Fire Damages Dan Wesson Firearms Plant


November 14, 2012 – Catastrophe struck the Dan Wesson Firearms plant in Norwich, New York when a fire broke out in the basement of the plant. Unfortunately, most of the ammunition for the plant is also stored in the basement. An employee was first to discover the fire, which was apparently caused by a faulty electrical system, but is under investigation.

The employee attempted to get to a fire extinguisher and put the fire out, but was unsuccessful and all employees had to evacuate. The employee’s hands were burned from trying to extinguish the fire and required treatment.

Beyond risk to the ammunition, the fire was primarily contained within the assembly department. Emergency responders were immediately notified of the ammunition’s proximity to the blaze, but were able to attack the fire regardless.

Due to the damage, the plant is expected to remain closed through the end of 2012 at a minimum.

CZ-USA, the parent company for Dan Wesson Firearms, will assume all customer service responsibilities until the facility can be repaired and returned to full operating capacity. A spokesman for CZ-USA and Dan Wesson has issued a statement asking customers for their patience and understanding over the coming months as parts and warranty issues are naturally expected to experience some delays.

CZ-USA wants to ensure its customers that all orders for new firearms have not been lost or canceled and will be shipped as soon as production resumes.

CZ-USA will post regular progress updates on its website at

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Comments (8)

  1. So if I pistol cost more than you can afford you should talk trash about it?
    That’s just dumb. I have 3 Dan Wesson Revolvers and a 1911 Valor. All fine handguns.
    The Valor is amazing right out of the Factory, You gat what you pay for.

  2. Thanks, Leocadio. I’ll get a couple. I have been impressed by the performance of my 6″ .357 DW. Just not the thing for concealed carry…getting a new S&W .40 “Shield” soon for concealed carry. Sorry to hear about the fire at DW.
    Bill in Dallas

  3. Have a 6″ barrel .357 revolver circa 1978-1980. Does anyone know if speed loaders will work on this firearm? If “yes”, where to purchase? Thanks!
    Bill in Dallas

  4. Sorry to hear employee got hirt. the company o-well. like the other fellow said their price for a 1911 is to much,the price I got was 1699.99 from local dealer, from that dealer I can buy 3 stainless steel Ruger 1911,s And they are excellent Guns check them out.

  5. I’m sorry to of a catastrophe involving any gun manufacture even if they are not my personal favorite, however Dan Wesson is a favorite of mine since they are known for their quality.

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