Federal Premium Adds 9mm to Its Micro HST Line for Short-Barreled Pistols

Federal Premium Personal Defense Micro HST 9mm

Federal Premium Ammunition has announced the expansion of its Micro HST lineup to include a 150-grain 9mm Luger load. The new 9mm Luger load is specifically designed for short-barreled, concealed-carry pistols. Shipments of this new product are now being delivered to dealers.

Federal Premium Personal Defense Micro HST 9mm
Federal Premium Personal Defense Micro HST 9mm
Subcompact handguns’ sleek, lightweight designs make them an ideal choice for concealed carry. To perform to their peak, these firearms need the right ammunition: Federal Premium Personal Defense Micro HST. The line, introduced in 2015 with the 380 Micro HST, provides consistent expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance with bullet weights and propellants optimized for the most efficient cycling and accuracy in subcompact handguns.

Features & Benefits • New 9mm Luger load for micro-size concealed carry pistols • Heavy bullet and lower velocity decreases felt recoil and noise • Expanded diameter and weight retention produce the desired penetration for personal defense situations, without over-penetrating • Bullet nose profile, nickel-plated case and Federal primer provide the ultimate in function and reliability in semi-automatic handguns • Clean-burning, low-flash propellants

Do you think your current load will outperform Federal’s new HST or will you give it a try and switch? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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  1. I had always thought that lower bullet weight and faster FPS speeds reduced felt recoil. This report stated higher bullet weight and slower speed reduced felt recoil.
    Now I don’t know the formula, but, do these two different variables equal or cancel each other out?

  2. What an overloaded question. Perhaps CTD might consider asking someone to read her/his copy for sense before posting.

    This new load may work well for barrel length challenged tiny pistols, though the proof will be in reports of gel testing and engagements. When I choose to carry 9MM, I am comfortable doing so in 3.5 inch barreled compacts such as Beretta 9000S or Ruger SR9C, in which I am confident that the Fiocchi 147 gr XTP I use will also do the job. YMMV.

  3. They still make the “Black Talon”, it’s currently in its 5th Generation and is marketed as the Ranger T Series. It is marketed almost exclusively to LE and is relatively hard to find for commercial sale, even though it’s perfectly legal for civilians to own and use. HST does not have the cutting “talons” that Ranger T has, but is a great round. Ranger T, especially in .45 ACP (standard pressure or +P 230gr), is one of the best self-defense rounds IMHO. Expands to 1 inch or greater, around 13-18 inches of penetration with 6 sharp “talons” that are shredding tissue the entire path.

  4. Unfortunately the big introduction and hoopla last year over their 380 Micro HST’s failed well short in actual official ballistics gel tests and the party was over. Most folks in-the-know switched back to the older Hydra-Shock which had always passed tests. As the new data trickles out on this new 9mm HST it will be interesting to see whether it too will fall flat as well.

  5. I currently use Hornady Critical Duty in my Glock 27 .40 and Hornady Critical Defense in the little LCP .380. But I wouldn’t hesitate to carry the Federal HST loads. The bullet opens & expands in a manner similar to what use to be called the Black Talons … but minus the black lubilox lubricating coating that helped give the Talons their bad unwarranted reputation years ago. Federal probably isn’t gonna go into that for ovvious reasons, but these are dependable feeding and expanding bullets that will get the hob of self defense done. So I wouldn’t have any qualms in using them for self defense.

  6. Can’t wait to see the YouTube ballistic gel tests on these new rounds. The current 9mm HST works pretty well down to 3″ barrel lengths already so it will be interesting to see how these compare.

  7. I have a Beretta Nano that needs minimum 124 grain ammo to extract correctly. The larger the bullet weight the better for the Nano, so I can definitely see this new Federal HST 150 grain 9mm ammo being a good fit. I plan on trying some out here in the near future.

  8. let’s try that again! I definitely want to pick up a couple of boxes and see how they run exclamation point

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