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DUEL 3: More Than $130,000 in Prizes and 125+ Firearms Up for Grabs

Springfield Armory is launching its DUEL 3 promotion starting September 1, giving shooters a chance to win thousands of prizes, such as discounts, firearms, and other gear from the company.

In DUEL 3, participants will be able to submit votes that qualify them for daily and weekly prizes, as well as one spectacular grand prize. Pre-registration is open, so those interested in participating can go to to check it out. More details on DUEL 3 will be announced soon.

Voting will be open and prize giveaways will begin Sept. 1, 2015, at 12:01 a.m. CST.

In DUEL 2, Springfield Armory held a beauty contest between its XD(M) 3.8 Compact 40 S&W and a new 1911 Range Officer model. Last year, more than $100,000 worth of prizes were given away, including five new Range Officer .45 Compacts, a variety of M1A rifles, XD, XD(M) and XD-S pistols, as well as 1911s.

duel-3-springfield-armory-webpage-capture-copyOther items that were awarded throughout the month included thousands of online store promo codes of varying value as well as clothing, merchandise and gear.

“For shooting enthusiasts, it’s rare you’ll have such an opportunity,” Springfield Armory Marketing Director Chad Dyer said. “With tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs from some of the industries leading manufacturers and more than 125 firearms, including some exciting new product announcements, participating is easy. September will be an exciting month.” To participate, visitors must register for the promotion online, after which they can vote once every hour for the duration of the promotion. The more you vote the more chances you have to win. Participants are encouraged to vote once an hour to increase their chances of winning; each participant can enter up to 24 times per day.

Votes accumulate throughout the week, and on “Duel Days,” two winners will win one of the dueling firearms. All votes entered during the month will also serve as entries into the grand prize drawing.

Did you DUEL last year? Did you win something? Let us hear the stories in the comments below.


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Comments (17)

  1. So there is a lure to a sale. We retailers do that often to draw business. Take or leave the advertisement. Why all the unnecessary discussion that goes off on tangents?? Why should I spend my precious time away from business reading all the unrelated comments???

  2. Apparently the voting this year retained everything that was frustrating about voting last year, with the additional hassle of a captcha.

    The voting would be a lot less frustrating it it were truly once per hour (i.e. once in the range of 1:00 – 1:59, then once in the range of 2:00 – 2:59, etc) rather than at least 60 minutes since the last time you voted.

    1. You must be the loose nut behind the steering wheel. I haven’t heard of anyone else, including myself, having any problems. Just follow the simple instructions.

    2. @Kurt

      In spite of your adolescent smart ass comment, I’ll let you know that Springfield sent me the following email last Wednesday when I told them I couldn’t get my account to activate:

      “Due to email server issues the evening of Sept. 1, you may have been unable to log in and vote. This issue has been addressed and resolved. Your account has been activated. Please follow the link below to begin voting!”

      You can go back to watching reruns of Beavis and Butthead now.

  3. Take your self about 25 red delicious apples and crush them all. Put the chunks and juice into a few glass jars. Let sit and your back yard table for two or three days till you see a few bubbles start to form. Put the lids on tight and seal with some wax. dig a 3-4 ft hole in the back yard. Place all the jars in the hole and fill the hole back up with dirt. let sit there for 3-6 months. After its sits and ages for a that time dig them up and strain through a cheese cloth and few times. Pour all the liquid into 1 container and store in cabinet for 1 month. That will be the best 90 proof apple brandy you will ever have. If you want to go one step further, distill it. That will raise it to 150 – 165 proof but its not necessary.

    1. That actually sounds like a fun project. I always loved hard apple cider, so this should be pretty good.

      I had a friend who brewed his own beer. One batch went kinda wild and escaped from the bottles. His place smelled like beer for the next 6 months. 😉

    2. It’ll be a lot closer to 9 proof apple brandy, but heck, if you add a teaspoon of yeast it’ll be decent cider to drink once you filter it down. Unless it goes moldy, in which case it’ll just taste like ass.

      It’ll still be fun to try tho! Give it a whack! If you want to really have some fun, WASH EVERYTHING FIRST, AND THE BLANCH YOUR CRUSHED UP APPLES, DON”T SEAL THE JARS INTO LITTLE BOMBS, AND USE SOME COMMON SENSE!

      Either way you do it, I hope you have fun, home fermentation is all about learning a few things and getting to enjoy the fruits of your labors! 😉

  4. Tequila. Hmmm…. I’m an occasional sipper of Bullett bourbon but I’m heading for Guadalajara in October again, and I always wanted to visit the Mexican village of Tequila, not too far out of Guad. I’m thinking they might have some quality tequila I can try. Don’t like the taste of the stuff they sell here in the US of A, but people tell me there’s some really good tasting stuff down there that I ought to know about. Anybody ever been there and recommend a good brand? I think the locals around Guad seem to prefer Sauza if I remember right.

    1. William,

      I’m having problems too. The confirm email message never arrives. They must have a problem with their site. I even tried two different emails in case my primary had an issue, but nothing came to either one, so I can’t enter.

      I guess if no one can enter, they don’;t actually have to give anything away.

    1. Mikial did you play last year?

      Does it get annoying and time consuming, or can you just play a little and still be in the lottery for everything?

    2. Sorry, ss1.

      I didn’t play last year. To be honest, I enter lots of these contests and never win a thing. but, it’;s just something I do at night when the wife and I are drinking rum. Kind of cheap entertainment. I’ve been entering tons of contests for years and never won a thing. Who knows if anyone ever actually wins anything.

    3. Aha! So you ARE a drinker!

      I love tequila. You should try Don Julio Blanco sometime, just straight, no margarita. There’s no better tequila.

      I have never drank rum straight. Is that how you drink it? Any recommendations?

      Back to the topic, hey I’m going to give it a decent shot at winning something, like vote once per day. It’s a great company, great guns, and it looks like they gave away a lot last year.

    4. Yeah, looks like they did, so I will be entering every chance i get too.

      We like our rum in straight shots followed by a bite of lime. I drink my tequila the same way, although Margaritas are refreshing on a hot summer evening.

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