FN Announces Spring Consumer Promotion For FN 15 Series

FN America FN 15 spring promo poster

Free FN-Branded Shooting Mat for Qualifying Purchases

FN America has announced the launch of its spring consumer promotion by offering a free FN-branded shooting mat for qualifying purchases of FN 15 carbines and rifles. The spring Free Gear promotion starts March 31, 2017, and is valid through June 30, 2017.

FN America FN 15 spring promo poster Customers who purchase an eligible model FN 15 will receive a dual-colored, FN-branded shooting mat constructed of durable Cordura Nylon. The mat, custom-made by Creedmoor Sports, features extended, nonslip pads for elbow placement and ample padding to protect the shooter in all positions, a $149.95 value.

Eligible models of FN 15 include the FN 15 Sporting, FN 15 Military Collector M4 and M16, FN 15 Competition, FN 15 Competition Limited Edition Leupold package with custom FN-branded Leupold VX-6 106x24mm Multigun and FireDot Green BDC reticle with mount, and the newly-released FN 15 DMR II, FN 15 Tactical Carbine II and FN 15 Tactical Carbine II .300 BLK.

To view the program’s full terms and conditions, list of qualifying products or to submit a proof of purchase for the free gear, please visit For questions relating to the program, please contact the FN Marketing Team at

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  1. Thanks for continuing to keep this topic current. I hate spending time reading material only to find out that it has no value anymore.

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