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Gift Guide—For When You Can’t Carry: UZI Tactical Glass-Breaking Pen

No only for law enforcement and military, tactical pens come in handy for civilians, as well—especially for when you cannot carry your firearm.

Built for tougher abuse than a regular ballpoint pen, tactical pens are made of durable and unbreakable material, the writing tip is generally sharper and many have integral glass breakers. The tactical pen’s enhanced grip is much more tactile allowing for a firmer and more secure grasp when it matters most. Some tactical pens cost over $100, but there is no need to spend that much for a high quality, working tactical pen.

Click here to buy a the UZI Tactical Pen For $13.50, the UZI tactical pen #5 writes smooth and holds up to extreme use. Made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum with a tough anodized finish, the UZI tactical pen will not crack or break. It has a writing implement on one end and carbide glass breaker on the other. The carbide tip easily breaks car windows on the first try without much force. The writing tip is sharp and will continue to write even after using it as a self-defense tool.

To retract the pen, simply twist the body under the O-ring. The cap is removable and fits over both ends so you will not lose it. There is also a pocket clip. The pen is 6.30 inches long and fits nicely in a pants pocket. Even when wet, the pen will not slip out of your hand due to its knurled and textured grip area.

For use in the field, as a back up self-defense weapon, or for keeping in your vehicle in case of an accident, the UZI tactical #5 pen is a useful tool.

Perfect for those who are hesitant about owning a gun, or those who need to defend themselves where carrying a gun is illegal.

Besides its wide variety of tactical pens, UZI—makers of one of the most famous weapons of all time—now make many different tactical and law enforcement products. Check out some of my favorite gift picks from the brand:

For more on alternative forms of self-defense, read these articles:

Can you think of other uses for a tactical pen? Tell us what you use yours for in the comment section.


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