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A Girl Shooter’s Christmas Wish List

Hey guys, I know some of you would rather cut off your own thumb than go to the mall and shop for the girl in your life, so I’ve done the work for you. If your chick is a shooter, I guarantee she will appreciate any of the following gifts…

A Good Pair of Electronic Earmuffs

You know us girls, we like to talk, and earmuffs make it hard to hear each other. Whether we want to brag to each other, or to you, or are listening to range commands, electronic earmuffs make it easier to gab and listen. These Radians Pro-Amp electronic earmuffs amplify sounds like conversations and range commands, but dampen loud noises. They have an adjustable, padded CoolMax headband. Oh. And they are pink.

Increase Her Accuracy

I know from experience these short-barreled revolvers can be a pain in the hand to shoot. After a few rounds, your accuracy can deteriorate because of the recoil. When that happens, you get frustrated and target practice becomes unfun. A laser will help increase accuracy and groupings and are perfect for her self-defense gun. These are Crimson Trace laser grips, the best and well-known name in laser grips. They fit almost all &W J-frame revolvers with a round butt frame. And well, they’re pink, too.

Steel Match Together

Shooting paper can get old after a while; sometimes you just wanna plink and have fun. Steel reactive targets are really satisfying to shoot because they make that, well, plink noise. You guys can race each other or time each other to see who can shoot the fastest. The Do-All Blast Back pop-up target is rated for 9mm to .30-06 calibers. It includes ground spikes.

A Really Nice Optic

If your girl has been super nice—or super naughty (whichever you prefer)—this year, get her a really nice red dot sight. Sure, the cheapies work, but the more expensive ones are worth it. Their electronics will withstand the abuse of recoil or being dropped. The Aimpoint CompML2 has a four MOA red dot and includes a QRP mount, lens caps, and batteries.

A Compact, Non-Manly Multi-Tool

I honestly can’t think of anyone who would not appreciate a Leatherman. They seriously are the best multi-tool manufacturer out there. This one is an affordable option without all the extra tools she would never use and all the ones she needs daily- a knife, scissors, a bottle opener, a nail file, tweezers, and a screwdriver. She’ll never borrow your multi-tool again, or go digging around in her purse for a nail file that doesn’t exist. The Leatherman Style CS has a stainless steel body and glass-filled nylon scaled handle. There is even a carabiner and a keyring attachment.

If You Can’t Take Her On Safari…

If she’s a hunter and has always dreamed of going on an African big game hunt, you can buy her this African Blesbock Antelope mat. It measures 46- by 48-inches. Our African Treasure pelts are raised in game preserves, their hides are sold to traders, and the meat from the animal is donated to local orphanages. They are hand-made and make any room look pretty dang fancy. She’ll love it. Especially if it comes with a promise to take her hunting…

Zombie Killing Kit for the Tough as Nails Chick

If you have a badass chick, or if you have just started dating, you can give her a cheaper gift that also makes a perfect date: a zombie-killing kit for a day out at the range. Or if you already plan to buy her a Coach bag or a nice piece of jewelry, this makes a perfect second gift.

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  1. Thanks for all the answers In fact, learned a lot of new information. Dut I just didn’t figure out what is what till the end!

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