FN-USA Announces Civilian SAW at NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

FN semiautomatic SAW rifle behind a glass case at the NRA Meetings & Exhibits

FNH tightly held its new product releases under wraps until the eve of the opening day of the 2015 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. Three new rifles were displayed in the company’s booth—one absolutely drool worthy.

FN semiautomatic SAW rifle behind a glass case at the NRA Meetings & Exhibits
What do you think about FN’s semiautomatic version of the SAW?

Besides two new additions to FN’s AR-15 line (who cares, let’s get to the good part) is the semiauto version of the famous M249 SAW light machine gun.

FN expects a fall 2015 release of the civiy version of this iconic firearm. Called the M249S, this semiautomatic version of the M249 SAW machine gun—originally called the FN MINIMI—has a 20.5-inch cold-hammer forged and chrome-lined barrel and operates from a closed bolt. It is chambered in 5.56mm NATO and is fired belt-fed or from a magazine. The trigger is factory set at 4.5 to 6.5 pounds. It accepts all SAW accessories.

“FNH USA has a unique history of commercializing and releasing to U.S. firearms buyers products that were originally developed for military or tactical applications,” said FN-USA President Mark Cherpes. “We are proud to continue that tradition with the introduction of the FN 15 Military Collector Series and the semi-auto FN M249S.” Fully-automatic weapons, though legal to buy, can be prohibitive to many. The new M249S gives those a chance to have that much more fun on the range without all the paperwork and perhaps without parting with so much cash. The first run will be priced somewhere between $7,000 and $7,500.

What do you think about FN’s semi-automatic version of the SAW? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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  1. I thought you were not allowed to take pictures of any of the products on display in the new Products section at SHOT? ?

  2. Doesn’t the M249 Fire the 7.62×51 (.308)? It sure would be much cooler if this new FN did! By the way where do You purchase belted ammunition?

    1. No. the M249 does fire the 5.56 NATO (.223) round. You are thinking of the M240 also made by FN-USA which fires the 7.62×51.

    2. Belted (more often termed linked) ammunition really isn’t too hard to find. Most big ammo dealers offer it from time to time and many dealers specialize in it. Just run a search for “linked ammunition.”

  3. As I already own 6 FN’s, I’d consider adding another one to my collection, consider being the operable word. That’s a lot of cash for a semi 5.56

  4. I would love to see this in 7.62!!! Who knows what the future holds. Unfortunately for me, it won’t be one of these, not for that kind of money… But what fun it would be,,,,dreams!

  5. If I had the cash, I’d buy one in a heartbeat. Question, How much does FN charge the Corps for a full auto version of this piece? How about selling their “little brother” to the rest of us at a comparable price, and see what the demand would be then?

  6. $7K is a ridiculous price to pay. You can legitimately buy many machineguns for that price or less. Better yet, buy a bumpfire stock for your AR and you’ll have a gun that perfectly mimics a machinegun. That can be done for $99 leaving you $6,900 to buy ammo until that huge smile that comes from shooting a machinegun leaves your face.

    OF course, if you live in the boonies or have property there, you can make your AR into a machinegun easily enough. But then that is illegal and there’s no way I actually recommend you do that, heh, heh, heh.

  7. You know, I keep hearing about this ammo shortage, but I really haven’t had much trouble finding ammo. .22LR was a bit scarce for a while, but not anymore.

    The manufacturers and even the NRA have all said demand just hit a major spike after you-know-who got re-elected. Try AmmoSeek if you need something in particular.

  8. I think it is pretty cool. I’m not going to buy one because of the price, but I have agree with GRA. If money was no object, I would have one. I fired one in the Marine Corps and liked it and it would be fun to shoot, even in semiauto. Paul, its not guns like this that cause ammo shortages since it will not shoot any faster than any other semi, it’s people who are hoarding it that are causing the shortages.

    1. I am thinking it is our government, buying up billions of rounds that makes a ammo shortage for the rest of us.

    2. Yeah, then destroying the ammo so they can buy more! Why does social security need ammo for?
      Ought to be a law!

    1. because that is what it has always been chambered in. The US military likes it because you can interchange ammo with the AR15

  9. Why bother? If I had 50 million in the bank I would not buy one of these. It is decent at best but without full auto it is useless. I fired thousands of rounds from them in the Army and it was a lot more fun to shoot than the M-60 but the only good thig was the amount of rounds it put down range and 10 pounds less then the M-60 and a on weapon ammo box / drum.

    1. On one hand I can agree. On the other … if I had the moeny to spend on this I would in a heartbeat. My logic of course is that every time one of these is sold in any configuration it is one more time I will ruin Bloomeberg, et al’s day and to me that is simply PRICELESS !!!

    2. More fun than a M-60?….no way, fired both as a 11B , i will take the big pig any day .

  10. I only buy weapons that have some practical use. This one doesn’t. It’s nothing more than an expensive, ammo wasting toy meant for those that indulge themselves and cause ammo shortages for the rest of us. I’d rather spend my hard-earned $ on a suppressor or two.

  11. $ 7,000 to 7500, does sound like a lot…… But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about it while in NYS for the short term.

    Good thing nygovernor a. coumo had the sense to ban that type of gun. Making that choice out of reach, using his flawed and UNConstitutional NY (UN)Safe act.
    His bodyguards should tell him that he doesn’t need bodyguards anymore, thanks to his B.S. brain-fart thought that turned the law abiding into criminals over night….

    Most NY’ers would hope if he does get shot…that the gun used isn’t an assault weapon. that he’s already banned. Wouldn’t want a More Illegal’er law in the way.
    *rolls eyes for effect*

  12. As much as I love weaponry designed for the military, $7000 for a semi-auto version of a machine gun is not in my future. Seven grand will buy several nice guns and lots of ammo and gear. Yeah, it’s cool, but it’s NOT a machine gun, and it’s too heavy and unwieldy to make it anything but a range novelty.

    For that matter, you can go to GunBroker right now and buy a fully functional M60 for $7500 plus the transfer fee and shipping.

    1. @Mikial – The M60 you say can be had for $7500 is NOT available to the public. It’s not even available to most SOT holders, like myself. This firearm requires the purchaser to be a manufacturer OR a 03 SOT with a Law Letter. Better luck next time.

    2. Ahh, missed that.

      Thanks, Charlie. My bad.

      Still, my point stands; it’s got a great cool factor but nothing practical about a semi-only SAW.

  13. We The People … SERIOUSLY … need to hurry up and repeal the communist Hughes Act so we can get full autos again. IMHO every front porch should have one of these, and in the military version.

    1. communist? really? what does communism have to do with banning ‘only’ fully automatic weapons for civilians? lol. There is no practical reason for having fully automatic weapons. Sure they’re fun as hell to shoot, but unless we get invaded by the “Commies”, what are you going to use it for other than converting a paper target into confetti? personal protection? from what? Bigfoot? And btw, what you refer to as the “Hughes Act” is actually an amendment to the 1986 Firearms Owners’ Protection Act (FOPA) which was passed to ‘relax’ some of the restrictions on firearms from the 1968 Gun Control Act. So, the only real provision to making it easier for civilians to own weapons (including semi-auto assault rifles) was to ban owning fully auto weapons manufactured after 1986. We can still own full autos if manufactured before 1986, if you can afford them. Does that sound communist to you? That said, this gun is just a show-off piece if not in full auto.

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