Federal Premium Ammunition Announces New 6.8 Offering

Federal Fusion MSR 6.8

Developed by collaboration between Remington and the Army Marksmanship Unit as a possible replacement to .223/5.56, the 6.8 SPC continues to build a strong following. Like any promising cartridge, with a following bordering on rabid, the manufacturers will respond to fill the need. In the case of the 6.8 SPC, there is a rather deep thirst, so Federal has stepped up to the plate with a new offering by adding the 6.8 SPC to Fusion line. Here’s the full release from Federal Premium Ammunition.

Federal Fusion MSR 6.8
Federal Fusion MSR 6.8

ANOKA, Minnesota – Feb. 17, 2016 – Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to announce it’s expanding the popular Fusion MSR line with a 90-grain option in 6.8 SPC. The load joins the existing Fusion MSR lineup, which includes 223 Rem. 62-grain, 6.8 SPC 115-grain, 308 Win. 150-grain and 338 Federal 185-grain options. Shipments of this new product are now being delivered to dealers.

Modern sporting rifles (MSRs) are the most adaptable class of firearms in history, handling everything from tactical applications to elk hunting. Fusion MSR loads are specifically designed for hunting with these rifles, performing to their ballistic peak through 16-inch barrels for AR15 platforms and 20-inch barrels for AR10 platforms. The molecularly fused bullet transfers tremendous energy on impact for deadly knockdown power.

Features & Benefits

  • New 90-grain 6.8 SPC load
  • Primer, propellant, bullet and case are optimized for hunting in MSR actions
  • Flawless feeding and function
  • Skived bullet tip for long-range expansion
  • Molecularly-fused jacket around a pressure-formed core produces excellent accuracy

Are you a fan of the 6.8 SPC? Share your favorite 6.8 story in the comment section.

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Comments (8)

  1. My reading has learned me that the 6.5 Grendel was superior in terms of flight characteristics.
    Also, the 6.8 SPC had better terminal impact numbers.

  2. I shoot with a guy who has an Alexander Arms 6.5, he loves it. But it won’t run a full mag without jamming. I’ve been shooting a 6.8 for five years without a malfunction.

  3. 6.8 SPC with 90-grain 6.8 SPC load and you said it’s propellant, bullet and case are optimized for hunting in MSR actions which sounds good to me.

  4. Never fails that any time someone starts talking about the 6.8 all the 6.5 fanboys come out and run their mouths. Question for all you fanboys out there, for as good as a round that it is, has a single military adopted the 6.5 grendel?

  5. Replacement for the 5.56mm, L0L !
    The SPC in 6.8spc means Special Purpose Cartridge. It was developed for the Rangers/SF for use INSIDE apx 300 yards !
    An actual replacement for the 5.56 would probably be 6.5mm, if sticking with the M16 platform.
    If switching to another platform, I’m partial to the
    British .280/7mm that the US Army refused to consider in favor of the overly powerful 7.62 !

  6. Good ‘ol Remington…always out for a fast buck. The 6.8 is supposed to be the A+ replacement for the .223! Ho-Hum. ANY of the 6.5s are better than the 6.8, but the people at Remington couldn’t see past the fact that the 6.8 was a cartridge of THEIR making. The 6.5 Grendel will beat the 6.8 any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    1. On the range against a paper target the 6.5 Grendel does show a slight ballistic advantage but against whitetail and mule deer the .270 caliber bullet even with the lighter weight required in the AR -15 outperforms the 6.5 anytime.

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