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Down Zero TV: Epic Steel Time

Last Saturday, I was shooting in Arnold, MO just south of St. Louis for the Central States ProAm Speed Plates match.

This is a state-level match that is styled after Steel Challenge, but also includes “outlaw” stages in addition to the standard Steel Challenge stages.

I actually prefer outlaw steel matches because by including stages not in the “standard” Steel Challenge book, they actually level out the playing field a little bit.

Gear Breakdown

And as usual, I’m wearing my Woolrich Elite Tactical Pants.  But let’s get on to the match itself.  We started shooting early in the day with six stages before lunch.  At the half-time break, I was leading Production division by about 16 seconds, which meant all I needed to do was not pull a Peyton Manning and choke in the second half.  My biggest weakness in matches like this the mental aspect; if I know I’m shooting well and have a lead, I honestly start to make mistakes.  Especially if there’s a chance that I could walk away with the top dog award.

The second half of the match was a real roller coaster ride for me – for the first time in 3000 rounds, my Sig P250 malfunctioned.  I had two separate failures to extract with the gun which caused me to really struggle on two of the final six stages.  I was able to pull it back together, and the Sig ran flawlessly for the remainder of the match.  After some waiting, the final results were posted – and I brought home my first Production win of the season!

Now comes the funny part – when I got back to my hotel, I took my Sig apart to see if I could figure out what caused the malfs.  It turns out there was a bunch of crud caked on the extractor as a result of me not cleaning the gun for 3000 rounds.  Apparently you do in fact need to clean guns occasionally.  After cleaning the gun, I’ve not experienced any further issues.

For the rest of the week I’m in Columbia, Missouri for the NRA Bianchi Cup.  Shooting officially starts on Wednesday, and I open my run at the Production Division with the Practical and the Barricades Wednesday morning, followed by the Falling Plates on Thursday.  I close the week on Friday taking my shots at the Mover.  Stay tuned for updates from Bianchi Cup!

Down Zero TV Stats

  • Major Match best finish: 1st (Production)
  • Major Match Most Accurate: 0 (no competitions yet)
  • Major Match Top 10 Finishes: 2
  • Rounds fired: A bunch
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  1. I’m afraid I’m a little OCD, I mean CDO (alphabetical order). I tear down my gun after every range session, not for some monster cleaning. But just to brush the crude out, put in a dab of lube, and get it back in battery. I’ve tried to start the 2000 round challenge half a dozen times, but I just can’t keep from cleaning my guns. Never made it more than 500 rounds.

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