On the Eighth Day of Christmas, My True Love Challenged Me to a Duel

The various sizes of targets keep the game fun and challenging.

Birchwood Casey’s Dirty Bird Saloon Shootout targets are not only fun for the seasoned shooter, but also perfect for the beginner, first time, young and timid shooter. Coming in a package of eight targets, the Saloon Shootout features cartoon depictions of an old West-style saloon with bandits and outlaws, a horse, whiskey bottles and a buzzard. Immediately identify each shot with Birchwood Casey’s reactive halo effect upon bullet impact. Each target measures 12 x 18 inches.

The various sizes of elements keep the game fun and challenging.
The various sizes of elements keep the game fun and challenging.

I like the Saloon Shootout targets because you can have fun with it when shooting by yourself or with a partner. The various sizes of targets on each sheet keep the game fun and challenging. I hung my target at five yards and it took me a few shots with my .22 LR rifle to hit the whiskey bottle dead center. A less-experienced shooter will enjoy shooting the bigger targets such as the bandit and horse.

Birchwood Casey did an excellent job on the size and design of the Saloon Shootout targets. At about a dollar per target, they are fun, challenging and a good value. They provide entertainment and a competitive edge for a less serious day at the range. I’ve used it with a new shooter not confident in their abilities and they had the best time. Forgetting about nerves, they spent more time concentrating on their shooting and had fun while doing it without getting frustrated. Saloon Shootout is also great for training children who are just starting to shoot.

For date night, a bit of fun, teaching a new shooter or just to change it up, give your loved one game targets from Birchwood Casey.

“We deal in lead, friend.” Get your targets here, partner.

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true gave to me eight targets 7 Taurus 738 TCP pistols 6 Tracers 5 Windham SRC AR-15s 4 PMAGs 3 WaterBOBS 2 MRE Desserts …and a Cheaper Than Dirt gift card
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