Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show Prompts Record Boycott, CTD and NRA Lend Support

British-owned Reed Outdoor Exhibitions owns the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. Reed made the decision to ban all displays or images of Modern Sporting Rifles. American patriots and companies have answered by throwing our friends from across the pond a good old-fashioned tea party.

So far, over 180 companies and celebrities have confirmed their support of freedom of speech and the Second Amendment by pledging to boycott the nine-day-long show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Each person reading this may not be a celebrity or have plans to exhibit at the show, but let’s all add our support to these fine individuals and companies by adding your name in the comments below and pledging to join the boycott.

Currently, Cheaper Than Dirt has no plans to have any personnel attend the show.

• Abner Druckenmiller • Ambush Firearms • American Whitetails of PA • Antler Insanity • Appalachian Big Game TV • Arrowhead Outdoors • Athens Archery • Atlantic Tactical • Avian-X Decoys • Bangin Redhedz • Bear Archery • Blitz TV • The Bear Whisperer • Bob Mercier • Bohning Archery • Bone Collectors • Boondock Outdoors • • BowHunter Planet • • Bow Life, LLC • Cabela’s • Campbell Cameras • Camo Addiction • CanCooker • Chris Brackett • Cold Steel Knives • Continental Divide Outfitters • Cross Canyon Arms • Cutting Edge Bullets • Dead Ringer • Deer and Deer • Direct Action Tactical Firearms • Domari Nolo Defense Consulting • Dominator 365 • Down N Dirty Outdoors • DuckWater Boats • Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation • Eastern Outdoors • Eddie Salter • Family Traditions TV • Farmland Trophies Outfitting • Firearms Industry Consulting Group • Foiles Migrators • Forbes Turkey CallsFoxPro Game Calls • Fred Eichler • Full Circle Outdoors • Ghost River Outfitters • Gone Wild Outdoors • Gut-N-Tag • Haley Heath • Heartland Whitetails • Hevi-Shot • High Lonesome Outfitters • HookHunt • Hoyt • Hunters and Guides Connection • Hunter Safety Systems • H.S. Specialties • Hunter’s Specialties • International Bowhunting Organization • IceHole Coolers • IScope • Jay Gregory • Jim Shockey • Keystone Country Store • Keystone Elk Country Alliance • King of the Mountain Inc. • Kinsey’s Outdoors • KodaBow • Lancaster Archery Supply • Larry Weishuhn • Lee & Tiffany Lakosky • Major League Bowhunter • Men in Treestands Productions • Midwest Whitetail Adventures • Muddy Outdoors • Dominance is Everything Hunting System • Matt Morett • Mountain Dog Chews • NasHunt Outdoors • National Rifle Association (NRA) • National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) • Nature Blinds • Northern Hideaway Outfitters • Open Season TV • Outdoor Channel Outfitters • Outdoor Edge Knives • Outdoor Roadmap • Ozonics Hunting • PA Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs • PA Taxidermy Association • PA Trappers Association • Pat & Nicole Reever • Pat Strawser Custom Calls • Pipeline Ridge Hunting Preserve • Primal Urge Outdoors • Primos Hunting Calls • PSE Archery • Radical Hunter • Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo • Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment • Revolution Hunting • Rhino Outdoors • Rick White • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) • Rougeaux Taxidermy • Savage Outdoors • SecureIt Tactical • Skull Shine • Smith & Wesson • Southern Game Calls • Spook Spann • Sportsmen of North America TV • Stan Potts • Stay Ready Inc. • Stokerized Stabilizers • Susquehanna River Waterfowlers Association • Table Mountain Outfitters • The Warmbag • The Sportsman’s Shop • TNT Archery • Tom Dokken • Tough Country Products • Trent Cole • Trijicon Inc. • Trop Gun Shop • Turnbull Manufacturing • Whitetail Bosses • Whitetail Freaks • Whitetail Heaven Outdoors • Wild Outdoors • Wired Outdoors • Woodcock Limited of PA • Wyvern Creations • X-Stand Treestands • Zink Calls • Zook Cabins • 2 Million Bullets • 24-7 Hunting TV
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Comments (68)

  1. I refuse to support those that refuse to support me in the exercise of my rights especially a European company.

  2. We had issues with England once before regarding our rights to bear arms. One would think they would have learned that it was going to cost them from the previous experience.


  4. I am a National Rifle Association instructor and recruiter. In the last three years we have had over 800 students in our CCW classes and have signed up over 500 members in the NRA. We have a Facebook page that in the last 7days as reached over 3,178 people this week alone. And you can bet I will be posting this on our Facebook page. Please will free to add us to your list of not attending. TopDog Shooters.

  5. It’s moments such as this that gives me goosebumps kind of like a great rendition of our National Anthem…
    There are many times, especially now with all of the anti-gun Media hype, that one could feel as if he/she stands alone in their beliefs. We may disagree on many issues but when it comes to our Freedom, granted to us by our creator and so many who came before us paying the ultimate price, we stand strong.
    I for one have a huge problem purchasing anything from a country that imprisons it’s innocent citizens for defending thenselves in their own home(Tony Martin – Emnith Norfolk England). The Brits should get their own house in order before trying to tell us what to do, obviously they have a very short memory!
    I have read many posts here and happily agree with damn near every one of them!
    I will NOT be attending this show.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

    God bless you all and God bless America!!!

  6. I booked my hotel 2 months ago. Fortunately, I was able to cancel. I booked a different hotel and saved a bunch of cash. Thanks for banning picts of “dangerous” guns.

    Now can anyone tell me where the good clubs ae in the area? I’m coming from Alabama, and like those chubby Penn girls.

  7. RON FROM CELL BLOCK CALIFORINA: You cant stand on both sides of the fence at the same time make up your mind Reed us or them.

  8. I’m with you all the way Mr. Oros. Yours is one of many requests about who was willing to book and stay with this anti American sports show. I demand that this site post all the vendors who did not boycott this show so we the people can boycott them. I have had it up to here with political correctness. Now is the time to take a stand. What say you?

  9. How did the Brits get control of this show in the first place ? Corbett is also selling the Pa Stste Lottery to the Brits.We need jobs here in Pa. Mr. Governor.
    As for this show ..will NOT be attending and I will boycott any outfitter or sports equipmen that shows up.

  10. Who are those that are still going, as far as companies? Bass Pro?? Others?? THOSE companies need to be contacted and told of OUR displeasure in their support and attendance of such an atrocity!

  11. I FULLY support the efforts of those not wanting to attend, but I know there are alot of people who may not get the info about the boycott and plan to attend. Are there any plans to put ads in local papers about the restrictions on what can be shown at the show to let other aware? Is there a way some citizens can be at the show (outside ofcourse) to let those that do come (like posters, etc) about the misguided efforts of the show organizers? Is there a list being compiled about the companies / personalities that do participate in the show? Will that list be published.
    The above named personalities and companies boycotting will now get a first look what I need more supplies. And those that attend will be kicked off my purchasing list. I may end up paying more for an item I need, but it is a small sacrifice for supporting what I believe.

  12. I am glad to see these companies and celebrities taking a collective stand. This needs to be done more often so the Washington lawmakers take notice.

  13. Seems to be a lot of righteous indignation about this from the nice people at Cheaper Than Dirt. Meanwhile, I don’t see them or others protesting about the New York laws for example. All they do is sit on the sidelines and refuse to ship products. All they say is that they are reviewing their policies. How about a little more proactive stance?

  14. I will not be attending. I will however intentionally boycott any vendors who do participate as that shows me that they have consciously violated any morals and integrity that they may once had possessed. This boycott will extend to the promoters as well.

  15. I liked the comment from Bill from Boomhower, Texas, “These British should stick to doing what they do best…….judging talent shows.” British-owned Reed Outdoor Exhibitions should consider running talent shows and get out of the gun business completely.Your talking about a country that gave up their right to bear arms with no fight. They actually had more guts in 1776. I fully support the boycott.

  16. “Critical Thinking” is the ingredient needed to fully understand the agenda behind the gun grab… it’s all about suppressing the potential resistance to military take-over of the USA. The trashing of the economy will create internal chaos. This past 10 years has created a new class of mercenary – 5 or more tours of duty in Iraq, etc… returning gladiators can’t find a job, are distorted by years of useless engagement with civilians.

    Look behind the “background checks” those issues that will zero in on Tea Partiers, most Republicans, Libertarians and returning veterans – anyone that opposes the current agenda in Washington. 2nd amendment supporters are termed as unstable and mentally ill.

    The UN agenda has blown across the great American success story and they want to stop it, cripple it, control it.

    I have been a Life Member of the NRA nearly 40 years – and just until recently the focus has been on the rights of hunters… absurd – it’s the right to protect you from an unjust and tyrannical government.

    It’s easy to see why the “British Owned” show organizers decided to belly up to the liberal bar and cancel the show – think the UN didn’t have a spike in this one – If you think this agenda in front will go away with the next election think again and
    think again – get prepared – that’s a warning.

  17. I will absolutely not be attending! Sad day for American sportsmen! So glad and proud of everyone who is standing up against this craziness….

  18. This is just the beginning. I hope all sportsmen/women stand up for what we believe in and the rights we DO posess. Biden, Obama, and any of their supporters should be boycotted in the same way we are boycotting the show. I CAN SAY THAT I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM, NOR ANY OF HIS COUNTERPARTS.

  19. Having attended this show in the past will be a memory now. I will not attend anymore, nor will I support vendors that do attend. It most certainly is not the right of a foreign company to stand in the way of our 2nd amendment. being “politically correct” and not allowing certain types of firearms does not solve or help anything, it just creates more problems. I hope Reed gets the message and withdraws itself from our country.

  20. I’m in. Remember, the old Revolutionary War saying: “If we don’t hang together, we’ll hang separately.” This is the day.

  21. The Brits are one thing but the US Senate should be our real target. Dump all the dems in the Senate and as many Obama cronies in 2014 and we can start to take back our rights we have already lost. Take MY firearms? From MY cold dead hands!!! Remember, when they come for your guns make sure you give them the AMMO FIRST! Right between the eyes. I will! Rebel now or lose everything people.

  22. Was going to attend BUT WILL NOT after such blatant British BullshXX. This guy can take Piers Morgan and go the hell back to England!

  23. “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    Samuel Adams

  24. I will be joining the boycott by not attending this year! Hopefully they get the hint..If not, perhaps another company will host the event next year!! I’m sad it has come down to this..

  25. I will be boycotting. I will not be part of the this vilifying of firearms, because we all know that the “assault” rifle is just the beginning.

  26. I commend the vendors and everyone boycotting the show! I personally will not attend any shows that ban modern sporting arms. It is our right to own as many and whatever guns that we want! As a law-abiding citizen i will not let anyone take my guns or tell me what i can own! It’s not the gun’s fault or the manufacturer that made it, it is the person or persons thar choose to use them in a way that harms people. We all ned to take a stand and show everyone that we will not stand for our rights being violated!

  27. Normally my sons and I attend this show and stay the night; not this time. We will not attend, nor will we do business with any business that participates. Making law abiding citizens helpless will not make criminals harmless.

  28. Normally my sons and I attend this show and make an overnight stay out of it; not this time, we will not attend, nor will we do business with any company that participates. Making law abiding citizens helpless does not make criminals harmless.

  29. Love it. About time American’s started using our VOICE! Defend the 2nd Amendment whenever and wherever it is threatened!

  30. I and my husband like to attend shows in PA, travelling from NY to enjoy an area that still supports our interests and rights without marginalizing us. This year there will be no thought of going to the ESOS! We will not support anyone or anything that feels that we don’t have a right to not only exercise our Constitutional Rights, but update and modernize our tools as we see fit. Aparrantly guns are the only item not to be updated with new technologies and ergonomic engineering. Sorry, don’t agree with that at all; I will modernize or stay old-fashioned as I see fit, and as is my right! And I support and will continue to support with my dollars those companies that support my rights!

  31. More power to the Second Amendment supporters! All this semiautomatic rifle hysteria is media driven – there’s an NBC report on Dec. 15 saying that NO AR15 was used at Sandy Hook, only four handguns. Our rights are in danger because of communist media propaganda.
    As for the British, they’ve always been a bunch of willing serfs. But when the big, bad bully comes knocking, then they come crying to the U.S. and our guns.

  32. What I would love to see (in addition to the list of the boycottong companies, who will be on my “most favored” list) would be a list of any companies that still attend this farce of a gun show. It will be a cold day in hades before they get any of MY money, and I spend a great deal on my hobby every year. Let’s hand the British woosies their little “knickers” back in a wad!

  33. WE WIN!!! They “postponed” it. Now we need to stick together for 2014 and throw the Democrats out of the Senate.

  34. if we don’t show that there is an larger force of people wanting to keep their right to bear arms we will lose them…it starts here …if they want to play host to the media hype then suffer in the till

  35. The “modern sporting rifle” looks scary to some people because it looks military-grade. But it *behaves* no differently than any other semi-automatic “old fashioned”-looking rifle (or any other semi-auto weapon) in my safe. One squeeze, one bullet. I’m so fed up with repeating this simple fact to people who know nothing about guns! You wouldn’t think, however, that a company that organizes GUN SHOWS would have to be told. What morons.

  36. I and my sons have attended this show for the last 10-12 years. The last 3-4 years have included my two grandsons. We usually take the last Friday off from work/school, spend the day at the show, have dinner and then stay at a hotel for the night where the kids (and I) enjoyed a swim in the middle of winter. WE WILL NOT BE ATTENDING this year or any year this ban is in effect. My little boys were disappointed when I explained it to them but they trust my judgement and their education continues concerning the Constitution of the United States. I hope the economic ripple effect of Reeds decision will wake people up. I will not be patronizing the hotel, the show, restaurant, the gas station etc this year as I have for years. As noted by others, HIT THEM IN POCKETBOOK!!!!

  37. Harrisburg, PA. used to be one of the biggest shows around. They have steadily gone downhill for many years. This should put the nail in the coffin. I usually do all the winter shows for outfitters in ONT. and QUE. I will NOT be going this year or any other year that the Brits ban our Second Amendment. I want to know the complete list of all the vendors who are stupid enough to display at this show so I and all others can botcott their products. Make a stand now. Post the list. Woodrow the Gunrunner.

  38. I go to this show every year, sometimes 2x/yr. I will NOT attend this year and everyone i know that goes will not attend this year. I give alot of Kudos to the companines that have pulled out of this show to make a stand for our rights, and I think there should be a list made after the show of the vendors who still went. That way a list of who to boycott could be passed around the internet!!!

    BTW, word is that Cabelas has filed a lawsuit to reclaim their money from sponsoring the show, which could lead to a class action lawsuit against the Reed Corp.,hopefully.

  39. Anyone who believes in and supports the second amendment should boycott the show.

    Why the hell is a foreign company trying to help force a 2nd amendment change?

    Let them stay in England and sell fishing reels.

    Stay out of our politics, better yet stay out of our country and take Pierce Morgan with you, you’re both of the same mentality.

  40. Along with the others I am with John Troyer. Nor will I attend the show I also refuse to support,purchase from or deal with any and all entities who do. The second amendment has held fast as our patriotic duty and rights and shall not endorse anyone who stands in its way!

  41. I have cancelled my trip to the “shoe” this year and will be going to the NRA show in Houston. Dick.

  42. I have attended in the past with my sons and grandsons, but will no longer do so. I support this boycott wholeheartedly, and commend each of the vendors that have made this decision. The entire outdoor sports industrial base needs to be together and consistent on this. Whether it applies to convention centers or other venues, hotel chains or city and state governments that violate the full exercise of our right to keep and bear arms, they all understand one thing. They may not have a clue about what the 2nd Amendment to the U. S. Constitution means or why it is there in the first place, but they understand the almighty dollar very well. Hit ’em where it hurts, and send the business elsewhere to more deserving venues, hotel chains, cities and states. Whether it forces them to reconsider or not, there is no way that our dollars should be lining their pockets anymore. My sincere hope is that the ESOS is effectively shut down, and that this message will reverberate across this land.

    John T. Jeffery
    Scranton, PA

  43. I am out. I will not support a show that so baselessly opposes reasonable gun ownership. ~ Dave Dolbee

    P.S. It looks like congratulations are in order. Mossberg just joined the boycott!

  44. So what made Reed do such a self damaging thing in the first place? Is it an attempt to stop a gathering of our culture (Gun Culture) from getting together and bonding over things we all love, in a family friendly setting, or an attempt to drive a wedge between the “hunters/sportsmen”, who think “it might not be so bad if all the black rifle, standard cap. mags stuff could be sacrificed in hopes that they leave me and my stuff alone”. Or is it an attempt to control what we think and do by what we have access to? Hope our politicians are watching the response our industries are giving and hopefully our individual responses will be just as clear when no one attends the event! We need to support the companies that are supporting us by standing up to Reed and not support the companies who chose to still be at the event.

  45. Reed Outdoors is banning all images and displays of assault rifle and high cap magazines? What will they display – – aren’t all rifles equally dangerous and potentially weapons if in the wrongs hands? For that matter, aren’t all knives? How about gaff hooks and billy clubs used by fishermen? It’s time to address the real issues here: identifying the cause of deadly behavior and preventing it (mental health issues, and the prevalence and influence of violent games, movies, television); enforcing the laws that are already on the books rather than further restricting law abiding citizens; and requiring some proof of training in the safe and responsible use of firearms. These all make so much more sense than banning a class of tools because of how they look.

    This is a cowardly and ridiculous stance by Reed, and no American should allow this foreign-owned company to dictate our behavior (cultural, moral, or legal.) I would not attend this show, and I encourage all proud Americans to employ the same censure against Reed Outdoor Exhibitions.

  46. I live in the Harrisburg area and normally attend the show. I also receive email notices from the company that puts on the show. I and many folks I know who regularly go will not be attending. Vote with your wallet and your feet. Attend the next gun show at the farm show complex and show your support.

  47. Nope, Nada, what part of “NOT GOING TO ATTEND” does the morons from limey owned Reed Outdoor Exhititions not understand. Hope they loose their shirt, pants and skivies on this one.

  48. Where do I get the Native American garb, so that I can join the Tea Party?? Not only will I not attend, but will not patronize the vendors, businesses, or associations who do!

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