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Glock 23 left angled
*From March 16-19, 2015, buy one of the five product numbers listed and receive a free $50 Cheaper Than Dirt! gift Card!

What’s the second thing you need after buying a new gun? Why, ammo of course! From March 16 through 19, 2015, we are offering a $50 Cheaper Than Dirt! gift card with the purchase of one of five different firearms. You don’t have to buy ammo with it—you can buy anything else you need—either way, 50 bucks sure is nice. Spend it on targets, ear and eye protection, a gun case or holster.

If you don’t know much about these guns, Shooter’s Log writers have reviewed and range-tested them all. Read the following range reports to help with your decision.

Glock 22. Simple Clean Effective
Glock 22. Simple Clean Effective

GUN-225, GLOCK 22

Many favor the .40 S&W cartridge. The GLOCK 22 in particular provides a good middle ground between the 9mm and .45 ACP without sacrificing capacity. The GLOCK 22 holds 15 rounds. It has been the preferred carry gun to many law enforcement officers but off and on-duty since 1990. Former military writer, Rob writes why the GLOCK 22 is a long-term winner and his go-to home defense gun in “Why I Love a GLOCK 22.”


The perfect compromise between the full-sized Glock 22 and subcompact Glock 27, the Glock 23 provides plenty of firepower that is easily concealed and deployed.
The perfect compromise between the full-sized Glock 22 and subcompact Glock 27, the Glock 23 provides plenty of firepower that is easily concealed and deployed.

GUN-230, GLOCK 23

The GLOCK 23 was introduced in 1990, the same year the .40 S&W cartridge made its debut. It shares the same specifications and dimensions as the GLOCK 19, but holds 13 rounds of .40 S&W. The GLOCK 23 is considered a compact-sized handgun; however, it still has a full-sized frame for a full grip. One of our favorite aspects of the GLOCK 23 is its versatility. You can switch out the barrel for either a 9mm or .357 Sig. Most everyone knows about the classic GLOCK 19 and 17, but the GLOCK 23 makes a good carry gun, as well. Read why the FBI, U.S. Marshal Service, the DEA and writer Dave Dolbee all chose this GLOCK over the others in “Glock 23 — Compact Size, Full-Power Protection.”

GUN-687, FN FNX-40

Fitting the hands well, reliability, accuracy and affordability make the FNX 40 a gun highly recommended for service and EDC. For those who prefer an exposed hammer, manual safety and double-action trigger, the FNX 40 is arguably among the top-grade handguns available. Read writer Bob Campbell’s assessment on this worthy pistol in “FNX 40—A Hard-hitting FN.”

Black 9mm semiautomatic handgun made by FNH.
The FN FNS-9 is among the best-balanced polymer-framed handguns.

GUN-922, FN FNS-9

After testing, the range notes read like a perfect A report card on the FN FNS-9 handgun. The striker-fired FN FNS-9 feels solid, balances well and is light enough to carry comfortably. During the review, the FNS 9 fired 350 rounds consecutively without a single failure to feed, chamber, fire or eject. Bob Campbell, a 1911-guy, says the FNS 9 felt better than most polymer-framed pistols he’s reviewed and feels that the FN offers excellent ergonomics. Read “FN’s Hot 9mm: The FNS 9” to find out why Bob concludes that the FNS is a first class service-grade defensive handgun well worth its price.

Black synthetic semiautomatic shotgun
Another Turkish gun worth checking out is the Escort MP-S/A 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun.

GUN-720, Escort MP-S/A Tactical 12 Gauge Shotgun

Writer Dave Dolbee—skeptical of any new self-defense shotgun—usually sits on the fence before making a decision to purchase a new shotgun for home defense. In this case, it took a few years for him to warm up to the Escort MP-S/A, but after grilling gun-writing friends and taking it to the range a few times, he was sold. Find out why this Turkish-made budget-friendly 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun made its way into Dave’s gun safe in “The Escort MP-S/A 12 Gauge Shotgun – Ultimate Multi-purpose Shotgun.”

Guns ship for a flat fee of $10.00. You must pass a background check and have the firearm shipped to a licensed FFL dealer. Firearm sales are final.

This deal is only good on the product numbers listed until March 19, 2015, so don’t put off purchasing one of these firearms to receive a free $50 Cheaper Than Dirt! gift card.

Which one of these firearms appeals to you most? Tell us why in the comment section. Or if you already own one of the guns listed, tell us what you like about it in the comment section.



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