2012 SHOT Show Special Report: The Gatling Gun “The Steam Punk of Machine Guns”

CTD Martin Shooting the Colt Gatling Gun

Colt’s Classic Remake of the 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun debuted at Media Range Day at the 2012 annual SHOT Show on January 16. I saw that the Gatling Gun was going to be at the range and texted CTD Martin to see if by chance he could run by there and give it a whirl. We will all have to live vicariously through the video he shot and the pictures he took.

CTD Martin Shooting the Colt Gatling Gun
CTD Martin Shooting the Colt Gatling Gun
From Colt’s press release: “Special this year, Colt is offering the opportunity to see and shoot the historical model 1877 Bulldog Gatling gun. This tripod-mounted, museum quality gun was the first rear crank gun that Gatling ever produced and has incredible accuracy at 500 yards. Don’t miss your opportunity to fire this unique reproduction.” In 1861, Dr. Richard Gatling developed his six-barreled, (some were made with 10 barrels) revolving gun that shot 200 rounds per minute at a time, that was just simply unheard of! The design was based on his seed planter invention and the idea was so that the barrels would have a chance to cool down before firing again.

The story goes that Dr. Richard Gatling was so shocked by the amount of dead and wounded soldiers, that he wanted to invent a gun so devastating that no one would ever want to fight again. Either born from a desire to end all war ever, or to annihilate the Confederates, Dr. Gatling attempted to sell his gun to Union generals and politicians. In Richard C. Hoffman’s paper, “GATLING: The Man and the Gun,” quotes Dr. Gatling:

 “Only in one way—by crushing the military power of the rebellious states—and the same means of accomplishing that result is to strengthen our armies; and the way to do that, is to arm our soldiers with this gun. (pg. 4)

Specifications and Features of Colt’s Remake

  • Museum Quality
  • Fully Operational
  • Built To Original Size
  • .45-70 Government Caliber
  • Fires Up To 800 Rounds per Minute
  • Five Fully Brass Encased Direct Drive Barrels
  • Beautiful Brass and Iron Tripod
  • Walnut Stained Hard Wood Tripod Legs
  • V-Notch Rear Sight, Graduated To 1,000 Yards
  • Includes Deluxe Transit Chests, Tools and Accessories
  • Limited One Year Warranty On All Parts and Labor
  • Made In The U.S.A.


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  1. I’m very happy to see these reproductions getting the attention they deserve. This project actually was not initiated by Colt and the guns aren’t manufactured in a Colt owned facility. A friend of ours obtained the rights to the 1877 Bulldog design several years ago and spent a significant amount of money to go into production on these guns…I was lucky enough to be at his place on other business and see some the first Bulldogs in process and one showed up soon after at a machine gun shoot we run in Pennsylvania (looking back at pictures, that was in September 2007.) Recently Colt approached him about securing the distribution rights to his Bulldog production and he seems very happy with the agreement from talking with him on Range Day. His website now forwards to MGE who handles distribution for Colt –

    They currently are also producing replica Gardner Guns which are pretty sweet also as seen in this video my buddy shot at SHOT last year…in which you also see the 1877 Bulldog at the very end previous to the Colt deal –

    How’s the quality? According to Curt Wolf who runs US Armaments the parts being manufactured will fit and function in ANY 1877 Bulldog including the originals and, well, if you saw them in person they are simply beautiful!

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