More Fast and Furious Guns Found at Mexican Crime Scenes

Sharyl Attkisson at CBS News is reporting that three more weapons from the U.S. Justice Department’s failed Fast and Furious program have turned up at crime scenes in Mexico. According to Justice Department tracing documents obtained by CBS News, all three guns are WASR-10 7.62-caliber Romanian rifles. Two were purchased by Fast and Furious suspect Uriel Patino in May and July of 2010.

Sean Steward, who was convicted on gun charges in July 2012, purchased a third. The rifles were traced to the Lone Wolf gun shop in Glendale, Ariz.

During Fast and Furious and similar operations, federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) pressured the Lone Wolf and other gun stores to sell massive amounts of weapons to questionable purchasers who allegedly trafficked them Mexican drug cartels.

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  1. In reply to Hank, yep…they work for us. The biggest problem in this country is the fact that the vast majority of registered voters ARE complacent, they ARE willing to accept status quo as long as it doesn’t mean losing their TV, they rarely pay attention to what’s actually going on but Lord knows that they do complain about everything being as it is. The proof of that is the fact that they NEVER use the most powerful tool we have to help fix this mess. It’s called a vote. If we vote and continue to set the standards of conduct we expect from our politicians, we can force change. It will take time but it can be done. By voting, we can choose who works for us, we can choose the things we want our representatives to do on our behalf, we DO have the power to force term limits and to make recall elections a part of the process nationwide. We can toss those who represent us because they really DO WORK FOR US. The sad part is that watching a game or playing one on an X-Box is more important than really paying attention to what our leaders are doing. We created this monster and we are the only ones who can fix it. If we don’t, then we will be talking about the good ole days of gun ownership and the freedoms allowed in our constitution. I’m just one person and like you Hank, I understand that we’re getting screwed. Imagine the change that could be made if 50% of the voters actually paid attention to what’s really going on and voted accordingly. My father-in-law fought in Korea and Viet Nam and retired with the highest rank an enlisted soldier can obtain. He has a group of old friends (retired military plus a few active) that do pay attention and they take the time to email their findings to friends. It’s really scary that the majority of Americans pay so little attention.

    Closing up, in Maryland there is a young man, a retired Secret Service agent named Dan Bongino who is running for office and strangely enough, my father in law from Florida turned me onto him. Google him and read what he has to say. That man is dead on honest and yes, I vote and I will do everything I can to help him get elected. He and his family are local to me, they are small business owners, regular folks with kids in public schools. He’s a breath of really, really fresh air and he has it figured out.

  2. Here’s a fairly easy way to hit the pockets of the large manufacturers hard while still finding the weapons we want to purchase. Stop buying new, PERIOD! I can identify an easy dozen shops in Md that always have a fine selection of used handguns, rifles, shotguns, AR’s…you name it, there are always plenty of HIGH QUALITY used weapons for sale in gun shops. Some sell them on consignment, some sell them as part of their inventory, but the point is, there isn’t a gun shop anywhere that’s worth buying from that will sell anything that’s not premium quality first and foremost. Yes, the have junk also but if you can’t tell the difference between high quality used and used junk then you shouldn’t be buying a weapon for any reason. One website that I get a list from daily via email is gunsamerica and they always have very high quality used weapons for sale, many having less than a box of rounds shot from the gun. The finish qualities are typically like brand new, the weapons are obviously checked before placing them up for sale because no reputable gun shop is going to stick it’s name and reputation on a piece of junk, especially with the constant rambling in Washington and our State Governments over gun control. If your ego drives you in a way that everything just has to be new, then so be it and you can pay the extra bucks and help the big companies profit margin. Buying a high quality used weapon puts the money back into the local gun shops and since most are Ma and Pa or family businesses, God knows they need to make a living. Before I stop I’ll give you an example. I just today picked up a Remington 270, model 710. This weapon is pristine. It’s clean, no scratches, no dings, no wear indications anywhere on the weapon including the scope and I paid a little more than half the price of a new one. Of course I’ve bought plenty of new but of all my weapons, my favorites are the pre-owned weapons. Most are pristine, older classics that are beautiful in looks and performance. No dings and no damage (other than my own dings) and they cost me at the very most, 75% of the price of brand new. Just give it a little thought. If HALF of us stop buying half of what we purchase brand new, that will hit the big guys very, very hard in profit margins. Regardless of what anyone says, their largest profit margins are in sales to the public. Any government sales, whether local, state or federal have such low profit margins that they can’t survive on those sales alone. Do what your brain and ego tells you to do, but keep an open mind to at least looking for the nice pre-owned stuff out there. It’s money in your pocket because pre-owned are less expensive than new and it’s money in the local gun shop who has a family and employees to support. Do you really think that the major manufacturers really care about us as long as we buy new? When you can’t win a fight against government legislation, win it by cutting off the profits.

    Every gun owner in this country needs to start paying attention to what’s really going on with respect to gun control. What you see as news from the vast majority of the major networks is what they are told to release. If you think I’m kidding about that then start comparing the major network news from Fox to NBC, CBS and so on. One network will stand out immediately as reporting differently and that network will ALWAYS be dead-on honest with it’s reporting. I was challenged to compare and I saw it for myself. Two days on each network’s news and you’ll see it. Thanks for hearing my two cents worth, hopefully it will cause a few of you folks to pause before you buy. One last point, you can never find everything you might want to purchase as pre-owned, but at least hurt them when you can.

  3. And we are surprised by this revelation in what way? If you’re going to use a weapon effectively in an illegal Government supported operation, the reliability of a WASR-10 7.62-caliber Romanian rifle is certainly the way to go. A true bullet hose! This entire failed operation is simply another way the Obama Administration is keeping American citizens safe from harm…NOT!

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