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Eric Holder Resigns — What it Means to Your Second Amendment Rights

Attorney General Eric Holder

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. announced his intention to resign as soon as a replacement can be named. Although his departure will be unlikely to cause Second Amendment supporters to shed a tear, it does raise concern as to the political leaning of Holder’s replacement. With the November elections around the corner, the stakes of protecting your Second Amendment rights just shot through the roof.

Attorney General Eric Holder
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Political prognosticators and analysts have noted a strong bias in our current President with a history of appointing and nominating highly partisan individuals to top leadership roles. With a republican House and the Senate up for grabs, Holder’s replacement will largely be decided by which party controls the confirmation process, which could have lasting implications on gun rights.

Even if you believe all politics are local, Holder’s tenure has been fraught with controversy. For example, here are a few of Holder’s most scandalous moments while in the Obama Administration.

Opposition to Second Amendment Rights

In 2008, Eric Holder claimed the Second Amendment does not protect an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, but only applied to government militias. Survey political scholars and historians, and you won’t find an instance where Holder has opposed a single gun control law or proposal. This follows a long history stretching back to the 1990s where Holder advocated, “brainwashing people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” And stating, “What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that’s not cool, that it’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we changed our attitudes about cigarettes.”

Fast & Furious

A U.S. government gun-trafficking investigation gone horribly wrong resulted in the death of U.S. Border Patrol officer Brian Terry, and landing some 2,000 firearms in the hands of criminals. Additionally, 57 Fast and Furious weapons have been connected to at least an additional 11 violent crimes in the U.S.” The operation was not such a scandal based solely on the outcome or effort. Instead, Holder’s DOJ tried to blame the effort on a failed Bush administration effort know as Operation Wide Receiver.

DOJ Requested $382 Million for ‘Gun Safety’ (Identity Bracelets)

Holder testified in April 2014 before a U.S. House of Representatives appropriations committee and acknowledged the existence of the Second Amendment, which gives people the unqualified right to own and carry weapons. He then changed direction and qualified the statement by expressing support for several gun control measures that he described as “common sense reforms.” Among them was a need for smart guns that would only function if the gun identified a fingerprint or the user was wearing a specific bracelet. All of this was under the guise of the $382 million requested for gun safety.

November 2009 Senate Committee Hearing Suggests

In an aggressive gun control push after the Fort hood shootings, President Obama asked lawmakers not to use the shootings in ‘political theater’ However, it would seem Eric Holder did not get the memo. After explaining and defending his decision to give enemy combatants constitutional protections and the right to public trial in civilian courts, Attorney General Holder revealed his support for a national gun owner registration scheme and authorizing the government to ban firearm possession for any person by merely adding that person’s name to the terror watch list.

The upshot was Holder’s recommendations for a national, permanent gun registration system administered by law enforcement. A registration of citizens that have cleared the federal background check for gun purchases with those records permanently retained by and shared among law enforcement—a National Registry. This also detailed a plan for a new federal authority to prohibit any person on the federal watch list (reported to be 400,000 names) from buying guns and supporting the confiscation of guns from those on the list who possess them. Due process be damned, he wanted to stick your name on a list and strip you of your Second Amendment rights.


Eric Holder is not and never has been a friend of the Second Amendment and to that end we can all—with a collective sigh—say, ‘good riddance.” However, the danger exists of Holder’s replacement being even further to the Left and even more anti-gun. The best advice is to remain engaged in the process, support gun friendly organizations such as the NRA, NAGR, Second Amendment Foundations and others and be ready to speak out against the nomination of Holder’s replacement if necessary. When that happens, Cheaper Than Dirt! will be sure to bring you the latest Second Amendment news.

How do you feel about Holder’s resignation? Is he setting himself up for a run at office elsewhere? What about his replacement? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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  1. Another piece of work from the white house. Ignorant and ineffective. Puppet master slays puppet. Now who’s pulling the strings? Soros? My ass executive privilege.

    1. @ KArtas.

      NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Think for a minute? If Holder, like J. Edger Hover was as Good as they Say. He’d KNOW where the “Political Skeletons Are Buried”. NOBODY in Congress, Senate, or the Courts are going to Challenge Holder in Any WAY, SHAPE or FORM. They CAN’T or WON’t take the Chance, that ANY of those Secret Skeleton’s will see Daylight.

  2. If they replace him with another anti gunner, what difference does it make? The Congress will STILL be afraid to tell the next AG no.

  3. Think about this : Holder resigns and our illustrious leader slobama promotes him to the supreme court after the oldest of the group, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, passes on. Her health has not been good….Just food for thought.

    1. Scary thought LAW DOG but I suspect that is the plan. We are going to have to live with Holder and King Obama for a long time.

  4. Whenever I get notices of pending bills, federal or state, that will restrict or further limit gun control laws and our second amendment rights, I must first look up the names of the politicians who will vote on passing these bills. Next, I must do a search to confirm the official emails, phone numbers and official addresses. Once all this information is collected, my next step is to compose my concerns and objections before choosing the best method to contact the members directly.

    Many sources (NRA etc.) have already done the research and listed the information by state. Some include form letters to use. Many make it so easy that one only need sign form letters which they send, as a unit., on our behalf!
    May I suggest some time saving methods to speed up the process and most importantly greatly increase the number of us who participate and contact our government agencies. Based on my experience, many of us just lazy and don’t feel like going through all these steps. I propose we simplify our procedures to reach more interested folks in our agenda!

    1. We centralize a web site containing all the information needed to make contact. If we had one site that enables everyone to have a simple method to make our view known. I happen to have a job that allows me more time to do the leg work, but most working folks don’t have the time, even though they want to get involved. There are many gun magazines and gun lobby groups who try and reach all of us but don’t offer a straight forward and the
    simple means to to react.

    2, If all the sources, trying help us to protect our rights, could get together and refer everyone to one site we would see much better results. It is not that everyone is lazy, but so many of us have time restraints from our jobs, family situations, and the every day treadmill that chews up our time.

    3. Simple is best. You all know the many varied sources that support our efforts. Our problem is getting everyone to react. The easier it is to access critical information and explanations of each of the bills we need fight, the
    better it is.

    4. We need streamline our method. We need it done now. We need to pass the word and stop this important legislation NOW! Keep it simple stupid.

    5. Let me know your thoughts, but we do not have much time to make a united group effort to stop the jerks like
    Eric Holder and Governor Brown, in my state of California, who continue to erode our rights.

    6. Let us work smart and unite all our sources into one strong voice that says NO to da bums.

    We must get it done,

    Karl J. Mc Craley Sr.
    So. California

  5. I was recently at a gun show and saw a bumper sticker that read the following: Thought to Ponder. “Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or SA – ordinary citizens dont need guns, as their having guns doesnt serve the State.” Heinrick Himmler; Reichsfuhrer-SS WILL THE UNITED STATES BE NEXT.” There is an old saying .” History repeats itself!

    1. You are 100% right on this. If the American citizens sit on their hands and let our own government take away their gun rights we are doomed to the same fate. We must stand together and oppose the anti gunners. We all must do our part to vote out from public office all who oppose citizens rights to own firearms. This also incudes magazine limit bans & ammo bans. All gun owners must vote out the anti-gun liberals and their supporters from public office. Show me a gun owner and you will see a free man. Show me a un-armed man and you see a waiting victim.

    2. JDM Dealers /ThisSideUP^
      The problem is the we are sitting on our hands. We cannot depend on the vote to change things because again to many to many republicans don’t vote and the people we put in office do not do their jobs. If republicans would have turned out for the 2012 election Oblahblah would not be president. If things are going to change, if we are going to protect our rights WE need to get vocal and get visible and I mean big time. It is very nearly to late now.

  6. Eric Holder is approved now only for dogcatcher of a small town, in spite of a Law Degree. Appointed to the Supreme Court is ridiculous, never gonna happen. He does not klnow the law that he studied. He is a follower lackey only.

    1. Dog Catcher

      May he and the guy from Mississippi, who was running for Congress, and lost can do it together. It’ll be like Forrest and Bubba, again.

  7. in response to TJaM:

    There is no debate here just simple facts. Fast & Furious was named under Obama administration not Bush. Holder was responsible leader in charge & knew all about Fast & Furious which, He still denies. Gun dealers in Texas where forced to participate in Fast & Furious & later Holder attacked these FFL holders that where made to comply with firearms sales against their wishes. This is well known. If you are trying to say Holder was not involved in any way with Fast & Furious then, I should call you Sgt. Schultz, I know noting, nothing. Sorry I had to put that one in. Holder was involved & should be responsible for his actions. Nothing more and nothing less. There is real debate here. The news is out and people know what happened. Sorry I am not a Liberal either. Have a nice day.

    1. No wouldn’t hear it on Fox but I am certain you wouldn’t watch FOX anyway. MSNBC and CNN tell you what you want to hear. See TJ, Liberalism is just a stupid that can’t be fixed. It won’t accept truth, fact or reality. Liberals are sheep believing what they are told to believe all to make themselves feel good and promote socialist government.

      Have a special delusional day.

  8. @ TJaW or TJaM or whomever you’ve decide you are today: You are wrong again. Can you read? Can you comprehend what you read?

    The Bush operation was not code named “Fast and Furious” it was named “Project Gunrunner”. Obama’s administration came up with their own new and entirely different operation, but based it loosely on Bush’s “Project Gunrunner”. That is an indisputable fact and a matter of record.

    Obama named his scam “Fast and Furious” and the operation began in 2009 exclusively by Obama’s administration. No guns had ever run south under Bush’s operation and no one had ever died. However, Obama on the other hand did authorize cross border smuggling for political reasons which did in-fact lead to someone’s death.

    It is unfortunate that you can’t detect the difference. You write as if there were something wrong with the original Bush operation code named “Project Gunrunner”. There wasn’t. It was quite effective and was carried out legally, Obama’s version was not – and thus the Congressional investigation.

    I find you exceptionally immature to be unable to see the difference in a legal operation by Bush and Obama’s criminal version of it. But the most childish aspect is you claiming – “He (Bush) started it first” like two kids poking each other. Grow up.

    I understand your initial need to compare everything bad Obama does to Bush. We conservatives laugh at y’all for it because you continue even after 6 years. It is unbelievable you are aware it is our longest running joke on Obama lovers and yet you still perpetuate the humor and continue to compare.

    But seriously, as badly as you need to clear the name of your failed messiah, he’s too far gone. Even the liberal media has distanced themselves from him. Supporting Obama isn’t even hip amongst liberals these days; or haven’t you heard? Just let it go.

    1. G-Man.

      You can call it anything you want. But, if you trace it back the date of origin. It STARTED back to the BUSH/Cheney Administration.

    2. @ TJaW: I don’t have to trace it back to anything… I worked the operation, which makes me somewhat of an authority you idiot.

      I don’t normally reveal this much about my employment, but I am close to retirement so I can risk talking a little about it now. I just want to make sure this forum, which I care about, knows what a real idiot you are. You know nothing.

      These were two entirely different operations under two entirely different administrations. The only similarities is they both used the same agencies. Now go away and be nothing somewhere else.

    3. Well said G-Man.
      Let him go. As we’ve discussed before, liberals have no way to process facts or truth. It’s just not in them.

  9. At JDM Dealers.

    Re-read your history, but. Fast and Furious took place during the Buch/Cheney Administration. Not the Obama/Biden Administration.

    1. @ TJaM: Wrong. During the Bush Administration the BATFE operated under “Project Gunrunner” which never allowed straw purchased weapons south of the border. Its purpose was to truly curb the flow of illegal guns.

      Thereafter Obama morphed it into his “Fast and Furious” plan, which was exclusively his brainchild alone. It was loosely based on the successful merits of Bush’s effective “Project Gunrunner”; however Obama intentionally perverted the operation for his own political agenda by allowing the guns to flow into Mexico.

      However, unlike Bush’s operation, Obama had no intent towards the honest interception of would-be straw purchases on the U.S. side, but instead was now flooding Mexico with guns in order to later exploit the southbound weapons as a ploy to sensationalize and initiate gun control here in the U.S.

      Before Obama could capitalize on his efforts the plan backfired on him with the death of a U.S. Agent and several Mexican nationals whom all died by Obama’s gun scheme. That is what exposed Obama and all hell broke loose with the so-called “Fast and Furious” scandal and thus led to Obama’s abuse of his Executive Privilege by invoking that protection to cover it all up.

      It is quite disturbing that you as well as many other mindless liberals can’t seem to draw the distinction between a real President like Bush and a socio-Marxist imposter like Obama. It is actually quite disgusting but is also why our Country is now in the toilet where I suppose you all must want it.

      And should you decide to start an argument with me. I am a Fed and was at the proverbial “ground zero” well before F&F broke. So don’t even bother.

    2. at. G-Man

      You just said it yourself sir. MORPHED. Its not the fault of the LAST administration, that the Incident MORPHED into. Its the FAULT of the Administration that started IT. Fast and Furious, Started in 2006 and Ended in 2011. Obama/Biden Administration, weren’t even in office, let alone the White House in 2006. Just like the WACO Incident, It started in the BUSH Senior administration of February 28, 1993 and MORPHED into the CLINTON Administration in 2000.

    3. I think you’re the one that needs to read some history instead of repeating the official lies. Two thing are always the same with you liberals. You can’t process facts or truth and nothing is ever your fault.

    4. at jd.

      Fast & Furious started in 2006. Which Administration was in office in 2006? Obama, didn’t take become President until 2009. DO THE MATH.

    5. @ TJaW

      Ya know TJ you are proving that age old saying, how does it go again???

      Oh yeah, “Liberals are always wrong but always pleased with themselves”

      Really now read the history and try to understand what your reading.. MSNBC does not count as research.

  10. Dave, I owe you an apology. mixed the “l” for the “v”; Neuropathy plays hell with typing. Sorry Won’t happen again.

  11. RE: “terminal ammo”. I’m’ glad some of you are ahead of me on this info. However, what sees to be overlooked is the acid/corrosive compound added to the ammo. It’s supposed to be immune to ,or will be , by the time everything is in place. THINK! : If they can’t get your guns-legally or otherwise, their only recourse will be to make them inoperable. It won’t happen overnight but, by the time you realize it, your guns are ruined: End result- the same; NO GUNS- they win. Do you know how much powder is imported ? Don’t think for a sec. the gov’t can’t/won’t ban the import if the manufacturers refuse to follow the gov’t’s mandate for the powder’s composition. Do you think you ,or stateside distributers will be advised? Hell No! These steps are being taken as we argue about it now. They may not all be in effect currently, but they’re Damn sure in the works. Believe it; Dismiss it, if you wish. But at least give some serious thought.
    By the way, Dave. You wouldn’t happen to work for the gov’t would you?….Just askin’ .

  12. Doesn’t anyone get that any gun bans or abortion restrictions with be struck down by the supreme court. Let’s not forget the only president to ban guns and give illegals amnesty was Ronald Reagan.

    1. You liberals need to get a clue. You think just because Reagan did something Conservatives all think it’s just great. WRONG. The Right has screwed things up just as much as the left. The difference is the Right hasn’t openly tried to destroy the country. As far as the Supreme Court since when are they not political.

  13. Keep it up. Nut jobs like the ones carrying AR-15s in grocery and department stores, coffee shops and on the street, will be the very reason all of us will eventually lose our rights. Morons, every single one of ’em.

  14. Holder will resign, get arrested, indicted and Obama will turn him loose with a “Presidential Pardon”….then he’s Scot free. Not a bad game plan huh?

    1. kemosabe Tonto

      Right, and what charge are you going to arrest him on. Being Attorney General of the United States while Black?

    2. There is no reason to bring race into this matter. Holder was involved in Fast & Furious and is responsible for the deaths that have happened. His incompetence cannot be denied. No matter how many times he claims ignorance. Wake up and deal with this disgrace to our country.

    3. THERE IS EVERY REASON TO BRING RACE INTO THIS. The highest ranking cop in the country is openly racist. Check his Failure to Prosecute the Black Panthers and the dozen or so comments about how he and Oblahblah are treated. His comments about how racist America is. If he ends up on the Supreme Court he will continue the Oblahblah agenda to divide and destroy this country.

  15. This is a far reach, but not impossible. How about being nominated to the Supreme Court. Also being pardoned by Half Ass salute Obama.

    1. The Court is my greatest fear, it would put a radical rogue in the most important court in the land.

    2. He’s already got a position within the industry he defended from corruption charges etc, in fact not ONCE did he allow or bring any charges to the banksters. JP Morgan chase hired him at $77 million a year…pays to be an America-hating, corrupt Nazi

  16. Very interesting idea about expiring ammo. I have also heard people claiming a attempt to alter shelf life of ammunition sold to the public between two to three years shelf life. Regarding a nulling chemical added to gun power. This way after a few years ammo could not be returnable & customers would not be able to stock pile lasting ammo. If true, the customer would have to keep buying ammo that would continue to expire. Just think how much more money could be made? Then the expired ammo would be useless to the public. Now what if the government required a ammo permit for you to by only a limited supply of ammo each year. Cutting & limiting availably of ammo to the public. Special government licensed ammo companies now producing all ammo in US. Ask yourself could a government official attempt something like this? I have no idea if this is possible or true. But, where there’s a will there’s a way. Sneaker things have been done by our government. Something to think about!

  17. In responds to: Oldawg.

    Your talking of literally thousands of Ammunition Manufacturers and their Chemical Compound Suppliers. Let me know when the Blue Fairy and Elvis, come to town, hand-in-hand.

    1. @Mogwai – Thousands? Really? Would you care to support that number somehow – like a link to the list?

      Also, Dale, what makes you think that every one of those companies wouldn’t go along if the feds required that formulation? First, if they don’t comply, the feds will find a way to close them up. Second, citizens who store ammo now would just have to keep buying it over and over and over – and that is profits my man.

      If you’re going to try to play the tin foil hat card, you need to at least try to hide behind some semblance of reality in order to not look like you’re smoking fairy dust yourself.

  18. am I hearing things right; that they are trying to” terminalize” ammunition ? At least that’s what my brother says.. Something about putting a deteriorating compound in the powder of factory ammo, and recalling/ banning existing ammo supplies; also adding some type of acid activated by ignition and ruining the firearm.” Going thru the back-door”; so to speak. GONNA GET YOUR GUNS; One way or the other. Seems to be par for the course; does it not? Anyway if you don’t reload, start learning. and stock up on any and all components while you still can. This proposed ammo is supposed to last only a few months, including shelf-time. Who knows how long it may have been on the shelf when you get around to buying it? I don’t know how to reload now, but I’m sure gonna learn. Any body else heard anything about this? Just asking

    1. Supply facts, not conspiracy theory. Think about it a minute. No ammo supplier is going to throw away the millions that they have inverted over such a plan. If you have facts supply them or shut up.

    2. I have heard this mentioned as something proposed by Obama’s minions. Creating a priming compound with a short life span. They suggested it would be a good way to prevent people from stockpiling large quantities of ammo. Since they aren’t having much luck with their gun control agenda, this would be a back-door way of regulating firearms. I don’t think it went anywhere though.

    3. Won’t happen for a lot of reasons.

      1. They talked about this under bill Clinton, back during the first assault weapons ban.

      2. Product liability. Assume a planned 5 year life span. Any such a planned chemical deterioration would technically start as soon as it was loaded, and continue until the point where the load would not fire. Given the actual amount of priming compound in a primer, or the amount of powder in a cartridge, that would mean that during the planned 5 year deterioration, the performance characteristics of the load would be continually changing, Chamber pressure, velocity, etc.

      That would mean that as you approached the middle of year 4, the ammo could be weak enough to cause a bullet to lodge in the barrel, with the next bullet possibly causing a firearm blow up. possibly could happen in year one or year two also.

  19. In any case, it’s a good thing to show this guy the door. He and his boss have no respect for the Constitution. His appointment was to forward an agenda. He is a puppet who will show up at another show dancing to the same tune. As for his replacement, it is predictable that the nominee will be no better. We must be vigilant in letting Congress know what we think. They do care about votes and their gravy train livelihood.

  20. Rush Limbaugh thinks there might be a possible Supreme Court nomination down the road for Holder! Wouldn’t that be the worst situation ever?

    1. Indeed. However, remember that each and any “appointee” has to be approved by Congress- not that THAT should give us any relief, what with those idiots being the most corrupt EVER. But at least it isn’t just an easy-in for Obumma. Personally I’m faulting the voters in the area of John Boehner for re-electing that weak, paltry, frightened, arrogant MILLIONAIRE of a RINO, panty-waisted excuse for a Representative our poor cause could EVER have!! SHAME on you who re-elected him to the House this past term!! You have killed us all, and if not, have at least made it extremely difficult now that they who are supposed to be our our OWN supporters have given away ability to *impeach* this Nazi when they had the CHANCE to! SHame on you, ignorant voters!!

  21. Holder is running away. You’ll see. He has not turned over evidence, He’s been asked or told to get out to help buy some Dem Votes for Nov. This is the most crooked gov’t ever. What a farce. They lie and lie. The American People have lost the reasoning and logical thinking ability. Corruption, Chicago Politics, bullying, threats, and more lieing. C’mon America wake up. The gov’t is suppose to support the population and not ram down their ideas down our throats. God help us all.

    1. Amen to brother Ron. All of us home born & bred honest American citizens are having our Constitution walked on and shoved down our throats. Washington DC is nothing but a bunch of selfish scam artists. Out of all congress people that were not millionaires when they took office, only one today is still not, Like Ron said, “Wake up America”! And I am not even going to touch our lying commander in chief, you better get the picture.$4 trillion in 4 years? WAKE UP !!!!!!

  22. Don’t think for a minute this is good for gun owners, there is no shortage of more radical gun grabbers that can and will likely be appointed.

  23. This is not necessarily good news. Holder is resigning in order to be in position to be nominated to the Supreme Court when a position comes open under Obama.


    2. Holder was a puppet of Obama. He has been an embarrassment to his office and he has pointed the finger at others for his involvement in Fast & Furious, claiming ignorance. Truly unbelievable the nerve of this bureaucrat. Most likely Obama told him it’s time to go your making me look foolish. I am glad this gun grabber is going with his tail between his legs. To do and act the way Holder did in office is a crime to the good American people. People have died & suffered because of his incompetence. Holder has no remorse or fear of punishment. He deserves to go prison for his actions. I can only pray to God for a better replacement. God Bless America.

  24. Can anyone explain why the NRA, NAGR, GOA, Second Amendment Foundation and other Gun Rights groups, never join hands to “sing around
    the rosey” and present a United Front? I belong to all 4 of these and have asked them time and again this same question. Perhaps Cheaper Than Dirt could get an answer- I sure as hell can’t……..

    1. this 81 year old in the DOJ wants to wait until she knows there will be a anti gunner in Holder’s place before she retires. now we have to worry about another gun grabber worse than holder.

    2. in responds to: usafoldsarg.

      Because the NOT Mutually Exclusive or Compatible. They each have there own AGENDA, of what they think is Right for the Rest of US. It’s like have a room full of ethnically diverse people, trying to decide on what too Eat For Lunch. CHAOS!

    3. when I heard of Holders pending resignation- I t made me want to sing an old song by country singer Roy Clark titled Thank God & Greyhound you’re gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. These people are all Satanists and control most all of the governmental positions significantly useful for their purpose-prepping for the eventual takeover seemingly justified by the false flag ‘terroristic’ events that they themselves control and put into operation to support further ‘legal’ gun control laws that will help facilitate their takeover.
    Holder is being replaced because he is too generally known and associated with those more nearly extreme gun control efforts so at this point his usefulness has stagnated and become a negative. One might wonder if they are in such control already that they will not feel the need to be subtle about using him again in some other capacity. It will be interesting to see if they do and say a lot about the reach of their control. Of course his replacement will of the same ilk as they will not want or have to give away this position that is so useful to their gun control/confiscation efforts. It will just be someone with the same goals but only that this individual will be seen to have a clean track record that they hope will be able to get away with more by not (at least initially) being exposed like Holder.
    Those 400,000 people on that Federal watch list are more likely patriot types than criminals whom the Feds have classified as likely to fight when the time comes and they will likely be secretly arrested and disappeared along with those surviving returning veterans who have not been more nearly neutralized by wounds. The Satanists will eliminate first, before they get a chance to get organized, all those who pose the greater potential threat to stalling their takeover.
    And while I am at it, all that suggestion of epidemic PTSD that supposedly all these returning vets have, is not really PTSD. It is witchy programing that has been directed at them while overseas to help justify passing legislation to disarm them and eliminate any contribution they might otherwise make against the takeover. Chris Kile was killed by a Marine friend who just happened to be a bit crazy. All of these recent shootings have been done by guys who just seemed to go ‘crazy’. Most all of which have followed a fairly rigorous protocol of killing themselves (witch programming) which removes them from any possible in-depth forensic pathology study which might turn up some degree of facts related to just what made them do what they did.
    This has been used for who knows how long. Jack Ruby is an example of being witchily directed to kill Oswald. Ruby’s attorney said she could not work with him because he was incoherent and delusional during his trial-crazy again. Its not a coincidence.
    Do you see many false flag witchy directed shootings, etc. happening in other generally Christian countries? Not so much. There are necessities for such in other countries but not on the scale that we have here. That is because this country is key so we are targeted as such.
    If any are interested, I will explain how the Satan/witchy hypnotic programming/influence thing works and what Illuminati actually refers to (that bit of info may have been/should have been out there but I have not seen it. It should expose you to the level of spiritual warfare that has always had its physical application but is now about to become very real for all of us as it hits us in our homes.

  26. do you really think anyone in govt. is going to risk their jobs going against the current admjn.? I am definitely NOT advocating any sort of uprising ,but what good does it do, if the popular-vote is not recognized and the electoral college is manipulated? How/why do you expect things to change? $$$$ rules and we don’t have enough to buy real justice for ALL? What do WE do? ” IT” is on the horizon. There are too many vets who have been through too much to put up with much more of this crap.. By the way, how does one get this thing to underline or indent paragraphs? I’m not type-efficient (correct P.C.?) and this hunt/peck thing is not conducive to expeditious communicating with others. Bi-lateral neuropathy doesn’t help either.(Another present courtesy of Uncle Sam). Any help is appreciated.

  27. this is my first e mail and on any computer at all (less than 7 wks. I have looked in but never voiced any opinion. this changes things. I don’t know how sincere anyone is, either singularly, or as a whole, on subjects voiced on websites but I’ll stand by what I say, and I say Holder should be held accountable for everything he has turned his head to and that asshole in the White House should be impeached forthwith. It’s time someone in position of authority grew some balls. Male or female; makes no difference. ( no disrespect meant toward any ladies present) Get him out of office and get things straightened out before it’s too late. I didn’t leave some of me behind in The Storm to come home to this crap. As I said, I say what I mean, and if some entity from anywhere out there decides to pay me an uninvited and/or unwelcome visit, he/they will be most surprised. At the very least they will not be the same when they leave…. I’ve said my piece. You can have it now.

  28. Eric Holder has been an Obama puppet all along, and the fact that he is leaving is good news, but concern over who will replace him is misplaced. A new AG will still be under Obama’s control, and will follow the President’s orders. I also disagree with author Dolbee’s assessment that Operation wide receiver was a failure. This operation was on a much smaller scale, was done with the knowledge of the Mexican government, did NOT result in any known deaths, and resulted in something like a dozen prosecutions. Also, any idea of Holder winning a Supreme Court seat is highly improbable for the foreseeable future. The Filibuster still exists for SCOTUS nominees, and even if the Dems hold the Senate after the mid-terms, it is almost certain that their majority will be slimmer than it is now.

  29. I think that because of the outstanding work of Judicial Watch and their relentless pursuit of the truth via FOIA lawsuits, Holder is on the verge of possible criminal charges once some court-ordered information comes to light regarding Fast and Furious, Benghazi cover-up, IRS targeting of conservative non-profits etc. He announced his pending resignation just a few days after a court order to produce documents the Obama administration has been hiding for years.

  30. I am glad to see this racist go. He cannot avoid any charges just because he resigned….. I hope they get on all contsu

    1. Yes, he has resigned, but what is the real reason? Don’t forget who is behind him what does he have in mind? We haven’t heard the end of the story. From past experience it could be worse.

    1. Do not count Holder gone or down and out. Justice Ginsberg has stated she will not retire her boney, progressive/liberal/socialist/communist/Dem a$$ until a true liberal has been selected to fill her position. Who better for the lefties than Holder with his racist, anti-gun, anti-Constitution mentality? He is just what Ginsberg would like… a true believer.

    2. I’m afraid you may be right. I can just see Dear Leader appointing him to the Supreme Court. What a nightmare that would be.

    3. Get out and vote Republican and help them control the senate. Because of the rule change Harry Reid made, a simple 51 / 49 majority is all that is need to block his nomination.






  32. The Republicans need to do anything they can legally to prevent confirmation until after the elections. If they win the senate they need to do the same until after the new senators are seated so they can have a shot at getting an honest AG in office. I don’t want a Republican lap dog anymore than I want a Democrat lap dog but I do want an AG that will at least conduct timely investigations and not obscure, delay and shade them like Holder has. Case in point: Fast and Furious is how many years past and nothing has happened that can be determined, no accountability or transparency. The list of other examples is well known and the evidence that some investigations and prosecutions are given head of the line while others are buried based on political and ideological bias is undeniable. Holder can take offense all he wants but for my money he is corrupt. And, that has nothing to do with race, only performance. Like his boss and close friend Obama, I believe Holder is ideologically incapable of performing in an acceptable and unbiased manner that serves the country well, the entire country.

  33. Eric Holder is now more dangerous than ever. Regarding the position of Attorney General, his attitude may well turn to, “What will they do, fire me?” giving him the boldness to do even more against the rights of the people than anything to this date.

    Obama is already rumored to having a few names and recommendations in line for his replacement, most of them as leftist — if not even more so — than Holder.

    Remember folks: W. Bush said the Constitution is a g-ddamned piece of paper, and the media went nuts. Obama has repeatedly declared that he is “constrained by” the Constitution, and nobody in the media even blinks.

    Do not breathe a sigh of relief regardless of who is in office! Criticize them all.

    But we are all aware of the enemy currently occupying the Oval Office, and know how far he wants to go to put people under control. His minions openly declare they want to implement a Socialist America. This cannot be allowed to happen!

  34. Get ready folks, things are about to become quite interesting…

    Obama, let alone Holder himself, had no intentions for his resignation, as they had much unfinished mischief planned ahead. However, they simply could not overcome the Federal Circuit Court Judge’s recent ruling which forces the release of hidden Fast and Furious documents to Judicial Watch which were previously protected by Obama’s bogus executive protections.

    But the kicker that finally set Holder’s resignation in motion was the more recent denial to extend Holder’s mandatory release date of the documents, of which Holder tried to have drawn-out right up to Election Day this November. What a coincidence eh?

    Anyway, once that was denied by the Judge, the proverbial “house of cards” came tumbling down on Holder which left him no choice but to be forced to resign in order to spare him the impending impeachment these documents will surely bring.

    Now for the aftermath – with Holder being prematurely forced out, Obama must expedite his nomination for new Attorney General and push for a fast confirmation approval through to Congress while he still has the majority in the Senate.

    But also watch for a twist. Obama knows he can accomplish even more mayhem by using an interim appointed AG as a scapegoat for all kinds of crazy DOJ rule changes. He could accomplish this by instead appointing a temporary AG for an extended period of time while claiming he is courteously awaiting the new Congress to be seated in January before he makes a permanent AG nomination.

    Just my thoughts – but what do I know? I’m just a lowly government employee.

  35. Obama will ask someone on the Supreme to resign early an then appoint Holder . Hold on to are 2A rights look out America we r being systematical turned into a muslim nation. We can’t even say Islamic terrorist, that’s because r pres is one, buy all the ammo u can now, the war is coming

    1. @ Lynn Austin.

      Two words,PIPE DREAM! Neither the House or the Senate would approve. Unless Congress does something extremely, even for them. And hand OVER all its power’s, because they’d rather spend more lining their own pockets. Then actually doing their jobs.

    2. Bring it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. No one wants your guns. This is a myth created by the GOP to get low information voters, such as you, to be afraid of the President. Learn the real issues. Republicans think that by causing you to think only of guns and religion, while they try to dismantle the middle class. They’re coming for your jobs, homes, healthcare, Social Security, and medicare. THINK FOR YOURSELF.

    4. I think you are the one that should think for yourself. Maybe get your face out of MSNBC and take real look around. Liberals are taking this country apart piece by piece and taking 2A rights is a big part of it. The word Is out and the vast majority of the country now sees your hope and change for what it really is. Take your lying president and your socialist garbage down the road.

    5. It is not a myth, it is a fact. Various state legislatures have considered bills that require confiscation of currently-legal firearms. Look at California SB249 as an example. Other states have introduced similar bills. Fortunately none of these bill have passed, but their introduction is proof positive that there are people in government that do in fact “want your guns”.

      Additionally, the Violence Policy Center, an influential lobby, is solely focused on firearms and has advocated banning handguns, black rifles, and other typed of firearms. The Brady Center is another anti-gun lobby.

      If we have various state governments introducing bills that include confiscation, and powerful lobbies supporting such action, how is it that this is a GOP myth? Seems to me that the gun control proponents practice the old strategy of “deny, deny, deny” when the evidence is pretty clear.

    6. Not trying to take our guns? Really?

      “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for
      an outright ban, picking up everyone of them (every gun) Mr. and Mrs.
      America, turn ‘em all in. I would have done it.” Senator Dianne Feinstein in 1995

      “Our main agenda is to have all guns banned of course. We must use whatever means possible. It doesn’t matter if you have to distort facts or even lie. Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” Sarah Brady, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (Quote from Short Takes by Ken VanDoren/Reality News 6/19/14)

      President Obama has said twice that I know of that he is “constrained by” the Constitution (or something like, “a system our forefathers put in place so he could be more eloquent and not too directly admit it). Once was regarding the so-called assault weapons ban, when he thought he had enough political support for the measures to pass. What more did he want, and from what was he constrained?

      Obama, and now many other Democrat politicians, also use Australia as an example of what they want for a gun control system. That does, by the way, include confiscation, violation of rights against illegal search and seizure, due process, and more.

      But hey, if you can’t believe the words of your own trusted politicians, that’s you. You voted for them.

  36. It doesn’t matter who the replacement is… It will be an Obama lapdog no matter what… This is timed perfectly though, as Harry do nothing is very likely on the way out as Senate majority leader…

  37. Holder is a criminal and at best a poor excuse for an AG. However as the author says at lease we knew Holder was anti 2A, anti Constitution and a racist. Obama could a likely will try to appoint someone even worse than Holder and Holder in turn appointed to the Supreme Court assuming there is a vacancy. Obama has nothing to lose which could make the next two years an absolute nightmare. .

    1. I just give things my best informed guess. Sure i’m right most of the time but that’s just luck …. LOL

  38. In the all immortal word’s, “It Ain’t Over, Till the Fat Lady Sing’s.” He, not of office YET, and what the person who REPLACES HIM. Is he/she going to be BETTER, or WORSE!!! What if its Elizabeth Warren, HuMMMMM!!!

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