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Free 4th of July Target

Happy Independence Day from Cheaper Than Dirt!


Have a safe and fun 4th of July with this free downloadable shooting target.

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  1. My 4th was very good. Grand kids, food, burnt powder,barking dogs till 11pm.That’s OK. The drunk teens over the fence didn’t burn my house down.

    I wanted to comment on the “19 Facts About America’s Independence Day” post but there is no comment section.So here it is.

    This is not a big deal but struck me funny because on another blog we were just talking about the silly mistakes they make with guns in movies.In Jurassic World the main male character has a lever-action Marlin 1895 in .45-70, which he shoots in semi-automatic mode and never cocks it with the lever.With no recoil.

    In the 19 facts post there is a picture of a cap lock pistol on the Declaration of Independence . I don’t think cap lock was invented until long after 1776. It was probably a stock photo. Should have been flint.

    Ya I got no life and have time to notice stuff like this! I like Suzanne’s articles.

  2. Blessed were the Founders with such incredible intuition that ensured this country would be proliferated with citizen weaponry to hold such evil at bay.

    I thank our Lord for giving those brave men so many years ago the foresight to know the evils that would overcome weaker men in power. These feeble men within our own government are actually the enemy within.

    People balk at the Second Amendment as an outdated relic of words unnecessary in today’s World. I say they are fools because they are so unaware that it is truly the last thing that stands between utter tyranny and our freedom.

    For what remains of it, I wish you all a Happy Independence Day.

  3. Happy 4th of July to all true Americans everywhere in the world today!

    And sincere thanks to all who shed blood, sweat and tears to make and keep us free.

    1. America is dead, and we who live here are inmates in a giant prison. The federal government no longer recognizes ANY of our rights. Once in a while they throw us a bone to keep up the mass delusion that the Bill of Rights is still in force… but who is enforcing it?

      We have the NDAA, which eliminates due process and gives the government the “right” to hold you without trial or even kill you on the mere belief that you’re a “terrorist.”

      We have an electronic surveillance state that would make the Stasi and the Soviets jealous. Law enforcement in the US at all levels scoffs at the Fourth Amendment. Your loss of privacy increases their power over you.

      We have mercenary thug police who gladly enforce laws against victimless offenses and are rarely punished for framing people, gang-beating them, or even murdering them. Better not forget to call them “sir,” slaves!

      We have asset forfeiture, allowing police to take your property without any evidence if they merely claim that they suspect drug involvement (speaking of victimless crimes…).

      Our tax dollars are used in research labs to come up with new weapons technologies to be used against anyone, foreign or domestic, who attempts to assert their rights against the federal government. The Democratic wing of the oligarchy still fears our guns, but the Republican wing doesn’t think you have a chance even with them.

      We have hundreds of military bases all around the planet. The goal is world domination.

      All mainstream media is blatant government propaganda intended to prevent you from seeing any of the above.

      We can still celebrate America’s birthday, but we shouldn’t forget that America died when the Bill of Rights died.

    2. @ 50calAl: Hey, the fact that you wrote such speaks to the fact that we are note dead yet…I agree that it’s quite the precarious state that this once Great Nation finds itself in with the outcome very much still in doubt. But this very discussion proves that there’s still a pulse if you will and until such time that the heartbeat of Liberty can still be heard it’s up to us to make sure that what we celebrate on this special American Holiday remains true for generations to come…Thank God above for gracing us with our Glorious Founding Fathers of whom founded a Nation unlike any other in History. We proudly honor them this precious “Fourth of July” as we celebrate our Independence Day!

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