DOJ Looks to Use ‘Smart’ Guns in Gun-Control Policy

A civil lawsuit has been filed against Attorney Gen. Eric Holder.

Attorney General Eric Holder told a House appropriations subcommittee last week that the Justice Department is looking into gun-controlling bracelets as part of its overall gun-control efforts. The Justice Department has requested $382.1 million in increased spending for its FY 2014 budget earmarked for undefined gun-safety initiatives.

In his remarks (shown in the video) the AG said, “I think that one of the things that we learned when we were trying to get passed those common sense reforms last year, Vice President Biden and I had a meeting with a group of technology people and we talked about how guns can be made more safe.” “By making them either through fingerprint identification, the gun talks to a bracelet or something that you might wear, how guns can be used only by the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon.” “It’s those kinds of things that I think we want to try to explore so that we can make sure that people have the ability to enjoy their Second Amendment rights, but at the same time decreasing the misuse of weapons that lead to the kinds of things that we see on a daily basis.”

In your view, should the House give DOJ $2 million the agency is asking for in “Gun Safety Technology” grants? Does new technology — such as the ability to unlock a safe with a fingerprint scan and RFID-equipped bracelets — have any place on firearms? Would GPS tracking chips help solve gun-theft crimes, or merely make it easy for gun confiscations to happen in the future?

Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Any sort of GPS or Tracking units implanted in a gun in the name of “safety ” or to track “stolen guns” as a complete LIE ! The Government has proven time after time that nothing they say or do can be trusted. Tracking license plates at gun shows, tapping the phones of our world leader allies, IRS targeting people with certain political views, one government scandal after another….. I am against ANY more or ANY kind intrusion of the Government into gun laws, gun safety, or gun regulation. Most Americans believe as I do that the Government has grown to big, overstepped its power, and can’t be trusted anymore. It’s just to much corruption involved.

  2. Technology is subject to abuse `and is evolving daily. What is to stop our “trustworthy” government from misusing their control over us and use say signature weapon technology to disable entire classes of weapons or all privately owned firearms ? Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts.
    We all need to secure our firearms from unauthorized use but never give it to a governmental body.

  3. While I am not opposed to the idea of exploring new technology such as this, I completely and utterly detest government intervention and mandating of such technology. Because you know damn well that if the anti-gun crowd in the government had their way, they would make it mandatory for any and all firearms to have such technology implemented.

  4. Again to impose is another word to force or obligate laws on law abiding citizens those of us whom have not broken any laws are made to suffer for criminal acts where is the sense in that Liberals looking to strip what little freedom we have left as American’s, “God Bless America” .

  5. A responsible gun owner secures his/her firearms. I do in different ways for different reasons. If the US AG is seeking $380M researching this, it will be mandatory which is unconstitutional. There are a number of companies researching the same kind of locks, which are voluntary, therefore constitutional. The government mandating these locks on new guns is an end run, purposely trying to violate the constitution by playing semantics.

  6. Are we supposed to wear these bracelets 24/7 and while we sleep in case of a self defense emergency? “1 second Mr badguy I must first locate my RFID bracelet before I am capable of defending myself. I noticed you aren’t wearing yours.” Also what happens to all the guns that don’t have this “smart” technology? I’m not turning in my guns to be converted, and where does the money come from to complete this plan? It only makes sense if all guns are made this way. All the guns in the world! Because a criminal will simply use an unmarked gun anyway. This leaves the people once again at an inconvenience and a disadvantage with no real safety.

  7. Being a gadget geek, I have installed 3 ( basement 1st &2nd) fingerprint safes and in an attempt to make myself confident in their ability to work when required, have tried each of them out at-least 100 times. They have worked each time. To the point I am getting ready to install then on the outer doors of my home and shop building. I am not saying that we need to put them on guns, but to dismiss the technology with snarky remarks does disservice to their usefulness. At some point in time, people might wish to buy their guns with this technology installed..

  8. No, No, No, No – and just in case I wasn’t clear: NO!!!

    I have at least a dozen reasons why this is a bad, stupid and dangerous idea, but one says it all-

    Heller v. DC:
    “… the requirement that any lawful firearm in the home be disassembled or bound by a trigger lock makes it impossible for citizens to use arms for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and is hence unconstitutional…”

    Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, in contempt of the Constitution, with contempt for the People.

    1. This man was appointed to uphold our laws, but he is nothing more than a criminal in a suite that needs to be arrested and jailed for gun running to Mexican drug cartels. i.e. Fast and the Furious . Ask him about that?

  9. I might agree with doing this only after all law enforcement and military have the same.
    If the technology is proven to work for them then I guess it is good for us.
    That should slow them down in there madness.
    No law should be imposed on the people that the government is exempt of obeying.

    1. jyd, I agree with you, but I am willing to bet that if this were to happen, the hardcore owners would find another reason to say no.
      For one thing gun theft would drop appreciably, second it would be useless for someone to grab your gun and shoot you. Oh, for the tough guys who say it can’t happen to them.. there is always some one out there who is as tough or tougher. Back to point, the worst they would be able to to do is pistol whip you.

  10. Since you brought up the vote! Why is it there is only voter fraud when a Democrat is elected and no other party? I see today on the news AG Eric Holder is claiming racism for being questioned by congress. Another way to try and divert the real issues from what’s going on. In all my years I have never seen a government so lawless and out of control. Who here still believes he can keep his doctor, hospital and health ins? Lies! Where is the transparency? If you don’t think they are lying to you to get the guns it’s time to wake up. If Obama is so hot about income equality why don’t he share his money. His last trip overseas cost the tax payers over $6 million. Don’t forget over half of the current deficit $17.5 trillion belongs to Obama.

    1. Don’t be scared – we vote only while alive and once per election, unlike our Democrat friends.

  11. Rizor is right… we now live under a Tyrannical ruler, that believes the Government is his power to extort the American people. Look at the Bundy land grab in Nevada, and the physical attacks of the Feds on citizens of Nevada… there should have been some more armed patriots there to assist the Nevadians to defend themselves when the agents of BLM assaulted a 57 year old cancer survivor grandmother because she was taking pictures. Special Forces — time to come home and protect your citizens from the Government that is violating their Constitutional and States rights… it is getting dangerously bad.

  12. I think they like to make new laws and regulations that make the citizen’s there servant’s, This will not stop the violence. People can continue to kill with knives, rocks etc. I think this is just a matter of passing laws to make money for the elite and their families, and to try to fool the masses to follow their lead. I don’t trust them ( GOVT. ) – never have and never will.

  13. You are 100% correct!
    A fellow truck driver was telling me the other day of another case of the United States Government, being a, ” Police State.” He was talking with a owner operator, of a big rig from Canada. The driver from Canada told him that when he comes and goes across the northern border, the amount of paper work he must give the U.S. Border Crossing has become a book, in size. “The U.S.A. is now a Police State!”

  14. One more thing if I may? A reminder to all ! The Walker’s in Tennessee who were attacked by the FBI and another case, the Branch Davidians in Waco, Tx where numerous people were killed in the name of law enforcement. Currently in Nevada park Rangers in confrontation with the Bundy’s over grazing rights on BLM land. Do you really need dogs and tazers? Again these three instances have all taken place by a White House controlled by Democrats. When you have the resources of the federal government why use deadly force? Control? Once again when we loose our right to guns we will become servant’s to this government and NOT citizen’s.

  15. Smart guns = liberal lies!The best use of bracelets would be on Holders and Obamas wrists connected by about three small links of chain. This would be the best way to cut down on crime .

  16. The government has for many years tried in different ways to control firearms. If you look at history it tells us that Democrat’s as a whole are anti gun. Every small gain for the Democrat’s is a lost for us. Common sense gun control as defined by Democrat’s is banning all firearm’s ownership by honest hard working citizen’s. Why are they afraid (Democrat’s) of honest hard working American’s owning guns? They are! They (Democrat’s) push gun control every time we have a Democrat in the white house. Bill Clinton and his assault weapon ban in 1992. Thank God congress only gave it a 10 year life span. NFA 1934 signed by Roosevelt (Democrat) GCA 1968 signed by Johnson another Democratl. Do you get the picture or do I need to keep painting. Jimmy Carter (Democrat) tried to get the Saturday Night Specials. The cheap handgun all criminals used for their crimes. Now we have the wicked assault rifles. Democrat’s are good at coming up with catchy names like Saturday Night Specials and assault weapons. Bottom line the government wants our guns and it’s one small bite at a time until there is nothing left.

    1. I have lifelong Democrat friends who are lifelong gun owners who sincerely believe the BS that guns covered by the AWB are actually more lethal and have higher rates of fire than conventional semi-autoloaders. No amount of argument or factual data can convince them otherwise, all of which suggests leftism causes brain-rot.

    2. Gringo, most people have no idea other than what Democrat’s expel in their lies about the dreaded assault weapons. Their agenda is to put forth false information about guns. This has been the case for many years. In his book More Guns Less Crime Prof Lott through thorough research shows that a well armed society provides a safer society from crime. A well informed society will not be led by a party (Democrat’s) who consistently put forth lies about the evil of firearms. Simply look at the facts the Democratic Party is anti gun. Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Schumer, AG Holder need I say more? It never fails you put a Democrat in the White House and the party stars pushing for more gun control. Control the guns, control the citizens. In what other country can an illegal alien get a job and vote? What other country releases criminals from prison into society? Let’s not forget Fast & Furious! Our own government furnishing guns to Mexican drug dealers. We can’t get answers. Talk about a cover up! All under a Democratic held White House. Try to get an honest answer from AG Holder. We have a government out of control with no restraints and no repercussions. The IRS & NSA scandals. My sore spot Benghazi. Four dead Americans and no answers. All under Democratic control. Hillary Clinton did nothing to secure Benghazi ! If you believe a Democrat you have bigger problems than just losing your guns.

  17. Government employees, elected officials that is, live in higher end houses with expensive security systems. Most of them have security personnel on site all the time. Most of them travel with personal guards at their side, their wife/husband side, their children’s side to and from everywhere they go. Why in the world would any of them consider being armed themselves? Why would they think from a point of view beyond their own situation when considering gun control for the rest of us? Let one, just one, of them say they want their body guards guns controlled.

  18. While I think fingerprint and bracelet safes are a convenient idea (despite techs flaws to be manipulated, and there should always be manual fail-safes for owners in the event of tech/elect failures), installing tech into firearms for civilians is risky business, because while providing safety as is the whole scheme from gov it can also be used to disarm you, and it promotes irresponsibility leaving stuff laying around for savy ppl to steal and disarm the safety features. I’m no paranoid schizo over gov tyranny coming for my guns (nor will I hand them over in the event it does) but I’m not blind to tyrannical behavior in the US our gov has repeatedly displayed and is increasing more blatantly than ever before, and that push come to shove any admin could and would attempt to disarm it’s citizens for it’s own benefit control. I think it’s idiotic that we have tech in cars that promotes laziness in drivers to continue being idiots on the road, in the name of ‘safety’ that only further excuses personal irresponsibility, allowing government to perpetuate the notion that it’s citizens are all mindless and need to be harnessed. I advocate personal responsibility and accountability, if your firearms are stolen or misused by your kids, it’s your fault, and you should be held accountable, period. Leave the tracking tech to police arms, or leave me the option of disabling tech imbedded in what new firearms I purchase if I so choose, because I don’t follow the same protocol of statistical idiots and any branch of government that would attempt to save us from ourselves before it ever attempts to save us from white-collar criminals and their government facilitators that don’t look out for our interests.

  19. This gives bad vibes all around. Setting aside all of the stuff the government could do to control you with this technology, just think of the cost increase of any product with this implemented. How would anybody even afford to buy one? Or is that another way they want to prevent us from buying guns.

  20. How in the world can any person in this nation believe a word that comes out of the mouths of these, “Me, Myself and I, liers?”
    They are so full of themselves, that they go on the air just so they can see and hear themselves.
    I would believe Putin before I would believe these liers in the Democratic Party!
    They and the Alphabet News Networks all sing from the same book! Just watch any two of the network news dictated programs. They all sing the SAME words, because they are reading a script from the Head Crook, from Chicago, by way of Kenya, Africa!
    They have lied about everything. Benghazi, IRS, Fast & Furious, ObamaCare, that is a real big lie that just keeps growing. Truth has never come from a lie!
    They don’t care about anyone, unless they are after them for their high crimes and stuff. Every time a reporter from a major news network gets close to the truth about their crimes, they play the misdirection game or don’t say anything. They try to cover their tracks faster than a jack rabbit can run.
    Hunting dogs are smarter than all of the Progressive Donkey Party Clowns!
    Their idea of truth is the same as Bill Clinton’s, hear today, gone the next day. And his definition of the word, “IS!”
    It is full of lies. It is easy to prove it, they have not fruits to show for it.

  21. Who is going to make all gun owners wear a bracelet? Fingerprint identification to open a gun safe is ok, but what if you have valuables inside the gun safe rather than guns? What about knives and ball pin hammers? According to the latest FBI statics, more people were killed in the Unites States last year by knives and hammers than guns. It is known by other countries (Germany, Australia for example) that gun registration will lead to gun confiscation. Lets learn from the mistakes of other countries. As far as getting email from the NRA, you can always unsubscribe from them or simply use the JUNK KEY and your filter will automatically put further material from them into your junk file.
    The $2 Million should not be given to the AG or he will spend it on another gun running scheme like the “Fast and Furious.” There should not be any money allocated to a fake policy like this because they will always come back and ask for more money.

  22. We have the tech. to chip every one then you just id the gun with the tech. in the gun to disable it if you are not authorized to have it. But it is against a lot of Religious teaching and I don’t think it will work ether and freedom to defended oneself against oppression or bad people. Would be abused by some.

  23. A simple truth, RFID is easily saturated, if you know the operational frequency (the rfid chips Tx in the micro-watt range, and need to be within 2 ft of the target Rx) An omni directional antenna and a high power broad band amplifier and your gun won’t work. But then if you extract the rfid from the bracelet, remove the stock,affix the rfid to the interior, then either use a RF transport bag(to protect the signal from jamming) or seal the grips from RF interference. Always remember any technology can be either beaten or thwarted. Oops I said to much, I haven’t said enough……………

  24. One step closer to full control, Why not do bracelets for Bow and arrows or hammers and knives oh wait maybe bracelets for the 70 Million plus Americans currently taking antidepressants and psychotropic medications or bracelets for the Pharm industry for the more then 206 thousand deaths from their products.

  25. My concern with these bracelets is will law enforcement and government entities be able to disable your bracelet remotely preventing you to protect yourself from them????

  26. I think it woukd be good to keep your children or childrens friends or someone from stealibg and using your gun against you. As for criminals they will keep using older guns. Its not a bad idea but not a cure all for gun violence.

    When regulating guns you have to think practical and logical and without emotions or it just turns into senseless arguments.

    What i want to know is, why the NRA and gun nuts are so worried about a gun registry with the government? Im worried about the NRA. I bought one gun and didnt sign up for anything and suddenly im getting NRA propaganda in the mail and email. Then they send me stuff thats not even true but just more propaganda. I cant just buy a gun and be left alone?

    Its not the government you should worry about, its the NRA having your name and adress and what guns you have on file. Why do they want it so bad? Money probably. Anyways. Anyone who is good with a gun doesnt need an automatic, extended mags or a hundred guns unless your a real collector. If you need a thousand rounds in your gun then you shoukdnt have one cuz you cant shoot. Also, dont tell me its for when the government comes, if they want to get you, they will send a drone with a smart bomb stupid. I have about 4 guns for different purposes. I would like a way to safely keep mine in my bedside drawer and not have to worry about my son or someone else getting it. Well thats my opinion. Bring it haters. 😛

    1. I disagree. It is YOU THE PARENT that is solely responsible to teach your children correctly and to keep dangerous items from them. Their safety, although of the utmost importance, should not involve a compromise of our Constitutional rights and/or force an increase in the burden on the public in the course of exercising those rights.

    2. Why would the anti gunners want to be controlled by the government ? I know! YOUR IDIOTS!

    3. You are not a student of history are you? Our Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights, to protect us from government interference and attack (Look up what they wrote about it!). Ignoring the past is a grave danger, but allowing that,, do you follow what is happening in this country today? Look at Conn, as well as several other states hot on their heels, THERE is the reason to avoid gun registration at the federal level, since these people have proven themselves to be unreliable at best!

      Addressing the “technology”, I am an electrical engineer, and I make a living fixing what others can make work, so I am current on these devices. The “bracelet” they are so proud of, has two major flaws: 1) if your weapon is taken, you will be forced to engage the assailant hand to hand and the gun will stay active; and 2) If I am a criminal low life, and I want your gun, there is nothing to stop me from cutting your arm off to steal the bracelet too!

      The finger print readers (I have used in designs) are not mature enough for this application. If you are locked out, you can use the lock several times, and a 30 second delay is not critical. If someone is kicking in your door, that same misread would be fatal!

      As far as “Haters”, I find the real hate is spewed from the liberals, and usually it is only backed by ignorance, not facts. I hope you will educate yourself, as an educated liberal becomes a conservative pretty quickly.

    4. Barron’s comments are some of the most ignorant diatribes I’ve seen in some time. Just throw the NRA stuff in the trash if you don’t like it, but remember that the 2nd Amendment was written so citizens could protect themselves against an oppressive government. That’s the point of the NRA, to help in the continuing fight for freedom from tyranny. All we have to do is look at Obama and his desire to bypass Congress and ignore laws at his choice to see where tyranny can come from.
      As to why we’re worried about gun registry, all you have to do is look at Connecticut to see why gun registry is a problem. They want to use the registry to go after AR owners who happen to have a gun that looks bad, even though shotguns can do more damage in a short range firing situation. Irrational and stupid laws that are passed for emotional reasons, not factual, are a good reason we have to have an NRA.
      I’m almost not sure that Barron’s comments aren’t spoofs given the lack of logic, misspellings, grammar mistakes, and ignorant statements like “doesnt (sic) automatic” when ARs are semiautomatic guns. Many of the hysterical comments we read in the press refer to “automatics” which reinforces the point that many people who are anti-gun, anti-NRA, etc., lack the knowledge to properly evaluate and judge the issue of gun ownership and government control thereof.
      Did anyone hear about the mass knifing in China, or more recently at a school in the US? Guess I’m going to have to register my kitchen knife and for sure my steak knife…..

  27. This is, of course, a stupid idea being as how it is coming from our current AG. However, should they push it forward, there should be no exemption for police officers, secret service, ATF, etc. Set that into law and you will hear them howl about how the technology can’t be trusted or relied upon and so they should be exempt. Of course, they are right in that it can’t be trusted but are their lives more precious than that of an ordinary citizen? The key here is to defeat this moronic plan. However, if it goes forward pay attention to the agencies that will be requesting exemptions.

  28. If I understand correctly, this administration is steadfastly opposed to requiring any form of positive ID for ANYONE who wishes to cast a vote, but favors home-arrest technology for law-abiding citizens who exercise their constitutional 2A right. Right?

  29. I don’t trust holder, if you make a gun that requires an electronic activation to shoot it, can be deactivated and made permanently inoperable. But that’s not the real problem, holder doesn’t seem interested in taking the guns from gangs and criminals black on black crime & murder is at an all time high in democrat controlled big cities, this is were holder needs to start, not with John Q. Citizen. If obama & holder have their way the Second Amendment a thing of the past along with our Right to Keep & Bear Arms, the First Amendment won’t be far behind !

  30. What part of the 2nd Amendment does the Attorney General who took an oath to uphold the US Constitution not understand?

    What part of the 2nd Amendment does the President of the USA Barack H. Obama who took an oath to uphold, protect, and enforce the US Constitution not understand?

    Their lies and actions show their true agenda!

  31. Thats a Ditto Up on most of these comments. Like i said yesterday this is Old News–they were trying this 20 yrs. ago. I’m sorry I answered the first one–Now i’m wasting time trying to clean out my e-mail comments on this stuff and drop, not follow the post.

  32. DOJ should put bracelets on people who have a restraining order on them not on people who have a right to posses a gun or any other piece of property for that matter. They want to put similar technology in cars too.

  33. I did not buy my guns for support, but to protect myself and my family from those who want to do harm to me and my family – – including the government. I don’t want the government to control my device if it is them that I am going up against. They already have much more sophisticated weapons than I, so why would I want another handicap attached to my protection? Knowledgeable gun owners don’t leave their weapons where someone else could get access to them. If someone breaks into my home, all I want to do is fire, not look for a bracelet.

  34. Would you trust your life or the lives of your family members to a battery-operated device? I sure wouldn’t. Why is the DOJ and Holder asking for 382.1 million dollars to develop this stuff? The private sector should be doing the research and development on this stuff, not Holder. We all know that when the government gets involved in something, it will be another cluster!

  35. As soon as Mr. Holder gets a bracelet on every single member of MS 13 , The Bloods and the Crips and all the other gang banger types maybe it could be considered , but I doubt it .

  36. As far as I’m concerned, if Eric Holder thinks it’s a good idea, then it’s a bad idea. These technologies still have to be worked out and I don’t feel comfortable trusting my safety to a firearm that may or may not respond to the bracelet or fingerprint verification. Worry about enforcing existing laws and stop trying to infringe on my rights.

  37. I can’t see the government spending our money – that’s from the productive private sector of society – paying for this. Leave it to the firearm designers/manufacturers: If it’s economically feasible, if there’s sufficient demand, they’ll put them on the market. it’s a great idea for law enforcement, the ones most likely to be in a situation where their gun could be grabbed and used against them. I’d like to see something like this available to customers who want it – if I had small children, I might even want something like this. Not only would I be opposed to it being mandatory, that seems to be impossible given the number of existing guns that don’t have it. My favorite gun is a century old, in the family for three generations, and the company that made it hasn’t existed for over half that time.

  38. Well. Why not? If supposedly, the guns are used for sport. Then so what if you take longer? There’s always another deer, another turkey, another whatever. For home defense. I can see something glitching being an issue. But nfc chips are in all Android phones now. The tech is really good. It’s secure, can’t be hacked, and reliable. I see no reason why a responsible gun owner would have any issues using one. I don’t like the fingerprint idea though. Idk about a lot about fingerprint tech, but married people already wear rings everyday, so that wouldn’t be much of a stretch for acceptance of the technology. I’d rather wear another ring than have someone kill children. There’s always going to be shootings. No law is perfect. But the idea is to lessen the likelihood of innocent deaths.

  39. The American Negro and the ancestors of the Union troops who fought to secure the 13th Amendment, should welcome with open arms the current government proposal that bracelets and shackles be required to be worn by a subclass of American citizens to keep America safe.

  40. If they can make it work every time, why not? It could cut down on accidental shootings and take away a strong talking point for more gun control. I’m not the biggest guy either so if someone did manage to get my gun in an altercation, I’d prefer they not use it on me.

  41. So assuming this judge dredd bracelet Actually works, exactly how is it supposed to work on firearms prior to the bracelets manufacture? And who is going to make you put one on your gun?

    I worry about the reliability with guns that have key locks, no way in hell I’m using something electronic. That’s just more pains in the ass.

  42. Just what I need to worry about if someone breaks into my house. Where the hell did I put my bracelet? Uh, hold on thief, killer, rapist, my finger prints aren’t working correctly on this device. Oh, tyrannical government, please turn my ability to shoot my weapon back on so that I can defend myself from you. Darn batteries went dead again in the bracelet. Hmmm, you have an electronic blocking device so that I can’t fire at you, intruder? How many reasons does a FREE man need? I do not buy my guns for target practice, but I do practice because I have guns.

  43. I cringe every time someone opens their mouth to speak in tis administration…Again, law-abiding gun owners have to pay a price for others….These attacks on gun owners must stop, let alone the attacks on ordinary citizens going about there everyday lives tryhing to succeed in this country.

  44. My take is that this is the ultimate way of gun control. Solyndra failed because it couldn’t compete in the open market. It would have succeeded if its technology was MANDATED. Let’s say that someone somewhere develops a “fix” to convert firearms to “smart” guns that costs $3000 a pop. Let’s say that the government MANDATES its use within 3 years. That means if you have 5 handguns, you have 3 years to come up with $15,000 to convert them–or turn them in. THEN WHAT?

  45. Gun control seems to have less and less to do with guns and more to do with control of Americans every year. Bracelets to track gun owners? Sorry big brother but I don’t think America (even the dim witted left) could go for that one.

  46. If they want to implement that type of technology. Fine lets start with the secret service, capitol police, FBI, and Homeland Security using it. If they are so confident in its abilities let them test it and see how well it works first before I risk my own or my families life on it.

  47. The smart gun control policy and the amount being requested is pure manipulation for someone to make more money from tax payers. Suppose, they are able to develop such technology. That will not do anything in regards to the millions of weapons out there. This may, and I say may, have some effect 50 or more years from now. It does nothing for today’s concerns and need of solutions! I believe that awareness, training and the right to carry is a more realistic approach in our society. For law abiding citizens to develop a sense of responsibility to protect not only our country, but also our communities, establishments, homes, our children etc.. Our law enforcement officers try and do a great job, but can’t be at the right time all the time. Take for example, the issues in our own military bases. Very interesting topic. I hope more dynamic and realistic discussions can be held by those with the authorities to make laws. Thank you.

  48. Oh hell no … this fingerprint verification stuff doesn’t work half the time with door locks much less anything else. All this Bick Rogers nonsense and the research of it shouldn’t even be funded by Congress. These clowns have lost their minds.

  49. And, when you take a hit you can no longer switch to your weak hand. Nor, would you be able to pick up that wounded peace officers weapon and intercede in his behalf.

  50. If, and this is a big if, a handgun ID system were completely reliable, I would accept it. When I carry a handgun (much of the time) a major concern is that some gorilla will get it away from me before I can use it.

  51. I think We the People should demand the technology people to develope a BRACELET for Our leaders which would control the lying to the American and make them do what is right and with prosperity for theUnited States Of America. We the People elect officals to protect and develop the United States into the future.
    I think this would be a better world!!

    1. Bracelet? Bracelet? How about a shock collar that hits them every time they open their mouths with garbage like this?

  52. There”s nothing new under the Sun. They were working on that stuff 20 yrs. ago. Colt even had a prototype “Ring Gun” in the works. This stuff pops up every so often and they still haven’t figured it out yet to be practical. You need a gun that only goes off when you point it at a criminal.

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