Don’t Get Swept up in O(mob)ama Mentality: Surviving the Romney Riots

55 died and another 2,300 were injured during the 1992 Los Angeles riot.

Be it conspiracy theory or not, there is Internet chatter about planned riots after the election if President Obama does not win. Historically, riots have occurred during time of intense political strife, racial tension, and harsh economic conditions. In the coming days and weeks, the time is ripe for people to be angry and frustrated following the outcome of the election. Regardless of your political affiliation, everyone thinks the other candidate is going to destroy America; whether through taking away our rights or taking away our money, neither one will we tolerate. Though there is no way to predict exactly when and where civil unrest will happen, it is best to prepare just in case violent rioting breaks out in your city.

55 died and another 2,300 were injured during the 1992 Los Angeles riot.
55 died and another 2,300 were injured during the 1992 Los Angeles riot.

First of all, avoid areas where a riot is apt to happen. This would be downtown, around government buildings, highly populated areas, entertainment districts, or the inner-city. Pay attention to the news, not only your local television stations, but alternative news sources on the Web. Twitter feeds and Facebook usually break news before you see it on TV. People are already tweeting about wanting to riot. Posts such as these, “if every action IS met with an equal and opposite reaction ..what should workers do to employers if Romney’s elected? #Riot in the streets!!” (sic) and this “Ima start a riot I’ma start riot RT @CuzinSkeetOnHer: If Romney wins im goin on a rampage” (sic) are all over Twitter.

If things start looking ugly in your city, for example big groups of people start congregating at the park or downtown, stay inside and prepare to fortify your doors and windows. Boarding them up prevents rioters from breaking the glass. Staying inside also keeps you away from violence or possible arrest.

Not only do you want to keep food and water, but make sure you have flashlights, a way to stay warm, and alternative ways to heat up food. During the LA riots, because of fires that rioters started, the electricity and water went out. It was unsafe for crews to fix the problems, so many people went without utilities for days.

There is plenty of time for you to prepare to bug-in for a few days after the election. Building a 72-hour bug-in kit is simple and is not expensive. Riots can last days and spread throughout a city. You will want to make sure you have enough provisions that you will not need to leave your house. Stores will possibly be closed or looted. You will want to have enough food and water for your family. Stock up now. Buy one gallon of water and two cans of food per person per day. Also, if things are really bad, your city might enforce a curfew. You do not want to be stuck without important medicine or baby formula if you have an infant.

Because rioters turn over cars, loot, break windows and set fires, I highly suggest you purchase a fire extinguisher. If you already have one, now is the time to check it to make sure it is ready for use.

Even though you want to support your candidate, you may want to reconsider making it public. Putting political signs in your yard can make you a target. A Wisconsin state senator’s son got severely beaten up when he yelled at two people trying to remove his Romney/Ryan yard sign. They believe the beating was politically motivated. Read the full story here.

This situation looks ominous. Leave the area immediately.
This situation looks ominous. Leave the area immediately.

If it is impossible for you to bug-in, you absolutely have to be in a sensitive part of town or find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, there are a few things you can do to avoid getting hurt. Your first line of defense is to leave the area as soon as possible and get indoors. You will want to remain calm and keep your wits about you. As weird as it may sound, you will want to move with the flow of the people. Resist running away as this can draw attention to you. As you walk with the flow of the mob, scan the outlying area. Work your way towards buildings and find a side street or an alleyway that can shield you. Once you find a side street, you can find an alternative route away from the crowd to get yourself out of the area. Carry pepper spray with you at all times. If someone gets violent, pepper spray can help you defend yourself. Falling down in a mob is very dangerous and quite possibly fatal. If you fall or get pushed down, roll up into a ball and cover your head.

There is a high probability that law enforcement will shoot off tear gas or pepper spray. A cloth, or bandana soaked in vinegar or lemon juice covering your mouth and nose can help counteract the effects of these chemical agents. However, the vinegar and lemon juice do not last very long, so it is important to leave the areas as soon as possible.

Law enforcement may be overworked or sent to the violent areas. Be prepared to be on your own. It will be your responsibility to keep you and your family safe.

The Shooter’s Log includes many informative articles about bugging-in and preparing. To learn more, check out these articles:

Have you ever been stuck in a riot? Share your comments with us about the experience, or join in our conversation about it in the forums.

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  2. Hey DSLAM, Joe6Pak…. want to comment back here since your last troll sessions about us Republicans rioting and taking away your rights?? Really? You support 2nd Amendment but vote Democrat because they vote for the values that matter? ROFLMAO


  3. Re. Comment #122. I can allow most of your vitriol pass for the ignorance that spawned it. However, the point about the South hanging Yankees if they’d won is simply too ridiculous. The Southern states sought only to depart from the union – in peace. They were not permitted to do so.
    Incidentally, if slavery was, indeed, abolished how is it that we’re all becoming slaves to an overreaching government today?

  4. Does my heart good to know you knuckleheads are pissed, in some ways I hope you will activate the military finally to your treasonable ways. Being from an American family with a veteran bloodline that goes back before the revolution and was in the Iron Brigade in the civil war I find your ungratefulness insulting.. The letters from that period expressed that none of the Yankees thought any of you could could be trusted to follow through on your oath of allegiance, after all you born here and still tried to over throw our country. And if any of you can read look who saved all of you from hanging for treason, that’s right Abraham Lincoln and General Grant. Two gop types from the same party of the teabag-its, a party today which would throw all of you under the bus for a extra vote, everybody but you guys realize that. Those folks who started Texas fought like hell to get in the union, then your lowlife section for a few pennies and lot of racism turned on them. Your honor nor you word seems worth a dam, but at Appomattox were the entire insurgency under Bobby Lee surrendered and gave their word that their states would never participate in another insurrection or to practice slavery. Many Yankees were sorry for the gop carpetbaggers, but it could have been way worst, and no one who studies that insurrection believes if the south had won they would not have hung all the Yankees. Believe me when I tell you that is still fresh in the minds of the americans after that event and will play into any action that tries another insurrection. Why do you suppose most military bases are in the south, because we trust you? Think partners, don’t let a few loud mouth persons cause you to overload, consider the consequences.

  5. @Edwin Patriot Americans don’t burn their own homes and businesses down. We are not lazy, self entitled and filthy welfare animals. We use peaceful means to vent our anger….until the government treason scum like you love puts us in a place where we are forced to fight back. Have you been reading the news traitor? People are creating petitions to secession petitions in order to put the scum traitors on notice. Obama and people like that commie traitor Diane Frankenfienstien want to start a civil war in this country. Don’t blame us if and when it happens. Blame the scum traitors that you worship.

  6. What it means is America will remain a partial secular democracy for some more time, hopefully enough to institute laws forbidding corporations or monopolies from existing inside the north american continent and all their niches being filled by american small businesses. While tearing piece by piece every agriculture demons companies like Monsanto’s, with the aim of dismantling all businesses that act like the Americas citizens worst enemy on every issue. Have believed for a long time a AG investigation of all Ag business poisoning our country at felony levels, we could recover trillions from imposing super fines called treasonable acts, as they are shameless and dangerous domestic terrorists posing as one of us. Ya Obama even want to do what we can to help the american racists, we Democrats will try our best to stop that silliness, we know that reasoning with racists/ fundamentalists is a waste of time and want some other important things done with the money and the efforts. If Romney had won the middle class and the poor would be eating the christian-crackheads and their rich foreign corporatist with some favaba beans and Chianti.:):)

  7. The Enemy with in is the Ross Waters types and Probabaly a Proud Progressive Overated DumbocRAT!if you have Never Met Ted or Shara keep your Lies to your self Americas Foundation is Judeo Christianity and Why Romney/Ryan will set us on course ! is Proof Gods wealth is Bestowed on Wise Men! If it were not for Bain Dunken Donuts a Chicago Based company by the way would have Sunk! Bain is a Solid Holding Company even the founder of Staples ,Home Depot and Olin Corperation will testify ask Browning and United Repating Arms(Winchester.) in Morgan Utah in the canyon will tell you.

    Oh by the way The Fact Checks from Andrea Mitchelle are Alarming!

  8. Hey What would be more Insane 4 more years of the same old same old Pathological lies from the left wing Axel Rod, Rom Emanuel, and Clinton Puppet Master and Controlled News Media Lame Dem Senate and The Lost at sea DemocRAT ic Thugocracy since Nancy Pelosi was the Squeaker of the House and the end results are ?

    MR.Chris Cox of the NRA-ILA and V.P.MR Waynen La pier would not be proud to read some of the comment’s here !

    How many Lies can I list here i have plenty of references if you wish the truth of the CIA Operation Benghazi when our Embassy is in Tripoli hello Obama who is the Commander and Chief who did Not Kill Usama Bin Hiding. The lies before our eyes on the Second Amendment 2nd Debate about yes the Infamous Mis understanding of AR means Armalite Rifle Stoner’s Ingenious AR Platform Standardized definition as AutomaRifleifel NOT ASSAULT RIFLE( Mr Jesse high Jack asson). I can assalt you with a Shot Gun what is the difference! Any Fire arm will do! Now Who is Prepared well that is a free choice is it up to us Individually! a free news Letter form the NRA Freedoms Voice google andRead the History of the NRA and How America runs on Private Enterprises we Are Not a Democracy we are Individuals not part of a Mob Rule were 2 Wolves and A lamb vote on whats for Lunch a Famous Quote By Benjermen Franklin!

    The Tea Party of real Patriots showed the Libs Up and they have been whining with jeaolusy since. I am a Teddy Roosevelt George Washington Tea Party Patriot! I walk Softly and Carry my Big 1911 thunder stick and Live in one of the Freest Battle Born States of The Union! Where Vetrans Truly are Hounerd ! Tx is Second ! Now To the Libbys who want Real CHANGE SOMETHING! Denounce Communism and Come back into the Fold !

  9. Here is a new enemy for both camps to go after. Who is winning the most by dividing the United States? Look up the name George Zorros. Why is his money buying Barry, Mike Moore, and so, so, so many others? Who stands to win the most when we kick the crap out of each other? Please be able to defend yourself, but follow the money that is the causation of OUR strife!! Remember, America, The Land of THE FREE!

  10. I am appalled at some of the comments here. Right winged nuts? Wow, Obama has his constituents really riled up for sure. So, he hasn’t done a damn thing for our country except put us in more debt and make brothers and sisters, neighbor agains neighbor fight with one another.
    No one is talking about why he let 4 US americans, several heroes brutally murdered. No one is talking about that at all. Las Vegas seems to be his big priority and going on TV shows.
    If I wanted a rock star for a president, I would have voted for one. You people better wake up and look around. The right is not fighting with you. We would rather fight the terrorists and rebuild our country. Rioting and murdering eachother is not a resolve…….it is the begining of a civil war again. Why? Who ever wins and I DO hope it is Romney………… shall be. Which ever. I am prepparing for an economic melt down and if Obama wins….God help us all.

  11. I pledge allegiance, to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Have a nice day America

  12. if you want to fix our country vote out all professional politicians on both sides of the isle, replace with uncorrupted regular folks from both sides of the fence. I know it might be a fantasy, but people can set down with one another and work things out. Corruption shows up in a government where the representatives are not replaced on a regular basis. It will be up to us to get involved and replace those that have been there for decades and with term limits it will help stop some of the corruption continuing. Makes a good story, uh

  13. Just remember. Obama tabled the NATO gun control so he can pass it after he’s re-elected. That’s the scariest gun control bill to come up yet…

  14. I stopped reading the comments about a third of the way into the thread when I realized I was starting to reconsider my opposition to gun control.

  15. I visited this site out of curiosity.After one hour of reading I can sincerely and honestly say that I wasted one hour of my life. Over sixty years ago Einstein said the only thing more abudant than hydrogen was stupidity. I believe the man could see into the future and was reading this site. I am not aiming that statement in any direction, so don’t get your feathers all ruffled. There are way too many sissy-
    men on here that are brave when they are concealed by anonymity.
    Let us try a test. Who really should we be angry with? Who or what is the source of so many problems in this country and the world for that matter.I’ll give you a hint: Kennedy was going to put a stop to it and within six months he was dead. Every president since then has never said they were going to shut this private operation down. If you really want something to be upset with, just answer that and pass it along. You will get “right” and “left” to join together in a common cause. Unless your are happily amused being sick& tired, financially and mentally challenged spending your life away bashing others here in no-where ville.-

  16. I am a conservative Christian. NOT A REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT. I don’t see why we are having this discussion. I see that Obama and Romney are both Socialist leaning candidates. I feel like we r having a debate on Energizer vs. Duracell or Ford vs. Chevy. They both are deserving of a single term. When being honest my Rep. friends agree that Romney is not the answer and Lib. friends agree that Obama is not so great either. Obama has harmed the country and so did Bush and so will Romney. But none will harm it as bad as a lame duck session of any of the three. Ashamedly I voted for bush twice. A fool would vote for Obama twice and he will grab guns in some form or another. So will Romney if elected twice. But he will not in his first term. It sucks but we have nothing more than Romney this time and whoever the dem. candidate is next time until an awesome liberatarian candidate presents theirselves next time. As to the fear perpetuated by both sides STOP! or we will be forced to use the guns we love on the valuable American souls we hold dear. Remember there are conservative and liberal people fighting for you and your little uns overseas, so we can nitpick here at home. We r buying into the tricks of the two party system is setting us up for. Lets say to hell with the Republicans and Democats and take back our country founded on the American dream that our children can fight their hearts out for the betterment of their own. Or be so lazy they starve. LET US CHOOSE OUR OWN FATE!!!!!!!!!

  17. Liberals are just like children who throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want. Liberals, don’t forget, conservatives work toward self reliance. If the riots come to conservative neighborhoods, they won’t last long.

  18. Another know it all that trys implied threats, you gop types never learn, that Nixon crap went out with waxed legs, smart people check all sites out, these days we are looking for which of you folks are going to create another 13 year old to shoot up his school mates because of inciting to riot diatribes, like this silly ass one here. The left has finally started giving the right some of their hot air back, everyone who was not born in the last year knows if a gop type says something it means nothing. So just like you sob’s we throw it back in others face. Redneck, racists,kkk, gop and patriotic American is not a match, never was! Love my country, hate racist dumb-asses! Joe6pK

    And do not insult veterans by trying one koemtn to suggest all are gop american hating racists, I am proud to be a vetarn but tryonhg to insult me and my brothers and sisters by acting like ta is so make s
    The libs on this blog must get their rocks off taunting gun owners – a curious tactic at best. How about you tough guys post some legitimate liberal logic to defend your bullshit? Wait, that’s an oxymoron. It’s sad, really, that people like dslam and joe6pk could do a simple google search to find who is posting violent tweets, but they won’t, because they would rather troll here and taunt gun owners with inane crap. Careful what you wish for, ladyboys. Taunting gun owners may be a fatal tactic. Romney will win and he’ll be a good president. Myself, and others will be labeled racists while we repair the economy that actually tanked when the election swung heavily in Obama’s direction in 2008 – just look at the polls and the stock market – gee, what a coincidence they almost simultaneously moved in opposite directions. Don’t worry, libbies, the repubs will fix your economic theoretical experiment with proven solutions work. How about you ladyboys ask your savior Obama what did he know, and when did he know it? Lybia is a failure of epic proportions, but you’ll blindly defend him because you lack the part of your brain responsible for critical reasoning. Like I said, sad, really.

  19. Dyin in a mass pile of my own brass, that f@#kin near poetic vet brother, but if you knew I was a vet you would save me before one of these crackhead christians right? These civilians, in an emergency will be a large, unnecessary burden, while all veterans know the drill and carry their own weight. Being a medical person my perspective- focus is different, I require well-armed, trained individuals around me, if I am to treat the wounded. Civilians would be a burden, like a 5 year old kid or relious extemeists. In my world I know two veterans that I would trust if the chips got down, and other then my three children and two of my x-wives, the rest are unknowns to me, but a brother or sister veteran would get instant, top priority consideration, automatically from an equal.
    On the other hand saving these cilvians religuos of just rich who have neither the skill necessary to fight an insurrection, or especially to sustaine onethat and they would surely be another mouth to feed, seems unrealistic. Only those that served have the abilities necessary to be successful at confronting and defeating a federal military anyway, another point only known through reality by veterans. The tough caveat here is any US veteran who did revolt will have broken a sacred oath. To any civilian that means absolutely nothing, but it held us vets I felt!
    It maybe old fashion. but none I know would break their oath. So I think their would not be a large, well trained group of aggressive folks to carry off an insurrection. But it could be a great time for veterans to ignore bullspit issues so they can group together to buy supplies in bulk and make plans for a dependable size of people in the event of catastrophic events. Be they man-made or natures version! So who will sign-up for helping find the equipment, wilderness territories for training up volunteers? Joe6pK

  20. RE comment #92
    Finaly, somepne with a good historical perspective on the “progessive” ism’s.
    Basic, but very well put. Thank you!

  21. Mike is an example of why the left are idiots. They want tolerance but refuse to give it to anyone who disagrees with them. I can’t wait to see mikey and all his ilk at judgement time. In the meantime he wants to eradicate anyone who disagrees with him. Well mikey this is for you.__|__

  22. Your funny Grizzly, first for having a stupid name like Grizzly, but mostly about saying America is a Christian nation. America is NOT based on what your beliefs are, and they are just beliefs, and in your case, maybe delusions. But rather the FREEDOM to believe in what you want, the tooth fairy, or God above.

    I mean you sound like a relgious fella, a Christian, and that you are emphatically right in your thinking. Yet, you sound like you’d vote for the guy who believes God lives on a planet, and that only the leader of his faith can commune with God. Oh, and don’t forget the magic underwear. For me though, he’s is JUST A BIG FAT F@#$ING LIAR.

  23. Re Comment #86
    Fascism/Nazism is characterized by private ownership of business and industry, with government control. Marxism/Communism is characterized by government control and ownership of business and industry. These two philosophies are not very different, and are basically first cousins. They are also both philosophies of the left/liberal spectrum, i.e. calling for government control of society instead of freedoms and individual responsibility. What we’re seeing with the current administration is a drive combining elements of both ideologies.

  24. A pretty good president? LOL OMG Let’s see, apology tour, $16.4 trillion in debt, 7.9 unemployment (even with cooked books), and lets not forget Bengazi gate. And remember it’s not the conservatives who are threating riots. I will end with this prayer. “Lord, make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to do destroy me. Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to harm me and mine. Let my last thought be “If only I had my gun” ; and Lord if today is truly the day You call me home, please Lord let me die in a mountain of my own brass. Amen”

  25. Good topic in terms of what to do in case of riots or just being prepared. I’m a gun owning democrat that loves this country. And I find it remarkable there r so many ignorant people. I pledge allegiance to the United States of America. My conservative friends and I r on the same team. We r all Americans. Now those of u that talk this stupid bigoted ignorance should get a book and do some reading and learn what communism or socialism really is. As a nation we r not even close. Obama has been a pretty good president. He inherited a mess and it has gotten better despite the fact Republicans obstructed almost everything he tried to implement. Those actions hurt all allot usdemocrat or republican. Presdent Obama will be re-elected.

  26. All I can say is that if it happens then may God have mercy on their soul because I won’t. I will be in mortal fear for my families and my life. If I can see them in my scope well I will arrange a meeting with them and the Almighty. He can sort them out. I won’t go seeking them out but if they’re in my neighborhood doing bad things well…..

  27. Only the liberals would come up with American Taliban, you people need to move out of the US and go any where but here! Listen to yourself, if it wasn’t for American standing up for their rights you wouldn’t be free you little pompous pricks!

    And # 66 so only white people are evil and do wrong? It’s amazing, how stupid these comments are and I’m adding to them!

    You need to open your eyes and wake the f@#k up! Or do you need someone to hold your hand and tell you how?

  28. I also would like to praise CTD for allowing a free-flowing and non-censored debate. I know they are doing these posts as a way to scare people into buying stuff but they aren’t deleting the minority view points among this very severely right-leaning crowd. I appreciate that and it is commendable.

  29. @Mac
    “…of all of the (liberal leaning) posters commenting here, how many of you have actually bought anything from this site or actually own weapons?”
    Good question. I’ve been a firearm owner for 10 years now. I’ve been shooting off and on since I was a child.
    And to address some other slanderous comments, I love the USA. To say that liberals “hate America” is so strange to me. If you love something and care about it then you should be willing to criticize it, to make it better. I love America so much I want it to be even better. We can do better than a plutocracy.

    Lastly, that kneejerk reaction by conservative to call liberals “communists”, “socialists” or “marxist” is so ridiculous. It means you dont know what those words mean. Communism is as horrible as fascism, authoritarian and illiberal. As an American liberal Democrat, I believe in capitalism, freedom of expression and yes, the 2nd Amendment. Liberalism by definition is about liberty and equality. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally they support ideas such as free and fair elections, civil rights, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free trade, and a right to life, liberty, and property.
    Does that sound like “marxism” or “communism”? Think about places like Canada, France, Germany, Britain, these countries are much farther to the left than the USA. Are they socialist hellholes? Are they not capitalist economies? How is that possible that they have the same values as we do if they are a bunch of “commies”? The reality is they are not. When we’re talking about left versus right, let’s keep some perspective here folks.

  30. Wow look at all the greasy socialist liberals. Whoever wins, we’re f@#ked. Economic collapse is upon us. Should have listened to Ron Paul.

  31. What I would like to know is, of all of the (liberal leaning) posters commenting here, how many of you have actually bought anything from this site or actually own weapons?
    IS this the libs way of forcing bombardment to try to influence otherwise intelligent people to their way of thinking? more thought control to go along with the entitlement control!

  32. Not even 1 single mention of the Sig 516 Patrol rifles?

    I am serious about getting one, if I could ever find it at a reasonable price.

    Comments, puhlease?

  33. Articles like this are why I stopped buying my ammo from I don’t know if you caught their ad comparing Obama to Stalin and Hitler in order to scare people into buying more ammo, but it was very off-putting. Simply put, they used to get 100% of my business, and now they get zero. Considering I have many hungry AR’s and .308’s to feed, this was not smart.

    Gun owner/shooters come from all walks of life. Sure, many of them are white male republicans, but plenty of them aren’t. I am a Democrat from California with more guns in my safe than most pawn shops. I have been purchasing from CTD for years now, and they have always been a good company to deal with, especially their fast shipping. When I see the upcoming election being used as an opportunity for fear mongering, it is troubling. I’m sure there is always “internet chatter” about this and that to be found on both sides of any issue, but that is all it is, chatter. Angry people hiding behind message boards, venting the frustrations they don’t have the opportunity or courage to say in public. I am not worried about the aftermath of next week’s election. Most likely, Obama is going to win, and on Wednesday, November 7th, the sun will still rise.

    I don’t want to get too political, as that is not the point of what I have to say, but I will say this, to all those who are scared of Obama taking your guns. It has been pretty clear since day one that gun control isn’t his issue. The only laws that have changed relate to you now being able to bring guns into National Parks, and on Amtrak. I doubt, with all that is going on, he is going to do a 180, and pursue what is, on both sides of the political spectrum, an unpopular issue. I’m sure CTD, USA Ammo, and all these other companies will happily sell you another case of 223 if you are worried, but that worry is most likely unfounded.

    On another note, if any part of your argument has to do with the president being a Kenyan, a Muslim, or a Socialist, please know that any intelligent person will most likely stop reading there, as it is clear that your political thought has not evolved beyond birther/tea party/Palin/fox news sludge.

    Cheaper than Dirt, please don’t give in to this type of false alarm/hype in the interest of selling MRE’s and bullets. You are better than that.

  34. Jim #73: Have you never heard of the terrible race riots from the 60s? Were you visiting another planet during the L.A. riots in 1992? Maybe you were on a deserted island during the recent London riots. Perhaps you were too busy worshiping at the altar of Barak Obama to have heard about the inner city game called “Knock Out Kings” where gangs of blacks seek out and brutally beat whites and Asians who have committed the crime of walking to close to “certain” neighborhoods. “Knock Out Kings” was an epidemic last Summer, which was largely ignored by the national media. The twitter world is full of tweets from blacks who are proclaiming they will riot if Obama loses. If you wish to be like an ostrich and ignore danger signals, by all means do so.

  35. Nor worriesw than DSLAM. If they were to act it would have been 17 years ago, whenthe inevitable happened. People just want to save their families and whatever the government has not taxed away now. Buy a water filter of some type at a camping supply place..

  36. Luckily, though in another way unfortunately, you won’t get to test this ridiculous premise. Obama shows every sign of winning. But it is worth noting that almost all of our recent acts of domestic terrorism were practiced by Tom McVeigh types – – the kind who spread and believe this kind of silly stuff.

    Buy a gun because you want one (like me) not because you imagine other color Americans don’t love their nation as much as you do.

    This crap never happens, but some continue to bite the hook year after year.

  37. @Joe6pk Do you work for the Southern Poverty Law Center and are you a plant for them or the ADL? You sound like it, and your a traitorous piece of filth. America is a Christian nation despite what you and leftist treason pals say. I am worried about idiots like you and your paymasters instigating a civil war between veterans, patriots and gun owners. Quit defecating with you Un-American comments. I am sick and tired of snarky left wing scumbags like you.

  38. History proves that violence is by a vast majority started by the left(Progressives,Socialist,Communist,Nationalist). History also shows beyond any reasonable dought that Liberty and Freedom must be fought for and that also that the default mode of GOVERNMENT is TYRANNY. No group once in power has ever willingly and peacefully set people free. That the Lefts cadre of useful idiots would reelect a proven failure based on his skin color is ludicris. But on the same note there is ample evidence that both parties favor Socialism not Liberty and Freedom .The last (riot) of right wingers was the 2008 TEA party million plus march in DC that peacefully petitioned for redress of grievance and was ignored. The left had their Occupation forces on public and private property trash everwhere,filth and occasional violence.The left has supplied all the presidential assasins of the last 2 centuries and is more apt to riot as in Greece than the right which tends to try to work within the system. Any how thanks to CTD for offering information on how to prepare,avoid and cope with possible unrest.Personally, I see the Federal government as corrupt top to bottom and ripe for a complete overhaul in accordance with the Declaration of Independence.

  39. @DSLAM Your a typical treason left wing idiot. We are not at the point of Lexington Green confrontation yet. We are close. I’m more worried about a complete economic collapse. That will happen if Obama gets reelected. Were 16 trillion in the hole. Conservatives don’t cause riots and do not seek confrontation unless your God-the federal government instigates a confrontation. Inner city slugs riot and 9 times out of ten destroy their own stuff when they don’t get their way. Conservatives organize, and choose candidates that best reflect their mindset and work hard to get them elected, while at the same time working and taking care of their families. Unlike the inner city slugs that riot and burn the shops and stores they buy things from. Flush out your head gear moron. Ignorance breed-don’t reproduce.

  40. If one things was exposed,this last four years, it is the mindset and values of the Liberal/Communist/Socialist/Progressive Left..Yes and those of the “Right” who hide behind this name but believe the same values. They are the ones who hide behind lies, and force their beliefs on others through violence and threats. Look at “The Chicago Way”, and the Union way.. Look at Occupy Wall Street.. Look at their tactics… They can not win harts and minds with truth but only with force. They will be the ones who start the riots… We will be the ones who will protect ourselves by any means necessary.. We must put our faith in truth… in proven values and principles. In belief of a higher power than that of man alone…

  41. In my personal opinion this is the time to use extreme caution when speaking of riots and civil unrest. With the current power given to the president, by the president, to declare martial law in time of “National emergency” and take over basically all aspects of our day to day life, including detaining and detention without charges of any and all citizens by simply declaring them terrorists,we collectively need not open that door. But we collectively need to be very aware of its implications. This can all be done by presidential decision, and does not need to go before the Senate or the congress. It just depends what his notion of national emergency is. FEMA and other lettered agencies are ready, are you ? Remember, “All things in moderation” (Except the defense of family,loved ones ,children, elderly, country and self.

  42. 2WarAbnVet,
    Good point indeed! Witness the Russian Revolution & the Cuban Revolution. Both were left wing socialists who thought nothing of murdering innocents in order to further their cause. That mindset has always used bullying to get its point across. Remember that in the original Tea Party it was only a bunch of tea that perished in the event. You wanna know what the difference in mindsets is? Conservatives, like Romney, will say, “I really need to do more for my fellow man.” Liberals, like Obama, will say, “YOU need to do more for your fellow man.” Not ONCE in the past 4 years has Obama volunteered even a dime out of his own pocket to help the poor.

  43. Does ignorance have a limit? post old are you? How many white organizations called for assassinating Obama, before and even after the election? Being a member of the black community in this country, you are the first person (white or black) I have heard quote, or even mention the “New” Black Panthers. They are a non-entity in the scheme of Black politics, and the black communities do not even pay much attention to them (except for the few malcontents, which exist in every ethnic community). Their name is what scares you, I’m sure. I was a young adult during the “era” of the “old” Black Panthers (60s and 70s). So, I guess we could say that Skin Heads, Neo Nazi, KKK, Aryan nation, your everyday redneck, etc. represent white people at large . And when they “call” for something, the white communities salute, click their heels and obey? When these extreme statements are made by White organizations we do need to pay attention. Because there’s a long, long history (300 years, including the present) of white people hanging black people, killing black children, burning churches, dragging black men behind vehicles and raping black women. And, for no other reason except of their skin color. And, generally, nobody gets arrested or prosecuted for it. I have never heard of the old or new Black Panthers actually engaging in causing violance. The only violence envolved in the 60s and 70s was the reaction to police attacking them during meetings and rallies. Talk about knowing your history. Tell me one instance where the Panthers or Black Muslims actually initiated and performed an act of violence against whites or the white community. Or, was it all posturing, show and rhetoric? Talk about a few facts missing!

  44. Come on! When was the last riot compared to the last injustice? We hear of “perceived” injustices all of the time (true or not) and there haven’t been any riots. What you are doing is instigating fear among Americans. As if the Democrats are some violent force to be reckoned with. Or are you referring to only one “kind” of Democrat? Probably. You views and intents are shining through. I can’t wait for the day when we will all be free. Mentally or otherwise.

  45. Now, I’m an old guy, and during my lifetime I’ve never heard of a riot coming from the right/Conservative political side of America. The many riots – and there have been many – invariably come from the left/Socialist community.
    Usually the result is that they vent their spleen by burning and looting their own shops and homes. I don’t see how they can derive great satisfaction from these actions, but then their mindset is beyond my simple comprehension.

  46. The Democratic platform adopted at the last national convention includes a reinstatement of the so called assault weapons ban, and elimination of high capacity magazines. President Obama has also stated that he intends to push for these and other restrictions of the second amendment. If you believe in the constitutional right to bear arms you simply cannot vote Democrat, but on the other hand if you are a taker and not a maker and love government handouts then by all means give up your freedoms,you don’t deserve them in the first place.

  47. Looks like a few facts are missing out here. “New Black Panthers” are calling for wide spread riots…been in the news, Liberal news outlets only run it for about a minute on there sites, then pull it. We live in a “Representative Republic” not a secular democracy. Dodd / Frank blew up the banking industry…that’s been proven time and time again…go educated yourself on that one. 6 Trillion of Dept by Obama…see CBO. More war money spent, and more lives lost in Afghanistan by Obama then all of the Bush term…also a proven FACT ! If you want good information…do the research. Educate yourselves before you start spouting off of bunch of garbage.

  48. Looks like a few facts are missing out here. “New Black Panthers” are calling for wide spread riots…been in the news, Liberal news outlets only run it for about a minute on there sites, then pull it. We live in a “Representative Republic” not a secular democracy. Dodd / Frank blew up the banking industry…that’s been proven time and time again…go educated yourself on that one. 6 Trillion of Dept by Obama…see CBO. More war money spent, and more lives lost in Afganistan by Obama then all of the Bush term…also a proven FACT ! If you want good information…do the research. Educate yourselves before you start spouting off of bunch of garbage.

  49. This article is yet another piece of Bull@##$% that CTD keeps putting out there.
    Black people have been losing elections forever. In my 60 years on this planet I can’t remember one election in all of America’s history where Black people rioted because a black candidate lost an election. What fear mongering is this article up to? I guess the author knows the identities of the people who placed these “tweets” about rioting on the internet. This, in my experience, is the type of things that white racist do to start fear and over-reactions against minorities. This is done in the hope that someone will overreact out of “percieved” fears and actually cause an incident that has nothing to do with the election. Someone writing this uses written english like “I’ma”… sounds like someone wants you to think this is a black person writing this. Keep it up CTD and you will lose me as a customer.

  50. Riots?
    The only riots you may see are from the North East where people are used to the Nanny state (Lib/Socialistic) thinking/providing for them
    We have some of that mentality in the inner city of New Orleans and we all know how that turned out after a Hurricane 🙁

    There will be no riots contrary to what the nut jobs say
    We will see a mass of quiet, law abiding Americans, anxious to flock to the polls in a manner not seen in decades, well at least since Carter vs Reagan, when the pundits consistantly showed Carter slightly ahead the whole time until Ronald Reagan steam rolled him in the end

  51. Most riots of concern that I recall involved Watts, Rodney King, “Black Day in July” in Detroit and there are more…catch the drift. If no-bama loses in close recounts, be concerned, by a landslide, less concerned, if Romney loses, NO concern. But remember, all this racial tension elevated the past four years, along with other division in the country.

  52. Where did all of these left-wing nut jobs come from? Go back to the Huffington Post or your home CPUSA website. Cheaperthandirt is for people who believe in freedom and that requires the voters to oust Obama in the next election. I honestly believe these leftist posts here are from trolls attempting to see if they can fire up violent rhetoric from our side. Don’t fall for it.

  53. This is absolutely despicable. CTD is trying to profit by propagating the fear that people may riot after the election. Guess what? I go on the internet too, and there has been no inordinate amount of chatter about rioting. Screw this company and their fear profiteering.

  54. Judging by these comments, the divide and conquer tactic is working.

    Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, even Libertarian.. doesn’t matter what you are. If you vote for a president, you deserve one.

    You sit here and whine about what government lets others do, and what it doesn’t let you do. You act like begging for permission via a ballot box is going to earn you respect from your government, and that government will start treating you like an adult. You’re all wrong.

    Free men don’t ask for permission. They assert their freedom. They take it. Don’t settle for anything less than that.

  55. Joe6Pk,
    Please man, for the love of God, learn to use spellcheck and go back to school to learn the basics of sentence structure and grammar. It will make your drivel so much easier to read.

  56. Where did all the American hating Liberal Trolls come from? Why are you people even commenting on a thread from CTD? If you had your way CTD wouldn’t exist, since you all don’t believe in 2nd Amendment rights!
    Go back to your Obama worship blogs and put yours heads back where you usually keep them!

  57. Funny. Look at this article talking about people rioting and what not. Clearly can tell who supports who and who will actually riot and cause the riots. Just read all these comments truly objectively and you will see who wants to do what. Every thing I read from any forum or anything I know what it says before I read it. It usuallyI starts with this person calling that person stupid and an idiot and dumb, retard etc and so on or how that person or this person or peoples are not worthy to live etc. Lots of these people are middle aged men…. I am young compared to most these guys at early 20s and I am shaking my head in dismay and astonishment on how everyone not just middle aged men are acting these days…. it makes me sick to see they way everyone acts and talks to one another. I am sure I will get some one saying what an idiot I am to… but it comes down to this. You can sit there and say well what this president or that guy (meant to say) was an in depth view of the true meaning of the president saying we should not have this or that. Well it does not take a Harvard graduate to figure out what’s going on… here is a poem I wrote feel free to use it or bash me for what I think. Good day………………………….. In the event everything collapses, with America up in ashes, in a world without brothers or one care or selfless help to others… Who will be there to help eachother? Who will be there to stand and lead through mud and the blood. Through the poor helpless slain through all of the pain. To rise again when you should be dead, with a helpful heart torn apart.. who then will rise, who then will fight! Who then will try when everything tells you to cry? Or tells you to give up and die.? Look into your own eyes are you one of those guys who hates because there black or white? Can everything be alright? Can you stand and fight! For what is truly right? How can you live life and think your right when you act the same as all the horrible powers you hate? We just need to take the constitution in our left hand its closest to our heart but our guns are never very far sitting just to our right ready rise to stop oppression foreign or domestic demise. I and we will protest or fight for our brothers or mothers and families to our side black or white all votes aside don’t forget the reason we will fight we are all lead astray from all powers in play. Democratic left or republican right there all the same at the end of the night… Remember all your American rights but never forget what crosses your right chest to your left closest to your heart when there’s a song sang to show we are the same.. Don’t forget we are American!! We are all the same dealing with this hirt and pain. will all need to stand strong through the night all unified. The government will strive to tear us alive and make us hate the next guy. We say it will be alright! But it can’t if we hate the lives of all the other Americans having a hard time just like you and I. We are all having a hard time just trying to life life. We need to unify set all BS aside and realize As long as the good still thrive!! The fire will burn bright! Freedom and life! As long as we are alive we are American till the day we die!!!

  58. I really can’t believe the trolls on the CTD site. It’s looking like the OBummer may go down, and this has some of his minion in a panic! And Joe6pK, the GOP HAS offered the “working class” the very thing many of them fear most, A JOB !!!

  59. The libs on this blog must get their rocks off taunting gun owners – a curious tactic at best. How about you tough guys post some legitimate liberal logic to defend your bullshit? Wait, that’s an oxymoron. It’s sad, really, that people like dslam and joe6pk could do a simple google search to find who is posting violent tweets, but they won’t, because they would rather troll here and taunt gun owners with inane crap. Careful what you wish for, ladyboys. Taunting gun owners may be a fatal tactic. Romney will win and he’ll be a good president. Myself, and others will be labeled racists while we repair the economy that actually tanked when the election swung heavily in Obama’s direction in 2008 – just look at the polls and the stock market – gee, what a coincidence they almost simultaneously moved in opposite directions. Don’t worry, libbies, the repubs will fix your economic theoretical experiment with proven solutions work.

    How about you ladyboys ask your savior Obama what did he know, and when did he know it? Lybia is a failure of epic proportions, but you’ll blindly defend him because you lack the part of your brain responsible for critical reasoning. Like I said, sad, really.

  60. @Larry
    I think you’re right. Historically speaking, the US has shifted so far to the right in the last few decades that Obama is basically a moderate Republican compared to past presidents.
    I mean hell, Nixon, a Republican started the EPA and was preparing to start a universal health care system like they enjoy in all the other advanced capitalist countries like Canada, France, The United Kingdom, etc. Or as the rightwing in this country likes to call them, “communist hellholes”.
    At any rate, the reason there is so much insanely irrational fear about Obama, I think, is because he’s non-white. It’s just scary to some people, they may not be aware of that and in that way it is a sort of subconscious racism.

  61. @Gimpy
    Mr. Gimpy, you sound like a real genius. Like many of the right-wing nuts in these comments you’re an embarrassment to the Republican party and to the United States of America.

  62. If you want to avoid a riot then stay at home. Riots happen on city streets usually around civic and/or financial/government facilities. Just like any other day, if someone breaks down your door and is looking to do you or your family harm you let ’em have it with a few rounds of 00 buck or whatever your choice of anti-bad guy round may be. Just make sure they have at least one foot in the door. If there is a huge mob that doesn’t like the political sign on your lawn you may actually need that high-cap mag you have been trying to justify buying!

  63. That’s right Gimpy, we veterans are marking out these sites, no not the nut-bagging right-wingers minority that bring shame, but real americans, not bullshit talkers, sheet wearing scum dogs, who will sell us all out for the 30 pieces of silver, while wrapped in our flag, mumbling religious dogma, ya were watching the Gimpy. Joe6pK

  64. Love that this fear mongering tactic is being called out by people. Let’s also not forget, Obama is not a liberal, he is a centrist. I’ve seen people here mention Obama supporters are saying they are going to riot if he loses. Biggest heap I’ve heard all month. Haven’t seen it ever. I have seen right wingers on gun site forums talk about killing government officials and “roving bands of thugs” if Romney doesn’t win though. CTD is just trying to capitalize on election fears. They figured their main base were Romeny supporters who are afraid of “liberals” rioting. They seem to have forgotten that they are a business and that all types of people buy their products. Hopefully they learn a lesson or two here. I’m considering not using them anymore simply for this shameful tactic.

  65. Mr. Parker? A real Nazi living in a union state, that’s like being a Communist Russian living in Texas, you and your gop traitors must have had to hide out everyday. Anti-union people in states where the unions had raised the standard of living to a level most third world countries admired about America. It was why they want to become americans you ass. The gop has never had a thing to offer american working class. Think maybe you righties might want to leave Wisconsin, their really nice folks. By the way Mr. Parker Columbia is looking for some thugs who like to gun down sisters and priests. And you should not be bugging the unions, really, they should be left alone Mr.Parker, because unlike women and children wearing sheets and burning crosses just makes them mad. And unlike the pedophiles and your Chinese and Arab bosses you guys were bought by these union guys and gals came from the american gene pool that ended the last world war in less time then the gop could steal all the money from their state & families and friends. So I think the gop and you Mr.Parker are traitors to Wisconsin and my country, but Columbia still has plenty of needs of your sort. Joe6pK

  66. Hurrrrrr durrrrrr nazi right wing baby killin jew hatin fanatics and wealth thieving communist leftist do-nothin slum rats goin to destroy this here country in an ultimate showdown on election day. This countries downfall has nothing to do with muh favorite politicians actions durin the last 50 years.

    These comments are dumb.
    Please get over yourselves.

  67. Obama skirted the gun control issue like a true politician. He hasn’t made any real efforts to take on gun control. I think his debate answer was more to appease democrats and is focused on much more important issues as opposed to a war on guns. Do you guys remember little things like a certain movie theater in Denver. You cannot over look those things but at the same time, guns are American, they’re not going anywhere.

    I am pro gun in every belt fed, silenced armor piercing sense of the word and take the republican stand on the issue. However, everything else a modern republican claims is BS generated to inflame our view of the president. Republicans are their own worst enemy. Yes, its Obamas fault the economy went to shit, nevermind bush let this needed unregulated banking system run us into the ground financially just a few months before the election. We all admit its unfathomable Obama didnt have us back to pre bubble pop on his first day. we should put in a spacer in th constitution saying GW should have a third term instead. No, Palin & McVericous veins would have had us world peace and a man on Mars by now. Wait, no, republicans killed NASA. I bet they would have restarted it to send Palin to Mars had the election had gone to the Twilight Zone in 08.

    If republicans want to get somewhere, you want to help yourselves and practice what you preach, then Don’t vote for the rich 1% that oppress you in every sense of the word,you the non millionaires. Do some reading on our founding fathers & thought on ideal government. True republicans no longer exist. Hate spouting red necks & rich, selfish & misleading big businesses & politicians are actually he most dangerous threat to our future. If you want to create jobs then quit shopping at Walmart. 95%+ of that crap you buy there is Chinese. Shit made by Romney who laid your ass off so he could make more by producing your waist swelling goods over there. Oh, don’t forget to add some lead to the baby food while we’re on the Chinese subject. You’d think they could sell us the real thing after Bush borrowed our deficit to fund 2 questionable wars from china. Support things that are renewable & give your children something to look forward to other than tax breaks if you park your aviation equipment over seas. affordable energy that doesn’t poison the air & water we intake & grow our food with. Global warming is Fake, who needs glaciers when we could drill for oil & Big Mac sauce where they use to be.

  68. Is DSLAM mispelled? Is it really ISLAM?….Or just a liberal Union member? Please post your comments on CNN or some other propoganda website. Just in case you haven’t noticed, Muslims blow up buildings and kill children with backpack bombs, not Christians. The Democrat base is made up of union members, homosexuals, minorities and illegal aliens. Yes, most are lazy and have low moral character. Democrat women are fun though since they have no God they have no rules:)
    Joe6pk why are you even on this site? It’s like roaches in a pizza box on this comments page.

  69. @mr. parker
    You write: “Or some imaginary voting problem so they can try to steal elections just like they tried in FL in 2000.”
    My god man, are you living in some sort of bizzarro opposite world? Do you not know that the Republicans stole the 2000 election by suppressing votes? It was so brazen and viciously anti-american it makes one’s head spin. Feel free to read this:

    Imagine this: a Republican governor in a crucial battleground state instructs his secretary of state to purge the voting rolls of hundreds of thousands of allegedly ineligible voters. The move disenfranchises thousands of legally registered voters, who happen to be overwhelmingly black and Hispanic Democrats. The number of voters prevented from casting a ballot exceeds the margin of victory in the razor-thin election, which ends up determining the next President of the United States.

    If this scenario sounds familiar, that’s because it happened in Florida in 2000. And twelve years later, just months before another presidential election, history is repeating itself.

    Back in 2000, 12,000 eligible voters – a number twenty-two times larger than George W. Bush’s 537 vote triumph over Al Gore – were wrongly identified as convicted felons and purged from the voting rolls in Florida, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. African Americans, who favored Gore over Bush by 86 points, accounted for 11 percent of the state’s electorate but 41 percent of those purged. Jeb Bush attempted a repeat performance in 2004 to help his brother win reelection but was forced to back off in the face of a public outcry. Yet with another close election looming, Florida Republicans have returned to their voter-scrubbing ways.

    The latest purge comes on the heels of a trio of new voting restrictions passed by Florida Republicans last year, disenfranchising 100,000 previously eligible ex-felons who’d been granted the right to vote under GOP Governor Charlie Crist in 2008; shutting down non-partisan voter registration drives; and cutting back on early voting. The measures, the effect of which will be to depress Democratic turnout in November, are similar to voting curbs passed by Republicans in more than a dozen states, on the bogus pretext of combating “voter fraud” but with the very deliberate goal of shaping the electorate to the GOP’s advantage before a single vote has been cast.

    Florida Republicans have taken voter suppression to a brazen extreme. After the 2010 election, Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, instructed Secretary of State Ken Browning to compile a massive database of alleged “non-citizen” voters. Browning resigned in February rather than implement Scott’s plan, saying “we were not confident enough about the information for this secretary to hang his hat on it.”
    Read more here:

  70. After the debate when gun control was brought up, from the official transcript, Romney stated that he would not support any new gun control laws.
    When BOjangles was a state senator, he actually voted for gun control measures that were so extreme, they would take away your right to self defense in your home.
    He got coached by his white handlers, just appoint anti gun people like Holder and infest the federal judiciary with anti gun rights fanatics. You stay above it, he does that all the time, calling for peace while his underlings use some of the most violent rhetoric in political history.
    For example:
    He lies about his support for manufacture ring jobs, jobs for miners, oil production,etc. because he knows his EPA will shut any development down and he can stay friends with his rich Hollywood halfwits and their money.

  71. I lived in Wisconsin where we saw the craziness of the recall nuts. This was all planned before asking “civil” servants to pay their “fair share” towards their pensions and health care to help balance the budget. Domain names were claimed right after the people elected Gov. Walker calling for his recall. For years, public employee unions had their own scams with the taxpayers being the patsies. They became unhinged and brought in professional agitators and goons from other states. They stayed in WI so long they actually tried to vote. All the money they spent and the vandalism to the Capitol, acts of violence against Republican legislators and their families and the extra expense of these recall elections. The people paid these extremists back, just like they will nationwide Tuesday.

    Demonrats love political power more than the country. That was just in WI, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s violence when BOzo goes down in flames. Or some imaginary voting problem so they can try to steal elections just like they tried in FL in 2000.

  72. I’m not sure what all these crazy posts full of hate are trying to accomplish. This article is simply about preparing for stupid people going crazy and waiting out the storm of stupidity should it arise.

  73. Of the two major party candidates running,only one has ever signed an assault weapons ban. And the candidate who signed a ban would be Romney, who signed one for Massachusetts.

  74. I have heard riots by both losers. Obama tards will riot it Romney wins and vice versa. But I have been prepped for riots ever since I moved to Birmingham, AL. It is racially tense and has been for awhile. The Black Panthers, KKK, and WOA all replaced their local presidents in the past 6 months. And all swear violence. The BP wants members to kill white babies in hospitals in retaliation. Everyone I know who grew up during the Civil Rights say racial tensions are worse than ever which is sad considering it started in 1955 just a few hours down the road from me.

    Don’t use pepper spray in a crowded setting. Or on windy days. Trust me on that one.

  75. As a matter of historical fact, any government that placed any kind of weapons control on it’s citizenry, always and I mean always ended up forcing it’s unfair laws upon it’s citizens all of the way since the roman empire, probably even longer. An unarmed citizenry has always been a desirable situation to corrupt rulers and political officials. Now I cannot claim what the republican party plans to do on the long term, but I believe that most democratic party members and especially obama want to impose weapon control laws upon the citizens of this country. Now I have not heard from any political party, at least here in Arizona, threaten riots if obama, or romney win, the only thing that I, or anybody that I run with, will not tolerate any politician to force any kind of weapons control legislation upon us. Now from what I know and what I have been told by people who have been to, or from democratic controlled cities and states, the gun control makes it safe only for the criminal element. Not only does gun control make it safe for criminals to work, but it keeps honest, fearful hard working people from defending themselves. While living in Ohio, my son saw a news report about about a dangerous meth addict who was was killed while threatening and robbing a home owner and his family. The judge give the home owner five years in jail for defending his home. While being taken away he asked the judge what else was he suppose to do? The idiotic judge replied, “you could of hid or gone out the back door of your home”. If gun control is so good, why is obama’s home city and any other democratic controlled city/state war zones. The only one’s that are feeling threaten by the personal ownership of weapons are the corrupt political officials. My personal opinion is that any one, citizen, soldier, law enforcement person or political official on either side of the political fence that would make weapon control laws, or even try to enforce such laws, is a traitor to this country, should be labeled as one and if they act upon these laws that are just wrong, should be shot. As far this talk of riots, my associates and myself shall wait who first starts this war and it wont be us. Government do not even think about enforcing gun control, and that means you, obama.

  76. And Romney claims he has moved away from that position while Obama stated on national television during a debate that he would reinstate the AWB and make it permanent. The ban in MA was actually in place BEFORE Romney was in office and while he did sign a bill that strengthened several parts of it, the bill also loosened other restrictions. MA is behind enemy lines with or without Romney, Obama was on the board at Joyce and has repeatedly made it clear that he has no respect for firearms ownership. Wobbly comments about respecting 2A rights mean NOTHING when the person speaking that line has never qualified what that means. I put his soothing lie about respecting 2A rights right in the basket with his promise to defend America and it’s allies while promising Putin he will have “more flexibility” once he is reelected.

  77. Gregory,
    If the democrats launch a bill that hurts CTD and gun owners in a clear way, they should report it. The problem is that this isn’t that situation. This is divisive, dog whistle fearmongering.
    Remember, the “assault weapon” ban Obama supports is one that Romney signed into law as governor of Massachusetts. Republicans like Romney don’t care about your gun rights. In MA, it was expedient to support the ban, running for national office it’s expedient for him to oppose it. They just know that if they pay lip service to your group of single-issue voters, you’ll ignore the other ways in which they’ll hurt you, whether it be increased taxes (or closed loopholes), ever increasing health care costs, and environmental damage.

  78. “I feel the same as Mike about CTD, it’s a shame they are so political.”

    Really? So CTD should just shut up, bend over, and take a dry gulching from a kleptocrat who would shut them down in a second if he thought he could get away with it? Not that I think Romney is the strongest candidate on 2A rights but to deny that Obama is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing on the subject of gun control and a FAR greater threat is lunacy.

  79. @Joe6pK
    Haha, that’s the spirit Joe6pk, I’ll be there right with you along with my Mosin Nagant. (I’m still working on my AR-15 build). The Christian dominionists want to destroy our secular democracy and install a Christian theocracy, just like the Taliban.

    And thanks for your service in the armed forces of the USA by the way.

  80. Ross Walters

    Your right about the Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin set the tone for right-wing violence their incendiary statements should be treated as Judge Oliver Wendel Holmes exception of yelling fire in a crowd theater. Also Ross I think you error on the democrats, most of those who serve in the military as enlisted come from working class families, not exactly a pool for the dumb ed-down right and believe this 66 year old veteran when I tell you those who talk about guns all the time are not the dangerous ones, or as ready as those who stay quiet and wait.
    The civil war here was won by those who were quiet, who never tried to intimidate others to their will, but they did put down an insurrection by a treasonable segment that tried to overthrow a legally elected secular democracy. With history, not rhetoric as a guide this veteran pleads with the wackos not to start something the majority will not stand still for! Also their is a strong possibility this time no mercy will be shown for these usurers of our country the second time around. Joe6pK

  81. Ben,
    That is the first funny thing I think I have ever heard from a NRA wacko, you have finally lifted the wackos out of the dumps of despair, into the light of humor, good for you! Rightist seem to forget before the NRA became a dump site for wackos the NRA was a respected training organization for child to learn how to handled weapons safely and shoot. It taught them never under any conditions to allow nut-bags, wife beaters, child molesters or criminals to get near guns, even if they were related. The NRA only scare little children, so it is a wasted effort there Ben. Joe6pK

  82. I feel the same as Mike about CTD, it’s a shame they are so political. I guess I understand about trying to fear monger because it gets the preppers all worked up and they can sell more stuff. It’s rather sickening though and not very professional. Serious, mature businesses usually try to remain neutral and just focus on business and not politics.

  83. Joe,
    Lets see a Joe who was obviously born after the last bush left office, you should not be old enough to write yet, especially if your a right wacko! Funny that crack about cool-aide though, a Christian cure for mobs that think they are loosing, Jim Jones bring activate any brain cells Joe? Who told you blindly doing what the most uninformed part of society from fix news would be patriotic, Rush the guy who avoided the draft for a biol on his butt? And what could someone like that know about this country? The last evaluation of fix-news listeners by real journalists found they knew less about reality then if they had listen to nothing! And being a democrat I trust no one Joe, I do go with the least of evils, as I am in a country where religion is straggling truth in favor of dogma, but being a wacko that would not register. Control huh, your party has never left the issues that have nothing to do with good goverment, you dwell like child on abortion,the law has settled that issue, gay marriage issue will be settled soon and then their is your sides messing with our elections, unless you were born yesterday you would know the right has been at it since about 1800. You guys need to move away from that bootlickin second class status and get american, finally. Joe we live in a secular democracy to protect even the retarded cults like the Mormons and the christian [north american Taliban] fundamentalist! Finally maybe you are 4 years old, the american bankruptcy your screaming about, the 16 trillion, 12 belongs to bush before him as his buddies wreaked the global economy. Be lucky the american citizens are not as stupid as the majority on the right, other wise we would all be living in the streets and eating the rich folks. Joe6pK
    Comment by Joe — November 1, 2012

  84. Joe,
    I’ve ordered plenty of supplies from CTD. I like this site for the product info, but hate the politics and fearmongering.

  85. The only “choice” Romney will give you is which corporations get to rob you blind.

    Sure, our healthcare system is 5 times more expensive than anywhere else in the world, but at least you get to choose which insurance company gets to take your money while looking for any excuse to deny your claim.

    Sure, a lack of oversight in American banking nearly destroyed the world economy, but at least you get to choose which company can ruin your investments and pocket 7 figure bonuses for it.

    It’s only the illusion of choice, and really, what choice can’t you make today that you could make 4 years ago? All this rhetoric about choice, and liberty, and freedom is completely empty, just like ranting about Liberals wanting “control”. It’s not about control, it’s just understanding that my freedoms aren’t more important than your freedoms, and rules are needed to ensure that.

    This country was founded on the “the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, not “every man for himself and my happiness is more important than your life”

  86. @Joe
    This post by “Joe” is exactly what I’m talking about. It is absolutely pure moronism, beliefs that come straight out of a fantasy. This line about “Conservative=choice, Liberal=control” shows just a childlike attempt at understanding political philosophy. Calling the president “non-American” is 100% pure dumbness. There are many people who believe it and it is scary. The level of stupidity and ignorance is astonishing and it gives America a bad image.

  87. Mike,
    Man how did we find this site Mike? Glad to see at least one other person who can read and understand what a secular democracy is suppose to be doing for it’s people found this site, was beginning to think it was exclusively for kkk. My sense of this negative racism is the left-over elements of the telling children in the south some distorted story about the civil war that evades treason. That and in the process did not tell them the confederate troops were released to go home after taking an oath to never support or join in another insurrection against this country. At the time the word of honor of the southerners was thought to be of some value. But like someone used to say, those who do not read history are guaranteed to repeat it’s mistakes! That would be a perfect logo bumper sticker for the teabags, who still do not know why real americans laugh at their movement. The raid on the ships laden with tea were the first corporation forced on us, it was a monopoly, attacking it in north America sent London and the world a message. For these folks to join the corporations as shills sort of makes them funny and pathetic at the same time. As a veteran I would still be obligated to defend them. That is the difference between those who hate for money like these political right-wing mercenaries and american citizens. Go read Mike! Joe6pK

  88. Wow! That liberal Kool Aide is some really good stuff. If you think for one minute that Osama gives a crap about you and your rights, I feel sorry for ya man. As another poster said, Conservative=choice, Liberal=control. It’s been proven time and time again over the history of our country. If you liberal retards succeed in getting that non-American re-elected (probably by fraud if it happens), you can bet your asses this country will be in the dumps when he gets done with it. His record proves itself; largest debt in history, credit rating downgraded, unemployment terrible, more taxes. What the hell is wrong with you people?

  89. AJ,
    As usual you guys usually can neither spell or understand things on the same level as third graders, we are not a capitalist country AJ, we are a monopolized one twit! And those of you who believe talking like your rough and tough to carry a point are mental midgets as veterans in a civil war will be using your kind for sandbags! This country has people [gop-kkk-neonazicon]who are trying their best to turn us against each other or is that obvious to you either, why? Because the right has paid the fundamentalists, american Taliban, Jesus-freaks to help them bring down our secular democracy for the Chinese and the Arabs enemies of American people. Why? Because they have a lot more in common with the right then with americans AJ. That and the mercenary mentality of the right got exposed by the supreme court decision that gave inanimate objects [turds]the same right as E Pluribus Unum! No AJ your going to have to get some history lessons before you can understand the country your living in, or are you another Israeli transplant that is being carried by the right? Joe6pK

  90. hey DSLAM…looks like you have no reply to my facts. Now that you’ve lost the argument I’ll go have a beer. Bye bye.

  91. @JiminGA
    Just as usual, you are wrong and misinformed. You continue to prove yourself unknowledgeable with each of your examples. There is no need for me to refute it point by point. You are gone and there is probably nothing that can be said so show you. Carry on.

  92. Politics. Religion. Unless you like hearing yourself talk you aren’t going to change anyone’s mind so why waste your breath?

    Now when it comes to riots and hurricanes it’s probably a good idea to leave the area and return after the storm passes.
    Unless you’ve been itching to try out that new Bushmaster!

  93. In reply to DSLAM:
    Thanks for the liberal talking points, proving my point completely. And I’m afraid the only ignorance shown here is yours. Simply put, Republicans/Conservatives are for choice, while Democrats/Liberals are for control. If your candidate wins you better hide those guns because he has already said he will try to pass new gun control legislation. See? Liberal = control; Conservative = choice, aka freedom.

    And by the way, your democrats made the TBTF banks even bigger and safer from failure with Dodd-Frank and YOUR tax dollars, and there are fewer businesses bigger than them.

    and one more thing….there is no such thing as “social rights”. Rights come from Nature and God, not government. Please go back to HuffPo from whence you came.

  94. “liberal Marxist philosophy”? That just shows incredible ignorance. Saying Liberals dont believe in freedom or the constitution? Who believes such nonsense? Republicans are always doing this; implying that if you aren’t conservative that you somehow aren’t American, it’s just offensive and shows amazing narrow mindedness.
    “ignoring logic and independent thought”? what rightwing thought is. Exactly. The ignoring of logic, rational independent thought is what hobbles the right intellectually, the people who are brain-washed by watching Fox “news”. And that line of thinking that liberals want “free stuff” and “dont want to work”…etc, just such tiresome and silly untruths. It a perfect example of the fantasy world many rightwing conservatives are living in. It’s very akin to religious thought, no amount of reasoning and truth can dislodge it.
    I’m a white, southern, gun-owning, gun-shooting male who believes in the 2nd amendment, capitalism and as much freedom as we can stand and I vote Democrat because they fight for many of the values that matter. The Republicans fight for big business (which doesnt believe in capitalism often times because it hurts profits) and for the taking of social rights away.

  95. I never would have believed so many liberal trolls would visit this site, a site and a company dedicated to freedom and support for the 2nd Amendment. It’s sad, really, that these folks ignore logic and independent thought and are so willing to fall in line behind the liberal Marxist philosophy that has prevented our economic and spiritual recovery. Or is it they just like free stuff, paid for by real Americans?

  96. You idiots stating that the right will riot are just that, idiots. Let’s look at the left Occupy movement vesus the right Tea Party. Tell me how many rapes, assaults and arrests have resulted from each movement and how many taxpayer dollars were spent cleaning up after them. The Tea Party-0, Occupy-I lost count a long time ago. Historically it is always the left wingers (oh, we are soooo tolerant) that riot and burn their own cities. You idiots need to take a look at history and learn from it, unless you’re just too damn stupid and are afraid of losing your free government handouts.

  97. The misinformation is alarming indeed. Here is just one example of the kind of Republican support of far-right extremism.
    Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin defended militias in wake of Oklahoma City bombing. The GOPer said the violent movement had “a lot of potential for good” three weeks after the Oklahoma City bombing.

    Todd Akin not only wrote a letter praising a right-wing paramilitary group in the 1990s, but he defended the militia movement to the media and “checked out” the local group, a newly unearthed news report shows. And he did all this the month after the Oklahoma City bombing, perpetrated by militia movement sympathizer Timothy McVeigh.

    In the wake of the April, 19 1995, bombing that left 168 people dead, the Springfield (Missouri) News-Leader published a front page article on the militia movement and then-Democratic Gov. Mel Carnahan’s concern that the paramilitary activists could be a threat. The story, which has gone unnoticed in the years since, quotes then-state Rep. Todd Akin defending the movement and saying that he met with its leader and “checked out the unit.”
    This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about, the sort of implicit *wink wink, nod, nod* idea that liberals “hate America” and violence is justified because…Jesus and god and America and they’re “ignoring the constitution” and so on…you get the idea. That’s what’s scary.

  98. Man oh man the comments posted here concerns me on several levels. The absolute misinformation that these commentators have ingested is alarming. I am so glad I live in rural America and away from the “populated” areas where the liberal nut jobs throw rocks at the right wing nut jobs. Our country has been so divided over the past century I don’t know if we will ever get it back on track. And by the way Joe6pak….America is capitalized you twit!

  99. 4 years of the American Taliban ranting about “2nd amendment solutions” to the fictional complaints they have against Obama, revealing the racist depths of the republican party, and now a couple of random tweets are the makings of an insurrection?

    But yeah, go ahead being single issue voters and associating with the racists, the flat-earthers, the cultists, and all the other loony wingnuts who want to “take america back” to the 19th century with no civil rights, no workers rights, no separation of church and state, and basically turn America into a neo-feudal plutocracy. After the right-wing billionaire elites crush the middle class under their boot heel, they will take your guns away, because supporting those rights won’t be politically advantageous after the electorate becomes irrelevant.

    Obama had it right with his wildly misconstrued “clinging to guns and religion” comments. His point was that the Democratic party has a challenge reaching people most hurt by right-wing policies, because the republicans tell them what they want to hear. The republicans use scare tactics about religion and guns (and dog-whistle racism) to ensure that working Americans remain divided, and voting against their own interests.

  100. Historically speaking, Liberals tend to riot, Conservatives tend to protest. That said, no matter who is elected, we are all screwed. Obama wants to take our liberties and Romney wants to sell them to the highest bidder. Johnson is the only candidate FOR the people.

    And honestly, LE will either not bother going in to a violent situation(think LA Riots) or will go around takeing our means of self defense(think Katrina), so…GOOD LUCK, We’re on our own.

  101. Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin set the tone for right-wing violence should Obama get re-elected. Their incendiary statements could be infectious among the right-wingers.

    They may not be the official spokespersons for the GOP but they are perceived by many to be the voice of gun owners and Tea Party afficionados.
    Whipping their followers into a frenzy is what they do and they do it pretty well.

    High-profile anti-gun Democrats should proceed with caution!
    Ultra-Conservative Zombies could be lurking in the shadows waiting to feast on your liberal skins.

  102. I’m glad CTD posted something along these lines since it will most likely happen. Whoever gets voted in will ruin America either way.

  103. There isn’t ANY truly credible evidence for any widespread, organized right wing violence if Barry Zero wins…or at least nobody (including the incendiary comment to that effect above) has bothered to provide anything but unsubstantiated rumormongering. As for leftist and/or racial violence if Zero gets his ass handed to him in the manner that a sane society would do to a president with his record on almost every issue…I am seeing things from even mainstream SuperPACs that suggest violence if he loses.

    Courtesy of MoveOn PAC and director Michael Moore…

    Friends living in Philadelphia and NYC are voting absentee for no better reason than being clear of the city on election day. One friend who lives in Harlem says the racial atmosphere there is nearly toxic, neighbors she has known and been friendly with for years now use racially charged epithets towards her and her fiance and she is moving to Boston when her lease is up in February even though she loves it where she is. Anecdotal? Certainly…but from other things I’m hearing from the larger cities, the “community organizers” have been seeding intolerance and division in our inner cities. I think the first week of November could be very interesting.

  104. The first two comments are disturbing on several levels. All of the riot threats I’ve seen refer to Obama losing the election, not winning it. If Obama wins, Republicans and right minded independents will strengthen their resolve to work harder in 2016 ….. not riot.

    And commenter Joe6pk is seriously in need of an intervention.

  105. It would be a bad thing to have the right try another end around on the election, it is obvious the american people are not yet stupid enough to vote for a cultist, or religious fanatics. The right is the only homegrown terrorists here! They are north Americas Taliban and the reason so american citizens have left the religions and why many believe the next civil war will be caused by the same disloyal southern Christian crackhead organizations. This time the christians need to be punished as traitors, the last time they made a mockery of taking an oath they never even tried to honor. No the right wants this civil war stuff, they believe in violence as the only tool to bring around an intelligent majority, it is just another example of how under educated the far right has become and dangerous to american they are, so I say prepare, watch and listen, prepare to protect your family, any way you can against this group, they are not us. Joe6pK

  106. Some good pointers. I’m actually more worried about the reaction of extreme far-right conservatives and militias, not rioting, but declaring some state of rebellion for the same reasons if Obama wins. From all the chatter on most gun enthusiasts websites Romney supporters are constantly making thinly veiled references to shooting certain government officials for betraying America or talking about using the bullet box if the ballet box doesnt work and so on. No matter who wins, the USA will be ok but some people get so worked up that they see no way out of their own internal logic.

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