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Gift Guide—Shooting Safety Glasses and Ear Muffs, the Browning Range Kit

In the 1983 classic holiday film A Christmas Story, all nine-year-old Ralphie Parker wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB gun—despite having all the adults in his life telling him he’ll shoot his eye out. At the end of the movie, Ralphie does indeed receive a Red Ryder BB gun on Christmas Day. But when he goes to shoot it, the BB ricochets off a metal post in the backyard and knocks off Ralphie’s glasses. He falls down, believing he really did shoot his eye out.

Safety is a shooter’s number one priority. Safety does not end at knowing and following all the Golden Rules of firearm safety—it continues with having the right equipment. Having a functioning firearm, the correct ammo for that gun, as well as the proper ear and eye protection is just as important as abiding by all the safety rules. If you let any of the safety requirements slide, there is potential for serious injury and even death.

Equipment you can depend on is essential when you go shooting. Good quality eye and hearing protection needs to be in every shooter’s range bag. Even firing a .22 Long Rifle gun has the potential to cause permanent hearing damage. A .22 Long Rifle firearm when fired is 145 decibels. Noises at 140 decibels can cause hearing loss. In fact, sounds that measure as low as 85dB are considered dangerous.

For $22.19, the Browning range kit makes the perfect gift for any shooter from beginner to expert and especially wonderful for those who love to shoot shotguns.

The Browning range kit includes orange-tinted shooting glasses. The orange tint is best for outdoor shooting when it is cloudy or at dusk or dawn. It sounds counterintuitive, but the orange tint actually enhances the color orange in clay targets. Also included are foam earplugs and passive earmuffs.

The foam earplugs offer 31dB in noise reduction and are packaged in a plastic storage case. The earmuffs offer 27dB and have an adjustable padded headband. For the best protection, wear foam earplugs under earmuffs.

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What hearing and eye protection do you depend on? Tell us your favorite brands in the comment section.


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