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Field Care Options for Your Optics

Scopes also magnify your target. Photo courtesy of Alec Dawson.

Whether using binoculars, spotting scopes or range finders or even trail cameras it is important to keep the lenses free of debris, which can cause scratching to the lens coatings. At a minimum, always carry a lens cloth made of microfiber in your pack and never use your shirt to clean the lens as some fabrics easily scratch lens. Microfiber makes lens cleaning safe and easy for light residue and smudges in the field. For heavier surface marks or stains left by dried water or other liquids, use a liquid lens cleaner designed specifically for the brand of optics you are using. A liquid lens cleaner paired with a microfiber cloth is safe for most of the lens coatings on optics these days.

Scopes also magnify your target. Photo courtesy of Alec Dawson.
Good optics cost a fortune, so it is vital to take good care of them to help prolong their life. Photo courtesy of Alec Dawson.

Another great tool is the lens pen cleaning system. At one end is a non-liquid compound on a natural chamois tip that removes fingerprints and grit. The other end has a duster to remove loose dust and debris.

Tips to keep your optics in commission for years:

  • Make it habitual to clean optics and store in the case when not in use
  • Most common danger to binoculars while hunting is falling, this can be avoided with an inexpensive binocular harness or strap
  • With optics it is better to spend a little more now with lens care products so that you do not spend a lot later to repair them.

Do you have a lens maintenance tip? Share it in the comment section.


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  1. I buy pkgs of inexpensive animal hair make-up brushes or painters brushes to carry in my bags & on the workbench. Microfiber cloths are available cheap also at Dollar stores. They are all over my house, in both cars and on the motorcycle. My experience in maintaining them is, wash by hand, wring out gently and air dry. Machine washing with anything else will load them up with lint which is a real PITA to remove. I also prefer flip up lens-caps on all of my weapon optics.

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