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Down Zero TV: Friends like these

As we get nearer to the official launch date of Down Zero TV, here’s a little clip of some of the “fun” action we get while attending the classes and matches that make up the body of the show.

I’m shooting the Sig 1911 Tactical Operations at the Pistol-Training.Com class, and I get a little good natured ribbing from Todd.

Todd’s a friend, and this is all in good fun.

However, there’s a valuable point as well – focus.

If I said to you right now “don’t think about pink elephants”, now you’re thinking about pink elephants.

If before a drill you’re thinking “don’t throw the first shot, don’t screw this up” you’re going to screw yourself up.

The mind is an incredible thing, and negative thoughts right before a drill or a stage are a great way to cause yourself issue.

I did, missing on of the mandatory head shots on the FAST Drill.

Enjoy the video, have a laugh.

But remember that your mental game is extremely important, and when you’re at matches or classes to remain focused…but focus on the positive things.

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