2012 SHOT Show Special Report: FAB Defense K.P.O.S. Pistol to Carbine Conversion Kit


If you don’t have enough accessories on your Glock already or want to add more, or if you want your Glock to look super badass, or if you want to have a more stable platform for shooting your Glock, or if you want to be accurate in long range shooting with your Glock, then you need the K.P.O.S. pistol to carbine conversion kit. Made in Israel by FAB Defense, the K.P.O.S. pistol to carbine conversion kit turns your Glock 17 or Glock 19 into a short-barreled rifle (SBR) that must be registered with the ATF. With the folding stock attached, the Glock is even smaller than a compact UZI.

When gadgets like this come out and you get a chance to try it, you take it! We shot one yesterday at SHOT Show’s 2012 Media Day at the Range. The report coming back on shooting the conversion kit is it is “extremely accurate,” “easy to shoot,” and most importantly, “it’s awesome!” Here is a tip though; it is easy to go through ammo very quickly, so the pistol to carbine conversion kit is best with a Glock chambered for 9mm. It is compact and easy to transport, it fits easily in a discreet rifle case. One of the best features of the pistol to carbine conversion kit is the ability to add a compact red dot sight. Because of the stock, the recoil from shooting your Glock will not interfere with your holographic sight.

Specifications and Features

  • Drop-in installation
  • Allows use of original iron sights
  • Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Mounts to front and back of the pistol’s frame
  • Includes charging handle, single-point sling attachment, folding stock with rubber buttpad, and top, bottom, and side rails
KPOS on the Table KPOS Left Side KPOS Rear View KPOS Takedown
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