EAA to Import New .22 Tanfoglio “Appeal” Bullpup Carbine

Appeal 2

The first photos have surfaced of a new rimfire carbine made by Tanfoglio in Italy. It’s a bullpup design and will come in two flavors, .22LR and .22 WMR. Said to be fully reversible for left hand or right-handed shooters, it weighs just 4.5 pounds. Iron sights are integrated into a high Picatinny rail mounted above the barrel, and another Picatinny rail sits underneath the barrel.

Tanfoglio Appeal
Characteristics of the Tanfoglio Appeal

I’m thinking a laser there would fit in nicely with the futuristic overall look of the gun, but a bipod would be more practical. Called the “Appeal,” the rifle looks much like a Walther G22 with sharper features and Italian styling touches. The rifle will come with ten round magazines here in the US. In Italy, customers will be limited to a ridiculous 5-round capacity.

Appeal Compensator
Clever compensator attaches via Picatinny rail and includes… a Picatinny rail.

Photos show that you can fit a compensator to the Picatinny rail, and the compensator itself has another Picatinny rail built into it. Therefore, attaching a compensator won’t affect the rifle’s ability to mount accessories—very smart! The arrangement of the iron sights and Picatinny rail is also an improvement over previous rimfire bullpups like the G22. There is plenty of rail space up there for mounting a wide variety of optics with different eye reliefs, but with such a lightweight design, I think a red dot is the natural choice. There are sling-mounting loops integrated into the rifle’s stock and forend, but they are simply part of the larger moldings, so if the polymer breaks you’ll be out of luck for mounting a sling. Length of pull on the stock is adjustable with plastic inserts, perhaps a hint that the Appeal can grow alongside a youngster as a first .22 rifle that will still fit after a big growth spurt.

Appeal 2
Another view of the Appeal.

Does the new Tanfoglio “Appeal” to you? They make great firearms but I have a hunch that shooters will either love or hate the looks of it. For me, it’s all about performance. If the Appeal shoots straight, doesn’t break, and has good reliability with quality ammo, it will be a huge success. More people than ever are shooting .22 calibers simply because of affordability. This rifle should be affordable too—expect a street price in the low $300 range. Tanfoglio is said to be working on a future version in .17 HMR, but that gun isn’t read for prime time yet.

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  1. I have both versions but purchased the .22WMR first. My iteration of the .22WMR is a little ammo picky but it’s accurate and the 22 Mag has quite a sting. It’s definitely a shooter. The 22 LR is just fine and runs like a top especially with high velocity ammo. One of the issues with the firearm is the upper rail which has odd thickness picantiny rail that slightly larger than spec, but I have managed to find red dots that fit just fine so it’s not a big deal. All in all these firearm arms are gun for target shooting, plinking, and small game hunting.

  2. I got one over the weekend. Have not shot it yet. Very interesting weapon. You can easily change it from right to left handed. It seems to be well built. I have the 22Mag. The magazine is marked both 17 and 22. We will see soon how it works.

  3. These only come with (1) Magazine. If you can find the WMR mag it will cost you $46.00 (includes shipping) from EAA. Ridiculous! Yes, the rifle does look a little Sci Fi…but hey, it has a 10-rd Magazine with a price that’s “out of this world” to go with it!

  4. well i bought both .22lr and 74 year old dad has both shoulders implants and finding a rifle he could shoulder and hold for any amount of time was getting hard to do. so i bought the .22lr for plinking,he grabbed it up and 300 rounds later set it down. i went straight away to my local gun shop and bought him the .22wmr. now we can call coyotes all day. he loves being able to hunt again with the boys. i tell you ugly sci fi or not. its a blessing for my dad to be able to shoot like he did when i was younger. my teenage son gets to experience his grandpa in the field rather than just sitting on a bucket fishing. so my advice if you got a dad thats body is worn out to the point he has to stay behind from the hunt give this little ugly rifle a try. im glad i did because now we are building memories that my son will remember for a lifetime..

  5. Alexander arms is making AR upper in .17 HMR. bad gun design was the problem with Remingtons version. Gun has to be built for the pressures genterated by the .17 HMR round much higer then .22 or .22 WMR

  6. Well… So much for the $300ish price tag- its in the $400ish range. As far as the Zombie apocalypse ??? I ain’t gonna rely on no stinking .22!!! It’s a .233 MSAR STG556 for rifle and the tried and true Colt 1911 .45 acp for the handgun. NO messing around here I’m looking for stopping power with just one shot- who wants to keep scrounging up more ammo with those things running around? LOL!! Seriously though, this rifle is kinda cool but the elevated site rail on top is just too long and detracts from the style lines the rifle does have. It’s still a Walther G22 for me when it comes to plinkers.Maybe just maybe Walther will get the message with this that a .22 mag is something they need to develop. I’d take the G22 in .22 Mag over this any day all day!!!

  7. Eccentric and impractical. I’ll take one. It’s got a nice sci-fi look to it that will make it look sweet over the mantle next to my flintlock.

  8. When this gun was first shown at Shot Show in Jan 2010, they most likely were planning a .17 HMR version. However, with the recall and discontinuation of any semi-auto .17 HMR’s, I seriously doubt one will be produced or imported. Personally, I prefer the look of the Walther G22 over this longer top rail. The only real appeal to me is the fact that it is available in .22 WMR. If they do show up this summer, I’m sure the availability will be limited if they are even remotely popular and the prices will get jacked up well above retail. The “Zombie Gun” episode of “Sons of Guns” doesn’t help either because all the Zombie fanatics will be looking for them. Sorry guys. If there ever is a Zombie apocalypse, the first brains I’m gonna blow out are gonna be mine. That’s not a world I would want to live in.

  9. What is the point behind the incredibly high rail? The rifle would be much more usuable without that specific rail design.

  10. Whoa, Karl, thanks for the heads up! At least I was consistent, I misspelled it consistently every time! I think I fixed it everywhere, including the diagram photo.

  11. An auto-loading 22 magnum carbine for $300ish? Yes, please! Also, I’m pretty sure it’s spelled “Tanfoglio”.

  12. Mike, I thought the same thing. Maybe its for the .17 Mach 2? I know that nobody else is making a semi-auto .17 right now but some Appeal magazines labeled .17 have been photographed, so the gun exists, if only in prototype form.

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