Photos of Kel-Tec’s RMR-30 Prototype

Kel-Tec CMR-30

At the SHOT Show we got to handle the prototype of Kel-Tec’s RMR-30 carbine rifle. Based off of the enormously popular PMR-30, the RMR-30 is designed to take full advantage of the .22 magnum cartridge with a longer barrel on a reliable semiautomatic platform. The model we handled had a full-length Picatinny rail with Magpul flip-up sights.

The RMR-30 shares the pistol grip and hybrid blowback/locked-breech action of the PMR-30 and adds a collapsible stock and longer barrel. While the PMR-30 has a muzzle velocity of 1230 FPS, the RMR-30 with its longer barrel is expected to have a muzzle velocity over 1,900 FPS, which effectively increases the muzzle energy of the platform by nearly 50%.

No word on when, or even if, this little carbine will ever make it to market. The model on display at SHOT was a non-functioning prototype, and Kel-Tec representatives were mum about any future production.

Still, it’s a neat concept, and with the PMR-30 slowly but surely making its way to dealers, full development of the RMR-30 can’t be far behind. We’re hopeful that it will make it into full production by the 2012 SHOT Show.

Would you purchase this if it goes into production? What would you pay for it? Share in the comments section.

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  1. I’ve had my PLR16 about 9 years.
    The only negative issue I have is I would like a lighter trigger pull. But it’s still better than early Glocks.

  2. If Kel-Tec’s weren’t so darn unreliable, have so many durability issues and be such DIY projects once you buy them, then I’d consider one. But as far as I”m concerned so long as it has Kel-Tec on the firearm, I wouldn’t pay a $ for one based on my past two purchases…which are now in the garbage.

    1. Wow sorry to hear you have bad luck w/Keltec.. I own 3 PMR 30s Gold,Grey,Tan an SU2000,and an SU16.. WITHOUT ANY ISSUES EVER! For 3yrs…over 3000 + rnds through them….my GOLD PMR has 1300 and Still Super Accurate !!

      My PMRs Feed ANY 22WMR I put through them.. 0 FTF..And carry my Gold every day in a shoulder w/2 mags on the other side.. so light I forget im wearing it… along with ..a Whopping 91 Rounds of WMR hps… Clean’em..they work…Getting a RMR now !

  3. If the muzzle velocities you list are correct (I have no reason to doubt them) then your statement that the muzzle energy would be 50% more is NOT correct.

    1230 FPS squared = 1,512,900
    1900 FPS squared = 3,610,000

    3610800 divided by 1512900 = 2.386 times more muzzle energy


  5. The reasons are as follows, they did not have the manufacturing space to make the quantity of guns requested from the public. They have now opened there new 5000 sqft manufacturing space and are tooled up to start producing more PMR 30’s, KSG’s etc… As told to me by someone at Kel Tec is that the RMR 30 will be released this summer, if not sooner as they are trying to get caught up on back orders for their existing guns. If you have been waiting 14 months for a PMR, maybe you should get your deposit back and find another supplier. It is not up to Kel Tec where their guns go after they are made, that is up to the distributors. I have a couple of friends that put orders in different places, one got his in a month the other has been waiting 6 months. Some gun retailers get them sooner or more of them as they are higher on the distributor’s list I guess. My retailer received 3 last month, 3 the month before and 2 the month before that and those that got their deposits in received their guns in that order. Maybe your retailer is not pushing the distributor to get them in. All in all, most should start seeing less of a wait in a month or two for orders with thier new manufacturing site up and running, at least that’s what was told to me by someone that works for Kel Tec. But you are free to buy what ever gun you like if you are not happy with your current situation. Not buying their guns means there will be a gun for someone else that is waiting. I hope it all works out for you.

  6. There are many Kel-tec guns that have not made it to the market! Why is that?! This would make a great gun for my wife along with the PMR-30 (that I ordered 14 months ago and haven’t even seen yet)! Most of my guns are Kel-tec but, I think it’s time to stop buying their guns!

  7. well looks like another kick A product but will be hard to find just like the pistol and when found will be double price common kel-tec kick A products that thousands of us want including me but will probably be 50 plus years old before we ever even get to hold one

  8. Someone at Kel Tec needs to get some kind of word out as to when the PMR 30 and the RMR 30 could possibly be released. Give us a bone… Somethng…. Anything…. I want to purchase both as soon as they are out.

  9. Range Velocity Impact Drop ToF Energy Drift
    0 1900 -1 0 0 321 0
    25 1787 0.36 0.4 0.04 284 0.65
    50 1686 1.04 1.47 0.09 252 1.28
    75 1589 0.95 3.32 0.13 224 2.36
    100 1498 0 6.02 0.18 199 3.92
    125 1412 -1.92 9.7 0.23 177 5.98
    150 1333 -4.94 14.47 0.29 158 8.57
    175 1261 -9.18 20.47 0.35 141 11.7
    200 1197 -14.8 27.84 0.41 127 15.38
    225 1141 -21.93 36.73 0.47 116 19.58
    250 1095 -30.74 47.29 0.54 107 24.29
    275 1055 -41.35 59.66 0.61 99 29.45
    300 1020 -53.92 73.98 0.68 92 35.04

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  13. I have four kids and I can’t think of a better way to spend a family plinking day…. great ergonomics, high capacity, awesome looks and inexpensive ammo. I’m sold. Just make it already!

  14. I’ve had a PMR for a couple of months now along with 6 extra mags…no deforming cases noted as of yet just checked, 28 rounds in each for past 6 weeks. Shoots across chrono at 12′ just over 1500fps. Love it!!! Can’t wait to check out the RMR…Ride Safe & Ride Free.

  15. An increase in bullet velocity from 1230 to 1900 fps causes a 140% increase in bullet energy.
    (134 vs. 321 ft/lbs)

  16. The 30 round clips already have an issue with deforming the shell casings slightly in a pmr30. any more and it’ll ruin your ammo and cause very bad things to happen 40 or 50 is out of the question unless there’s some redesign coming up

  17. I got my pmr 30 and its a beast when the rmr comes out ill be on the list again. The pmr is accurate and i havent had any malfunctions yet on 500 + rounds.

  18. I don’t know where you all live but around me we have lots of RFB’s and PMR’s. But i do live in the same state as Keltec good old FL. so that might play a roll in it?

  19. Kel-Tec is really on their game. I just bought an RFB, and it’s the cleanest Kel-Tec I’ve ever purchased; no ‘fluff & buff’ required. Shoots great, too – the best bullpup trigger I’ve seen, and about as much recoil as an AK.

    They usually deliver, although later than expected. I’ve wanted an RFB since they were shown at SHOT ’08…

  20. Kel-Tec has become the master of releasing these really cool guns yet never deliver. I have yet to see a PMR on the street.
    Why do they taunt us so!?

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