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They Know Something We Don’t Know… What is the Government Preparing for?

In 2006, Halliburton was awarded a $385 million contract to build detention facilities in the U.S. for immigrants or “the rapid development of other programs.”

It’s no secret that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Social Security Administration (SSA), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have put in purchase orders for literally millions of rounds of self-defense ammunition. I’m not sure who broke the story, but during the week of August 13, 2012, the story went viral. For years, conspiracy theorists and economic experts alike have warned of an upcoming economic collapse in the United States. What is worrisome is that our economy hasn’t risen out of the tank yet, military and law enforcement agencies are performing drills in the middle of the city and we are a few short months from our next presidential election. It is no surprise that people are getting nervous. We have two presidential candidates, one who has said he supports reinstating the assault weapons ban, and one who was governor of one of the most gun-restricted states in our country.

Texas Judge Tom Head announced what a lot of others are thinking. He said he is afraid that a reelection of President Obama will cause “civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war, maybe…” Judge Head has asked for a countywide tax increase to gear up for what could possibly be civil war. The Lubbock judge expressed the theory that President Obama will allow the to United Nations have control over the United States. Well, not from his cold, dead hands. Judge Head said, “I don’t want ‘em in Lubbock County. Okay. So I’m going to stand in front of their armored personnel carriers and say, ‘You’re not coming in here.”

It comes as no surprise that the DHS has put in an order for more ammunition. After all, they are the government agency that is spearheading the fight against terrorism, the agency that defends our borders, and enforces immigration laws through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It was no secret the DHS ordered ammo. In fact, there was an official press release from ATK announcing the purchase. Oddly enough, when I was researching this article, all links I found to the press release were broken.

In 2006, Halliburton was awarded a $385 million contract to build detention facilities in the U.S. for immigrants or “the rapid development of other programs.”
In 2006, Halliburton was awarded a $385 million contract to build detention facilities in the U.S. for immigrants or “the rapid development of other programs.”

The DHS and ICE ordering 450 million rounds of self-defense ammunition over a five-year period does not seem unreasonable to me. The question remaining is why NOAA and the SSA are ordering ammo as well? The SSA ordered 174,000 rounds and NOAA’s request, for their department Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement is for 46,000 rounds.

The Homeland Security Act of 2002, Section 812 gave the Inspector Generals the power to enforce the law. There are 73 presidentially appointed Inspector Generals, most all have a law enforcement department. These law enforcement agents investigate fraud of that particular department. For example, the office of the Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recovered 4.1 billion dollars in 2011 lost to fraud and are currently searching for 170 fugitives. Even the U.S. Department of Education has a law enforcement division. In 2010, the office of the Inspector General ordered 27

Remington 870 shotguns.

These agents that work for each Inspector General:

  • Carry a firearm
  • Can make an arrest without a warrant
  • Search and seize evidence
  • Perform undercover operations
  • Use electronic surveillance

Do we want ICE and the DHS to have ample ammo, resources, and manpower to keep our country safe? Of course we do, but when the Department of Education is arming themselves, I get a little worried. President Obama, due to emergency powers legislation may reassign any government employee to aid during a time of “crisis, exigency, or emergency circumstances.” I am going to safely assume that if we break out in civil war, or even mass civil unrest, the President will declare a state of crisis.

The 1878 law, Posse Comitatus Act made it illegal for the Army or Air Force to deploy domestically for “civil disturbances,” but as of 1994, there had been 114 “civil disturbances.” And that was before Hurricane Katrina. The Posse Comitatus Act does not apply to the National Guard, however the Insurrection Act gives the President power to use the armed forces to restore order, such as the case as with Army in the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Instead of a riot, one National Guard member described the 1992 Los Angeles riots as urban warfare.
Instead of a riot, one National Guard member described the 1992 Los Angeles riots as urban warfare.

The misuse of power is how Los Angeles got into such a mess anyway. In fact, most of our countries worst riots and uprisings are due to a perceived abuse of power by law enforcement agencies. Our history of rioting dates back to 1863. In that year, New Yorkers rioted because there was a loophole in the draft to fight in the Civil War. If you were rich, you could pay a hefty fee and escape the draft. Estimates are widely off, but says that 200 to 2,000 people died during the riots. The Watts riots in Los Angeles went on for six days in 1965, in a reaction to “poverty, unemployment, discrimination, and police brutality.” In 1967, in Detroit, people rioted for five days just on rumors of “excessive police force.” In 1992, in the Los Angeles riots that went on for six days, 53 people died due to the violence. Again, these riots were cause by peoples’ perception of excessive force. The biggest riot that occurred in a city since Los Angeles was in 2001 one in Cincinnati. Riots broke out when police shot and killed a 19 year who was running from them. Experts agree that the use of excessive force coupled with poverty and unemployment cause civil unrest. Sound familiar? Are the Inspector Generals misusing their power? Or just preparing for it?

Is the time for civil unrest upon us? says, “Most riots usually end the same way, with mass arrest, loss of life and damage to public and private property.” If every city riots, will all 73 law enforcement agencies deploy to stop them? Sociologist Karen Sternheimer defines civil unrest, riots, and rebellion. Civil unrest is “a disruption of the typical social order,” while riots are angry mobs causing “mayhem.” A rebellion on the other hand is an organized protest calling for change. Not all civil unrest leads to violence. One of the most famous non-violent protests in American history is the Boston Tea Party.

When we look at the state our country is in and the low confidence we have in our leaders—Obama has a 60 percent disapproval rate on handling the economy—it is no wonder the government is preparing for the worst; after all, we are. Gun sales have reached an all-time high and Winchester reports a 33 percent increase in ammunition sales from a year ago. Are we preparing to fight each other? I like to think not. The Second Amendment grants us the right to bear arms in case we must face a tyrannical government. I hope to God that all the stocking up on ammunition isn’t because it’s coming to that. Alas, as my title suggests, they know something we don’t know. How much hell can a hand basket hold?

The DHS censored parts of the public solicitation.
After the story broke, the DHS censored parts of the public solicitation.

In philosophy 101, my professor taught about Pascal’s Wager, a philosophy on answering the question, “Does God exist?” Pascal’s Wager pretty much says believe in God just in case. Do we know what is going to happen in the future? No, we do not, but I say, prepare just in case.

What will you do—riot or rebel?

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  1. So this story and all the replies are from 2012, and here it is 2015. Is somebody on vacation and this is a re-run? These dire predictions haven’t played out yet, and the new reason to get our panties in a wad should be which clown, (I mean hero) will be elected and destroy, (I mean save) our nation next.

  2. Power corrupts. Too many people are not paying attention to what is really going on. They are not thinking of the overall good for the country, just what supports them individually. I think there are important lessons to be learned from Europe, and other countries around the world. The folks in Australia strongly regret giving up their guns. I venture to say that the British would say the same thing. Look at the riots in Greece! Spain and Italy are next. When the fiscal mistakes catch up to us (insurmountable debt, inability to balance budgets), the United States will have the same social unrest. Right now, we stand different from other nations in that we are armed. That can change with an Executive Order or UN Treaty (Democratic Senate approves treaties, not the Republican House). We are in a very, very dangerous situation. Again, I hope and pray to avoid this type of calamity. I think it is naive to ignore the potential for dramatic changes in the next few years, or even months.

  3. Well put, Irish-7! I dealt with several federal agencies, and they normally went the way of the fiscal year too, especially with ammo, like coming in for a few cases before range time, etc. Only the weapons, usually Heckler and Koch, were long term orders, as that is always the way with H&K. A country of the oppressed is never strong. And who in their right mind would want to spill blood for it?! You cannot go backwards in citizens’ rights-would never be tolerated.

  4. I handled ammunition forecast (projection of use), request, issue, live fire and turn in of residue for an Army unit for several years. We did everything by Fiscal Year (OCT thru SEP). Perhaps civilian agencies within the federal government have different procedures. Either way, any large deviation from previous amounts is motivated by something. I hope and pray that the government is not planning Martial Law. If they are, that means that they know some sort of crisis or disaster is coming. The people should be informed, so that they can make their own preparations. I completely understand the need to control the situation and secure the area affected by any crisis or disaster. As long as the motive is an honest effort to protect the people. (Oppressive gun control laws PREVENT folks from defending themselves) But, if all these plans are based a lust of more power, for example a plan to disarm the citizens of the United States, then we’re all in for big trouble! It is hard to fathom any US leader attempting to ignore the Constitution like that. But, it is not a plan foreign to the radical beliefs of President Obama mentors: Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, etc. I’ve state this before on other blogs, I will say it again here: I fear one DHS agent standing at my door ASKING for my guns, far more than 50 brigands trying to TAKE them. GOD SAVE THE REPUBLIC!

  5. Granted that it has been years since I was involved in law enforcement sales to agencies, but just like the military fiscal purchases, you NEVER have ammo purchases ahead several years like that-even way further back when I was involved with military unit purchases. So-we know this is unprecedented, and that it has to be either a ”cover” purchase for some other use, ir a fear of either gang, narco terrorists,domestic and/or international terrorists, or for any uprisings or riots-which, in this case, is extremely an insane amount of ammunition normally only used for active engagement. Which also, should mean for that much ammo, larger weapons purchases! The sheer amount of this ammo is well more than enough to wear out the issue weapons.

  6. It is an insane amount of JHP, not regular range ammo even. Although the amount would vastly be way over need also. So, if it is not for also supplying another government,-or is a curtain for a secret supply for another group of countries, I do not get it either. And as fickle as many L/E agencies can be, wanting the new ‘Flavor of the week’ super round, it is not normal. I think this is something Congress SHOULD investigate, for once, not the usual bandstanding political dog and pony shows.

  7. Surely to God our country had enough respect for humankind that we will not destroy ourself over an election? Now we sound like “RADICAL TERRORISTS”!

  8. I don’t see conservative people initiating civil unrest if Obama is re-elected. We did not react adversely when he won in 2008, now did we? On the other hand, countless people have openly admitted that they will riot if Romney wins. It is all over the social media sites, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I am certainly not an advocate of Martial Law. However, I would have no objection to the police or military blasting these cry-baby scumbags for rioting just because they did not get their way. I will most certainly shoot a few myself, should their attempt to bring mayhem threaten my family. Obama is NOT like previous American leaders.This is a guy who never wore a flag, or even honored it, until he was President. From his early childhood, he has been schooled in the glory of Socialism. He was raised by Communist grandparents. He admitted in his book that he hung out with Marxist professors and radicals (Black Panthers) in college. His political career was launched in the home of a terrorist. I am not the only one that believes his goal is to collapse the evil, Capitalist United States and “fundamentally change America” into a Socialist country that is part of a one world government (administered by the United Nations). The UN is already here to monitor our elections. Obama will have no problem inviting the “Blue Helmets” in for population control. I believe that we are in a far more dangerous situation than most folks realize. Tuesday will be the most important election in modern history. I hope and pray it is not too late.

  9. Contrary to one of the posters, I don’t think that this article is out of line and reactionary. Many of us are convinced that if we continue in our reactionary hopelessly divided political climate, civil war is inevitable. There is a reason people are puchasing such large amounts of ammunition. The last time there was such a pronounced ideological gap was during the discussion of slavery. While this is an oversimplification, the North was bound to end slavery and the South was committed to continue it. Neither side could find a bipartisan solution and civil war was the result. We see the same today, with the arguments by the left and the right. The left seeks ever greater taxes and increased federal control while conservatives want smaller government, less taxes and greater states rights. Someone has to give in and someone has to lose. You cannot have it both ways. The lack of a bipartisan solution leaves only one choice–civil war.
    This lack of Bipartisanship actually started within the Clinton Administration in which the conservative religious right attempted to undermine the White House. Both Bill and Hillary talked publically about a vast right wing conspiracy. It continued on with the George Bush presidency in which the left was mercilessly antagonistic against Bush, and we are seeing the same thing now in reverse with the antagonish and down right hatred of all things Barack Obama. If the next president is a republican, you can see the trend of animosity continue. As more fiscal and ideological pressures continue, only bad things can happen. One thing that is mentioned in this article is that the cities will be in flames. However I think the real problem is the growing divide between the cities and the rurual population. Most rurual folks are conservatives and most urban folks tend to drift liberal. So it would not be so unrealistic to say that this would really be more of a disagreement between city and country folk. The Army has been preparing for civil unrest for the past 10 years. So it should be no surprise for private citizens to do the same. People living in rurual areas should not have great cause for alarm, the main casualities will be those living in the cities and those living in the close suburbs.

  10. This article is absorb. Suzanne is fear mongering just trying to increase sales and drive hysteria. Anybody looking at other news sources beside CTD Several of the agencies that were lumped into this article have explained about the purchase and the total round per year per agent was 590 that is not out of line and is not enough to remain efficient if you ask me.

  11. The Texas Judge should also be aware if the other guy gets in office,the citys will burst at the seam.They will cut cut cut.Either way it’s going to erupt.

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