The New Faces of NRA News and Why They Matter

There’s no doubt you’ve been hearing about NRA News’ Colion Noir. I would venture to guess you’ve seen at least one of his videos (perhaps the one a few posts down). However, he is just one of the three new commentators the NRA has tapped to bring life and diversity into full focus.

For too long, the NRA has been pegged as a racist, sexist, old-fat-white-hunter-guy only club. But, as many of us know, that’s not the case. The firearms community is not all-anything. It isn’t all-male; it isn’t all-white; it isn’t all-Republican—and it definitely isn’t all-hunter. So why would the largest gun-rights group be made up of a demographic it doesn’t represent? No, the NRA is multifarious with members of different races, genders, affiliations, and creeds as well as varied shooting interests. Now, the NRA is letting those who weren’t aware of its diversity know it is okay to join the ranks. By selecting these new commentators, the NRA is reaching out to the demographics needing their voices heard the most: the non-hunters, non-white and non-male gun lovers.

The first commentator revealed was Mr. Colion Noir. Noir has been an Internet personality for quite some time via his YouTube channel  and Twitter handle, MrColionNoir. As a self-proclaimed “urban gun enthusiast,” Noir has published over 180 videos featuring his views on current firearm legislation, products, events and just about everything else. As a law student, he is well-educated on the legal and political subjects of guns, and he presents his ideas in a very clear and entertaining way. He stated that he didn’t shoot a gun until he was 20, but it was love at first shot.

The second commentator also got her start on the Internet. The founder of, Natalie Foster has been a familiar face in the firearms community. Raised in West Texas, but living in urban California, Foster was never a “gun nut.” But, wishing to spend some time with her family, she went out to the range and began her “love affair with guns.” Distraught over the lack of community for women shooters, she designed her website to bring women together and help new shooters learn more about their new passion. She cites her favorite firearms as the AR-15, the Sig P250 and the Desert Eagle. NRA News brought Foster onboard to bring light to the “hidden face” of gun ownership—the women—as well as focus on the current discussion of guns for self-defense.

The final commentator is still a bit of a mystery. NRA News announced the third new commentator is Dom Raso. Raso is a former Navy SEAL shocked by the current legislation introduced in federal and state governments. He says he finds it absurd that the government wants to dictate and control which weapons he can use to protect his family. In his introductory video Raso states, “As long as humans exist, there will be weapons in this world. We’re better off knowing how to use them and apply them for the right reasons—than not knowing how to use them.” Though NRA News has said little about Raso as of yet, I believe he will serve as a representative for a new generation of veterans as well as the family man who wishes to use his firearm to protect his own.

So, why does this matter? The American gun culture is different from what it was 50, 20, even 10 years ago. More people are buying guns, but fewer are hunting. More and more women are buying guns for self-defense and leisure. If the NRA is going to represent all American gun owners, then they have to bring these people into the fold and into the spotlight. It can no longer remain the caucasian-male-hunter dominated group it once was, but must encourage all gun enthusiasts to stand as one for their rights, safety and pastimes. Perhaps you haven’t joined the NRA because you thought you didn’t fit the “mold,” but with NRA News’ new line-up, I think it is safe to say the mold has been broken, and all gun lovers are welcome and encouraged to join.

What do you think about the news faces of the NRA? Tell us in the comment section.

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Comments (7)

  1. I just read this letter and I am grateful that someone has the guts to stand up to Bloomberg. I have written my Senator asking him if someone can put a muzzle on Bloomberg before he does any more harm to the American Public and Congress with his hair brained schemes. In 1 1/2 years, I have yet to receive an answer.
    I live in a suburb of Denver, CO and there are several shooting ranges that have a ladies night, usually Tuesday. Only women are admitted and the shooting range stays open a little longer than normal. The range only charges for targets and ammo or they can bring their own. They pay no range time.
    I have spoken to several of the staff at the range counter and at first they did not have a very big turn out. In less that 6 months there is now a waiting time. They do try to limit the clients shooting time so lady will have an opportunity to practice.
    If Bloomberg is going to go after women, he isn’t going to win the heart strings of all of them, I know that for sure.

  2. @CTD Scott

    Agreed. I just from an empirical/ethical standpoint have an issue with the ‘mathematical approach’ but realize this is just IMO.

    But your point is well articulated and spot on no doubt.

  3. That’s great news! I am always shocked how few women/minorities I see at variuos shooting venues.Frankly hunters are the worst group of gun rights supporters I know. I would like to know how many hunters are NRA members %wise verses competitve shooters/military/police?? I bet that would be a surprisingly LOW number!

  4. Mark,
    I am personally against Affirmative Action and Gender/Race quotas in the workplace. However, I believe it is important that the NRA reach out to people that are not “stereotypical” NRA members. The hiring of these new commentators is not out of a need to fill a quota or conform for a federal tax write-off. Rather, bringing in these new faces will give NRA members fresh perspectives, and encourage others to join the NRA. The Second Amendment secures a right for all men and women to own firearms until that right is forfeited by the individual.

    Thanks for the feedback,

    CTD Scott

  5. It is a real shame that we now judge EVERYTHING in our society based on Numbers and Quotas…I have and forever will believe that the only factor/variable that should be considered when hiring someone is if the PERSON regardless of race, creed or gender is the best qualified PERSON for the position?

    We no longer ask this question but simply, what stat are we looking to fill today…? Sad.

  6. I agree with the nra. I use to hunt and my kids too. But not as often as before, I was raised up with guns, and being a vietnam vet I fought for everyones guns rights, if they so choose to own one. I believe in the 2nd amendment and with out it you will end up like nazie germany, hitler with his SS boys.

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