Is the FN Herstal Five-seveN 5.7x28mm Pistol Suitable for Civilians?

Black FN Five-seveN USG Pistol and black cartridge leaning against a black keyboard on a gray-to-white background

The FN Herstal Five-seveN pistol has been in the news quite a bit lately, so we wanted to do a factual—and honest—review of the pistol.

When it was released in 1998, the FN Five-seveN pistol was marketed as a companion firearm for the P90 submachine gun, which fires the same round.

Both are designed around the 5.7×28 cartridge, which has a lower weight than standard intermediate rifle cartridges allowing soldiers to carry more ammunition.

However, the FN Five-seveN pistol has been controversial since it’s debut: Detractors derided it, calling it high-powered and unsuitable for civilian ownership.

In 2004, the Brady Campaign claimed that commercial ammunition available for the firearm penetrated level IIa Kevlar ballistic vests. In their attacks on the pistol, they called it a “cop-killer.”

An investigation by the ATF found no commercially available ammunition fired out of the Five-seveN pistol was capable of defeating ballistic armor.

Even more recently, the pistol was allegedly used by U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan when he opened fire on personnel at Fort Hood in Texas.

Again, the pistol was called a “high-caliber cop-killer” and even the Austin American Statesmen said, “One military expert commented it was a weapon that no doctor—not even a military one—would normally carry.”

The newspaper was unable to provide a source for the comment and did not have an exact quote.

The actual Five-seveN Tactical pistol weighs in at 1 pound 4.5 ounces empty and 1 pound 11.6 ounces fully loaded.

Indeed, one of the primary advantages of the Five-seveN pistol is its lightweight.

This, combined with the low recoil and muzzle rise, makes the pistol very easy to fire and keep on target.


5.7x28 and .22 Magnum comparison
The 5.7×28 cartridge was initially developed as a low-weight, high-velocity round with an AP (armor-penetrating) steel core bullet.

Designers of the 5.7mm cartridge wanted a powerful round that was lightweight so soldiers could carry more ammunition.

The solution was the 5.7x28mm cartridge loaded with SS190 bullets.

SS190 bullets are not available for sale to the public, and are heavily restricted due to their armor-piercing capability.

Instead, SS195LF (28-grain lead-free hollow point) and SS197SR (40-grain ballistic tip hollow point) are the only ammunition available for purchase.

It is frequently, and incorrectly, reported that the 5.7×28 is an extremely powerful round.

In fact, the 5.7 is a relatively weak round, carrying less energy than the 9mm ammunition frequently carried by police and used by our own military in the standard-issue M9 pistol.

On April 2nd, 2009, the Los Angeles Daily News reported on a shooting involving a FN Five-seveN pistol and commented, “Authorities have noticed an increase in high-caliber weapons in Los Angeles.

One of the most startling incidents was when a Fabrique National 5.7, an assault pistol used to kill big game…”

They went on to quote LAPD Deputy Chief Michel Moore who said about the pistol, “You use it on large lions, tigers and bears.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

The 5.7×28 cartridge is not appropriate for use on anything except small game, such as squirrels and rabbits.

Indeed, the ballistic performance of the 5.7×28 cartridge is remarkably similar to the .22 Magnum round.

The table below gives a side by side comparison between various 5.7 loads and .22 magnum loads.

Edited: The following data was gathered from cartridges fired from a 16-inch barrel. Actual muzzle velocities in autoloading handguns are lower.

Cartridge Weight Muzzle Velocity Muzzle Energy
5.7×28 SS190 AP FMJ 32-gr (2.1 grams) 2,350 ft/s (716 m/s) 397 ft·lb (538 Joules)
.22 Magnum HP 30-gr (1.9 grams) 2,200 ft/s (670 m/s) 322 ft·lb (437 Joules)
5.7×28 SS197SR JHP 40-gr (2.6 grams) 1,950 ft/s (594 m/s) 340 ft·lb (461 Joules)
.22 Magnum JHP 40-gr (2.6 grams) 1,910 ft/s (580 m/s) 324 ft·lb (439 Joules)

So, if the 5.7×28 is such a weak round, how is the SS190 AP ammunition capable of defeating ballistic armor?

The answer is the high velocity at which it travels, combined with the steel penetrator at it’s core.

Most bullets, including 5.7mm ammunition available to the public, have a lead core.

Lead deforms significantly when it impacts a ballistic vest, spreading out the force of the impact and preventing the bullet from penetrating the multiple layers of fabric.

SS190 ammunition, only available to police and military, has a steel penetrator that, when fired at the high velocity of the 5.7×28 cartridge, is capable of cutting through kevlar vests because it does not deform as lead does.

What have you heard about the FN Five-seveN? Good? Bad? Cop-killer? Great Pistol? Share in the comment section.

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  1. It’s amazing how much disinformation is spread ,even by supposedly gun knowledgeable people,and how many people who are exmilitary(I am too -0331 I carried a pig for four years, Icarried it for all those years cause I got in trouble and lost and gained rank!) had top secret jobs and worked in black ops and bla bla bla ballistics don’t lie,it’s a little better than a WMR,and with a steel core will penetrate Kevlar but not plates and not armored vehicles.there’s the truth,and for others who think we aren’t free,well that’s not totally true and not a complete lie but we are the last freest country in existence and we do need to stand up to keep it that way.There are two other countries in existence that have the right to keep and bear arms in thier constitutions,they are Mexico,and Guatemala,so see where that gets you without keeping the beaurocrats in control!? There is my take on it,except I always thought it would make a dandy varmint rd in a mini Mauser action ,or maybe a top secret,lightweight,super silent 1500 yard armor piercing CIA sniper rifle that could meltdown after use to hide the evidence( they told me never to mention that when I was released from the Marines).

  2. The comparison to the .22 WMR needs a HUGE caveat – they are similar when compare in the platforms they are designed for!


    The 5.7mm round delivers that performance out of a 4.5″ barrel – for a .22 WMR to max out at the stats listed, it must be fired from a rifle-length barrel. The KelTec PMR30 fires a .22 WMR from a similar barrel length and lists expected velocity at 1230 fps – barely supersonic, for ~135 ft-lbs of muzzle energy. 1/3 of that in the 5.7mm.

    Effectively, the 5.7mm FN pistol puts the equivalent of a souped-up wildcat .22 WMR varmint rifle (that hits 20% harder than the standard WMR) on your hip.

    1. Hi. I realize that this is an old post, but I have a question. I don’t know if this will reach the person who said that there is a caveat with the comparison between the 5.7 and . 22 mag, but… There is an edit at the top of the ballistic comparison chart which states that all data was compiled from rounds fired from a 16″ barrel. Are you saying that that info is incorrect, or that the 5.7 achieves essentially the same velocity when fired from both 4.5″ barrels and 16″ barrels (which is, in theory, possible – depending on how much barrel it takes for the 5.7 to burn it’s full powder charge). It sounds as if you have experience with this particular round, and because I have none, I was hoping for your input, because I’m considering purchasing one.

  3. I have owned my Five seveN pistol for almost 2 years now and have become a HUGE fan since purchasing the firearm! It is everything good you’ve heard and more, NO BULL$#!T. Lightweight, high capacity magazine, accurate, low recoil, low muzzle jump, rocket fast ballistics, hard hitting energy, and the ability to add accessories… what else could you possibly ask for?… except the price! It’s not cheap but it’s good and I’ve learned over the years that ninety nine percent of the time, if it’s good it ain’t cheap and if it’s cheap, it ain’t good… like tattoos! I’ve carried it every day since purchasing it and even carry the pistol as a hunting sidearm. Although it’s not my primary hunting weapon, I’ve managed to kill several whitetail deer and a wild boar with it. As a companion to the pistol, I also purchased a FAB Defense, K.P.O.S. carbine conversion kit that allows you to non-permanently attach the unit to the lower accessory rail of the pistol and effectively turn your ultimate handgun into a sub compact carbine with a folding stock and accessory rail similar to an UZI or an MP7. Since I went with the Insight M6X light and laser on the accessory rail, and it’s now my EDC weapon, I wanted to be able to holster my weapon without removing the tactical light. Raven Concealment custom makes OWB holsters in Kydex with just about every modern pistol/light combo imaginable based upon their customer’s needs. Again, a little pricey but well worth the high quality product I received! The FN Five seveN is by far and away my favorite firearm to date and if you’d like to see more, go to FaceBook and find the page I created called “FN Five seveN Owners Club” and ask to join. There is a ton of information and pictures available there as well as members and other owners who will gladly answer any questions you may have about this outstanding weapon. Hope to see you there soon and enjoy shooting!

  4. Man there’s so much hope for this country yet. A sigh of relief to hear and see men like myself having honest conversation about things. Maybe it’s because I am AA. May because I’m born in raised in northwestern Pennsylvania.
    I enjoy my rights I enjoy my firearms. I enjoy training. Whether recreational or law enforcement. Was a deputy for a year. Don’t know how you guys truly feel but its just nice to visit a forum without men being racial or hardline or putting each other down.
    I know this has nothing to do with nothing but I’m a buy next weapon from this site.
    I was interested in what ppl had to say about a 5.7 round chambered semi. And you guys are talking about current events without bullying , without put downs, with out being racial one way or another. Maybe it’s the beer in me maybe not just very refreshing.

  5. I became an ardent believer in the Bullpup configuration some years ago after aquiring my first AUG. When the P90 became available I added it to my growing collection of Pups. It was a logical step to aquire the FN 57 chambered in the same 5.7×28 round. I’ve since added a Model 25 Savage bolt gun in 5.7 for varmit and small game.
    As noted in the artical the 5.7×28 and the .22 Mag have similar ballistics. It is worthy of note the 5.7 and .17HMR’s ballistics are an even closer match.
    I primatally us the Savage 93 in .17HMR for varmit hunting and on the several occasions that I’ve had the Mod 25 and Mod 93 side by side I have noted how simular they are within the 125 meter envelope. The 5.7 does seem to have the range advantage beyond 125 meters.
    I don’t disagree with the majority of the commenters who have commented here.
    I would however like to point out that our rights were not God give or even guaranteed by him. They were made by men. As such it is incumbent on us that if we wish to maintain them and continue to have them available to us in support of our nation and freedom that we are vigilant and active in the process for determining our governing body.
    Just being a cheer leader, and sounding off in ones comments isn’t enough. If you want to keep you Rights you must commit to being one of the “We the People”. God won’t take away or change these Right but if we aren’t vigilant and remain involved with the process Man just might.
    Merry Christmas and a good New Year to you all. May the joy of still living in a Free nation not be lost to us.

  6. The answer to the question posed by the article is YES, OBVIOUSLY. All weapons that can be wielded without causing undue danger or harm to innocent third parties (this rules out artillery, nerve gas, etc.) are perfectly suitable and desirable for possession by civilians. (By the way, domestic police are also civilians, though they like to pretend they’re military.)

    The whole point of the Second Amendment is to ensure that the general population maintains the capability to defend its rights against ANYONE who would take them away. Today, in the age of nuclear deterrence, the only force that can possibly threaten American freedom is domestic government in the US. Indeed, government enforcers scoff at our rights and are brainwashed to believe that government “authority,” rather than justice, is the basis of right.

    With the US government’s massive standing army — something our Founders warned against — the Second Amendment is more relevant than ever. With the aforementioned exceptions, NO weapon or ammo should be off-limits to Americans. Pistols with AP ammo should be readily available to all Americans of sound mind and non-predatory character.

    1. Along this line of readily available to all Americans of sound mind and non-predatory character…I agree. But how does ones government determine that? We need background checks and training for all gun owners…yes that sounds police state to some but how else do insure your fellow countrymen know your the type of person that should have a loaded gun. Don’t think this is just trolling…because with a national background check and mandated training I would think all firearms should be open to everyone that qualifies. Meaning if I want a tank, I should pass a background check, get proper training and maybe specify where I plan to shoot the ordnance so no three letter agency comes knocking…and then they let me buy a tank and ammo for it…simple. 🙂

  7. Thank you to all our veterans. Because of them we are free, yes alot of veterans return with scars both visible and invisible but the masses have less to fear from our veterans then others yes we are trained in weapons and tactics but so are civilians who pay money to recieve training because there afraid of zombies personally i want the person who is ” hyper vigilant ” to have a weapon if they were good enough to carry a weapon while deployed in defense of our country there good enough to carry a weapon and have my and my familys back once again thank you to all those who have served “families sleap peacefully in there beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on there behalf”

    1. First of all, Americans are NOT free. Government in the US does not respect any human rights at home or abroad. Every single part of the Bill of Rights is violated at the federal, state, and local levels each day by the police — backed up by “our” military, which stands ready to turn its weapons against the American people as soon as the order is given. It has done so many times in the past. So much for that oath to protect the Constitution, eh? The Constitution is dead.

      Also, why are you thanking veterans when you are a veteran yourself? And why should I thank veterans of any war fought since WWII? Whom did they fight who was a threat to me? Were the VC or the Taliban going to invade Iowa and take over the Wal-Marts and Best Buys? Gimme a break. I don’t sleep peacefully in my bed at night, and the reason is because America has turned into a police state, thanks to the “War on Terror,” the “War on Drugs,” and all who contribute to these anti-American abominations.

  8. A 5.7 doesn’t even compare to say a m92 PAP. A pistol that uses the 7.62×39 cartridge and 30 round magazines or bigger. However is it a public health issue? Absolutely not, very few people are injured or killed with either weapon. The fact of the matter is that gun free zones are public health hazards.

  9. Regarding the comments of Eddie Mark I would be more concerned with his aberrant thoughts regarding Vets. and LEOs; iIll-directed and without warrant. It is not Vets and LEOs we have to worry about. It is the prevailing and growing sentiment of liberalism that is the most corrosive element in the country. We are being sold out by those who are supposed to represent us. Or, perhaps, we ourselves are the most dangerous component of this equation. Case in point: Obama was elected twice. How could this have happened? The country is going Marxist-Socialist. Ignorance reigns.

    Course of action: Maintain your reason, be prepared (equip and train thoroughly), determine to live peaceably with those around you, but, be willing to act if necessary.

    1. The whole “liberal vs conservative” model of the US political cesspool is a tactic used by the ruling oligarchy to divide and conquer the American people. Both mainstream political parties are playing for the same team.

      Let’s suppose, however, that your concerns about “liberals” are accurate. The only reason that would be of any concern is that those liberals push for laws that are enforced by — get ready for it — LAW ENFORCEMENT. And the military backs up the police. Both varieties of jackbooted thugs are paid to use force and the threat of force to make you obey the politicians and their corporate masters.

    2. Oh woe is us. Who will we blame all our problems on when President Obama is gone?

      I seem to recall that we had a problems by the bushel under Bushwhacker I and Bushwhacker II damn near bankrupted the nation.

      But for now we have a whipping boy for every ill. Who are you going to blame next?

    3. Well, in this case I don’t believe the issue is explicitly one of Bush vs. Obama. Bush, you say doubled the national debt? By any stretch of the imagination or fuzzy math this is an incomprehensible statement. Let’s see? Fact #1: since the “beginning” through the end of the Bush (the younger) administration we had an accumulated national debt of nearly $9 trillion. Fact #2: from the beginning of the Obama administration through his seventh year the national debt has more than doubled. As it has been said, you are entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to your own “facts”. Reality, my friend, speaks for itself.

      Now for a dose of reality. What we need are citizens who genuinely strive for objectivity and honesty. Bush, in my opinion, was a big spender. Way beyond my comfort level. That is an objective recognition, coupled with my opinion, of the facts. Would, or could, you say the same about Obama? This could be the basis for starting an honest conversation. Wasn’t it Obama who said that Bush was irresponsible and unpatriotic for spending so much? I have the 2007 campaign video or you can just seek it out on Youtube. If an honest acknowledgement of this fact seems to be a put-off then please do not respond.

      There are probably a number of points that we could agree upon, but, without an initial gesture of objective understanding we really have no place to “go”.

  10. I think it is a great supersonic pistol because of accuracy and magazine capacity. You can can 20, 25 and 30 round magazines. I think that armor piercing rounds for it should be made available to the public with a background check and private sales restricted. I’d like to point out there is no such thing as a cop killer bullet. Only cop killing people. I’d also like to remind people of the two bank robbers in California in the 90’s that wore full body armor wielding ak-47s. Also what if Isis decided to armor up and do a mall massacre to ensure they lived longer and got a proper body count. Should we not have available to us the firepower to properly defend against such an attack. I have ap rounds for my. 308 but I won’t have my rifle with me standing in line so my daughter gets her pic taken with Santa. I am not a cop killer and my personal defense should not me reduced because cop killers exist. Body armor is available to the public and then so should the means to help negate its effects if used by a criminal or terrorist. Is 9mm gurza available to the public? Just curious if anyone knows. That’s my 2 cents.

  11. I think that it’s a great all around handgun. Light weight. Fun to shoot. I carry a 45ACP for my EDC.

  12. Shoot the 5.7 in ballistic gel and then a.45 acp and you will quit carrying the 5.7 round for conceal carry. It has such low energy transfer I wouldn’t use it to protect my life.

  13. I own two of the 5.7 pistols, and a ps90. Have been incredibly reliable firearms, and such that, i have made them my carry weapon of choice. I keep the ps90 in my truck for active shooter scenarios. Very well made, reliable firearms, and knowing that the penetrating power is there, its peace of mind.

  14. I just wanted to know more about the 5.7×28 SS197SR JHP 40-gr (2.6 grams) 1,950 ft/s (594 m/s) 340 ft·lb (461 Joules). I know that alot of people are concern about terrorist and mentally ill veterans that got out of the Army killing people, but what about the cops that kill unarmed civilians in this country? We are not safe from either one because there are too many policeman and policewoman that think they can kill us for no reason. I pray to God that we never lose the right to defend ourselves in our very own homes. They use the perpetrators of the streets to do their dirty work, and we live in fever, just because they worry about native citizens owning weapons. I hope that I don’t sound too paranoid, but this is just the way I feel about some of our law enforcement. May God bring peace to this world once again.

    1. You aren’t being paranoid. The police aren’t paid to serve the public, though the Powers That Be like to pretend as much. The police (and the military) are paid to make you OBEY those who make the laws — politicians and lobbyists. These enforcers are all too happy to do this, just as enforcers have been since time immemorial. Why? For the money, the benefits, and especially the cheap sense of power that comes from being associated with a large gang. American police and military have NEVER defended the freedom of Americans. They’re there to TAKE our freedom by enforcing taxation without representation and literally thousands of other unjust laws and regulations that criminalize victimless offenses.

    2. One more point, my friend: We can’t lose the right to defend ourselves unless we give it up. Each of us has to die someday — nothing can stop that. Whether it’s from cancer or a government thug’s bullet, it’s inevitable. But no one can ever take your freedom — your defiant state of mind that respects JUSTICE rather than “law” or “authority” — unless you let them.

      If anyone ever demands your weapons, be sure that all your other rights are next. That’s when there’s no longer any point in living, and it’s time to take some of the bastards with you.

    3. 50CalAl. You could not be more spot on. I Thank God that there are still intelligent citizens like you in this country though they are few and far between. keep that strong mind and convictions about our oppresive control thirsty government. I love and miss what this country used to be. Can’t stand what our government and country has become! God bless all who are like minded and keep your guns and rights close because believe me no matter how they try to word it or justify it they want to take them ALL

  15. Shot one at my local rage, loved it. Got my G/F to shoot it, she wanted one NOW.. Best move we’ve ever done was to buy 5.7’s .. We now have a few 5.7’s from masterpiece.. All we need is a good supply of good (not plinking) Ammo.

    @Wzrd1.. Thank you for explaining (to the uninformed) exactly what a well armed militia is. Yes it is NOT a bunch of people, buying large amounts of ammo just in case their pie in the sky SHTF ever comes.
    Even if they are right, the most ammo you will be carrying will be around 300 rounds.. Yup all that ammo (have a friend with over 15,000 rounds, bagged, sealed and hidden) you have been manipulated into buying and storing will be sitting in your special hiding place, doing absolutely nothing.

    You want to decry the government .go ahead, it is your right and privilege .. A privilege I along with millions have fought for.. Do not decry it because you have some notion that you have a complete understanding of the founding fathers.

  16. @John O’Neill, you can own bombs, rockets, tanks, artillery, etc. Granted, they’re NFA weapons, but you can lawfully possess them.
    That said, hanged if I can think of a reason that *I* would want armor piercing ammunition, I’ve been done with that since I retired from the Army. Besides, why shoot through armor when a simple zero reflex would suffice? AP rounds cause a lot less trauma, hence are less of a man stopper.

    As for the militia, do re-read the Constitution. The militia could always be called up in time of national emergency or war.
    The militia was split in 1903 into the organized militia, the National Guard and the unorganized militia, every able bodied mail between 18 and 45, as well as prior service men to age 61. Training of the latter was provided by the statute that created the CMP.
    The militia was and still always under the command of the governor of the state. It was never a self-commanded group, that was never the intent from day one of the very first militia.

    As for overthrowing the government, are you proposing that you should own your own bomber wing of B52’s? If you can’t face that down, with your group of buds with their dinky little AR’s and AK’s, you need not apply. If you can’t face down a squadron of drones with hellfire missiles, you need not apply. If you cannot face down a battery of MLRS, you need not apply. If you cannot face down thermonuclear weapons, you need not apply.
    The notion that a group of the populace could overthrow a modern military is absurd in the extreme, as outline quite well in Afghanistan. The Taliban proclaimed that they would drive us from their soil. We’re still there. From engaging large forces, we’re now playing whack-a-mole, with the Taliban retreating into Pakistan, were we cannot follow.

    I do find it fascinating how you equate your firearm with your dick. I never did equate those two, got my wife pregnant 16 times. But, some insist on applying random things and thinking that it is manly. What else is manly? Banging rocks together?
    Know what was valued the most when this once great nation was formed? Individual thought, the capability to think, reason, a good education. That is why we’re a once great nation, we’ve instead moved toward idiocracy.

    Before you decry my second amendment stand, consider the fact that I personally own a dozen firearms. They range from .22LR, .25 auto to .308 M1A, with an assortment of personal protection, precision competition shooting and hunting firearms. My preferred carry weapon is my old M1911A1.
    I’m also recently retired military, with firsthand knowledge of Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention assorted other garden spots of the world that are far from the usual tourism map.

    As for the 5.7x28mm, a nice enough PDW, sucks to be next to someone firing the pistol though. Loud as hell and quite a bit of that guy’s brass ended up mixed in with my .45 brass. Ended up with a few casings mixed in at the end of the day, probably stuck inside of the .45 cal casing and went unnoticed.
    Of course, my M1911 wasn’t exactly whispering either. 😉
    The armor piercing nonsense is just that. AP rounds aren’t common to begin with. Something about restricting them to police and military.
    But, the round itself is demonized by those who are against personal ownership of firearms. Just as a wide assortment of other calibers were demonized in the past.
    Rather than harangue others, educate the ill informed as to the realities of terminal ballistics, what armor piercing really is and its legal status for civilian ownership, what a teflon round is (amazing how many *still* don’t know that it’s just an AP round, all courtesy of Hollywood from the ’80’s) and general firearms facts.
    Fear drives people to accept bad law. Knowledge drives people to reject bad law.

    1. Wzrd1
      I don’t really understand civilians interest and longing for AP bullets. They’re not made to kill, though bullet placement, will do so even if the bullet wasn’t made with killing in mind. I’ve wondered if it could be the ‘ childish syndrome, if they hide it from me and won’t talk about it, there must be something special going on. Getting back to the AP bullet. I know when I was in the military, all nations military bullets were APps because an AP wounds %70-80 of the time because they’re designed to wound. A dead soldier can be left lying on the battlefield until the fighting is over, a wounded soldier requires two – four men to get him to safety and medical help while the battle is going on.

  17. Weak minded Americans actually think and agree that only the military and police should have “armor piercing” ammunition. That is how sick our nation has become that the people who “govern” us should be the only ones with the right to carry weapons that can destroy us. As Americans we should also have EXACTLY what the police and military have, up and including bombs, rockets, tans, artillery etc etc. Each state should have a militia that is never under the control and command of the federal government. THAT is how our founding fathers framed the constitution so that we always remain free. A government that can be overthrown by its people will always govern more appropriately if the threat is real and meaningful. Instead this nation of feminized men has allowed our government to concentrate on REMOVING our right to equal arms and thus, castrated our liberty. Yea feminism.

  18. “One military expert said it was a weapon that no doctor — not even a military one — would normally carry.”
    That is quite true. Military officers, physicians included carry an M9, which is 9mm.
    Bit deal.

    As for the round’s success against body armor, in appropriate projectiles, one has to consider velocity and the smaller size that can displace fibers in a ballistic vest.
    It won’t pass through ESAPI plates, it’ll pass through Kevlar layers though. If it’s armor piercing.

  19. Not getting into the politics, I’ve owned 2 of the handguns and 1 rifle for this cartridge. Bought every round in Reno area I could put my hands on, and thanks to a few local people that new what I liked doing with new toys, shot the crap out of them. Thousands of rounds, with one faulty rifle mag which just wouldn’t take the last 4 rds. Where talking mud, sand, ice. Product was great with the original ammo and there practice ammo. When the ammo dried up and had to go to the public ammo, it was just like shooting a 22 magnum, fun but not near as much. Cheaper to shoot my Ruger 22 mag when it works. If you have lots of money these firearms are like the ultimate plinker,that’s my opinion thanks. Kirb Marriott

  20. Rasta Dog–who knows where the price of the FNH 5.7×28 will end up. Like gold, your FNH,the Bushmaster, the Winchester 9410( a 9 shot 410 shotgun built on the Winchester 1894 rifle platform)are all fetching double or triple the original cost.I paid $ 369.00 for the Winchester 9410—only 2 years in production. I can get $ 1,200.00 easily for it. I paid nib $ 739.99 for my FNH pistol. My buddy who was with me that day did not buy one. Needless to say he is kicking himself in the butt every time he sees mine on my hip.He was with me when I picked up my Bushmaster. He kicks the other half of his butt when I let him look at it.Like you,I am not selling any of my collection.Well, until the offer I cannot refuse comes along. $ 2,000.00 for my FNH will not get it either.Good shooting Dog!

  21. Just a comment on the current value of the FiveseveN – I bought a lightly used one from a good friend (his wife didn’t like hers)about 5 years ago for $800. Two weeks ago we were both offered , sight unseen, $2000 each for our FiveseveNs by a local gun dealer (in central NC). Needless to say, we both still have our guns!

  22. @hot:

    They already had a carbine for this cartridge; either the PS90 made by the same company FN; or the AR-57 rifle. I prefer the upper made my several manufacturers. I liked it so much for shooting prairie dogs, that I ordered another upper!! This little round is one of the best varmint getters I’ve used since the .17 magnum, and I prefer it, because if it is ever discontinued, I will be able to reload with converted cartridges. Back in 2007 these were the cheapest way to hunt – the ammo being very economical! However today’s anti-gun climate, it has become durn near impossible to find – no doubt because DHS is buying all the ammo!! So much for “sequester”!!! I plan on eventually buying the pistol just because I want ammo compatibility/interchangeability with the venerable rifle round!!

  23. Took my wife to a range that rents pistols. We rented several, including the FiveseveN. She was so accurate with the FiveseveN and loved the light recoil so much that we returned the next week to buy her the FiveseveN. We missed the $799 price and paid over $1100.

  24. The 5.7 really has nothing to do with the energy. It has to do with what the bullet does. The 5.56 of vietnam did agreat job with a 1 in 12 twist. the bullet pitched and yawd when entering the body doing outstanding damage to the enemy. it wasn’t until they came up with a 62 gr bullet with a 1 in 7 twist in the m4 that the round lost it effectivness. the 5.7 ss192 with its 27 gr aluminium core does exactly what its suppose to do. it pitches and yaws and tumbles creating wounds with outstanding effect. That is what its suppose to do. And they do download the ss192 ammo with about 6 grains of powder. You can pull that bullet and add 2 more grains and kick that velocity up to about 2400 fps. That from a pistol is outstanding.

  25. i would like to purchase one F-5 7 can i buy one also can i use a conventional Round in the Pistol??i have 5 pistols fired one, just bought a 100% Beautiful Mini Beretta Cougar it needs a Cam Block I just wan t to replace it “NEVER FIRED” also px storm two stogers compact and full all 9mm. i was thinking of geting rid of three of them to buy a fh 5 7 your opinion. please Pat laino P.I.

  26. The major picked this pistol for the reasons stated low recoil and high mag capacity. And Because of the rounds relitively low power due to mass he put all of the people in a corner and head shot them. The rounds tend to bounce around inside. AND if the officer who shot him had been armed with something better than a 9mm there wouldnt be a trial going on now.

  27. Re: Comment #8.

    Just in case there’s some confusion–I have evidence that there has been already–I’m also CR Williams, but I don’t own either a PS90 or a FiveSeven (I wouldn’t mind having either one, but I have other priorities where hardware acquisition is concerned at this time.) and I’m not a liberal.

  28. Any gun you can shoot is fine even a 25 cal they have killed a lot of people.

    I,m still liking the 9mm 10mm 40mm 45acp I can go to any store and buy ammo
    you will not be doing well if hit with any of these.

  29. For all those Five Seven haters, I was under the impression this was the pistol review so why are we seeing comparisons of the. 22 magnum and the 5.7×28 fired from 16″ barrels? I believe that if we were to see a .22 magnum being fired out of a pistol length barrel compared to the 5.7×28 fired out of the Five Seven that the two would not even be close.

  30. It would be a lot more fun if there was ammo available. I’ve had an order on backorder at Cabelas for months, and every reputable site is backordered. My local shop that I bought the pistol from said they have given up trying to order it and asked me to stop calling to see if it was in stock.

    It’s a $1200 hammer at this point.

  31. Love my Five Seven, I carry it everywhere. Quit carrying my Glock 26 for this gun. The factory ammo is decent, but the custom rounds from Elite Ammunition is perfect. I carry their Protector Rounds..More power, more penatration. Look them up if you have a 5.7.. I also have an AR57 which is great as well…

  32. Most of all you ‘experienced’ shooters have a most often repeated phrase…….it matters not the caliber, it matters the placement. I often carry a FiveseveN. Not because of big bad wheelgun power. However the 5,7 carries a mininum of 20rnds (sold with firearm) the muzzle velocity may not come close to many, but none of yours has as little recoil or muzzle rise. Gotcha!

  33. To Joe the LV Police officer. I am in Vegas also, but you can say no one should have one of these because they can penetrate a Kevlar vest with the right ammo. Well I take it you haven’t been shot with a vest on with a “big caliber handgun”. It doesn’t have to penetrate to kill you. The energy from the impact can cause more harm than a penetration. If you were hit by a bullet fired from a .500 S&W the impact could cause you so much internal damage which could kill you more painfully and slowly. Which do you think would have a better outcome, penetration from a small projectile or ruptured organs? So I guess then your next solution must be to limit the caliber of hand guns we can own.

  34. Always been a believer in once you have to lower the hammer don’t quit until perp on ground dead.
    Another belief is the guy with a mag pistol and can’ hit a barn door will lose a gunfight to a person using a lesser powerfull round if that small round hits where its supposed to.
    Once got criticized for buying wife tip barrel semi auto by Taurus that is untill they seen wife put U7 out of 9 into a playing card rapid fireI tolg the gentlemen that’s over 300 grains in 3 inch spread should keep em down.
    Be the best you can with any weapon and forget center mas in the head knocks em dead.
    If your rifle can place. 5 in less than 2moa why do you aim for chest hits

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  37. Generally I don’t read article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, very great post.

  38. I purchased the FN 5.7×28 in February,2008.I found it at Cabelas and the salesman said you will never see the $ 799.99 price ever again. A gem of a pistol that came with 3 20 round clips( I live in the South thank goodness).I had my buddy drive the 60 miles with me to pick it up and I encouraged him to buy one on the spot. He did not and has regretted the day he did not do it. At $ 1,100.00 bucks today he cries and moans every time he sees me with my FN on my hip nestled comfortably in its Blackhawk Serpa retention holster.My daughter, all 120 pounds of her, shoots it like a dream. After putting a 1,000 rounds through with no misfires or jams,this gun is truly one of my best financial investments. It also my favorite CCW weapon—especially when I am in “the big city”. As a collector of military rifles and pistols,
    the FN has its place in my Firearms Hall of Fame. As far as appreciation, only my Winchester 9410 shotgun has appreciated more. Original purchase price: $ 449.99. Auction price today : $ 1,099.00. Only in production for 2 years.As a gun collector, never be afraid to be the first to invest in a good weapon.I have never “lost ” a penny on my firearms. Good hunting and good shooting. Later.

  39. I went into my local gun shop a couple of days ago looking for something interesting. I was between pistols at the moment and was ready for a new one. Of course they had the usual 1911’s, 38’s and 9mm. Nothing really jumped out at me as exciting and unique. Just as I was about to leave empty handed, the guy helping me remembered the FN. He showed it to me and at first it looked like any ohter standard 9mm semi-auto. But when I picked it up and noticed how light it was and saw the 20 rd magazine, I got interested. When he brought out a box of ammo, I was sold. I bought the solid black one because I didn’t like the look of the tan/brown ones. I went out yesterday to shoot it and I love this gun. I’m not a very good shot, but I’m working on it and I like to go to the range whenever I get the chance. The first time I put a round through this pistol, I nailed the bullseye of a shoot-and-see at 30 yds. I figured it was a fluke so I went ahead and put the whole 20 rd clip into it. Surprisingly accurate and absolutely no recoil. I was able to put all 20 in the black with 6 in the center. For me, this was the best I’ve ever shot with a pistol. I got the one with the fixed sites and as far as I can tell, it works well for me. This gun was a little expensive and they aren’t giving the ammo away either, but I have no buyer’s remorse.

  40. I actually wanted to see how the FN 5.7 and the PMR 30 compared to each other. Had to suffer through some politics, which is important — in another thread/forum– thanks to those who stayed on target. I guess I’ll have to buy a PMR 30 and do a side by side test with my FN 5.7.

    1. I don’t know who said a 5.7 is an anemic round, not much better than a .22magnum. They apparently haven’t shot one. To me that’s comparable to saying a .500 Mag is not much stronger than a .22 Mag because some of its bullets only travel from 1900-2100fps. Then you see the energy hit, 2550-2700, which will bring down a bull elephant. I was in the military when the fiveSeven came out, working on new weapons classified secret until released by Dept. Of the Army to go public. I was in my shop one day when one of my men came in and asked if I had heard about the new FN pistol being tried by the British military? I was working on a 7.62 minivan and wasn’t paying a lot of attention to him until I heard his next sentence. He told me the pistol was putting holes in their 113 Personnel Carriers and some other things that a pistol wasn’t supposedly capable of doing.
      To me, don’t doubt what you hear until it’s put into perspective by the other info you start picking up.

  41. Attractive component to content. I simply stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to claim that I acquire actually loved account your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing for your feeds or even I fulfillment you get entry to constantly fast.


  43. I suppose you forgot that the inital shot wound doesn’t do the greatest deal of damage, sure a bullet hole alone in small game will kill it, however, the tumbling round of the 5.7 will no doubt have that large game bleeding out and incapacitated well before it can kill you. If not, use the other 19 rounds, but who wants to kill a bear with a pistol. In self defense the sheer speed of the round will cause shock (metaphoricaly), while the fracturing round tumbling around in their belly does the rest.

  44. My early experience had been with 38 revolvers while growing up, and more recently 9mm & 45 auto. Recently I shot an FN57 and liked it enough to buy one myself. It is light-weight, easy to handle and very accurate (combat sights). I live in NJ and learned that State law will not allow you to use the 20 cartridge clip ( only 10 max) something to consider when buying. It is my intention to teach my kids on this gun as well, and it’s much easier to maintain than a 1911.

  45. I’ve got one of these pistols (USG, adjustable sights)! Ammunition is roughly as expensive as .45ACP: it’s not one of the cheaper rounds to put through a pistol. Federal/ATK announced their own 5.7×28 offering, so whenever they cranking out their own American Eagle cartridges, one can hope that the overall price of the rounds will go down.

    As a new chambering, the lethality of the 5.7×28 (and consequently the effectiveness of this firearm for self defense), is far more open to debate than old favorites like the .45ACP or even the 9mm, due to a limited amount of anecdotal evidence to support or refute its effectiveness.

    You will run into a lot of difficulty finding any form of 3rd party support for this handgun compared to ubiquitous and popular pistols like 1911s or Glocks.

    It’s an interesting and fun handgun, slinging some very lightweight bullets very fast. Is that worth the roughly $1000~ or so you’ll spend to own one? Who knows.

  46. Thanks for the kind words. Not sure what’s going on with the people telling you to stay away from informational niches, ALL my niches are information based. I have no product based sites that I’m earning with. Maybe these people were never earning and might not have things set up right? Not sure what to think of that kind of logic. If it has a high CPC and high volume of traffic with a lot of ads I can’t imagine you won’t earn. Maybe stay away from gambling and other niches that might eventually be banned/go down the tubes
    I hope that helps…
    ts my first ever visit on this site……good information being shared here..
    thanks once again.

  47. I just ordered the 57x28mm hand gun , I have to wait 6 weeks just to get a p.o. to buy it. Then get it that’s the way it is here in New York City. I can only get the 10 round mag. here , that sucks .at $1050.00 plus tax I hope it’s as good as they say it is……

  48. All of us, of whatever political bias, might pay more attention to the “front line” like Joe. S. the Nevada policeman protecting ALL of us at great risk for modest pay. Cops are not known for being mouthpieces for liberals, so if he suggests a BALANCE of gun rights and education or specific exclusions, maybe those of us who are NOT putting our lives on the line every day should at least listen with respect?

  49. I was able to try out a fellow customers 5.7 at a range after a pin shoot. I shot off a few rounds and was fairly astounded at the lack of recoil, the muzzle flash and the noise it made. It had much less recoil than my 9mm and offered quick follow up shots with less muzzle lift. The sound and flash was nice. I went away from the experience feeling like a was shooting a gun the way I imagined they would shoot when I was a kid. When you a kid without shooting guns but shooting toys, you feel like guns will have a loud sound, but no kick. When you get older and actually experience guns you find out they have a kick and muzzle flash. At least the ones that are of a larger caliber. Autos of course have less kick and muzzle flip. Revolvers are worse as far as kick if they are lightweight most of the time, For example ultra light titanium frame revolvers shooting a 357 will feel like you are being hit in the hand with a hammer. So different guns have different characteristics. From the way it sounded and felt, after just a few shots, I knew I’d want to own one. Not necessarily as my only weapon or the most practical, but more as a dream gun. A trophy piece that is fun to shoot and can hold plenty of ammunition. It’s rather large and impractical for some as a carry gun. It’s more like a full size 1911 except much lighter. As it weighs about as much as an empty Glock but it ways that much when fully loaded with 20 rounds, it’s extremely easy to carry without having to carry a heavy load.

    The firepower and capacity of this fun make it a nice defense gun for some situations I suppose. I would not be afraid to grab for this in a pinch. It’s high flat speed as far as ballistics makes me think of this as more on a tactical offensive handgun for greater distances, than a typical big fat slow bullet type handgun. So I sometimes have my doubts as to this being the first choice for a gun I would use in a carry situation or even in my house, I feel in some ways the reputation some have stated of this being a rifle in the palm of your hand, might be more true as a characteristic than with some other more common and affordable handguns, I have a feeling that this would be a good gun to use against a car jacker who was trying to steel my vehicle, than my 9mm because I feel this would fire through an enclosed window and hit him. My carry gun is not this gun typically. My carry gun has fragable ammo for use indoors. My thinking is I’d likely be indoors and don’t want to be shooting through a bunch of walls so the first few rounds are often extreme shock ammo in my regular carry gun. For driving in a. Bad neighborhood, this from a concealed llicense holder, I’d rather have a five seven in my car than my 9mm because the 9mm isn’t configured, with extreme shock ammo to penetrate a window. Different ammo and different guns are sometimes used for different defense preparation. I heard a gun shop owner state he’d have a 357 as a car gun to deal with having to shoot from a car in defense. It’s difficult to predict and plan for all possible scenarios and I think it’s a rare event that a ccw holder ends up trying to shoot from their vehicle someone armed approaching their car. It’s really impossible to plan and be completely safe as many would logically know, you can never be completely safe. The bad guy can make the first move.

    In some cases I have to wonder if having many more guns for more options really matters to the average law abiding person carrying a gun, they might be better off with one gun that they carry and body armor instead of three other guns at home in a safe.

  50. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently! Regards Timmy

  51. I thought I read about Hornady making Critical Defense rounds for the FNH 5.7 but I can’t find any reference to them on Hornady’s web site and my local dealer knows nothing of them. Anybody heard of this or did I imagine reading that?

  52. Id have to say that this author has not a clue. It is scary to see that someone can post something like this with little to know idea what they are talking about. I am a ballistics expert working for an engineering company (Hence Dr. Carter) This round couldnt be any further from a 22 magnum. PLEASE SKIP THIS READ, It IS UTTER CRAP!

  53. I apologize, the energy of the EA S4M round from the PS90 is 666ft/lbs. The same bullet shot from the Five Seven clocks in at over 2500 fps and has over 400 ft/lb energy.

  54. I love the 5.7 vs 22WMR comparisons. Comparing the ballistics of a 22WMR out of a 24″ rifle barrel to the 4.6″ Five-seveN pistol barrel is ridiculous. And even then the Five Seven still dominates it in its most watered down loads. EA S4M out of the 16″ PS90 clocks in a over 3400fps. What 22WMR out of a 16″ barrel could even attempt to get close to that??? Energy from that round out of the PS90 is close to 500ft/lbs. Enough said, stop comparing the two, they are nothing alike.

  55. There is so much misinformation in the original article I almost fell off my chair laughing. If you want to learn about the Five-seveN and its ballistics go to

    The comparisons of the 5.7x23mm to the 22mag are laughable…

    Joe said it best:

    “According to Kel-Tec’s own data, the PMR-30 pistol only gets 1,200 ft/s with a 40-grain bullet, which results in a muzzle energy of only 135 ft-lb. Meanwhile, EA’s 5.7x28mm Protector load (40-grain bullet) gets 2,000+ ft/s out of the Five-seveN pistol (as independently chronographed), which results in a muzzle energy of 355+ ft-lb. With that in mind, the velocity difference between the two calibers, out of pistols with virtually identical test barrels, is about 800 ft/s; the 5.7x28mm EA load gives nearly THREE TIMES the muzzle energy of .22 WMR out of a virtually identical test barrel.”

    For those that want armor piercing ammunition it IS available to the general public. You just need to know where to find it. is a good place to start. SS192 will penetrate level IIa armor and SS190 will penetrate level IIIa. offers ammunition for the Five-seveN that is more in line with the gun’s potential. They have rounds that exceed the damage that a .45ACP will do to tissue with ballistics of 2,600fps and 405 ft-lbs of energy.

  56. Been trying to find the “true” HANDGUN ballistics on this round.If the ballistics mentioned in some of these comments are accurate (350 ft/lb range) then the pistol would make a nice varmint/personal protection gun.Been looking for a lightweight handgun to carry when I’m on the tractor, out working in the field,to shoot woodchucks and coyotes with.Looked into the Ruger Blackhawk in .30 carbine, and I like the ballistics but from what I’ve heard and read it’s way too loud.

  57. What a bunch of political crap! This is supposed to be a forum on the FN five seven! I was personally thinking of buying one, untill I found out the reason I wanted one aka the ability to pierce armor, was a mute point because the good ammo is unavailable to me as a civillian. Thats BS! I want the ability to pierce armor because here in America cops arent the only ones wearing it! I have family, friends and neighbors in law inforcement the last thing I would want is criminals to have the ability to kill them! Unfortunatly the criminals already have that ability. Why take away my ability to defend myself and family from some gang bangin thug that would harm us and that wears body armor? Give the good law abiding people in this country the good ammo damn it!! Why do you think we all love our AR15s? The solution may just be as simple as “background checks for ammo”? Damn did I just say that?!!

  58. You can tell the difference between posts made the gun’s marketing dept (compliments gun and complains about detailed parts of the reviewer’s comments) and those of the rest of the Internet (political bickering).

  59. Interesting thread: started off reading about the five-seven & by the end, I thought I was reading a debate…

    I’m an attorney from Arkansas, and I have over 30 guns (of all type). I have my CHL and I carry everyday (sometimes a 9mm, sometimes a .380). I take my kids to the range every week. I believe in God. I believe in the 2nd Amendment.

    BUT….I’m intrigued by the Five-Seven. I’ve never shot one, but based upon what I ‘perceive’ from the relevant statistical data, it’s a gun I’m interested in. As for the price? What’s the price of a loved one’s life worth? It’s not a cheap gun, but all things being relative, it’s not much more than a good, basic AR and less than a good .308 AR platform.

    I prefer to have as many rounds as possible, without being too heavy or bulky. The weight of the FN seems fine, and if…IF it’s as easy to shoot (accurately) as anecdotal stories share, it is definitely on my bucket list to shoot..and possibly acquire.

    What about muzzle-flash and decibel levels of the Five-Seven?

  60. I don’t go by what they say, they Lie like a rug, I go by what they do — Bush and clintons are more a like than different.
    W promised the UN he would renew the un gun ban until his aids told him to shut up – newt, pat, armytalkeda good talk in the mid 90s, but when W got in they all did the exact opposite.
    Fiscal responsibility: they spent 5B on war, no-bid corporate welfare, bank bailouts, golden parachutes, taxbreaks, but only for the rich. Govt power: dept of education got bigger and more powerful, FDA waring on alternative medicine (and I’m not talking about weed) alt treatments that work,right to consume vitamins. Republicans handed over pieces of 2nd amendment, Loutenberg ban flew through the republican congress. more useless govt agencies. Americans have short memories. We need new political parties, Damn both of them.
    Maybe vote for Putnam
    Russia has lower taxes, debt 20% of GDP as apposed to our 100% GDP, Absolete govt agencies closed. Pres satified with older limo and medium size pland as our pres needinga new limo, biggest airplane, fleet of new helicopters at 400M acopy (same cost as 10 mi long light rail) russias privatising, has decent healthcare for all, public transportation, education

    If the cold war was against the command economy and big goxernment then I’m beginning to thing that russia won the cold war andwe lost

  61. The author if this writeup is incredibly ignorant with regards to his subject. The hotter 5.7x28mm loads (from Elite Ammunition) achieve 400 ft-lb from the Five-seveN pistol, which is virtually identical to many 9x19mm loads.

    Contrary to the author’s claim, the 5.7x28mm is not in any way limited to taking “squirrels and rabbits.” Rather, even FN’s factory ammo types are quite well-suited to taking larger game, such as coyotes, hogs, and deer. They are also every bit as effective as normal pistol calibers (like 9mm) on human targets, as clearly evidenced in the Fort Hood shooting and other cases.

    The author’s ballistics comparison of 5.7x28mm and .22 WMR is another laughable twist of the truth. The .22 WMR is only similar to the 5.7x28mm when one is fired out of a pistol (5.7x28mm), and the other is fired out of a rifle (.22 WMR). The author’s misleading “ballistic data” actually stacks a 10.3-inch 5.7x28mm P90 barrel against an 18-inch .22 WMR barrel. Kel-Tec happens to produce a .22 WMR pistol (called the PMR-30) with a barrel length virtually identical to that of the Five-seveN pistol (4.3 inches versus 4.8 inches), so the author’s twisted “comparison” was unnecessary.

    According to Kel-Tec’s own data, the PMR-30 pistol only gets 1,200 ft/s with a 40-grain bullet, which results in a muzzle energy of only 135 ft-lb. Meanwhile, EA’s 5.7x28mm Protector load (40-grain bullet) gets 2,000+ ft/s out of the Five-seveN pistol (as independently chronographed), which results in a muzzle energy of 355+ ft-lb. With that in mind, the velocity difference between the two calibers, out of pistols with virtually identical test barrels, is about 800 ft/s; the 5.7x28mm EA load gives nearly THREE TIMES the muzzle energy of .22 WMR out of a virtually identical test barrel.

    In conclusion, the author should do more reading and less writing.

  62. My 8 year old grandson loves my 5.7 and at 25 feet, shooting off a bench over sand bags, is hitting any target I put on the berm in front of him…cans, clay targets, plastic water bottles and coke cans. He runs through a 20 round magazine like he is shooting 22 rimfire, so after one box of ammo, I had to distract him with another weapon. His hands are considerably smaller than an adult and he has no problem with the pistol.

  63. Looking at both the 5.7 and the Dan Wesson VBOB .45. I have smallish hands and have not yet fired either.

    Any of you have an opinion on one or the other?


  64. Why do you guys do this any chance you get??? THIS IS A REVIEW THREAD, NOT A RIGHT VS LEFT THREAD!!!
    I came on here to research the 5.7 & was more than impressed with the responses by Greg F, Crunluath and S. Evans until he got off topic and started in with the politics BS. From there I got a few words into almost every post before they also went off topic. You can make ANY discussion about g&a into a 2nd amendment argument but does that mean it’s appropriate? NO! Go to youtube if you want to go back and forth with random people all day. LET’S TALK ABOUT THE 5.7 HERE!
    E-4 Army National Guard, OIF 09-10 vet (12B)

  65. Esta es el arma de los sueños de todos nosotros los Guatemaltecos pues con los altos indices de delincuencia que tenemos nesecitamos etar vien armados y esta me pareceria una muy buena opcion a mi en especial hay alguien que sepa si en Guatemala tambien esta proivida la venta y portacion de esta arma

  66. Steve, you are absolutely right. It’s not about party politics anymore. It’s about keeping our freedoms as specified in the Constitution.

  67. Just purchased a 5.7 and took it out last week and fired it. Really a very sweet shooting pistol and extremely accurate. As far as i am concerened FN has really put out an ectremely high quality handgun . Very low recoil ,you can place alot of firepower on target quickly.I believe women would like this pistol because its so light weight and easy to shoot .This is definetly a pricey shooter but also a good investment as they will never go down in value. They are available but hard to find
    it could very well become a collectors item.I understand the secret service carrys this pistol and i can see why,a great personal protection handgun with alot of firepower.Ammo is easy to find and not to bad on price about 45 cents a shot.From what i have read the 5.7 is a very deadly round. I feel comfortable carring this pistol ,its got everything going for it.

  68. I’m not sure if Joe the Las Vegas Metro cop will see this but I think it is extremely unfortunate to have cops like him on patrol. He talks about programs to “educate” civis on all these gun scenarios that should be created. I firmly believe that before becoming a LEO he did not own any handguns. Las Vegas and NEVADA have laws governing the ownership and carrying of all firearms. To register a handgun we have to go into a police substation and have a background check done and the gun be registered to our name. Our CCW course requires you to have the gun that you are attempting carry concealed registered to you (bg check already done). Then you take an 8 hr LECTURE course on when its appropriate and inappropriate to draw and fire your weapon. Then you take a test on that lecture and perform a shooting proficiency course. If you manage to pass all of the above you drive down to the CCW bureau and have ANOTHER BG check, fingerprints taken and photo taken. So we have everything he mentioned already in place. Aside from his contradicting statements of “no civi should have these” and “not trying to prohibit a civi from having these,” I am a firm believer that if you (as a LEO) are uncomfortable with civis having a firearm and possibly carrying that firearm, you need to seek alternate employment. You should be grateful that us law abiding citizens jump all the hurdles to do it legally. We are proficient, and conscientious of everyones safety, including yours (notifying you of our firearm, not to mention when you run my plate it tells you I have a gun).

    Nothing will ever stop the criminals from obtaining firearms. Even if cops were the only ones with them, as proven by your fellow officer who was recently terminated and brought up on federal felony charges for knowingly trading a firearm for mechanical work to a known felon who just happened to be a CI for your dept.

  69. I started reading these posts to learn about the gun and ended up hearing the same old tired right vs left crap. They do use it as a wedge issue on both sides to manipulate voters. We need to start using our own brains and stopping being sheep. Good marketing agencies manipulate these issues and if we really want to protect gun rights we need to think for ourselves and stop letting them lead us around like a bunch of teen agers desperate to liked by the group. This country was founded on rugged individualism and this group mentality is just sad.

  70. Bill, you are correct. DB is an idiot. “Just Say No” was an anti-drug campaign (one that seemingly failed on DB)and the anti-Viet Nam war protestors were clubbed when they broke the law for unlawful assembly and inciting a riot. Not one politician tried to suppress freedom of speech. Besides, that took place in the 60’s and has NOTHING to do with the merits of a FNH 5.7 pistol.

    A.Cavada, you are a mixed up mess. Conservatives do not use the gun control issue as a wedge issue. It is the other way around. We conservatives would rather the whole issue go away. It is only threatened by the majority of your political persuasion. From your description, you probably voted for Obama. At my favorite gun store, he is recognized as “Salesman of the Year” behind the gun counter. So we thank the liberal socialists for their contribution to arming the conservative constituents in America that will have to defend this country from liberal socialists from another country that want to do us harm because their government is screwed up.

  71. DB you are an idiot with backward logic and unbelievable words. Conservatives believe in less government control except where murdering babies and increasing morality(sexual)is concerned. Liberals push for regulation of everything(see San Francisco California and fairness doctrine)except where judeo-christian morals are concerned. I have not seen one liberal speak in favor of any gun rights. Give me a break.

  72. With all due respect, and I own firearms and have a son serving in Afghanistan, “conservatives” to me are those who want the government to have more regulation of personal rights. Examples are regulating “dirty words” in broadcasting, (big on the Bush agenda) prohibiting the promotion of “safe sex” (Nancy Reagan’s “just say no”) prohibiting criticism of the government (police clubbing anti-Viet Nam war protestors) and giving the government the power to restrict abortion. Under this view, Heller and McDonald “liberalized” gun laws by limiting the authority of government over personal rights.

  73. I’m a progressive/liberal/socialist. I own about 30 guns and have a CHL. Fact is a few liberals believe in “gun control” and a few Republicans believe in Gun control (such as the Brady group). Conservative groups use the gun issue as a wedge issue, just like others— that have little if any basis in fact.

  74. I don’t think it is a liberal or conservative issue per se (although liberals are more inclined to trample upon 2nd amendment rights). However, for me as a cop here in Las Vegas, I question any reason why a civilian without any training should have these pistols. They are not for home defense. I would venture to say that anyone who is not Law Enforcement should have to go through training on “shoot don’t shoot” scenarios, and also have their backgrounds checked. I say this because we lost a great comrade years ago in Henry ‘Hank” Prendes when a civilian of about 21 years old opened up in his neighborhood with an AK47. This idiot sent rounds through his house and surrounding neighbors’ homes. He also killed Hank in cold blood because our limited range P-shooters was no match for an AK. Hank was simply responding to a domestic violence call.
    In my humble opinion, not any citizen should be allowed to carry a weapon that can pierce through Kevlar, and through our vests. I definitely do not think it should be a federal issue but I do believe each state should look at the issues surrounding the ownership of such weapons and legislate accordingly to ensure the “crazy” citizens do not have ownership. The ignorant citizen who is clueless about weapons and deployment of same can be trained. Yes, I know that “bad guys” will find a way to attain this weapon but it does not mean that we punish the good citizen and keep them from being able to defend their families.
    This weapon would be a great tool for police officers to deploy in the event of situations like the North Hollywood Shootout. It is a weapon that is unobtrusive and therefore eliminates the perception of police being overly armed (a perception that I wouldn’t worry about if I was in charge of operations here. Sometimes you have to be bold and say it as it is and not worry or cater to the liberals who yell and scream the most while using extreme forms of emotion).
    Anyway, I do not believe citizens should be restricted from ownership of such a weapon but I do believe that a common sense approach to ownership is at hand. Maybe the police department could start programs putting citizens who own guns through shoot don’t shoot scenarios (lecture only) and teaching them what weapons should not be deployed if in a heavily populated or habited area. Citizens who do not have law enforcement or military backgrounds should know when to deploy their weapon and what weapon is unsafe to use if they are to be responsible weapons owners.

    Joe S.
    Las Vegas

  75. The magazine release mechanism broke. Anyone know where I can get the parts other than the manufacturer? There’s the spring, pushbutton and apparently something that holds the spring in.

  76. I have an FN Fiveseven USG, the previous poster was right about the various models, however the SS190 was the successor to the SS192, which uses an copper jacketed aluminum “cookie cutter” round with a polymer core that pops out when it hits any significant resistance and starts to shed its copper jacket. This provides an armor piercing effect by turning the bullet into a spinning cylinder that slices through most cloth type body armor. It was replaced by the SS190 as the primary service round for a couple of reasons. First, the increased used of hard body armor, against which it was less effective, and second, its significantly greater damage to tissue against an opponent WITHOUT body armor. Its an open tipped round (not for expansion but to aid in shedding the polymer core), and it was found that the core separated TOO easily in flesh. This made it unsuitable under the Laws of Armed Combat, and so it was superseded, although some police departments and anti-terrorist squads continued to use it for precisely those reasons.

    I’ve ordered the GemTech 57 suppressor for mine and already have the Jarvis barrel mounted. I’ve fired both the lead free SS195LF lead free “practice round” and the SS197SR sporting round as well as the SS192 tactical round through mine. All have functioned flawlessly. I have yet to try to new Fiocchi manufactured SS197SR round, but if they have the same kind of quality control, and given that they’re using Hornady projectiles this is likely, they will probably work flawlessly as well. This 40gr ballistic tipped round is a SERIOUS tissue destroyer, however it is by NO means a “cop killer” pistol. Please note that MANY weapons cause much greater damage and even have far greater armor penetration (my .357 Desert Eagle firing 200gr Carbon solids actually is more likely to penetrate Class 2 body armor and maintain lethal energy than the FiveseveN even WITH the SS192 ammo, both are gas operated semi automatic pistols, so the comparison is apt). The primary advantage of the FiveseveN is that it weighs, even with a loaded 20 or 30 round magazine, almost nothing. I expect the suppressor to come no where NEAR to “silencing” the weapon, particularly compared to my MP5SD, instead I simply hope to shroud the muzzle blast and retard the report to something reasonable so I can use it as an anti-hog/coyote gun on my ranch at 2am and not freak out the neighbors a quarter mile away the way my FS2000 does. Not that anyone in the area is unused to gunshots given the hunting culture in the Texarkana region but it IS good to have consideration for a neighbors sleeping time.

    All in all I’d have to call it a good concealed carry weapon due to its weight and capacity with a single magazine, although Texas won’t let you qualify for your permit with one as its bore diameter is under .30 caliber (an arbitrary limit just because they didn’t want people qualifying with .22 target pistols). It’s an EXCELLENT anti varmint pistol for people who work on a ranch and need to carry a weapon for that purpose OR for self defense. Longer range engagements are as simple as short range ones, and as long as you can SEE the target (and its not larger than a coyote or hog) you most probably can hit it due to the flat shooting rounds (though the velocity lost to the heavier sporting load causes it to lose effectiveness past 200 meters, whereas the SS192 stretches out to 300 meters while retaining lethal energy), and carrying the thing around, unlike the Savage 24’s or other ranch rifles I’ve tried, isn’t a significant issue. Admittedly a PS90SBR would probably be better from an accuracy standpoint, and still be easy to carry, but for now, for me, the FiveseveN is perfect for the role of a general carry sidearm.

    If the Major that shot up Fort Hood hadn’t fallen for the false mystique the anti-gun crowd created, he MIGHT have carried one of the 5.56x45mm NATO based pistols such as those made by SiG and others, attached a 100rd drum, and done one hell of alot more damage than he managed with a FiveseveN and a few magazines of SS197. So you see, those anti-gun liberals DO have their uses, as long as only the idiots pay attention to them. If he’d had one of those loaded with Hornady TAP ammunition things would have been a GREAT deal worse. Fortunately those who gain knowledge of firearms generally are NOT going to risk their rights and everyone else’s by expressing their anger or angst by shooting a bunch of people up. And if they’re REALLY angry, they usually just take it out on a few paper targets, or an unfortunate varmint. Our right to bear arms is to insure the behavior of our Government, not to use them on our fellow citizens, and so, aptly, we must begin to target the criminals instead of the tools. Otherwise we’d have to eliminate many many other dangerous tools, including cars, planes, knives . . . well, you get the idea . . . I just hope Obama does as well, but given his choices of people to work with, I somehow doubt it. The reason he’s appointed so many “Czars” is because if he appointed them to positions that require senatorial approval, like a cabinet post, people would learn what really strange influences he “grew up” with politically.

  77. A few comments… The first version of the Five-seveN was the simple, double action, military model. It was followed by probably the best of the versions, the Tactical model, which featured a drop free magazine and ambidextrous controls. The Tactical model was a military / LE department only pistol and not available to civilians or individual officers for purchase. It is the best of the four versions, hardest to find, and most valuable of the three can be found for sale on the secondary market. The Individual Officer Model (IOM) was the first model that was allowed for individual purchases by law enforcement personnel via agency purchase. It featured the rounded trigger guard like the earlier models, but suffers from a magazine-trigger disconnect that prevents the firearm from being fired when the magazine is removed. The rail was also changed from a smooth rail to a slotted rail (MIL-STD-1913 rail) and moved the serial number, which was engraved just below the slide at the pistol grip on the Tactical and IOM, to a metal plate that is embedded in the polymer frame at the grove of the rail. Adjustable sights were used. The forth iteration, the USG, has the same features as the IOM but with a larger, square trigger guard designed for the U.S. market. It was the first available for commercial sales to the public. The ammunition that has and is available to the public is still of the sporting variety only.

    The SS190 (improved and replaced the SS90) is the armor piercing cartridge. It is not a steel core bullet but rather it features a steel penetrator with an aluminum core. Fired out of the P90 (10.4 inch barrel), the 31 grain bullet travels at 2350 ft/sec and is cable of penetrating kevlar, steel, windshields and kevelar, etc., of varying layers / thicknesses. The round is not available to the public.

    5.7×28 vs .22 WMR? Five-seveN pistol versus .22 WMR rifle is a close contest at close range but not at distant ranges as the 5.7 bullet is more efficient in the design (better ballistic coefficient, etc… meaning it’s more aerodynamic, etc…). Pistol versus pistol? There is no comparison to be made. The .22 WMR is a rifle cartridge designed with rifle powders and it was designed to shoot out of a long barrel (~24″). A 40 grain, .22 magnum fired out of a 6″ barrel will only achieve about 1100 ft/sec while the 5.7 fired out of a 4.8″ barrel is launched at a velocity of about 2100 ft/sec. That translates to ~107.44 ft/lbs energy for the stubby .22 WMR and 391.60 ft/lbs energy for the 5.7 [Energy = .5 x gr x velocity squared / 7000 gr/lb / 32.175 (gravity)]. That’s more energy than a 9mm, 115 gr, Ranger SXT +P round typically carried by law enforcement. Bigger bullets do make bigger holes, all things equal, but when you have a pistol that carries 20 rounds and has relatively low recoil, it makes for an effective weapon. Do a video search for 5.7 and 100 yard and you will see people consistently, hitting metal targets at 100 yards with open sights using their pistols. Try that with a .22 WMR pistol…

  78. Don’t generalize withe the liberal comments I consider my self to be liberal and I own a PS90 and a Five Seven, along with several other guns. The political divide between people does not help the cause for sensible gun rights.

  79. It is awful what happened at Ft. Hood, especially as it could have been prevented. It breaks my heart, just as 9/11 did. After hearing/reading all that I have, I am guessing the success of this pistol is based upon the intial design of the .223/5.56- it was developed to hold more rds in mags, light/small bullet not meant to kill but to maim/bounce-tumble in the body and take more troops out of the fight. A dead person isn’t carried screaming in pain off the front lines by 2-4 troops, but can be dragged by one. Ammo QC would likely succeed in reducing dud/squib rounds- unlike rimfires or mass produced 9mm’s, and FN probably tested the gun for reliability before releasing. Sounds like the perfect choice for the committed, sick bahn-dyouk hasan. At the least, he is a truly devout muslim, abiding by the koran/haditha. Thank God there aren’t more true believers like him in the U.S.

    I have no formal training on weapons or Islam, but have been involved in U.S. Spec Ops for a number of years and have read a few books on Islam. I do not think hasan is psychotic in the classical sense, but anyone who kills outside of war or self-defense/imminent harm to innocents is evil and deranged. Hopefully he will not be spared by political correctness or the insanity defense.

    Just my opinion…

  80. Ben and Tony,

    Actually, it seems huge, but it’s really easy to handle. My wife’s new carry gun is a Five-seveN. She used to carry a Glock 26 w/CT grips, but due to it’s short barrel and heaviness she had trouble keeping it on target (she’s got small hands and is not exceptionally strong). I got her a Five-seveN to try and as soon as she picked it up she was painting the black with multiple shot strings without any add-ons or sighting aids. No trouble with the size at all. Not to reignite the caliber wars but in a crisis I’d rather she had 20 5.7mm rounds center-of-mass than multiple 9mm misses. I get to carry the Glock now :o) She’s got a PS-90 too, which she loves, ’cause it’s just fun to shoot.

  81. I was about to buy this gun before. It felt very plastic and light in my hands and the grip DID feel big. I guess you’d need big hands while wearing gloves to hold the gun properly.

  82. Good post.

    Never knew much about this round or the pistol. Just heard the high-pitched screams of the Brady Crowd and assumed it was on par with a centerfire .22.

    Very good job explaining it.

    Only question is, how the f*** could anybody hold that grip comfortably? That’s wack.

  83. Thanks for the info. My “liberal” friends are all freaked — and the crap in the news is, of course, crap.

    My old Winchester ammo “product guide” doesn’t have the 5.7 mm (yeah I know that’s only a tiny over .22 – but a .223 packs a punch too – but from a RIFLE). I can see that muzzle ENERGY on a .357 is over 530 to 580 and a .45 auto is over 400 … and the 9 mills in the mid 300’s.

    I’m a believer in revolvers — at least for MY wife — and sure don’t ever plan to be without my .357 next to the bed. Maybe I’m sentimental — an old S&W 38 special is why I’m here .. and a couple of guys in Asia … ain’t in their homes.

    If I can squeeze ONE off — on center of mass — I sure hope it’ll be enough

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