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Gear Used at the DIVA WOW AR-15 Clinic

On Saturday, I joined the DIVAs at an AR-15 clinic for an all-day shooting event. We shot about 300 rounds each! It was a great day full of great girls and great guns. Check back on Friday for a full review of my day. Here is some of the guns and gear we used:

.223 Remington Sellier & Bellot Soft Point Ammo

I got to shoot 90 rounds in three different DPMS AR rifles. We shot at reactive steel silhouettes at 100 yards using Nikon scopes. We used the Sellier & Bellot 55-grain soft point bullet. The soft point bullet has an exposed lead tip and a broader point diameter that provides rapid, controlled expansion. I had no jams, no failures to fire, and my groupings were great! The velocity on the S&B .223 55-grain soft point at 100 yards is 2,917 fps.

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Self-Healing Reactive “Dancing Ball” Bouncing Target

We shot these using DPMS rifles in .22 Long Rifle with Nikon riflescopes. Though we didn’t race each other, we did try to see who get her ball the furthest downrange. Every time you hit the ball, it moves a little bit downrange. Depending on your shot placement, it rolls just a tiny bit, or quite a bit. These little guys are trickier than you would think which makes it more of a challenge and more fun. You do have to place your shots just right to get the bouncing ball target to roll further—a 5-inch diameter ball can handle over 1,000 rounds.

EOTech XPS2-RF Red Dot Sight

I was excited to see that some of the rifles we were shooting had EoTechs. Even though we have had few EoTechs in the office to look at, it wasn’t until Saturday that I actually had a chance to use one. It was instinctive to shut one eye when I first tried the red dot sight, but I still shot my moving reactive targets quickly and accurately. The EOTech XPS2-RF is specifically for .22 LR and smaller rimfire guns with a 65 MOA circle with a one MOA aiming dot. The dot was bright and easy to use. If you need accuracy and speed, I highly recommend an EoTech.

GSG-522 Semi-Automatic Rifle .22 Long Rifle

When I saw this on the table, I got excited! An MP5?! Really? I thought we were only getting to shoot DPMS rifles. Turns out it was not an MP5, but a clone made by GSG. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well I liked this gun. It is super lightweight and a cinch to handle. It shot accurately and fit me very comfortably. Sometimes fixed stocks can be too long for me to shoot and hold. For the 30 or so rounds I put through the GSG I did have one jam, but that’s no big deal, I have had jams on much more expensive AR-15s. For less than 300 bucks, I will definitely put this on my “would buy” list.

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What guns and gear did you use this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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