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Drinking Water On-Demand

One of the biggest rules of survival is that you can never have enough clean water. These 5-gallon, rubberized, water bladders are perfect for weekend camping trips. They are appropriate for long-term storage and can supply water for cooking, cleaning, and hydration. They feature a push-button spout and plastic-covered rope carrying handles—5 gallons of water weighs over 40 pounds! Five gallons of drinking water is enough for 1 adult person to meet the recommended “8 cups daily” hydration standard for 10 days.

Swiss Water Bladder
Swiss Water Bladder

The Swiss used these flexible rubber bladders instead of solid metal or plastic cans due to the cold Swiss winters. Because the water bladder is flexible, you can squeeze it to break up ice build-up inside, keeping the remaining liquid accessible to drink. Ice tends to form quickly around the mouths of cans, making the rest of the water inaccessible and useless.

These bladders are clearly marked as “drinking water” in multiple languages. Some campers will buy multiple bladders and then use a permanent marker to black out the markings on some of them. The blacked-out bladders are then used as camp showers refilled with stream water, or for other purposes in which the water does not have to be drinkable, such as refilling the commode in an RV. Carrying five gallons at a time in a flexible rubber bladder means fewer trips to meet your camp’s water needs!

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