Top 10 CTD! Facebook Posts (Sept 22, 2012)

Here’s a sampling of what our CTD! Facebook friends found interesting recently.

  1. Fourteen states advocate less restrictive CCW laws in Maryland
  2. Survival Tracking Guide
  3. Bazooka Plinking
  4. So, you couldn’t hit the target?
  5. MKA 1919 12 gauge on sale again
  6. Mossberg 500 passes stringent U. S. Military Mil-Spec 3443 standards
  7. Survival Saturday: Paracord has many uses
  8. “The greatest battle implement ever devised”
  9. Tip: If you’re not sure a gun is safe to shoot — don’t
  10. Trivia: What does the flag “stand” for?

Fourteen states advocate for less restrictive CCW laws in Maryland (Sept 10, 11529 likes, 221 comments, 10090 shares)     Hmm…Good to know (Sept 15, 5594 likes, 75 comments, 4762 shares)    Looks Like Fun To Me (Sept 12, 5150 likes, 131 comments, 1712 shares)    Post-shooting-range conversations everywhere (Sept 13, 3583 likes, 92 comments, 1139 shares)    It’s on sale again! Don’t miss out on this great price that you can’t find anywhere else. (Sept 14, 1942 likes, 133 comments, 575 shares)  This is the only pump action shotgun ever to pass all stringent U. S. Military Mil-Spec 3443 standards.  (Sept 15, 1787 likes, 136 comments, 293 shares)    Survival Saturday: Paracord has many uses. What are some cool paracord applications you’ve come up with? (Sept 15, 1783 likes, 113 comments, 262 shares)  “The greatest battle implement ever devised.” George Patton. For WW2 infantry, no doubt. For WW2 infantry, what should be in second place? (Sept 14, 1297 likes, 378 comments, 156 shares)    Tip: If you’re not sure a gun is safe to shoot — don’t (Sept 13, 1270 likes, 193 comments, 209 shares)  Trivia: What does the flag “stand” for? (Sept 11, 1140 likes, 229 comments, 199 shares)

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