Federal Premium Guard Dog Ammunition

Federal Guard Dog Ammo Box and Cartridges

Choosing home defense ammunition is a delicate task since it can be difficult to find a round with the performance to stop an aggressor, yet not over-penetrate.

For example, hollowpoint handgun ammunition is normally considered a standard round for personal defense. The problem is that when a hollowpoint bullet penetrates through a barrier, or even a few layers of cloth, before hitting the intended target, it tends to perform more like a full metal jacketed round. Particles and debris fill up the hollow cavity of the bullet and prevent it from expanding as it was designed to do.

Federal Premium Ammunition has a product that solves this problem. Its Guard Dog Home Defense ammunition was designed from the ground up specifically for home defense. It features a unique expanding full metal jacket design which effectively eliminates threats while not over-penetrating drywall and plywood barriers.

Federal’s Guard Dog ammo works by using an expanding polymer core. The full-metal jacket design cannot fill with debris from a wall or heavy fabrics yet, upon impact, the bullet expands to as much as twice the original diameter.

Tests conducted by Federal showed its new design could pass through four layers of drywall and then stop in less than 15″ of ballistic gelatin. Traditional hollowpoint ammunition, on the other hand, passed through four layers of drywall and continued to completely penetrate 15″ of ballistic gel before exiting the other side.

Guard Dog Home Defense ammunition is available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

How do you use Federal’s Guard Dog ammo? Share in the comment section.

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Comments (16)

  1. I need this round in .380. I have it for my 9mm, and love it, but sometimes I need to be a little more discrete.

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    1. Juan you sir are an idiot. I prefer the aggressive look…
      Keep watching the movies.. it will do better for you..
      The have plenty of tough looking guns for you

  3. Does anyone know where I can purchase this ammo? It appears that “Cheaper Than Dirt” is out, and doesn’t know when they will get more.

  4. The round itself is great, the selection however is not. 9mm, 40 s&w, and 45. I strongly suggest that it be offered in 10mm.

  5. This might be just the trick if you plan on going through states like New Jersey. If you want a good self defense bullet performance, and can’t carry hollow point bullets due to the strange laws in NJ.

    Looking forward to trying these out.

  6. I’ve owned and carried EFMJ in my primary self defense pistols for several years. I look forward to trying the new Guard Dog ammo.

  7. Sorry for the second comment, but I just thought of this:

    Federal, can you give us this in a .380ACP too? Even if we have to take a bit of compromise, there’s a lot of really good 380s that don’t like FMJ that would probably like this bullet.

  8. This sounds exactly like the EFMJ rounds that Federal already makes. It is a great round but it looks like it was just renamed and repackaged.

  9. Here’s the 9mm site:

    If I read the website right, the 9 is 105 gr. That’s a little lighter than the 115gr that my 92FS loves, but closer than the heavier stuff that tends to drift up and left. I just hope this round isn’t too expensive. It tempts me a lot, and would fix practically all of the weaknesses of 9mm JHP (assuming it really works right and doesn’t splinter/flake off a lot or fail to expand too often).

    I wish Federal could get a non-expanding FMJ-equivalent version of this down into the cheap ($15/50) range. We could end the “lead is bad, so let’s ban bullets” excuse once and for all. Not that I want cheap ammo, or anything…. 😉

  10. With this polymer core it will be interesting to see where the weights fall. I would prefer a heavier projectile for mass retention. Also – wonder how the round performs when fired at plain old ballistic gelatin with no drywall barrier? It’s important to know how it’s going to under or over penetrate in all conceivable scenarios.

  11. Sounds good, have been looking at similar products, but have allways been a believer in Federal Premium Hydra Shok, Think I will try these though, Have fired Hydra’s through plywood, and cavity did fill in some,making them act like FMJ’s, Hope they’re made in as heavy a bullet as Hydra, 147gr.

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