need not what the person behind the gun counter tries to sell you. You can also rent guns at ranges to see how it shoots and feels before you make a purchase you may regret. Get lessons if you have no one to teach you the basics, and always be safe. Safety is the First Rule, and most important rule in gun ownership.

    God bless you all, and safe….happy shooting!

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