Enter to Win a Les Baer M4 Civilian Rifle!

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    1. At least a couple of week ago, I will ask management to post it here as well. ~Dave Dolbee

  1. At my age, I’ve already got one leg in the grave. Before my other leg also goes in, they better hurry up to make me a winner. I’m 30 years overdue to win something! The last time I won something was at a Christmas company party. I won a Disney Mickey Mouse battery powered clock.

    This time I’d like to get a bang out of life!

  2. Whenever I enter, their computer returns an entry count of ONe less than the actual number of entries I have made.

  3. Great gun. Would love to have one. Good Luck to Everyone. Keep up Great work Cheaper than Dirt.

  4. I’ve entered these giveaways for years and have yet to win. What would get my goat is someone who’s won more than once.
    Can a good guy ever be so lucky?

  5. you guys….Don’t worry about how many times you have been able or not able to enter. It is my turn to win and I expect it to happen soon. So, please no butting in line.

    After I win, then you can have my place

  6. I also had a problem with the count of the number of times entered. I’ve entered 3 times but today’s entry only shows that 2 of my entries have been logged. ?????

  7. Same as a few comments here, I have entered a few times, but it says I still have only one entry ?

    1. Whenever I enter it used to say that I had 1 entry. Now it says I have one less than the actual number of entries I’ve made.

  8. I have bought magazines, furniture and ammunition for my Armalite AR10 here, great deals, good service and good products. Always a pleasure to do business with these fine folks.

  9. I recently purchased a magazine from CTD. It was a quality brand at a very reasonable price. It was shipped and delivered ahead of schedule. Thank you.

  10. I began entering the Giveaway yesterday and was told to come
    back tomorrow (today) to enter again. When I clicked on the entry page today the message I got was I had entered, and had one entry. It should have said two.

  11. My birthday is next week but I have no family so I don’t get presents anymore. I sure would like to receive a Les Baer M4 as a gift to remember.

  12. It says you can enter once everyday. I entered the first day and can’t seem to figure out how to enter again after that ? It doesn’t give the option it only says I’m entered and gives no option to re-enter the next day.

  13. It says you can enter daily but upon coming back on second day it still shows only one entry I have so far. What gives?

  14. Glad to see that the gun manufacturer is still able to give back to the people that support them. Thank You

  15. My birthday just happens to be on the 21at so, It would make for a happy one if I were to win this sweet rifle

  16. I retired after 30 years as an Army Infantry Command Sergeants Major. I have been shooting for years and would love to own a beautiful gun such as yours. Keep up the great work of making top notch guns. HOOAH!

  17. I think it is my time to win, How do I Up my chances by telling friends about the Les Baer M4 Civilian AR Gun Giveaway contest, How do I do it?

  18. I checked rules drawing will be on or about May 14.If there is a time limit for the 14 th it didn’t say.

  19. It was my 53 Birthday April 27, it sure would be nice to be reconized with a gift like a nice gun.

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