Federal Ban on Magazine Capacities Introduced

Official photo of Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty

When anti-gun lawmakers have no hope of reinstating the “assault weapons ban,” they still find ways to kick gun owners in the gut.

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (D-Connecticut) who represents Newtown, Connecticut recently introduced a bill called the Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act “to prohibit the transfer or possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices, and for other purposes.”

The act defines “large capacity” as any magazine holding more than 10 rounds. Unlike past bans, this “Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act” does not include a grandfather clause.

Esty introduced the bill in a press conference on Thursday, February 5. The bill is sponsored by Senator Bob Menendez (D-New Jersey) and has over 100 co-sponsors.

In typical gun banner fashion, Esty skewed the facts in her speech stating that 90 percent of Americans and the majority of gun owners “support common-sense gun safety reforms.” However, the numbers anti-gunners keep repeating come from a poll paid for by gun banner extraordinaire Michael Bloomberg that asked Americans vague questions like “Should criminals have access to guns?”

In the five minutes Esty took to explain her and her cohorts’ reasoning behind the bill she said, “Limiting high capacity magazines will save lives and we know this because it has.” She cited that 11 children escaped when Sandy Hook elementary school shooter Adam Lanza stopped to reload.

However, the state attorney’s official report on the tragic incident states otherwise. The report says the children had a chance to escape a classroom when Lanza paused in his shooting because either the rifle malfunction or he had problems reloading—with no conclusion to the reason why Lanza stopped shooting.

In truth, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, which included a ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds did nothing to “save lives.” It didn’t stop Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold from killing 13 kids at Columbine High School in 1999.

For more on the federal assault weapons ban read, “The Federal Assault Weapons Ban: 10 Years After.” Esty and Menendez have the support of the Newtown Action Alliance, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut), Senator Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut), House Representative Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) and House Representative Ted Deutch (D-Florida).

Senator Menendez released a statement explaining his reasons to sponsor the bill, “There is no place in our communities for ammunition magazines designed for military-style shootouts…”

Because of the Republican-controlled Congress, many believe the bill will fail. But with over 100 co-sponsors, this bill has more support than any magazine restriction or “assault weapon” ban law in the past, Esty reminds us “the momentum won’t stop… We are not giving up… We are not going away.”

Anti-gun politicians are not backing down. We can’t either. Contact your representatives and tell them you oppose any federal ban on magazine capacities.

Do you think this bill will gain much support in the House? Tell us why or why not in the comment section.

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  1. Quote from cherrybark: “I guess the next move will the Jackbooted Storm Troopers come to your home and start torturing you and your family until you fess-up and deliver up the location where you buried them. While they have your undivided attention they will also take away all your firearms so you won’t be tempted to collect anymore. They will be easy to spot, they will be the ones with the SS insignia on their shirt collars.”

    @cherrybark: I don’t think it would get very far. I believe there will be too many dead on both sides for armed confiscation to go on for very long.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    -Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith on Nov.13, 1787

  2. Don’t fret.. Since Magazines are not reguates they are not traceable. That means that EVERYONE not just gun owners will be systematically searched.. Ha Ha payback for the liberal anti gunners.. THEY ARE NOW INCLUDED.

  3. What are they going to do with the millions of mags that are ready in the hands of gun owners? I would think if it even looks like the Anti-Gun idiots are going to win, the suppliers are going to have a fire sale. I only have two, but I may go ahead now and pick up another ten shortly.

    I guess the next move will the Jackbooted Storm Troopers come to your home and start torturing you and your family until you fess-up and deliver up the location where you buried them. While they have your undivided attention they will also take away all your firearms so you won’t be tempted to collect anymore. They will be easy to spot, they will be the ones with the SS insignia on their shirt collars.

  4. Let us remember that venerable COLT designated the first AR platform guns as SP1 They were designated “Sporting Purpose”

  5. All to common for anyone to start believing and repeating what is constantly shoved down our throat bu constant media banter.
    Also the definitions..
    Standard magazine – AR15 comes with 30 round capacity.
    Assault weapon- includes guns bayonets and pikes or ANY weapon you can “assault”(run with) at a threat.
    Assault rifle -It is a designation for the STG(sturmgewer MP44) weapon from Germany in WW11 – the spin is replacing rifle with weapon to make the term more news worthy. In truth this terminology only pertains to the MP44 . The AR15 is designated as a sporting rifle where the M16 is a machine gun. Yes they look alike and that’s the rub. Many makers are changing the appearance to make an AR look less like a M16.

  6. 1). It’s not a Constitutional Convention.
    2). A Convention of States proposes amendments pursuant to Article V of the Constitution.
    3). Our Convention of States proposes term limits for Senators, Representatives, Federal Judges and Supreme Court Justices.
    4). It also reins in Federal Government’s over-reaching powers which erode our individual and States rights.

    Before you speak to the issue of COS, please read the website info.

  7. i urge everyone to check out and sign the petition. Read the application. We CAN throw out the clowns who repeatedly erode our constitutional rights. Be a part of history and be part of the change. Don’t just bitch about it.

    1. The BATFE with this move is making sales soar.
      Literally Billions of rounds will go underground and into long term storage..It’s crap blasting ammo but instantly collectible..
      Not good thinking by our buds in government.. They should have left well enough alone and let M855 ammo fall from favor. It was designed to be non expanding and compliant.

    2. We REALLY don’t want a constitutional convention.

      What are we going to say, “we really meant it when we said what we said in the Constitution, so now start obeying it”?

      The only possible result from a constitutional convention would be a WEAKENING of the Constitution.

      “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The Constitution itself is not broken, the political process is. The political process is broken because We, the People have let the politicians run around like the crazy power-hungry people they are because our social conventions draw that personality to politics and keep most good people OUT of politics.

      What we really need is for the People to grow a pair and throw out any politicians who send justices to the Supreme Court who think BS stuff like the Constitution is a “loving document” (meaning that they don’t really have to obey it), or who pass laws that are clearly against the Constitution. It is that simple.

    3. PeteDub
      You know Pete I went to the site and came to the same conclusion. It sounds like a good idea on the surface but could really create problems. I is a little like initiative and referendum which allow allows citizens to propose or initiate a statute or constitutional amendment. On the surface it sound like the height of freedom. The problem is there are to many nuts out there.

    4. No, it won’t be weakened. Read The liberty amendments by Mark leven. Even if some state Representative to the article V convention proposed weakening the God given rights enshrined in the Constitution it wouldn’t fly with 2/3’s of the state legislature. There is no such thing as a run away convention. That is a scare tactic.

    5. @Sean PK

      Please explain to me why we should put anything up for negotiation i a constitutional convention when when US Supreme Court has already consistently affirmed that the Constitution already protects our rights? The issue is not that the Constitution needs to be changed to give us rights we don’t already have, the issue is that the Constitution is being ignored in large part. A constitutional convention cannot do anything to change that, except to make it worse by giving the people who ignore the Constitution the forum to make their views a new part of the Constitution. You might not think that is much of a risk, but it is a risk especially when there literally is nothign to be gained by taking that risk. The ability of the people say “We really meant what we said before” is not worth that risk, no matter who small yo might think the risk is.

  8. SS1 Your comment actually makes some sense.

    Now I know why there are throngs of new gun owners seeking training and tactics in home/self defense. Not just with a gun either. Total awareness, not paranoia wins over criminals.

  9. The problem with that is the 200 dollar tax stamp, it’s another tax imposed on the American people. The problem is the over reach from the people we elect we as a hole need to vet the people we elect and kick the SOBs out when thy over reach

    1. Yes, that tax is a problem. But the cure might be indicated in a federal court ruling this week, which strikes down the restrictions on interstate sales of handguns.

      As that court ruled, any law that restricts 2A rights must be evaluated under “strict scrutiny” — the toughest standard in constitutional law. It is not enough for a law like the NFA to be reasonable or make sense in order to be constitutional. Under the strict scrutiny standard, the law has to be the LEAST RESTRICTIVE way to achieve the government’s objective (and that objective must be legitimate).

      The NFA can’t possibly meet that standard, because the stated objective (and only possible legitimate objective) of the NFA is to keep certain types of weapons away from GANGSTERS. So, the ONLY thing the law can do is tell GANGSTERS (or felons in general) that they can’t have automatic weapons, etc. (which felons already can’t do without the NFA because other laws says that they can’t have ANY firearms).

      The only possible justification for the NFA would be the argument that the law needs to keep NFA weapons out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, so gangsters don’t steal them from law-abiding citizens. But there is a less restrictive way to keep NFA weapons away from gangsters –enforce the laws against gangsters having ANY weapons, and the laws against gangsters stealing weapons from law-abiding citizens. The argument that “we can’t enforce existing laws so we need to impose restrictions on law-abiding citizens” could never pass the strict scrutiny standard.

      There simply is no need for the government to tell non-gangsters — law-abiding citizens — that WE can’t have NFA weapons, in order to keep those weapons away from GANGSTERS. So, the NFA cannot possibly withstand a court challenge under the strict scrutiny standard.

  10. Well this is my take on this issue while I’m drinking.

    The wicked witch of the east, Elizabeth Esty, thinks she is the all-seeing and all-knowing on proper magazine size, and she thinks she knows what’s best for this country because she happens to be in the same district where Adam Lanza was. This witch knows NOTHING! She’s probably trying to get street cred with the ultra-liberals in Washington, but she’ll probably need to work even harder to get accepted in the DC liberal elite. She’ll probably have to do 50 shades of grey with Al Sharpton.

    Seriously though, Adam Lanza or any other wacko could have accomplished the same results with 10 10-round magazines, stored in a handy side pouch or purse or whatever. Even if this witch and her cohorts are successful, they will stop NO ONE who wants to do bad things. These libs are ignorant morons.

    Lastly, I’m trying to figure out if Esty used to be a man. I’m trying to figure out who’s more attractive, her or Bruce Jenner?

    1. @ ss1: Cracked me up hard, your last line:

      “I’m trying to figure out if Esty used to be a man. I’m trying to figure out who’s more attractive, her or Bruce Jenner?”

      Just hilarious. In addition to your comment, I did notice that Google must feel the same way about her. Upon doing a search, I noticed they spared us the picture that customarily comes up on the right side of the page when a notable figure is Googled. Not a single picture appeared during my search… others may get a different experience.

    2. Hey thanks much G-Man! I really appreciate that coming from you because I’ve read many of your posts and I know you approach these forums from a much more serious and sophisticated law enforcement perspective, so I’m glad you enjoyed my humor, which was also mixed with my true feelings about politics and crime.

      Ya that’s interesting about your photo search. Maybe Google spared us the pain of looking at her 🙂

      Well I’m headed out to a new desert area right now to practice with my AK’s and 40 round mags, like to practice positions not allowed on the range. The area is new to me, but apparently the most popular unrestricted shooting area outside Phoenix, and apparently popular with 4-wheelers and quads, so this should be interesting.

      Have a good day!

  11. Howitzer? Yes in Indiana we can.. but the tax is 200.00 on the artillery and 200.00 on each NON explosive round.. Tanks, machine guns, AOW’s and just recently to be passed – sawed off shotguns
    Indiana knows that if you can afford a 1.2 million dollar Howitzer or a 50 million dollar used M1A Abrahms you sure as heck not using in in crime.

  12. OK, what is the fixation on 10 rounds? No, not in favor but it’s mostly because reloading 3 times is a serious waste of 2.4 seconds when it counts.

    1. 5280Shot
      Speaking only for me. 2 problems come to mind.. First I believe I have a right to have anything the military has.. If you understand the purpose for 2A you will understand the comment. and second, if we give an inch they will try for a mile.

    2. You are correct that you are entitled to have what the military has, but a LOT of people don’t understand this — even some who THINK they are 2A supporters.

      The NFA is a good example. Congress knew that they could not prohibit the People from having automatic weapons, suppressors, sawed off shotguns, etc. So, instead of banning, they taxed. A LOT of people erroneously think that those weapons are banned.

      People might say, “So, you think you have a constitutional right to have a howitzer? That’s ridiculous.” Yes, and no. Yes we do have that right, and no it is not ridiculous. In fact, from the American Revolution until WWI, a lot of the artillery in the US was privately owned, not government owned. If you can afford to build an aircraft carrier (well, not nuclear powered one), you can have one too.

    3. Well Pete I don’t care to own an aircraft carrier although it is my right. I would however like to own one of the A10 Warthogs the military now thinks is obsolete…..
      Best damn ground attack aircraft ever built and they want to get rid of it… JUST NUTS

    4. McRuger,

      The Warthog is a very emotional issue for me. My son would not be alive, and I would not have a grandson, but for the bravery and skill of a certain Warthog pilot over Basra. I wish I could buy that guy a lot of cases of his favorite adult beverage.

      I have many friend who flew Intruders and Hornets, and they all admit that they and their platforms could not have done that what the Warthog driver did that day to save my son and his team in Basra.

      Given that the wars we are fighting today, and are going to be fighting in the near future, will definitely be very focused on CAS, it is not just sheer idiocy to get rid of the Warthog in favor of tactical jets that only do CAS as an afterthought, it is MURDER. Men like my son will definitely DIE, needlessly, just because those [pejorative deleted] with their starched ascots want to break the sound barrier rather than support the guys on the ground with a capable slow mover.

      Marine aviators and Warthog drivers are the fliers of the future, and the fast flyers just don’t get it.

  13. People don’t pay much attention to radical ramblings, but , the scary thing is when you get enough of them together and they get organized, they become very dangerous. Take ISIS for example. These anti gun radicals aren’t any different than ISIS. Just a different agenda. It’s all about control. They all want to run YOUR life. They actually believe that you aren’t capable of taking care of your own life, but they are.
    Remember your history. Those who forget it are doomed to repeat it.
    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  14. I found a site that lists all of the sponsors:

    I am not surprised that Sen. Menendez is sponsoring this bill. I live in NJ and I can tell you first hand that he is as Anti-2A as you can get. He has his hands in just about every bill/legislation proposed to remove rights from the people. I personally voted against him in every election I was able to do so. But to no avail. The liberal Dems in The People’s Republic Of New Jersey love him.

    And now we have Sen Cory Booker too! yay. That guy was mayor of Newark. If you thought Newark was a dump and couldn’t get any worse….well Booker said “Challenge Accepted”. So what did the people do? They elected him Senator. Makes sense.

  15. Getting kick backs from magazine manufacturers like Magpul I bet because this will make her employee of the month for sure. Time for record sales again. This is one way to stimulate the economy, stimulate gun owners to buy buy buy.

    Liberals are completely lost when it comes to reality.

  16. Dear Democrats

    Remember that election in November when you got whipped like a rented mule at every level available? Yeah… that was just a few months ago and we STILL feel that way about you.

    Now toddle off and let the adults run things a while. If we need to win a war by posting “gun-free-zone” signs we’ll give you kids a shout.

    Love ~ The American Electorate

  17. “Breaking News”. This just in…two 30 round magazines arrested and charged with murder in a drug related shooting in Detroit, the most gun-restricted city in the US. Film at eleven.

    1. WAIT A MINUTE. You mean to say that bad guys can get firearms and big magazines even if there is a law against it? WOW.

  18. Our Muslim President is definitely doing everything in his power to destroy this Country particularly with his divide and conquer strategy. He has attempted to divide this Country along racial, ethnic, economic, gender, political party, sexual preference, and religious lines to mention the main ones. He has pitted Citizens against illegals and his intention regarding our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights is perfectly clear. Stifle decent, take away firearms, and spy on the general populace. If you see similarities here between dictatorial regimes and the current trend in this Country that is not coincidental nor unintentional. He is a narcisstic, power hungry, megolomanic and this Congress does not have the stones to Impeach and Convict him for all of his ongoing lawless acts and transgressions of the Constitution. You should encourage all of your friends to arm themselves and be ready to protect themselves because they are going to need to do that.

  19. The Good Lord willing this one will die on the vine as it well should. Are they so afraid of “we the people” that they feel it necessary to disarm us? Apparently so. It’s good for the bureaucrats to fear the people. It’s all that stands between us and an authoritarian government. That’s what the Second Amendment is all about. Not hunting and target shooting, but to prevent the central government from usurping power from the states and ultimately the people. It’s obvious they either don’t understand the Constitution, or they do understand it and want to eliminate our God given rights. JHMO

  20. RE: ESTY & MENENDEZ; What else do you expect from ignorant ASSHOLES? You can’t reason with STUPID……. ARGUE with it, SURE… BUT you will NEVER REASON with it.

  21. The Supreme Court already resolved this issue in Heller. Any firearm “in common use at the time” is protected under the 2nd Amendment. For example, the AR-15 is the 3rd most common long arm in history, with its standard capacity 30-round mag. Because that firearm (which includes the standard capacity magazine) is in “common use” then the AR-15 enjoys constitutional protection.

    Also, as a mathematical matter the notion of a limited capacity mag is flat wrong. For example, of the shots fired in the 1986 Miami FBI shootout only about 6% hit their targets in places resulting in incapacitation. Given that on average it takes 2 hits of a 5.56 NATO round to incapacitate an attacker, it takes a full 30-round standard capacity mag in order to have reasonable mathematical likelihood of stopping a single attacker (30 rounds x 6% probability of hit = 1.8 hits).

    Tell the Members of Congress who support this BS that their security detail can only have 10-round mags.

    1. Petedub,

      Thank you for being the first poster to call it what it is… a STANDARD capacity 30-round mag. I get so annoyed when people call anything over 10 rounds “high capacity”.

  22. A recurring theme, liberal democrats acting like socialist, trying to infringe on the rights of Americans. America does not want any magazine restrictions period! What we DEMAND is that our Constitutional Rights be left alone. This needs to be a wake up call for those that still vote for democrats, if you want to be treated as a second class citizen keep voting for democrats. If its freedom and less government intervention you crave then vote conservative Republican… i.e. TeaParty candidates are who you need to be supporting! Any one supported by this nations biggest socialist michael bloomberg you will want NOTHING to do with .

  23. The facts speak for themselves. Anti-gunners refuse to look at the facts and keep blaming guns. More guns in law-abiding citizens’ hands = less violent crime. They can’t see past their idealistic views and distorted concepts of peace.
    It’s been said before but to re-state the obvious: do you think criminals intent on shooting innocent people care about a magazine limit? Do think they will not be able to acquire one that holds 5 or 6 more rounds just because law abiders can’t legally buy one? And will it make one ounce of difference to a criminal if he or she can’t legally buy or possess a magazine that has more than a ten round capacity?
    All of this nonsense makes me sick. Gun owners- stand up for your 2nd A rights and support the 2A organization of your choice. Let’s please get these elitist clowns to stop wasting taxpayer money on bills that hurt and degrade our rights as Americans.

  24. WE THE PEOPLE have a GOD given right to own the fire arms of our choice. Per the 2nd amendment I we you have the right to own any weapon or military has. Again we as a hole let our government take our freedoms a little at a time before we now it, it’s gone. I pray we the people can take our country back from the tyrants we call government for our kids to have a chance at the country I fought for and I love.

  25. It’s hard to remove a Congressman for cause, but statements such as Senator Menendez’ and the other 100 co-sponsors should be an automatic impeachable offense; because by its very nature betrays the U.S. Constitution that they are sworn to uphold and defend.

    “Senator Menendez released a statement explaining his reasons to sponsor the bill, ‘There is no place in our communities for ammunition magazines designed for military-style shootouts…’”

    His very activities move to defy the Second Amendment he and the co-sponsors are obligated by law to protect. Whether such a law goes into effect or not, their activities have already endeavored to violate every U.S. Citizen’s right to bear arms by attempting to deny them access to proper arms; which by definition in the Second Amendment – is intended as a definitive declaration that citizens have a right and responsibility to keep up arms with that of the government’s military in order that they maintain the capability to suppress any possibility of a tyrannical federal government.

    Their actions are already suppressive and tyrannical in nature when they attempt to intentionally disadvantage the citizenry by imposing rules to reduce the number of rounds as compared to their federal counterparts. Their actions are simply a violation of the law and subject them to impeachment and imprisonment. But no one I see in the current Congress has the courage to make the case or bring the charges.

    1. @ G-man

      Well-said! The problem is (and has been) that politicians must churn out new laws or die on the vine. The Esty-Mendendez nonsense (as we all know) will do nothing to prevent the use of a semi-automatic firearm by next classroom spree murderer, yet the anti-gun community still sticks to its tired belief that all we have to do to prevent such crimes is eliminate firearms…..especially semi-automatic ones. Again, we all know that this is another lie, spread by those who refuse to accept reality.

      Illegal firearms are available from the underground black market. Illegal pistols with no identifying serial numbers are manufactured in the Philippines and distributed world-wide. Restrictive laws passed by the likes of these two ignorant Connecticut politicians hurt only law-abiding firearm users, not serial or mass murderers.

  26. It seems every article I looked up on this has plenty of information from a publicity stunt press conference, but not a one of them can actually point to a bill number being issued or any committee taking up this proposed legislation for discussion. This one is dead before arrival with only 100 Democrats behind it. Look up their names, and work on removing them from elected office if any of them is not securely entrenched in a blue state liberal hell hole. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    1. A bit of research on the congressional record show this as bill H.R. 752. A bill to prohibit the transfer or possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices, and for other purposes; to the Committee on the Judiciary.
      By Mr. PRICE of North Carolina (for himself and Mr.
      Duncan of Tennessee)

      So it will be interesting to see if the Judiciary committee will be willing to take this piece of fascist garbage up for consideration.

    2. Thanks zmortis for looking up the H.R.# I called my congressman immediately and ask him to vote against it when it came up. It would have been nice if this web site would have supplied the #, maybe they will next time.

  27. Why doesn’t she sponsor a bill that will attenuate criminal acts?

    I though all crimes against man were illegal.

    Attacking an inanimate object serve no purpose since a criminal will law break anyway. That is their job you know.

  28. I keep buying larger and larger magazines for my handguns and long guns as well as shotgun shells of different variety

  29. Like most of the anti gun legislation this is just an exercise. 100 sponsors is only 20 percent of the members of Congress. With a Republican House and Senate this bill is DOA. Trust me, the only thing it will do is sell more guns and more magazines and insure that we move one step closer to people thinking about taking a more aggressive self defense stance against any level of law enforcement that would be stupid enough to try and enforce such a law. I am amazed at how arrogant these Democrats and President are thinking that after the last election they can continue to do anything they like. In Connecticut they estimate that between 80,000 to 100,000 gun owners refused to register their guns after that legislation was passed. The State Police made no effort to enforce the law because they feared violence and millitias coming in from out of State to help the Connecticut Gun Owners resist if needed.

  30. I for one have never seen an “assault rifle” this is just another attempt by an over reaching government. I for one am tired of being told I can’t have something “from a government that keep taking from me” because I’m to dumb and thy now what’s best for us. WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up against this over reaching bull sh!/. What part of SHELL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON do these clowns not get. If we give a little they take a lot !!!!!

  31. Apparently that dipstit didn’t learn ANYTHING from the massive non-compliance taking place in CT. 85%-90% of the CT Patriots IGNORED and therefore nullified their stupid and unconstitutional law. Approximately 500,000 scary rifles and tens of millions of massacre inducing magazines remain unregistered and in the hands of those Patriots. CT state government and law enforcement are totally baffled by the non-compliance, and do not know whether to defecate or go blind!

    If this is what happened in the bluest of blue states, what do they think will happen on a national level?


  32. Make use of the easy “contact your representatives” link at the end of the above story to tell your senators and representative that you want this stupid legislation killed.

  33. As we continue to standby and watch the left continues to chip away. This proposal reduces the intent of 2A (to fight tyranny) without actually touching the Amendment. This is how they will eventually get the guns. A little at a time staying on the edge of 2A without actually piercing it. Fortunately we have both houses now and unless there are traders we should beat this.

  34. now you folks know why I moved from that ass- backward state to the Lords chosen ground-the SOUTH. America thrives here and the people are great-totally unlike the oppressive north.

    1. Another lame attempt to slide 1 past us by the sneakiest admin to ever have the position to intro such things up for debate and vote. This is all part of the plan like the admins in powers complete 360 on ground troops now in syria and iraq annd invoking the war powers act suddenly now.the !TRAITORS! as mc roger tried to mention are sitting in our white house in many opinions .Thankfully the anti liberal and had enough smart people and gun owners from both parties have taken most of that power away but in their last few yrs they have left expect the assault will go on. we just have to be vigilant ,do not give in ,and vote smart beause of policies not they speak well and it is the so called COOL IN thing to do in America today. VOTE PRO GUN w/e party and we need a strong leader in America not the wimp we have now followed with another wimp .JMHO doomed to fail i say .again .

    2. This woman is just another of a long list of idiots that are on the payroll . Please ignore this self-serving moron , thank you from a taxpayer . Lady go flip some burgers or run a car wash but please quit .

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