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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me, an Army First Aid Kit

Picture shows an Army-issued first aid kit.

Designed for an individual or for use on your battle buddy, this unissued Army first aid kit is standard issue for all American ground troops. It includes bandage, gauze, tape, a tourniquet and exam gloves. Add Quik Clot and you have a basic gun range first aid kit. Conveniently packed in a useful, MOLLE-compatible Army digital camo pouch this first aid kit will treat anything from minor cuts to serious wounds.

Picture shows an Army-issued first aid kit.
Packed in a MOLLE Army digital camo pouch, this first aid kit treats minor cuts to serious wounds.

Contents Include

  • Combat application tourniquet
  • Elastic bandage kit
  • 4-1/2” gauze bandage
  • 2”x6’ surgical adhesive tape
  • Nasopharyngeal airway
  • Patient exam gloves
  • IFAK pouch
  • IFAK insert

Get it here. On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me an Army first aid kit, 10 boxes of Allegiance 9mm PowerStrike ammo, ine EAA SAR 9mm pistols, eight BSA laser and light combos, even boxes of 7.62x39mm TulAmmo, six boxes of 12 gauge Federal buckshot, five Windham Weaponry carbon fiber SRC AR-15s, four boxes of Armscor .223 Remington ammo, three LaserLyte Plinking cans and a LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit, two Windham Weaponry MPC M4 rifles, and a Cheaper Than Dirt Gift Card.

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  1. I was going to order a bunch of stuff from cheaper than dirt a few days ago and the shipping charges came out to be almost as much as the items themselves. They have some great stuff but the cost was going to be more than the tank of gas to buy the stuff locally. This kit could be made better by the addition of one of the quick clot products out there.

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