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Dominate the Day or Night with the Viridian XTL Weapon Light

Viridian XTL Laser Light

Are you looking for a weapon-mounted light that packs such a powerful beam that it hits harder than a punch to the eye? Light technology has progressed to the point that a rail-mounted 2.4-ounce light can deliver a constant 338 lumens of power, or for the ultimate in disorientation power 418 lumens in strobe mode. Of course, not many lights can produce this kind of power. However, the XTL from Viridian is not only the exception, it is also leading the pack when it comes to small, light and powerful weapon lights.

“”ECR Instant-On gives individuals an option,” says Joe Houser, Viridian Marketing Director and defensive pistol and NRA instructor. “I can carry my Viridian-equipped pistol and use the on and off buttons for activation. If I want to use ECR Instant-On, I simply turn the unit on before holstering.”

True, this kind of power does eat batteries; it is unlikely you would use it for hours at a time anyway. Viridian’s XTL runs off a single CR123 battery, saving weight and will power the XTL for 60 minutes in Constant mode or 90 minutes in Strobe. One of the coolest features of the Viridian XTL is the automatic activation thanks to the ECR Instant-On technology. With the ECR (Enhanced Combat Readiness), you press the button to turn the light on and insert it into the holster. Viridian makes a holster for most models of firearms, but also licenses the system to many of your favorite holster manufacturers. Once inserted, the light deactivates. As soon as you draw your weapon, the light automatically activates instantly making it ready to disorient an opponent or enter a fight.

Viridian’s XTL features a Universal Rail Mount ready to slip onto your favorite firearm or any standard Picatinny rail.

Viridian XTL
Weight 2.4 ounces
CREE LED Taclight 338 lumens constant; 418 lumens strobe
Battery Life 60 minutes constant; 90 minutes strobe
Construction High-strength Zytel Polymer
Activation/Mode Automatic activation with ECR Instant-On/User-defined operating modes

Tell us what you think about Viridian’s latest in laser light technology in the comment section.

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Comments (8)

  1. I agree with most of you guys. I like a light to come on when I want it or need it. It just depends if ur using it in the field or in ur house. Me personally I never wanted to be seen when I was in. Lol

  2. “Instant on?” Missing something here? The last thing i want is a light to go on automatically whan it leaves the holster. Do they have one of those switches for the weapons trigger, so it “activates” automatically, as well?

    Just sayin’.

  3. Just gotta be careful of cold weather sapping that battery lol. But that sounds like a great light if the holster manufacturers come up with some good options.

  4. YOU JUST CAN’T BEAT weapons-mounted lights if you are trying to give the bad guys a good target at nigh…… just saying

  5. I have a lot of love for Viridian – especially the ECR concept – but don’t plan to buy a rig until they have a rechargeable option – the small but steady battery drain from that system means you might have a weapon with no light/laser when you need it most, if you haven’t changed the batteries in a few weeks… to say nothing of how expensive that can get.

    I’m currently using the AimSHOT KT8106 dual laser/light USB-rechargeable mounted under-barrel on my FNX-45 and it’s great, but can’t find anything but a drop-leg holster to fit it.

    1. Good point … I would offer the counterpoint that if a hard wired rechargeable dies you can’t get it back in service quickly, so if you were working an extended shift or were held over for whatever reason and didn’t make it back to a charge point your light stays dead. On a battery swap setup you can return your light to service asap. It sucks to be so expensive but you can get cr23 cheap if you look around. It’s sometimes better to swap batteries once a month or every few weeks anyway before you see any type of dimming.

      Also It wouldn’t be feasible to ride around on shift with a usb cord plugged into your holster and having to hop out the car rapidly and deploy a weapon with stuff hanging off of it.

      Your make a valid point I just wanted to offer a counter pointz

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