Congress Weighs in on Linking Benefits to Gun Control—Act Now!

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A few weeks ago, the Shooter’s Log reported that the Obama Administration is looking for ways to use the Social Security Administration (SSA) as a backdoor form of gun control. Its plan is to report all individuals who receive SSA benefits via an assigned designated fiduciary recipient. In other words, if you receive SSA benefits and elect to have someone manage your money for you, the Administration wants to equate it to being unfit to possess a firearm.

This is similar in nature to the model employed by the Veteran’s Administration, which reports to NICS as “adjudicated as a mental defective” beneficiaries who have been assigned a “fiduciary” to manage their benefits. This action by the VA has already subjected a little over 175,000 beneficiaries to NICS as prohibited persons, done without a hearing, due process or any other judicial investigation or finding whatsoever—no violent crimes, no violent tendencies or dangerous behaviors to themselves or others, just a stroke of the pen to strip them of their Second Amendment rights.

Upping the ante, the administration would now target 4.2 million more Americans via the SSA with designated “representative payees.”

Daylight on the Horizon?

Is there daylight on the horizon? Well, not exactly. However, the Second Amendment does have its supporters in Congress. For instance, 20 members of Congress led by Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX), Chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee of the House Committee on Ways and Means, sent a letter to Carolyn Colvin, acting commissioner of Social Security. The letter pointed out the danger and folly of such action as a “dangerous overreach.” The letter also puts the Acting Commissioner Colvin on the spot by requesting confirmation of whether or not the SSA intended to pursue the policy. Either way, the Representatives urged the SSA “to abandon any such plan.” Perhaps the letter isn’t the strongest effort, but it is at least a step in the right direction.

SSA Responds

In a letter dated Aug 7, the SSA (Ms. Colvin) responded stating that the “SSA has not provided any names of beneficiaries to the NICS and is not considering sending names based solely on the beneficiaries having representative payees.” That is the good news. The bad news is that Colvin also included a statement that the SSA is currently determining how “[it] must comply with our NICS reporting obligations under Federal law” and “are looking at possible implementation scenarios.” None of those scenarios, according to Colvin, “would refer all SSA beneficiaries with representative payees to the NICS.”


Colvin is a bureaucrat, which does not automatically make her untrustworthy, but you have to read between the lines to see some of the danger in her response. For instance, Colvin never said the representative payee would not be used for NICS, just that it would not be the “sole determinant” and not “all” such beneficiaries with representative payees would be reported. That leaves a lot of wiggle room for a bureaucrat. Nor does it address or eliminate the possibility of using some other half-baked criteria to strip recipients of their Second Amendment rights.

Senate Responds

On Aug. 7, 2015, 28 Senators also took up the matter. Led by Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) the letter expressed concern and inquired about the SSA’s intention to report beneficiaries with representative payees to NICS—similar to Rep. Johnson’s. “It is not at all clear, how this misguided intention is intended to be carried out, or how SSA will serve as the adjudicator of risks posed by beneficiaries utilizing its representative payee system.” The letter went on to request a report “on the basis for SSA’s intention to develop such a plan.” Further, the letter admonished, “Old age or a disability does not make someone a threat to society,” and closed by urging SSA “to halt any steps to provide information on Social Security beneficiaries or Supplemental Security Income recipients to the NICS.”

NRA-ILA logo

The NRA is actively engaging members of Congress for preemptive solutions. As a result, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) introduced S. 2002. The bill seeks to halt the VA, SSA or any other agency from reporting individuals to NICS without proper due process that legally determines an individual a danger to themselves or others.

Stand Up and Be Heard!

In the meantime, if you have not already registered your concern, your senators and representatives need your support. If they are against the Second Amendment they need to hear you displeasure! Let them know your opinion on the use of the VA and SSA as a wedge to force individuals to choose between benefits and the Second Amendment. You can use the “Write Your Lawmakers” feature at or call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

How do you feel about using the administration’s new proposed criteria as data for NICS checks? Share your opinions in the comment section.

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  1. Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt for an excellent. Blog!
    Great info.

    I just wish there were’nt morons like mike and G-man
    Rambling on.

  2. CTD,

    Wow, there’s a lot of suppressed pain in the tone of “Mikey’s” post; and I thought the blog was about standing up for our 2A Rights.

    The peaceful Mike H.
    NRA Member
    USN (OUT)

  3. Boy’s,Boy’s! Calm down and stop the feud ! If you continue your both showing your lack of maturity and education! Were looking for real insight here! Thank You!

  4. Good morning Mikey,

    Again, I wish to provide you a helpful reminder as to why your comments are ineffective, and therefore cannot be considered meaningful contributions to any dialogue here. All the rudeness and sarcasm you could ever muster will never change the reality that you have been factually incorrect in every one of your posts. This indisputable, yet verifiable, fact renders it impossible for you to ever regain any amount of credibility to effectively sway one’s opinion your way. The result of which makes your existence here utterly insignificant.

    A review of your ridiculous claims follows:

    * Synonymizing V.A. and Social Security benefits to be no different than unearned welfare handouts.
    * Not understanding subsidies given to a specific group are the only ones considered subsidized.
    * Unknowledgeable that the only way to receive V.A. medical benefits is as a result of an injury.
    * Claiming time in the military gives you free V.A. medical for life regardless of injury.
    * Claiming people had to join the military because they couldn’t get a job at Burger King.
    * Unrealistically expecting the market to overcompensate unskilled laborers.
    * Using your “daddy story” thinking it would support you, but instead did nothing but insult him.
    * Claiming a Vet can’t still be in the military.
    * Making assumptions that a person in my career could never find time to visit forums.
    * Ridiculously demanding that I provide sources to disprove accusations you brought up first.

    Your outrageous claims went well beyond a few acceptable mistakes. This presentation of yourself and your general lack of knowledge was so substandard that it was pointless for you to even continue. But then again, if you had the ability to know this to begin with, you wouldn’t have said the ignorant things you did.


  5. Since you obviously have nothing coherent to say, nor have you provided any sources of your ramblings, I will just consider your childish futile attempt at debating as either a child or a very low IQ adult who has nothing better to do with their day. So go ahead & make up your little fantasy world of make believe. I’m sure that is much better than your pathetic dull real life. Otherwise you would find something constructive to do with your time.
    Case closed: Mike 4,872 – “Gman” 0

    1. Oh come now Mikey, and after all the progress I thought we had made. You’re projecting again. Tsk, tsk, tsk.


  6. FAILED AGAIN! No coherent responses to anything. Plus, you are posting all day on here which means you don’t really have all those big important jobs like you claim. LOL, BUSTED AGAIN!

    1. @ Mike,

      You know, I really didn’t think it possible that you would be so careless while attempting to appear witty. A fool you do make.


    1. @ Mike,

      No doubt you will continue showing everyone how impotent you are with a lack of substantive replies, but you really should have stuck with one-syllable single-word responses. With such a reduction in the number of words you can use, there is much less risk for you to make as big a fool of yourself as you usually do.


    1. @ Mike,

      Well at least you’ve managed to reduce your nonsense down to one word syllables. Thanks for sparing us the rest of your liberal rhetoric.


    1. @ Mike

      Just because you think a thing is so, doesn’t make it so. Your inability to discern a reality is detrimental to you and of no concern to me. You are harmless to anyone except to yourself and maybe those around you. Otherwise you are nothing but a fly on the wall to anyone else. Essentially inconsequential really.


    1. @ Mike

      Though it is blatantly obvious to anyone but you, it is no surprise you are still waiting for something that has been in your face with each and every one of my responses. But just as a liberal always is, you wouldn’t know what success looked like if it dropped in your lap. You are all too busy trying to figure out where your next freebie hand-out will be coming from. Your condition is quite sad that you will forever be waiting for someone else to live your life for you and make all your decisions. If you knew any better, you’d know you lost this argument way back when you unwittingly set yourself up and insulted your own father.


    2. BOY’S ,BOY’S! Calm down! If you continue this feud your only showing your lack of maturity and education! What were looking for is real meaningful insight! Thank You!
      Save that type of behavior for a Michael Bloomberg press conference!

  7. You have a childlike mentality. Your debating skills consist of: “I know you are but what am I.” Did you even finish grade school?

    1. @ Mike,

      Exactly as I expected you’d do. You did a Google search and found I was right that active duty military personnel can also be Veterans at the same time, so without an argument to mount, you proceed with standard liberal Plan “B”; which is stoop to ad-hominem attacks and insults. Liberals don’t actually have facts to back a Plan “A” so they are only ever left with Plan “B”, which is evident in every single one of your posts.


  8. Typical con tactics. What ever you do, claim your opponent did. You have not provided even one source to backup your BS. So now you claim I haven’t proved my case.
    You troll the forum pretending you are different things, yet can’t make up your mind which fantasy you want to be. First you are a vet, then you are still in the military. You can’t be both. Then you are a cop, then FBI, then politician who “writes policy.” If that is true, why did you write the above policy this thread is about?
    Just keep changing your story so you don’t have to prove your original comments. That might fool the weak minded like yourself.

    1. “First you are a vet, then you are still in the military. You can’t be both.” – Laughing so hard right now at that line. How can you expect anyone to take anything you write seriously when you show how little you know about reality?

      Liberals take what they think they know about a thing and make it their own personal facts for life. Yes little Mikey, in the real world a person can be both active duty military and a veteran at the same time.

      Dude, seriously please stop embarrassing yourself. Actually no, go right on ahead… I find it quite entertaining.


  9. That’s it? That’s all you got? Just more babble w/o substance… I’ll put another mark in the win column. Go back to bed moocher!

    1. @ Mike,

      I never really expected you to accept the American way. But I thought it might just be worth a shot. You have at least proven one thing for certain; you really have not an ounce of courage in you to even try to prove your own accusations. You can keep up the same old evasionary tactics, but that won’t stop the average reader from tracing our conversation from the start and clearly see your immature antics as you try to worm way out of an argument you could never win. Be a real man and actually try to engage me with facts instead of acting like a child with your repetitive liberal nonsense.


  10. Instead of fighting each other, we need to fight the NRA idiots who are actively lobbying state legislatures to change their state constitutions 2nd Amendment rights from “shall NOT be infringed” to the discretion of some lame gun hating judge. How crazy is that? If you want examples I can provide them!

  11. I’m going through this right now because of New York State. I was involuntarily admitted due to panic attack while on active duty after two deployments, and they were mandated to report me to the NICS. Now that I’m out of the military and no longer in NY state it’s become a run around where no one “knows” what’s going on or does t want to address the issue.

  12. Well I see you’ve been up most of the night rambling on & on about how important you are. LOL. I have dealt w/ your typical con mentality many times. Whenever you feel that you are losing the argument, you change the subject, get personal, etc. You never cite any sources because you have none. You then talk about how important a position you have. When that obviously fails, you switch to how educated you are. Meanwhile, your incoherent babble leads to nowhere.

    1. @ Mike,

      In this country a man is innocent until proven guilty. Like a prosecutor, you have made the allegations against me in an effort to dispute the facts. So just as in any U.S. Court, the burden of proof is upon you the challenger, not me as the accused. And since you will fail to bring forth the evidence needed to prove your case, you will have no option but to dismiss your allegations.

      Now given your Marxist views cloaked in liberalism I know you will struggle with such an American concept. But given your established support towards the redistribution of others wealth to undeserving crackheads it is just like your type to also expect everyone else to do your labors for you. But the fact remains; we are in America, so the burden of proof is yours and yours alone. Or do you wish to dispute that fact as well? Oh and a little tip, daddy stories aren’t valid proof.


  13. Ever notice that when diehard libs don’t get their way they threaten to take it out on seniors in hopes of getting compromise? Please remember this tactic when you go to vote…JUST SAY NO to the libs!

  14. For God Sake’s, ALL Congress has to do is to have a 2/3-Vote too Nullify Obama’s Presidential Memorandum. What The “F@#king” Problem, they DON’T want to Commit Themselves to a Open Vote. Or just waiting for the US Supreme Court to make a Ruling. Just do like you DID with the ACA Act, Lock and Seal the Doors and Have a “Yea/Nay” Vote with No Name’s Taken…

  15. YAWN… Talk about old slogans. First you complain about them, then you use them. Typical… Speaking of typical, you spent all day babbling & STILL no sources. Just keep changing the subject, maybe that will take attention away from your lame attempt at debating the subject.

    1. @ Mike,

      Projecting as you’ve done is a definitive sign that you are backed in a corner and don’t know how to get out. You simply couldn’t defend your argument or make a point without me obliterating it with holes every step of the way, and so you have trapped yourself and now look ridiculous as you think you can find a way out with insults.

      It’s obvious you never graduated a psychology course or you’d be aware and quite embarrassed that you display all the classical signs of psychological projection. If you go back and read every post, anyone can see that I have addressed each and every snort you’ve attempted, while it is you that continuously changes the subject and runs.


  16. Yes it is true that I do not spend all my free time posting nonsense on the internet like you do. Someone who is such a “big shot” really wouldn’t have the time.
    Your fantasy world is needed because your real life must be pathetic!

    1. @ Mike

      Well it’s obvious you wouldn’t know how a “big shot” like me can manage their time now would you? You can only ever guess about it. It’s so funny how a person presumes to know a thing about another person’s success when they don’t. So allow me to illuminate your fantasy world. The mere fact I possess the ability to achieve what I have should be some indicator to you that I could possibly also manage some weekend time to hop on a forum during my leisure time.

      Again, your futile attacks are old, boring, and been done to death. It doesn’t surprise me that a person of your mentality is reduced to persisting in ad-hominem tactics because you have no real substance to work with. I will not accept responsibility for your failures because it is simply not my fault. You know the old adage, “You can lead a horse to water…

  17. So now you are a “big shot”? LOL, make up your mind. You are nothing but a fake! I bet you are sitting in your mom’s basement counting your food stamps!

    1. @ Mike,

      No, I didn’t suddenly become a “big shot”, you have suddenly just learned that I am one. There is a difference.

      Again, you are new to posting here whereas I have been on these forums for years. I have overwhelming established who I am in this community and been vetted off-line by many forum members. So stop wasting everyone’s time with the “in your Mom’s basement line”. It’s old, boring, and unimaginative, but not as expected from someone like you.


  18. A few years ago a Deputy showed up at my place on a gun fire call. No restrictions on shooting on your own property hear in Wise County. Because I found cover behind his cruiser’s bullet absorbing engine block area, he told me I was crazy and ordered me to report to the VA shrink.
    I reported to the VA shrink in Ft. Worth alright. I passed the written crazy questionaire but reported him to the VA shrink for “Practicing medicine without a license.” After all he’s a Law Enforcement Officer and NOT a real Doctor capable of making Medical referrals.
    Either that Deputy wanted me (without his style vest) to catch a stray round or or wanted my guns taken away if diagnosed with PTSD.

  19. I am tired of these jackasses in Congress linking guns to killings, MY guns have never killed anyone , isn’t this amassing? WTF are these ass-wipes thinking..??? If they would put the trillions they spent on the last fake war on terrorism into our metal health system then many of these gun killing most likely would have NOT happened. Its the people that kill people NOT ANY ONE”s guns. But they prefer to line the pockets of the Bilderberg group whom own all the utilities, shipping along with all the oil and natural gas, yes these are the corrupt evil people of this world not a good law abiding citizen like us. So these Builderberg group want toalt control over the USA and world , how to get it, by making up stupid statements like ” Guns kill” this is what their media is told to print and show on TV, people eat this up and try to get laws passed to take our guns away. ASK why FEMA has purchased 6 billion bullets and have concentration camps all over the USA and Canada, surly not for the illegal Mexicans coming over or they would be full, they are all presently empty, no my friends its for us the one that will not go along with the Bilderberg’s group’s new word order, if U don’t do as they ask you go to these jails. If you don’t believe me Google FEMA concentration amps in the USA.
    Keep you guns clean and plenty of ammo in stock because its coming, this new world order! That’s why I predict Hillary Clinton, the most screwed up woman to be in congress, will be put in as our new lady president. WATCH OUT IF THIS HPPENDS, she has a laws from across seas that will kill our 2nd amendment tow own guns, that will come into affect in her 2nd term, yes 2nd term and pass this and many laws against the USA citizens so the greedy Bilderberg group take control of everything.
    Have a nice day!!! 🙂

    1. @ Chris Miller.

      Actually it was 1.6-Billion Round, NOT 6-Billion Round. 450-Million of which are “Dum Dum’s” use mostly for Training. 800-FEMA Camp were reduced to 390-Camps because of Inactivity in those Camp. Some are used for Holding Undocumented Aliens, waiting to be Deported. Other’s are used to Stock-Pile Food, Clothes, Water, Blankets. And Ancillary Detention Center, went Local-Jails get to Over Crowded with Inmates.

  20. Wow, talk about uninformed! Anyone that has served in the military gets VA medical benefits. My father served 3 yrs stateside & was never injured. He gets free VA benefits!
    You also know nothing about subsidizing wages. If a company pays such low wages that people qualify for welfare, that is how a corporation gets their payroll subsidized. Get your head out of your @ss!

    1. @ Mike,

      How pathetic of you to think so poorly of your own father knowing he couldn’t qualify for a job at Burger King and instead chose to free-load off the benefits provided by military service. You deserve such self-imposed shame; especially when you had to tell him to GET A JOB!

      You are of very weak character when in one instance you show incredible disdain for these military free-loaders in your posts, yet fall back on your own father’s military experience when you think it will prop up your position in your losing debate… quite pitiful actually.

      People that play off of others experiences, like you did your father’s, when attempting to prove they know a thing are feeble-minded at best. I on the other hand am a 33 year Vet and therefore know unequivocally that you know nothing about this topic. It simply never was an argument.

      Moreover, you look the fool to any other Vets that may be reading your garbage; especially having to fall back on a daddy story and thinking it made a difference. If you ever do get over the shame you feel for your father and eventually rebuild your relationship, maybe you can ask him how the VA really works. At which point you’ll be embarrassed to discover that there are certain VA benefits, (such as college tuition, home loans) that he qualified for, but NEVER any lifetime medical unless connected with a service proven disability.

      So after having totally demolished any hope of a comeback for you, I’ll spare you the “subsidy” portion of your losing argument. Ta-ta…

    2. Wow it took you all day to write that bs, or did someone write it for you? You were in the military for 33 yrs? So YOU couldn’t get a REAL job & mooched off tax payers for 33 yrs!
      Getting back to the original topic… You seem so upset that poor people are getting a few dollars a month for food, yet you say nothing about corporations getting billions in welfare! Maybe if you stopped watching Fox (Fake) News you might learn how the real world works!

    3. @ Mike

      Maybe it took you all day to read it, but mere moments for me to write it.

      I can see you are not a regular on these forums or you’d know I have a dual military and law enforcement career as a federal agent that spans 33 years and counting. So the operative wording is not past tense as you put it, “were in the military”, given that I am still serving in both capacities.

      And while I am close to reaching retirement, I have earned my way pretty high up into the policy making realm which affects your daily life as an authority and policy advisor to Senators and Cabinet level members. I even wrote a few laws and am published in the Library of Congress.

      So if you consider that mooching then so be it. It must frustrate a person like you to know you have no choice but to continually contribute to my paycheck, vacations, medical, and ultimately lifetime retirement without a say in any of it.

      And while my kids don’t know you personally, I am certain they are thankful to you for contributing into their college benefits I transferred to them through the V.A.

      As for getting back to the “original topic”, I never deviated. You did in order to duck your daddy issues.

  21. “The bad news is that Colvin also included a statement that the SSA is currently determining how “[it] must comply with our NICS reporting obligations under Federal law” and “are looking at possible implementation scenarios.” None of those scenarios, according to Colvin, “would refer all SSA beneficiaries with representative payees to the NICS.”

    What are the NICS reporting obligations under Federal Law?

    What we need to do is change the NICS laws or regulations and limit the effect of said laws and regulations on law abiding citizens and apply the4th Amendment and the 5th Amendment and be Considered Innocent Until they are Proven Guilty in a court of law.

    1. @ Jerry,

      There really is no need to change the laws which established NICS. All Constitutional protections are intact and no new laws are needed. The problem is the Constitution is simply being ignored by Obama who has sidestepped it through his abuse of Executive Actions; and Congress is too afraid to counteract Obama for fear of tarnishing their historical legacy by impeaching the “First Black President” over it. So Vets continue to be abused.

      With no one in Congress with balls or ovaries large enough to shut Obama down, he has since moved on to his next conquest which is to do the same thing he’s done with the V.A. by directing that Social Security recipients also be unlawfully added to NICS.

      However, this time around a few Senators were preemptively alerted. And while Congress is still too cowardly to go directly after Obama on the matter, they have instead decided to put pressure on the Social Security Commissioner by sending a few lame notice letters.

      The backstory is that no law can compel the States to report into this federal created NICS system. Most States refuse to contribute anyway because they feel they are protecting their citizens’ rights. This is why Obama thinks he can get even and make up the difference by picking on people defendant upon federal benefits such as the V.A. and Social Security recipients.

      It’s evil and just wrong, and the spineless cowards in Congress are allowing Obama to get away with it in order to spare their own historical legacies. As the old saying goes, “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.”

      I hope this helps clarify a few things.

    2. I disagree G Man. I did not agree with the Brady law when it passed in 1993, and don’t agree with it today. We are talking about meany people that may be physically ill not physiology ill. There is no need to take their weapons because of a physical ailment that prevents them from managing their money or house holds. There is no reason for a vet that’s in a wheelchair to lose his Second Amendment Rights just because he cant go to the bank.

    3. @ Jerry,

      Unless I am misunderstanding, it appears you are under the impression portions of the Brady Law mandates that persons physically unable to manage their finances or personal affairs are to be automatically added to NICS and thusly stripped of their right to bear arms.

      This is simply not the case as a matter of law. However that scenario is precisely what Obama is executing the law.

      The actual Brady Law requires a full adjudication to have taken place and the person found guilty well before their name is ever authorized to be added into the NICS database. Proper adjudication is a long process which allows for appeals. Yet Obama has instead disregarded this law and has directed that any persons receiving V.A. benefits, whether adjudicated or not, be added to NICS if they require help with their finances.

      Now as for the entire Brady Bill, I’m with you, I think it and NICS should be done away with all together. But even as Brady exists, Obama is still in unlawful violation of that law and no Congressman has the cojones to step up to the plate and shut him down.

      That leaves Obama clear to start in after the Social Security recipients as well now.

  22. Look guys we all know of the right to sell your owned property, however I go back to my early years, first of all I am a combat veteran, four battels purple heart recipiant , Vietnam which might get me a free cup of coffe I have never in my life broke the law. BUT selling a gun to someone you dont know without a background check is not very smart that person my be a felon, you name it, I gave up my guns because the VA, deemed me a person who should not have a weapon, without a trail by jury or a judge in my districe you know PTSD plus my battle field wounds, I caint see this as legal However I obeyed the Law, this one thing selling a gun to anyone without a background check could be a great bargining deal to give all good law abidding citizens, to be able to own a self defense weapon,stop the sell of weapons without a back ground check, I have seen a few years back mexicans with a roll of 100.00 usd buying sks you name it. I love this country I fought for my rights which includes the 2nd amendment . Now everything has been taken away from me you dont take a knife to a gun fight thats is what I HAVE TO PROTECT MY FAMILY A KNIFE,

    1. @ buck eye.
      First off, thank you for you service. Your case is exactly why we need to join together and fight for yours and our rights. The NRA is good, but the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is also a good origination that is a protector of the Second Amendment. As is the Second Amendment Foundation. Both the CCRKBA and the SAF provide legal assistance for cases like yours. You can find them on the net.
      As to the privet selling of fire arm weapons. The majority of sales (90 percent) are to people the sellers know, like a friend, or neighbor. The 10 percent of sales to a stranger are normally made to strangers with a good back ground, like collectors. Of those 10 percent of sales to unknown buyers, only about 10 percent of them are to people that use the weapon for illegal activity. Those are normally in higher populated areas of the nation, like Chicago.
      My point, please don’t believe all the bad reports about privet gun sales you see or hear on the news networks, they have an agenda take our guns, as you are will aware.

      From a Granada (Operation Regent Furry), Panama (Operation Just Cause), and the First Gulf war (Operation Desert Storm) vet.

  23. There are lots of working poor that are paid low wages. So in fact we the tax payers are subsidizing companies for paying low wages.
    Also, I don’t believe that veterans that “served” for a couple yrs because they couldn’t get a job @ Burger King, deserve to have Medical benefits paid for life by tax payers. GET A JOB!

    1. @ Mike,

      Wrong. If the companies were being subsidized, they’d get the welfare checks and debit cards in their mailbox, instead it goes directly to all the crackheads’ mailboxes. And it isn’t a low wage, it is a fair wage – because you get paid what your worth. You only get out of life what you are willing to put into it. So stop crying for the crackheads just because they dropped out of school.

      Also, you have no business commenting on a topic you obviously know nothing about. If you did, you’d know the only way to receive V.A. medical benefits is as a result of an injury while serving your country. That is a far cry from the crackheads that get free medical just for breathing or illegally crossing our border.

      You have it all backwards; crackheads have to slop your burgers at Burger King because they can’t qualify to serve their own country in the Armed Forces.

  24. But the GOP thinks it’s ok to link benefits to drug testing. When all it’s really doing is giving our tax dollars to drug testing companies owned by the GOP politicians!

    1. @ Mike,

      Please do yourself a favor and learn to distinguish between V.A. and Social Security benefits, both of which must be hard earned. You seem to have confused hard working American earned entitlements with liberal government freebies and handouts given to crackheads just for existing and of which is based on the total number of illegitimate kids they can pop out. There is a big difference.

  25. To my Brothers in Arms, until everyone in this foreign muslim run admin is dead by bloody coup we have no one to fear but ourselves!

  26. Sadly the “DUMB MAJORITY” is running the “US of A” into a deep hole of worthlessness.This once great nation is no longer the country the world respects and trusts.

    “We The People” are no longer served by the people we voted for and trusted to run this country the right way.

    “We The People” are now serving our elected “Masters in Washington”. Who only serve themselves.Too many of the “DUMB MAJORITY”, are too busy with their own life problems to concern themselves with the running of this nation and it’s problems.Thus the continued lowering of the American standard of living. The “bar of life” that was once set high in America, is now so low, you need to crawl on your belly to get under it.

    There are too few of us “SMART MINORITY” to make the changes this country needs to put America back on top. Our numbers are too few to make the difference with a vote.The only way for the “SMART MINORITY” to help right the continuing wrongs of this country.Is by a BLOODY REVOLT. YES, BLOOD must be spilled to thin down the numbers of the “DUMB MAJORITY”. So the “DUMB MAJORITY” will become the “DUMB FEW”.That is the only way I see this once great country, becoming a great nation again.

    Tyranny has many faces, right now the “DUMB MAJORITY” is one of them.

    1. Our government is so corrupt and strong that the people have no say in our country any more. As they try to take our guns from us this will be the last straw. If we do not act then we will be totally under their control with no chances of changing anything. God help us.

  27. If you touch any of our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS you will not only loose yours ,but everything you have!????????????

  28. Good point. The “federal” government at the time was the British Empire. This government needed to pull the teeth of the uppity colonies and decided to do that by seizing their arms and the ammunition that was stored for the use of the Militia. Our governments actions today are much the same, and for much the same reason…they can’t truly control an armed populace.

  29. Secundis, et al. At almost 70 years of age, I count my self as an ‘Old Fart’, I suppose, but a 28 year old lady friend assures me that I am not.
    Still, what I have lost in years, I make up in increased knowledge and abilities,especially those concerned with tactics and marksmanship. I still make 600 + meter shots, but must use a scope now. Hell, with a good scope, I am still making 1500 meter one shot kills.
    When and if, America wakes up and casts off those who would destroy it, I will personally lead a ‘strike platoon’ back to the U.S. . Again; as long as the America people knuckle under and accept the dismantlement of the 2nd Amendment, and the rapid destruction of other rights, that it protects, I will remain an expatriate, living in a country where I am truly free, which is no longer the case of those still living in the U.S..

  30. Gentlemen-We must decide whether to be citizens or whether to be subjects.My rights come from God and are guaranteed by our Constitution.As long as I have breath I will criticize this outlaw pres. and all others who are trying to destroy our country.

    1. Well said Steve, I agree and and do speak out regularly in a number of forums against this tyranny, and will continue to do so, all the while exposing and anhilating the liberal bloomin(Bloomberg) idiots. The funny thing about liberals is they never have an original thought out answer, they seem to have ” canned” messages ready for anyone who disagrees, I get amused at their lack of original thinking and liken them to plow mules with blinders on listening for the commands of their delusional leader.

  31. Neal, a 2nd American Revolution, is a good idea, but like so many ‘good ideas’, it will never happen. A few ‘old timers’ might rear up and revolt, but the way so many are brought up these days,it is more than likely, they will roll over and give up their guns before fighting. Far too many value their precious skins, to their freedom. It is a very good thing, that the Founding Fathers didn’t think this way, or the U.S. would still be flying the Union Jack and sing “Hail to the Queen”. Had a friend sometime ago, vowed he would fight to the death before giving up his guns. He saw a news bit on day about federal agents kicking in the door of an alleged violater and confiscating his guns. All it took, this friend of mine rapidly lost his bravado and bluster.
    Now, can’t stress this often enough, Love My Country, but as long as those in power are willing to resort to Gestapo like tactics to ensure a subdued and weaponless population, I must remain an expatriate living in a country that rather discourages gun ownership encourages it.

  32. Vague laws cause problems. It seems these laws are not targeting criminals, or the mentally ill, who are a danger, but going after our seniors who need every protection available, and our veterans who can best help defend the public when law enforcement is not on the scene

  33. I think that the Government Needs too stay Out of the We the People Business What happen to Our Freedom and when did we become a Commustict Country I spelled that word wrong anyways they always butt their agenda on Us We Free American’s this isn’t Korea , Or Germany, Or China this is Our Home Who are People thrusted together Who has Fought from the beginning of time until now that your going to take Our Freedom away FCK You and you can kis m awtsds

  34. Hey Vector-agreed-I load my own and have been doing so for 20 years .Being a Bullseye Shooter I hit whatever I want to hit. Plenty of ammo . By the numbers I thought the majority of debt comes from unfunded debts and social programs.The Military and foreign aid amounts to a minority though I agree with you that any country that does not support us 100% can go to hell.

  35. Yup. Its not going to be a pretty picture. Over the last 7 years of this Kenyan’s rule he has done nothing that the people voted for and has only gone against the wishes of the American citizen. There has been a remarkable increase as to the amount of individuals that have been anti gun that are now new gun owners and CCW holders. I would add thought that most of these people do not have enough ammo to last more than a few seconds in a fire fight but never the less are still gun owners.

    I on the other hand would be able to last for at last for at least a few days or even a week in a full fledged fire fight unless I was killed my self. Everyone would run to the shores but the ones that have the training as myself and other vets would take the high ground, lakes , rivers, forest and deserts.

  36. I have long believed that the second American Revolution would be “triggered” by the government’s attempt to take the citizens’ firearms, as was the first.

    1. @ Neal

      The First American Revolution, involved the British Empire. Just what Outside Source is going to Spark the Second American Revolution. If it’s an Inside Source, then it’s NOT the SECOND, but the FIRST.

    2. @ Maquis.

      The east coast was part of the British Empire at the time. The next Revolution will be more of a Civil War. But sitting around talking about it wont make it happen.

  37. It would appear that the federal government is trying to start a war with its

    own people.


    Hell they have not won since WW II.

  38. Its enough to make my blood boil.Spending money habits linked to benes? Who the do they think they are? Soviets? This behavior is exactly what an out of control gov. practices.Obama an co. would turn this place into Venezuela given the chance.Crap they may have done it already.19 trillion=I cant count that high.Read Levin

    1. Actually, the total US Debt is $62,262,711,XXX,XXX. And you thought that $19,000,000,000,000 was bad. This is something that our Great, Great Grand children will be paying off.

      Why are we giving all this money to foreign countries like Iran, China, MX, Brazil, Columbia, etc..? shouldn’t they be paying us so we don’t destroy them?

  39. This just never ends, does it. Every time some fellow gun owner tells me I’m going overboard on fighting gun control, I just shake my head.

    I sent the NRA letter, but our problem here in Virginia is that we have two Socialist senators elected by wealthy liberals and welfare recipients up in Fairfax County on the border with greater Nazi Maryland. The same problem got us stuck with our worthless governor.

    Fortunately, the state legislature is strong with conservatives that protect our rights here in the state, but we’re screwed at the Federal level. We have a great Congressman, but our senators should be shipped off to Europe where they belong.

  40. This effort to deny people of their 2nd amendment right to bare arms without any kind of due process is absurd and will not be tolerated by any of the law abiding citizens or any of the armed service members returning from a war that you sent them to fight. Now you are punishing these fine men and women coming back by telling them that they no longer have the right to defend their home, themselves and their family because they were in a war and lost a limb or worse. How dare you treat any American in such a disrespectful fashion. Yet you have made possession of stolen firearms that are recovered on known gang members and felons a misdemeanor. This is wrong and if this passes all of you need to be impeached and relieved of your duties as OUR representatives’. You are not representing the people of this country, you are representing yourself and your own personal agenda.

    1. What pisses me off is that Mimi Walters, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer are not only the three biggest commi pieces of sh%# in the entire congress but, they are also the ones that think because you add a pistol grip to a shotgun it makes fully automatic. and the bullet button on an AR is what makes the gun become a grenade launcher.

    2. The leftist Executive branch of our govt won’t attack the crime problem and VALID mental health issues. They are after the patriots and wounded who served this country. Shame Shame Shame Political correctness has paralyzed rational thought.

  41. I feel a sense of vindication by this report. For the past couple of Shooter’s Log articles I have attempted to bring awareness to forum members by specifically citing this exact same unlawful reporting of Vets into NICS and that it would happen to Social Security recipients next. I even elaborated as to how it was being done without any form of lawful adjudication; all only to be met with arguments by a few knuckleheads that were in denial that it was ever even happening, or to such a large scale. They challenged me to show proof, yet even after I had, their bruised egos refused to allow them to concede they were wrong and instead began to question the reputability of my proof. I won’t mention any names (mainly “Wzrd1”, “Viper002A22” and “psychovet”) but you all know who you are.

    1. Amen, Brother!

      I can’t believe how many gun owners refuse to accept that we are under attack. I can’t count the number of times someone has called me a fanatic for resisting gun control. Yeah, there are nuances and degrees of gun control, but one thing you can take to the bank . . . the government wants us disarmed. Period.

      I begin to wonder if some of these people are actually genuine gun owners, or if they are simply Liberal plants who get on the forums to try to use propaganda to divide us and lull us into a false sense of security that the government is our friend.

    2. There are paid trolls on every 2nd amendment and conservative website. They have ruined The Daily Caller. The trolls use different names everywhere they go, but their style is identifiable. George Soros funded losers.

  42. 1). Refuse to answer any such questions, or leave them blank on the forms. My wife and I have been doing this the last couple of times we went to the doctor. The office has been told we will only answer questions directly involving the medical issue at hand.

    2). If they insist you answer….LIE!

    1. You do not have to tell any doctor whether you own guns or anything else. When I go to a doctor and that question is on the paperwork, I go up and chew them out for invading my privacy, and then go find a different doctor.

  43. This is the issue of this bill is pled by any member of congress they need to be removed by the voters at once.I personally an never voting for Thad Cocran in Miss.again he has proven him self to be a traitor not only to the People’s of MISS. , but also to the people of AMERICA!

  44. All Congress need’s is 290 Votes, or Greater too Override the Presidential Memorandum. It remain to be Seen if they can get it. Personally, I don’t think they can…

  45. If the VA is in fact making such reports to NCIS, it is fraudulent.

    “Adjudicated” means exactly what it says — ruled on by an ACTUAL judge in an ACTUAL case, with all the rules of evidence and due process. Mere designation of a fiduciary does not meet that definition. Period.

  46. I think the VA has senior citizens, or their POA, agree to not having firearms in the house, before benefits are provided. My Mom gets a benefit check each month for my Dad having served in WW2. My parents didn’t own any weapons, but I’m just saying.

    1. No.

      My Mom just went through applying for my Dad’s benefits as a survivor and was never asked any questions about firearms.

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