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Another Domino Falls — Recalling Colorado Anti-Gun Senator Angela Giron

Angela Giron Recall

Are the dominoes starting to fall? Well, not yet but the first couple are certainly approaching the tipping point. Last week, we announced the successful petition to recall Colorado Senate president John Morse (Oppose the Second Amendment… Pay The Price). More good news has been released since that time—another Colorado anti-gun senator has also been successfully placed on the recall chopping block.

Recall Angela Giron
When a state senator refuses to absolutely defend the Second Amendment, the line in the sand is drawn, and a recall is appropriate.

Pueblo Freedom & Rights, a 501(C) (4) organization, has successfully spearheaded a grassroots effort to recall anti-Second Amendment state senator Angela Giron (D – Pueblo Colorado). PF&R submitted over 13,570 District 3 voter recall petition signatures to the Colorado Secretary of States’ office, which easily exceeds the 11,285 signatures required to force a recall election.

As was the case with the Morse recall, the Democrats are not expected to go quietly into the night. It is expected the party will fight and challenge the validity of the signatures in order to draw the process out and delay the election. If 11,285 signatures survive that effort, Giron will have five working days to resign her office before a recall election can be scheduled.

This is another great win for the Second Amendment and gun rights, but it is also an incomplete victory. To have a true impact, the recall needs to be successful and the politicians who chose to trample the rights of gun owners need to be successfully removed from office and held up as examples to other lawmakers. We have been silent for far too long and it is time firearm enthusiasts joined forces and made our voices heard.

Angela Giron Recall
Local citizens have done the leg work and collected the signatures. Now is the time to throw our full support behind the effort and make sure the implications are felt by lawmakers across the nation.

The grassroots effort has proven the will of the people of Pueblo Colorado, but a recall election is going to require support from our entire community of firearm enthusiasts. You can be sure that Michael Bloomberg (Democratic mayor of New York City) and his cronies will be throwing their full political force and money to defeat us and ensure the demise of our rights.

You can support the Pueblo Freedom & Rights by donating at Pueblo Freedom and Rights or the national organization of your choice—National Rifle Association, National Association of Gun Rights, Second Amendment Foundation, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. If you decide to make a special donation ask that it specifically be earmarked for the recall effort in Colorado.

Will you support the Colorado recall effort? Let us know how in the comment section.

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  1. I would donate $20 to the person running against Bloomberg the next time around and I bet there are at least 5 million other people who would do the same.

  2. Just made a modest contribution to the recall effort, then I called up the Senator and let her know that I did so. I also mentioned that I’m a denizen of The Free State of Arizona, but I fight for the rights of all Americans.

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