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Gifts to Upgrade Your AR-15

If you or someone you know is getting an AR-15 for Christmas, this is the perfect opportunity to gift them with some upgrades for their rifle or even if you already own an AR-15, there is no time like Christmas to finally buy those upgraded parts you have been wanting.

Magpul MBUS Gen 2 Back Up Rear Sight

I’ve had the Magpul flip-up sights on my S&W M&P 15-22 for over a year and they never need adjusting. The rear sight stays put and centered—round after round. The spring-loaded buttons deploy the sight quickly and the dual aperture on the rear sight provides a clear sight picture. Magpul makes their MBUS sights of tough, injection-molded polymer. Mine haven’t scratched or gotten damaged, even after being tossed around in my gun case. The back-up rear sight is adjustable for windage and fits most Picatinny rails. However, the MBUS is specifically designed for AR-15 style rifles. When the sight is folded down, it is low profile and will not obstruct your view. I find it very easy to install and remove. I particularly enjoy the light weight of the MBUS at 1.3 ounces.

TAPCO AR-15 T6 Rubber Butt Pad

For the budget-conscious, TAPCO makes high qaulity products in the USA. To reduce the felt recoil of your AR-15 or just make the stock more comfortable against your shoulder, TAPCO’s AR-16 T6 rubber butt pad slips on easily without hardware and stays put—even after hundreds of rounds. The rubber butt pad provides a great non-slip fit on M4-style collapsible stocks. It is designed to specifically fit TAPCO T6 collapsible buttstocks, but also fits standard collapsible stocks on DPMS, S&W, Bushmaster, Olympic Arms and other AR-15 rifles.

TuffZone AR-15 45 Degree Angle Mount

The TuffZone AR-15 45-degree mount allows you to mount a second set of optics at an angle on your AR-15. Machined from aircraft aluminum with five Picatinny rail slots, the angle mount is perfect for an auxiliary red dot when a scope is your main optic. To switch quickly from long range shooting to close quarters, the TuffZone angle mount is the perfect solution. Don’t waste time having to re-zero your scope, this mount allows you to use a scope or your iron sights and a secondary back-up sight.

Guntec USA AR-15 Two Piece Carbine Quad Rail

Guntec USA’s AR-15 two-piece quad rail fits carbine-length rifles. It is 6.75 inches overall with 14 slots per rail. Made of hard-coat anodized aluminum, it gives you as many mounting options as you need. It replaces your standard handguard and tightens down in place with four cross-locking screws. The Guntec quad rail installs easily, stays secure and does not add a bunch of bulk to your rifle.

Leapers UTG AR-15 Five-Position Foldable Foregrip (ARR-190)

For a comfortable, ergonomic grip, Leapers UTG makes a polymer five-position foldable foregrip for your AR-15. It locks in five different places to accommodate a variety of shooting positions—standing, prone or kneeling. Though it is made for AR-15 platforms, it will fit any Picatinny rail. Installation is quick and easy with a slide-on mount. Inside the foregrip is a storage compartment for batteries. It is 5 inches long and weighs 6.9 ounces.


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  1. Interesting items. I don’t see why I can’t use the Tuffzone angle mount on my AK-47. For those of you who do have the AR-15 platform, you should probably be maxing out a credit card or two, buying up all the magazines you can find out there.

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