The Best Facebook Pages for Women Shooters

Picture shows a screen shot of Girls Guide to Gun's Facebook post.

Although half of my girlfriends are gun owners, when we are together we spend more time engaging in girl talk rather than gun talk and we rarely shoot together. Thankfully, though, I have over 35 friends I can turn to when I need a dose of gunpowder. I like and follow over 35 Facebook pages dedicated to women in the outdoors. Included are political groups, individuals, competitors, retail establishments, shooting leagues, non-profit organizations, news groups, and general interest groups—pretty much any page made for women who love guns that encourages, empowers, entertains and informs. Liking and supporting these types of pages provides a positive online environment for women interested in shooting, hunting, archery and other outdoor activities.

For those of you without a network of like-minded and supportive women in your area, connecting with other women through social media outlets can help you feel less isolated. Further, we love sharing tips, tricks and especially reviews on our favorite products and there are plenty of those online for you to peruse. Out of the 35 plus pages I like, here are my top five favorite women-gun lovers pages on Facebook:

Picture shows a screen shot of Girls Guide to Gun's Facebook post.
Girls Guide to Guns is one of my most favorite Facebook pages.

1. Girls Guide to Guns

Started by Natalie Foster, the Girls Guide to Guns is one of my absolutely favoritest Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, and websites devoted to all things girls and guns. Natalie posts a variety of gun-related content from news stories, pictures, blog posts and random observations. Always upbeat and positive, Natalie never posts anything inappropriate.

2. Cornered Cat

The Cornered Cat is writer and defensive firearm instructor, Kathy Jackson’s page. Kathy knows her stuff and has an excellent website chock-full of informative articles she penned. I read and refer to them often. The Cornered Cat Facebook page primarily focuses on a daily tip. However, she posts links to her articles and other informative articles she finds worthy of sharing.

3. WON- the Women’s Outdoor News

WON is dedicated to all things outdoors—not just shooting and firearms. WON posts updates on female shooting competitors, women’s outdoor news stories, women hunters and fishers, gun reviews and pictures of women participating in outdoor sports.

4. The Well Armed Woman, LLC.

Picture shows a screen capture of a Facebook page picture of a gun holster that fits between the mattress on the bed.
The Well Armed Woman shares favorite products.
Founder Carrie Lightfoot administers the Well Armed Woman page that, in my opinion, offers the most variety in its content. She shares news stories, fan and fun pictures, trivia, terms, tips, facts and everything in between.

5. NRA Women’s Network

The NRA Women’s Network Facebook page is surprisingly only a year old. This page caters to empowering women by mostly posting personal video profiles of women shooters. The NRA Women’s Network also posts the occasional news story, updates on events and classes and a bonus game recipe of the week.

My five favorites barely scratch the surface of available resources for women gun lovers online, but these serious and knowledgeable Facebook pages are a great start. I encourage you to “like” and “share” them with your shooting and non-shooting friends alike.

Shameless plug moment: I didn’t mention it, but of course, Cheaper Than Dirt’s Facebook page is one of my all time faves. Though we cater to all shooter and outdoor enthusiasts, on Wednesdays we post content that relates to women. If you don’t already like the Cheaper Than Dirt Facebook page, do it now!

What are your favorite Facebook pages geared towards the female shooter? Share it with us in the comment section.


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  1. Are following calibres ammo in FULL METAL JACKET type adequate for self defense, esp. home &/or cars ?
    .40 S&W
    .223 Remington

  2. Much like the Well Armed Woman, this sight fosters education, training, empowerment and fellowship of like minded women. It fosters local shooting leagues.

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