Freedom Group Buys Para USA

Freedom Group continues to acquire major firearms manufacturers at an astonishing pace. Earlier today they announced the acquisition of Para USA. Para Ordnance was located in Canada when they became the first successful manufacturer of high-capacity pistols based on John Browning’s 1911 design. In 2009 they moved their manufacturing facility to Pineville, North Carolina and changed their name to Para USA. No details were given on the specifics of today’s buyout in the official press release by Freedom Group.

According to today’s press release, Para will continue building guns in Pineville. However, Freedom Group has a reputation for consolidating manufacturing in two areas, Ilion, New York and Mayfield, KY. Freedom Group closed down the Bushmaster plant in Windham, Maine and moved production of Bushmaster rifles to Ilion. Former Bushmaster employees let go by Freedom Group later started their own rifle production at the old Bushmaster plant under the name Windham Weaponry.

More recently, Freedom Group fired the top three people at Advanced Armament Corp, giving rise to rumors that AAC will also be moving to New York to consolidate with Remington. Freedom Group’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, E. Scott Blackwell denies those rumors.

Freedom Group’s press release states that Para will supply handguns “for consumers and our channel partners,” so expect to see Para built pistols sold under other brand names also owned by the company. Remington currently builds R1 handguns at their Ilion plant, so it appears that Remington 1911s will compete directly with single stack Para 1911s for the time being. Will we see a double stack, high capacity 1911 with the Remington name on it? Will Para stay in North Carolina or will they be relocated? What will Freedom Group buy next? Only they know for sure.

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  1. Interesting that Firearms can be manufactured in New York. Yet as a citizen of New York you cant own a firearm,much less carry one. (That is what i know in Oregon. Please correct me if i am wrong.) I have long considered New York lost to Communist control. The Freedom Group is no more than a shadow company for the destruction of Gun Manufacturers and their products across America and worldwide. Freedom Group…a.k.a.,The Fourth Reich. Mark my Words.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, “the freedom group” is also a subsidiary of “Cerebrus”… a multi-billion dollar corporation who has been initiating a monopoly-type of buyout of a large number of MA hospitals. I encourage folks to read up about these companies. They’re NOT in this for the benefit of others OR for the “greater good,” that’s for sure!!!

  3. There’s an old email about the Freedom Group buying up all the manufacture then going to restrict handguns to citzens. It’s said it’s not true but sorta makes you wonder????what the real reason to buy up so many gun manufactures doesn’t it?

  4. just like a big corp to buy up all these quality products-put good folks out of jobs-then manufacture one product and sell it under how many names or model numbers and the pistol/rifle just won’t be as good as it once was

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